tagBDSMDear Kevin Ch. 03

Dear Kevin Ch. 03



I chain you to the bed, face down, spread eagle, balls chained, padlocked and secured to the foot of the bed, bed of nails under your ginormous cock while I straddle your lower back. You feel my naked, moist pussy on your back as I begin to rub your neck, shoulders and arms, pushing all of the bad stuff out your fingertips. You start to relax as much as you can as I begin on your back. My hot box slides down to your ass so I can do your whole back, as I do my weight is adding to your discomfort on the nails. All of your kinks and knots in your back disappear, as I am getting wetter running my hands all over you.

I slide down to kneel in between the back of your thighs, trying to get the chain that is running from your balls to touch my clit. I start to rub every inch of your muscular ass. Just as the soreness of one too many trips up the ladder has faded you feel me spread your ass cheeks apart as my tongue runs up and down your crack and to the bottom of your tormented balls, tickling every very sensitive nerve located on the way. The nails bite deeper into your dick as you squirm a bit at what I am doing. The chain on your balls pinches as your sack fills. As sick and wrong as it is, it feels incredible. The harder you get, the more the nails hurt and the more your balls are squeezed.

When you have had enough, I straddle your ass again, backwards, to do your legs and so the nails are biting you more again. When I have the backside of you relaxed, I flog your ass a few times for good measure to make you jump. Then I release you and have you turn over so I can chain you the same way, face up, placing the bed of nails under your now blue nads this time.

I sit on your face and lean forward so I can lick and comfort your sore, nearly punctured cock and the tortured twins. You taste my juices as you lick my hole and feel my now swollen clit on your tongue. Smelling how horny I am makes your cock grow in my mouth. We 69 until we are both on the verge of cumming in each other's mouths.

I get off of you and start rubbing the front of you. Your shoulders, your biceps and forceps. Your hands. Down your chest, down your legs, and out your feet the tension goes. You are totally relaxed now except for the need to cum and the nails poking the back of your strangled sack.

My mouth waters and my clit thumps as I survey you chained to the bed with such inviting wood and suffocating jewels. I lube up your cock real good, put your cock ring on you and place your sore balls back on the nails. I place my vibrating egg in me and turn it on high before I straddle you in reverse cowgirl. I run your slimy cock over my clit a few times, teasing myself, enjoying it's touch and the vibes in my pussy before I place your rock hard fuck stick under my ass.

Ever so slowly I take as much of your monster member up my ass as I can. You fight not to cum as you feel my ass walls so tight on your cock it feels like it is being choked, feel the vibes from the egg in my pussy, and see your cock disappearing in my ass.

I fight to take it all and get past the pain. My fingernails dig into your thighs and my high heels dig into your sides while I try to get to the point that I can fuck you with my ass.

When I get to that point, my ass and me ride you and your cock like a fun amusement park ride. Fast, furious, smiling, screaming and waiting for the big finish!


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