tagLetters & TranscriptsDear Professor...

Dear Professor...


Professor Blair,

I suspect your curious as to why I turned this letter in with my last assignment, why when everyone else just put the test into your in box I lingered. As I write this I can only imagine giving it to you in your office. I know that I'll stay back, because you're there, sitting behind your desk, where I always seem to find you. You've always asked me why a straight-A student would come to more of your office hours than anyone else, only to ask questions that he knows the answers to. Well, I'm finally going to tell you. I can imagine, or at least hope, that you have that mischievous smile on your face, the one you had when you told me about what you did that weekend you went to New York right after your divorce. I know, I know, you didn't want me to mention that, that it was a mistake for you to tell me at all. That It was inappropriate to share with a student but you had to tell someone...

Well, it's my turn to tell you something. Something secret, something no one but me knows but I'm sure you suspect: I want you. I know you've seen me in class, my eyes never leaving you but to write down your every word. I know you've caught me staring at your ass while you write on the board; I know you've seen me stare at your breasts through your button down shirt. I've seen you blush as you noticed my cock growing hard in my pants. So now I'm going to tell you exactly what I want to do to you. What I think about in class everyday as I watch you, hanging on every word of your lecture, my cock stiffening as you drop the eraser and bend over to get it.

I imagine that you ask me to stay back when everyone's leaving. You say you need help with something, that it will only take a minute. I'm glad to comply. You ask me how my other classes are going, pretending to ignore the clearly erect shaft you can see through my jeans. We get to your office and you close the door.

"I need help getting some things down from the top shelves," You say, "I've got a step ladder but I still can't reach."

"Of course I'll help," I say with a smile, "I'd do anything for you." You grin nervously and show me what I need to get down. Standing next to me, still pretending not to notice the bulge straining against my pants as I hand the boxes down to you. As I get the last box and go back down the ladder your hand brushes against me, it seems to linger, but is gone before I'm sure.

"Well," you say, "I guess this is it. You graduate next week and move on to bigger and better things."

"Hopefully," I laugh and you laugh too. As I start towards the door I see your arms extended. "Can a teacher hug a student?" I ask.

"I think I can make an exception this once," you say. As I walk towards you I see the smile. The smile you wore when you told me about New York, about how you wore a little black dress I'd never see in class, how you walked into a hotel bar and felt every eye on you, how you left with one very lucky man. Your arms wrap around me and pull me close, grinding my cock into your pussy, less than an inch of fabric separating them. I groan, but you pretend not to notice and gyrate your hips, causing me to groan so loudly you can't even pretend to ignore it.

"Is something wrong?" You ask, that taunting smile still on your mouth, "Does something hurt?"

"No," I say, and you let go of me, that smile leaving your face. The smile I see when I masturbate, thinking of you and me. At this point, I forget that you're my professor; that I'm 21 and your 43; that never in a million years could this happen and I kiss your neck softly. I wait a moment to see what you'll do before I trail my mouth to your ear, my warm breath making you tingle as I softly nibble and kiss feeling your breathing deepen as my lips return to caress your neck.

I move from your neck to your mouth kissing you, softly at first, teasing you until you pull me into you, your tongue entwined with mine as our bodies come into contact and you feel my already hard cock pressing against your dampening pussy through our clothes. As we explore each other's mouths I reach around you and lift, your legs wrapping around me involuntarily, causing you to cling to me and kiss even harder, only releasing the kiss to draw breath. I put you down on your desk, your legs still wrapped around me. As I take your shirt off, my mouth returns to your neck and slowly trails downward, kissing your neck as I remove your bra and then take your left nipple in my mouth sucking and licking before I softly bite down and hear a moan. I make my way back to your mouth; kissing every inch of your soft skin I can reach on the way before allowing your waiting mouth to engulf mine in a ferocious kiss. I begin to unbutton you pants, slowly trailing my mouth to you right breast as I go, feeling your nipple stiffen in my mouth as I begin unzip your fly. My mouth kissing its way down your stomach as I slide your pants and panties down your legs. As I pull them off your feet, taking your shoes with them my mouth finally reaches your pussy. I gently lick along the length of your lips, where they meet a taste sweeter than I could have ever imagined.

I lift my head and gaze into your eyes as I slide my fingers along the lips of your pussy, lubricating them for what's to come. I slowly slide one finger in and as I watch your eyes close with pleasure I lower my mouth to your clit and just as I begin to lick and suck I slide a second finger in and feel you press yourself against me tasting your freely flowing juices. I feel your legs on my shoulders, softly squeezing my neck as my tongue enters your cunt. I caress your ass with both hands, lifting you in the air and pressing you harder into my mouth, feeling you writhe as I bring you closer, my tongue darting in and out of you. I hear you try to stifle a moan as you cum into my mouth, your juices dripping down my chin as I suck hard on your clit; strengthening your orgasm and making you writhe in my arms. When your breathing slows I lower your body to the desk, and kiss you as softly and sweetly as you've ever been kissed before.

As I lift my head, still tasting your juices I see the smile back on your face. "You got an A" you say to me, as your hand grabs my cock and rubs it against your soaking wet pussy, "but I think you can get an A+" I put your legs back on my shoulders and slowly slide into you, your tight cunt enveloping every inch of my rock hard cock, your smile leaving, replaced by moans that grow louder as the final inches of my shaft slide into you. I feel your legs tighten around my neck as I begin to methodically pump in and out of you, before shrugging your legs off my shoulders and thrusting my full length into you, cutting off your lustful gasp by kissing you, feeling each thrust make you moan into my mouth, feeding the frenzy within. I thrust hard into you grabbing your ass to hold you there, I stand, feeling you bob slightly on my cock before slamming you into the office door, each thrust penetrating farther than before. I kiss your neck as I piston into you again and again causing the door to shake on its hinges.

I thrust harder and faster as I feel you tighten around me, your ass making

slapping sounds as the force behind each thrust increases until I can't take it anymore. I thrust into you and as I pull halfway out I turn back to your desk, my rock hard cock impaling you as I plunge back into you as hard as I can, causing the desk to shudder as I shoot my cum into you, as your second orgasm makes you tremble, as your cunt milks my cock for every drop.

How do you feel professor? Flushed? Horny? Wet? How do you feel knowing that every lecture you gave, every lab you oversaw that scene was playing in my head? Are you imagining it too? I hope so. I hope it turns you on as much as me. I hope that I see you at graduation...

Yours always,


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