tagErotic CouplingsDear Diary Ch. 03

Dear Diary Ch. 03


So his name is Rob. Yes, yes, a new lust-interest for me, not like i don't already have enough, but you know me diary... I'm always on the lookout for something new to hold my attention. I'm noticing more and more that my attention span when it comes to guys (and lately... girls too) is just SO fucking short, it's amazing. I meet a guy and he's cute, well-dressed, intelligent and most importantly, interested in me and it seems like five minutes later, I'm ready to flirt with the next guy who fits that description.

But Rob, he's a little different. First off, he's different because I met him on the internet. Normally I pick up a guy in a bar or restaurant. I've even been known to pick up a guy in the grocery store (poetic enough?).

I was just hanging out one night, typing up something in my blog (yes, I was typing to you diary!) and I decided to go into my old chat room to see what was going on with the old regulars I used to chat with daily. Of course there's always action in that room, but that night was a little different. It was about three days ago now that I met him, and he private messaged me to say he'd seen my profile picture and that I was pretty (one down, three to go huh?). With that said, I figured it couldn't get worse, he already showed some interest and it could turn out to be good conversation so what the hell, right?

I figured I would give him about three minutes before he attempted to get me to cyber or phone with him, as most guys in chat rooms do but, half an hour passed and he still hadn't said anything to intimate that he was horny or wanted me to watch him rub his cock on web cam. At that point, I thought things were going really good.

I found out through conversation that we lived about 4 hours away from each other – not a bad drive if two people want to hang out for a day. We chatted and chatted some more, and before I knew it, THREE HOURS had passed! It completely flew by and I was sure that he was really cool.

I was hoping that he would say something about wanting to talk on the phone... something about him just made me want to know more. But he didn't say anything at all. When he signed off, he simply said he hoped we talked more again "sometime" and then said good-night. It was a particularly disappointing let-down because I was really interested in him by that time. But don't give up on me yet, diary, there's a lot more to go!

I didn't sign on to my chat program the day before yesterday, but I was lounging yesterday and thought maybe he would be online, so I signed on to hang out for a bit. About five minutes after I signed on, guess whose name popped up on my list? Exactly! I smiled so big, my cheeks were hurting and I immediately opened a window and typed "Hey honeydoll, how are you?" Complete with a sickeningly sweet smiley face. If I wasn't so hot for him by that time, I would have puked on myself. HA HA!

I thought maybe he just wasn't into talking about sexual things on the internet, based on our chat the few nights ago, but the first thing he replied with this time was, "Honeydoll? Can I have some of your honey, doll?" I felt that now all-too-familiar stirring in my pussy (you know, that stirring I tell you about every day?) and decided to play along with him, to see where the game would go that night.

"Depends on how you're going to get it," I said back to him.

"I like to lick my honey," He typed back almost instantly and added a little winking smiley to the end of it.

I knew this was going to be, at the very least, entertaining for a little while. I kept playing along, flirting with him as much and as hard as I could.

He finally asked me what I was wearing and I replied, "Just a t-shirt and some panties."

I didn't see any problem with telling him my usual lounge-wear and I can assume he liked it because he asked if I was planning on getting out of them anytime soon. I told him that I sleep nude every night and asked how he slept.

That's when it happened, diary. He answered my question with a question of his own, "Would you like to find out firsthand?"

My cunt was instantly wet and I replied that I would like to find out a lot of things firsthand. That's when he invited me down to have dinner and drinks tonight. YES! I mean, I've met a lot of friends on the net, in chat rooms and such, but I've never had the opportunity to meet a guy on a chat line and fuck him so I jumped at the chance.

It's 3 in the morning now and I just got home. I only came home because I have to be at work at 7 sharp so I had no other choice.

We decided, in the interest of comfort and safety, to meet in the middle with each of us bringing our autos so that one person wouldn't end up feeling trapped if things didn't go well. I had no doubt that things would go great, and I said so right before trading phone numbers with him and signing off to go to bed in preparation for work the next morning.

His voice sounded so sweet when I called him the today after leaving work. He had a butterscotch voice, so smooth and sweet and I could hear him saying all kinds of nasty things to me with that delicious voice while his mouth roamed over my body. I felt like it would be too forward to say that to him so soon, before we'd even met, so I kept it to myself and smiled like a fat girl in a donut shop while we chatted over the phone.

We decided that since I was leaving work at 4, I should go ahead home and get ready quickly and start the drive the two hours to meet him in the middle.

So I raced home, took a shower and ironed my hair. I perfumed my breasts and wrists and dressed as quickly as I could. I decided to wear my short black skirt that rests about 4 inches above my knees and my royal blue blouse. I paired it with my favorite pair of platform black boots. The calf of the boot goes all the way up to my knees and the material matches my skirt perfectly. I brushed my eyes with royal blue eye shadow, painting it on like a raccoon and put on some clear lip-gloss before doing my mascara.

I left home about 40 minutes after I'd arrived and I drank an entire bottle of water I'd bought from the convenience store. I was so nervous!

He'd told me to meet him at a restaurant, kind of an artsy/chic place... low light, quiet waiters, little music, great conversation and I thought it sounded great. I just hoped it was as great as he'd made it sound. When I got there, I found he'd actually done it little justice with his description.

The wait staff was dressed in all black, the sounds of their shoes muffled by the thick carpeting. The bar was large and set off to the side. I didn't know until I walked up to the host that the restaurant had two levels, one top level that was an extension of the bar and a bottom level that was much quieter, darker and more private. Rob had told me that he would leave his name with the host so that they could lead me to him when I arrived and just as he had said, he was there before me, waiting quietly at a table in the corner downstairs.

Jesus, diary, he was hotter than in his photos and I could tell that he liked what he saw in me by the quick up-and-down sweep he made with his eyes as the host led me toward him.

He was easily six feet tall, lanky in a cute way and had tousled blondish-brown hair that hung low over his eyes. His smile was positively dazzling and his lips were full and looked so fucking kissable that I almost missed the hand he was holding out to me. I took his hand and instead of shaking it, he pulled me close to him for a hug that didn't feel at all awkward, instead it felt familiar and warm.

We sat down and dispensed quickly with the pleasantries of asking about our day and how we were doing generally. Our server came over and asked what we would have to drink. He surprised me by ordering for me, something with vodka in it and then ordering a glass of wine for himself. Instead of asking if it was fine for him to order for me, when the server left he simply turned his attention back to me and smiled softly. We talked and when it came time to order our dinner, he again ordered for me and smiled at me.

Right then, I knew I wanted to fuck him, I just didn't know how to say it so I decided to wait for the right moment to arrive.

We ate quickly and had another drink between us before leaving. He wanted to take a walk before it became too dark and chilly for us to be outside. We went to a huge park and strolled slowly while chatting about books and movies. We'd found out in our first chat meeting that we liked many of the same books, movies and, singers.

He slipped his hand into mine and I found myself walking closer to him, with our shoes sounding on the pavement. We were virtually alone in the park, even though it was only around 8 o'clock.

He kept looking at me, in a sly sort of way, and smiling right before looking away and going on to other subjects to talk about. I knew he was waiting for the right moment to kiss me and I wanted him to kiss me so badly, diary! Finally I turned my head toward him and looked up at him while we stood under one of the park lights. I told him how handsome he was, and that I was very glad we'd met for dinner.

He said he was happy as well, but his voice trailed off toward the end of his sentence as he leaned in to kiss me. He put his free hand on my check and kissed me softly. I wanted it to be a deep kiss, and I wanted his tongue in my mouth. I wanted his hands on my breasts and I wanted him to touch me in the most private places on my body, right there in the public place we were standing in. I wanted him so bad... and I think he could sense it.

I think he could hear my wish running through my mind because his tongue, warm and tasting of wine, slipped into my mouth. He pulled back and sucked my bottom lip into his mouth, licking it and moaning softly into my mouth. Before I knew it, he had let go of my hand and as the hand that was on my cheek slipped down to my breast, the hand that had just let go of mine was slipping up.

He dragged his fingertips across my blouse while his hands journeyed to my tits and I felt like I was on fire.

Suddenly, he pulled away from me and laughed softly. It confused me and I know I must have looked at him quizzically because he answered the question in my eyes by saying, "There's something else I want from you."

I was so dizzy from our kiss that I heard myself ask him what it was he wanted, but I didn't really feel like my mouth was moving. He told me to take off my panties and put them in my purse. He didn't ask me, he told me. I knew what he was, when he ordered my drinks and dinner for me and I knew I would taste it, but when the moment finally came, I was frozen stiff.

His eyes were darker, and his voice was lower when he repeated himself, "Take off your panties and put them in your purse."

I looked around quickly and saw that no one was around. I turned to walk into the trees and he stopped me and told me he wanted me to do it right there, under the lamp light. I was so afraid!

I stood there, looking at him and I put my purse down on the ground. I stood up straight again and, looking around, I slid my skirt up just enough to grasp the strings of my thong and pull it down to my thighs. I pulled it as low as I could without bending over and then as quickly as I could, I bent over and pulled one leg through and then the other before grabbing my purse again and shoving them inside it.

Before I could get my bag clasped, he grabbed the royal blue lingerie and quickly put it to his face, smelling them and smiling. He then put them in my purse and said, "Good girl, now I want you to stand right here and take off your bra."

I knew that he would not like having to repeat himself so I acquiesced to his command and quickly undid the clasp on the back of the bra and pulled my arms from their sleeves in my blouse and through the flimsy strings on the bra before putting them back in my sleeves and reaching under the front of my blouse to pull the loose garment out from under it.

His fingers ran over the blue material of my bra and he watched silently as I put it in my purse.

I heard him speaking, but it was barely audible because of the hum in my ears that comes when I'm aroused. He said that we would not be having a scene tonight, but that he did want me to understand that he liked it rough and if I did not want that, I should say so now and that we could go back to our automobiles and call it an evening.

He knew I wouldn't say no, and I saw that on his face when he finished his sentence. I shook my head that I did not want to call it a night and I stepped closer to him and turned my face up, letting him know that I wanted to kiss him again.

He kissed me almost violently and slipped his hand under my shirt, palming my entire breast in his hand before pulling his fingers around it to squeeze it. Before I knew it, I was moaning into his mouth, both from pleasure at our kiss and from pain at his manipulations of my tit. He knew how to work a boob; I'll tell you that diary.

It was over far too soon but something else was about to start, so I just went with it. He told me to turn around and walk into a spot where the trees would cover us. I picked a spot where I knew it would mostly shield us, but not completely. I figured he would like that since he'd just made me take off my underwear under a lamp in a public park while it was just getting dark.

We stood just inside the trees, and the sun had slipped beneath our view of the horizon. It felt safe and frightening at the same time and I found myself inching closer to him. I wanted to be near him, I wanted him to be inside me, keeping me safe and fucking me silly. I wanted him inside every pore, diary. I wanted him so bad I could already feel my mouth salivating for the moment he would shove his cock in my mouth and fuck my face. I knew it would happen, I just had to wait for it.

He told me to take my clothes off and lay them out flat. While I did that, I saw him doing the same thing and laying his clothing out next to mine, making a large enough palate for us to lay on comfortably without rolling into the dirt.

I start to go down on my knees, to sit or lay on our makeshift blanket, but he stopped me. We stood there, naked, no pretenses and no fear (if only for a moment before it hit again) and we kissed. His hands roamed everywhere, touching my trimmed pussy, wiggling his finger between the fattened lips of my cunt, to rub my clit. He tweaked my nipples and he came close to me so I could feel his erection pressing into my belly.

I heard him moan into my mouth again and finally I backed away from him enough so that I could drop to my knees. I wanted his cock in my mouth, I wanted to taste him. I had no idea what was in store for me at that point.

He came close to me and he ran his fingers through my hair. He slid the head of his cock in my mouth and he stood still, almost like a statue, while I licked and sucked it slowly. I like to take my time sucking a cock until I taste the first drop of pre-cum... until the first moment I know he's feeling really good, and then I really get into it too.

I heard his breathing get shallower and I tasted it... I tasted the pre-cum and the salty-sweet taste surprised me. I thought then that I would start to suck his cock from the base to the tip, running my tongue back and forth on the underside of it. Instead, he surprised me by taking my head in his hands and starting to slide in and out between my lips. He started out fucking my mouth slowly; sliding all the way to the back of my throat, softly touching my throat and making me gag gently. There was still length that he couldn't fit into my mouth when he made me gag but that didn't stop him.

I heard him moan louder and he picked up the pace. Soon, there were tears streaming down my face and I was gagging almost uncontrollably. The spit and pre-cum were dripping out of the corners of my mouth but he didn't give a shit, he continued fucking my mouth.

"Your mouth is so good, slut," He moaned softly while he fucked my lips faster.

I moaned around his cock and I started to finger myself. It was so hot diary, to be naked behind a few trees, sucking a cock and fingering my twat. I moaned louder around the cock that he was shoving deeper now. He was making me gag so hard that I didn't know if I could go any longer, but that didn't stop him at all.

He pulled my hair back and made me look up while he fucked my mouth. Instead of going in and out then, he was bouncing on top of my face, faster and harder. This new way, he got more of his cock in my mouth and I kept rubbing my pussy.

I figured he was just going to cum in my mouth, which would have been fine with me. I enjoy sucking cock and I love the way a man moves, looks and, sounds when he shoots a load into my mouth.

But before he came, he stopped and looked down at me. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, "God damn you look beautiful... now give me some of that honey, doll."

I thought I was going to cum right then, but I stopped fingering myself and turned over on all fours. He had told me he liked it doggy style and I knew I'd done the right thing when I heard him moan.

"Your ass looks so good, honey, I want to taste it," He said. Before I knew it, his lips were kissing all over my pussy and between my ass cheeks. He finally stopped teasing me and pushed his tongue inside my pussy. I heard him take a moment and spit on my asshole before going back to tonguing my cunt and then he pushed a finger inside my ass.

I love anything anal, diary, so you know that was wonderful for me! He moved up to two fingers in my ass while he sucked on my pussy and I couldn't help but spread my knees even farther apart and laying my head down on my arms so he could have easy access to whatever part of me he wanted.

Just when I was about to beg him to fuck me, he pulled away and got on his knees behind me. He put his fingers back in my ass and pushed his cock into my pussy. I felt his free hand slide up my back to grab my hair and he started to hump me.

I knew he was close to coming when he got inside me because his breath was almost immediately harsh and ragged. He fucked my pussy and finger fucked my ass at the same time. When his cock went in me, his fingers came out and when his cock came out of me, his fingers went in my ass. It was exquisite, the feeling of being fucked at different rhythms and I found myself moaning as loudly as I could moan without screaming.

He said, "Yes, that's it bitch, moan for me."

Dirty talk always gets me and even though I thought that I couldn't moan any louder, I did. "Let me know how you like my cock in your pussy, whore," He growled at me while he fucked me faster.

"Say it bitch!" He said and then let go of my hair to slap my ass.

"I – I – God your cock feels so good in my pussy, Rob! I've never had cock as good as yours," Was all I could get out before I started moaning again.

"Exactly, bitch! You're my slut for tonight and this cock is gonna fuck you all night long," He said and slapped my ass again.

"Yes, Rob, spank me! Please! Harder!" I screamed while I pushed my ass back on him.

I didn't care who heard me screaming and I didn't care who walked by and saw us fucking like animals, all I wanted was him to fuck me harder and talk to me dirtier.

His slaps landed on my ass faster and harder and before I knew it, he had pulled his fingers out of my ass and wedged the head of his cock inside my ass. Our activity stopped momentarily while I got used to that thick cock of his spreading my ass wide open. He pushed in slowly, opening my asshole wider with each push.

He slapped my ass with one hand and then pushed in a little farther. "Open up bitch! Open that ass to me," He said and slapped my ass again. He held his cock with his other hand, guiding it carefully into my rear and I felt him pushing more, and harder.

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