Dear Karen Pt. 03



Dear Karen,

Since my last letter, I have finished transforming BJ's appearance. I went back to see Denise and she took me on a little shopping trip. We got some great "curves" for BJ and he fills out his clothes much better now. BJ looks and acts very feminine, is becoming a good cook and keeps the house spotless and maintains our clothing to a high standard. BJ has also become quite the clothes hound and is running up my credit card bills buying clothing for both of us. As it turns out, BJ's artistic eye can tune in on fashion quite well so his purchases are spot on. I no longer have to give a thought to shopping to maintain my wardrobe. In spite of all his duties as a homemaker, he has even found a little time for his painting. Amazingly, even his painting seems to have improved as a result of my taking control and creating his new role as my sissy husband. His paintings have taken on themes exploring his feminine side and depict males at various stages of feminization and in situations where they are subservient to their female partners. Life has been much easier for me and BJ is much happier than William ever was. The only thing missing from my life was sex.

A few nights ago, I was feeling pretty mellowed out and began to think about my tryst with you, which made me very horny. I so wanted to feel your eager and experienced lips and tongue playing on my body and pleasuring my wet vagina dripping with sweet, slick girl honey. I looked at BJ and thought why couldn't this beautiful she-male be my lesbian lover. The more I thought about it the more aroused I became. I got up and took BJ's hand pulling him to his feet and led him toward the bedroom. When we reached the bedroom, I pulled BJ around in front of me as I leaned back against our rather high bed. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him toward the floor. I wasn't sure how he would respond but I think he felt the urgency behind my gentle downward pressure on his shoulders and complied.

When he was on his knees in front of me I pulled my gown up around my waist and spread my legs farther apart. I looked down into BJ's eyes and told him to make me come. His eyes shifted to my crouch and then he leaned forward and began kissing the inside of my thighs. Not nearly as well as you did Karen but I did so enjoy it. He soon began nuzzling my pubic mound and sniffing of my woman hood through my panties. I told him to pull my panties off and he did. I then leaned back more, reached down and took his head between my hands and guided his face into my pussy. Soon he was licking my pussy lips and sucking on my clit. I told him to thrust his tongue into my pussy and tongue fuck me. Karen, he never resisted or balked at anything I commanded. He was as compliant and obedient as one could wish for. Watching the top of his head moving between my legs and feeling him respond to my every command was exhilarating. I have never felt so in control and powerful in a sexual relationship as I felt while BJ was on his knees bowed before me eating my pussy. I think it must be how men feel when they have a woman kneeling before them sucking their cock. What a power trip and so sexy!

I was so horny and so aroused that I could hardly wait to have an orgasm. I grabbed BJ's head and pulled his face tight up against my pussy and pinned his head between my legs. I then began to thrust my pussy hard into his face and telling him to stick his tongue in deeper. I could feel his tongue sliding around in my slick cunt like a hot little dick. Whenever my hips pulled back a little for a new thrust I could hear BJ gasping for a breath of air. I was so turned on and so intent on reaching a climax I didn't care if he suffocated. Shortly, I had an intense wave of orgasms that nearly caused me to pass out. I'm sure all the neighbors heard my screams of pleasure. I collapsed back on the bed exhausted and began to gently rub my tits to prolong the intense pleasure that was cascading through my body. I felt BJ slip a way and heard him fall back on the floor gasping.

Shortly, I sat up and looked down at BJ. He was lying there on the floor beside my bed. His mouth and nose were wet with my pussy juices. I saw movement and looked down his body and saw that he had hiked his skirt up exposing his nylon panties. His panties were stretch by his hard cock pressing to find a way out. I made a mental note that the next item on our shopping list would have to be a gaff to maintain a proper female profile between his legs so he wouldn't stretch out his panties. His hands had moved to his bulging cock as if to masturbate. I told him emphatically to stop. His hand jerked back from where it had been caressing his cock through his panties. I told him that he was not to play with my toy unless I gave him permission. He just lay there passively with his hands at his side, while he licked my juices from his lips.

Still in the mood for some more sex play, I slid off the bed and onto the floor beside BJ. I reached over and took the waistband of his panties and pulled them down part way. His rigid cock released from confinement leaped out and stood erect. I sat and admired my toy for a few moments before I began to play with it. I ran my finger nails slowly up the underside of my toy from its base to its tip. I was thrilled to see BJ shudder at my ministrations. I continued this for a few minutes and then took his balls in my cupped hand and gently rolled them around, which caused BJ to thrust his hips into the air. I could see little globs of pre-cum oozing out of the tip of my toy and decided that I wanted to see it erupt.

I took my toy in hand and began squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing it almost as if were a cow's tit being milked. I was soon rewarded with several spasms and a generous amount of hot, sticky cum. The first spurt went straight up in the air and came down on BJ's abdomen. I moved my hand over the head and the remaining spurts splashed against my palm and then slid down the shaft. When BJ quit moaning, I told him to sit up. He sat up and looked at me out of eyes that were drooping with exhaustion. I told him that he had made a perfect mess of my hand and that he should clean it up. I held my hand covered in cum out to him and gave him a one word commanded -- "lick."

Karen, I almost came again myself sitting there watching him eat cum from my hand. When he had my hand cleaned up, I scooped up the cum on his stomach and fed that to him. After that I ran my fingers up my toy's shaft and got the excess off it and then milked the last few globs from the head into my hand, which BJ dutifully slurped and licked up. Sex was back in my life and better than ever. We both crashed into the bed and were soon sound asleep.



To be continued...

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