tagLetters & TranscriptsDear Diary: Jealousy

Dear Diary: Jealousy


I imagine he fucked her the way he used to fuck me. They were at a party, a bar, it doesn't matter. They slipped away from everyone. She wanted him for his looks, his easy compliments, his laugh, it doesn't matter. They are alone and he doesn't hesitate. He slides one hand through her dark hair, pulls to make her look up at him. His lips are soft, slightly minty, and he kisses her. His lips press against the side of her neck and the soft part of her ear, sending chills up her spine. She breathes him in, the soft scent of his cologne, his sweat, his shampoo.

In my mind, she is powerless to him, weak to his touch, because I can't imagine her feeling any other way. He quickly undresses her, climbs on top of her, kisses her again, bites her bottom lip. He cups her tits and breaks the kiss momentarily to suck on his finger and then pinches and pulls at her nipples as he kisses her deeply. He pulls away, and she moans as he runs his tongue over the swell of her tits, circling the sensitive pink skin. She arches her back up to him but he has always been a tease. So he waits a little longer before he finally takes her nipple into his mouth. By now, he's hard and he straddles her chest. She's quick to wrap her lips around him. She licks him from base to tip, leaves no inch of him untouched or unloved, savoring the sweetness of his skin. She takes him into her mouth and he pushes against her, almost gagging her. He loves this act of dominance and his eyes close as he pulls her hair, guiding her as she takes all of him.

He slips between her legs and slides a finger along the outside of her pussy. Of course, she's soaking wet. And here is where I most envy his new girl. The moment when his lips first touch her pussy. The feel of his mouth on my cunt was simply amazing. I loved how he slid his tongue along my inner lips and the rush of blood as he flicked and sucked my clit. And oh God, he'd glance up at me, and the intensity of his eyes and the heat of the moment was simply overwhelming...His tongue circling my clit before he dipped lower to tongue fuck me...It was so easy to cum when he did this, the warmth of his mouth lighting up my nerves and sending heat rushing up my core, pushing me closer to finishing. And then the idea of cumming on his tongue, my juices on his lips-it was enough to push me over the edge. He'd keep thrusting his tongue into me again and again until I felt the familiar waves of heat coursing through my body, that moment of abandon as my body went limp, fireworks going off in my brain as I pushed my hips up into him, unable to get enough of him.

I picture this and I wish I was her, left breathless, not quite satisfied, ready for his cock to fill her. That moment when her legs are spread and he hovers at her entrance-that moment of anticipation is so fucking delicious. That feeling at the beginning when his dick thrusts into her pussy, her heat enveloping every inch of him. I know him well enough to know that when he slides into her, he sighs softly-it's beyond sexy-so imperceptible, so natural, so him.

Then slowly and rhythmically, he fucks her-and for her, the pleasure is building uncontrollably while she cries out for more, harder and faster. And the begging works and she's throbbing, ready to cum. He's already so deep but he still finds a way to go deeper. She attempts to push him away but he pins her down and she has to take it. It hurts in the most incredible way until he slowly pulls out, and she feels every inch of him sliding out, soaking wet with her cum. He rubs the head against her swollen clit and then the outside of her pussy and watches her squirm in pleasure.

And then he's fucking her again and she's lost in the moment. He holds her head in place and she buries her face in his shoulder and yells in a mix of pleasure and pain as he fucks her as hard and fast as he can. He puts one of her legs up and every inch of him fills her so perfectly. She rubs her clit with one hand. She cums again, saying his name over and over. He says her name as he finishes...

My body aches as I imagine this. I am beyond jealous, turned on, ready for him to fuck me like he used to...

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