Dear Sam


Dear Sam

I know it’s only been a week but I just had to write and tell you what has happened to me. Such a change in me has occurred, oh, so much to tell you I don’t know where to begin.

Remember the night you stayed down here when I first came down on freshers week. You remember we met a group of guys and they were all over us. Well we left them standing that night but after you’d gone home it all started.

One of them turned out to be on my course, the first lecture we had he couldn’t keep his eyes of me. At first it just made me laugh inside but by the end of the lecture I was practically dripping wet, you know what I mean right! Oh my god I feel like such a slut telling you this.

Well at the end of the lecture he came up to me, stuttered a few words out, you know the way guys do when they’re about to ask you out or something. Well I was so horny that before he could get any words out I just placed my hand on his crotch and could feel is hard on. I don’t know what possessed me I’ve never done anything like it before but the feeling it gave me was just so intense.

Our eyes just locked for a second and I flashed him my real seductive smile, you know the one. Just holding his eyes in mine I pushed him back into a cleaning cupboard.

Closing the door behind us we were in complete darkness. I dropped to my knees, no talk, no touching just straight down to business. I know, so not like me but it felt great.

Fumbling around I undid his belt and dropped his jeans pulling them to his ankles. I rubbed my hand up and down his cock a few times through his boxers before pulled them down too. I couldn’t see a thing but I could feel the heat from his cock on my face.

I put my hands up to it, my god, it felt huge and it was so hot. I tell you Sam there’s something about the dark I just love. After just rubbing it for a few seconds I sunk my mouth down onto it. I was sucking away massaging his balls between my fingers.

Soon he started getting into the swing of things. He braced his hands against the back of the door and started thrusting into my mouth. I was so turned I thought, why the hell not, just go for it, so I just relaxed my mouth and let him do it. Can you believe it I just knelt there and let him thrust his cock down the back of my throat.

Then when he came it was just like the best thing ever. I was holding his balls and I could feel as the cum started moving in them. Have you ever felt that, you should Sam it fantastic.

I knew it was coming so I just relaxed and let him do it. He came so hard. He drove his cock right to the back of my throat and just unloaded. I didn’t even need to swallow it just went straight down.

I tell you Sam I’ve never felt like it before in my life, I felt kind of like I’d been used but still I loved it. I still knew I was in control I was the one that set the tone.

Anyway after he finished he pulled out and pulled his jeans up. He just said thanks and walked out the door leaving me knelt there on the floor. Do you know what I did then, I couldn’t help myself I was so hot. Sitting with my back against the door I took my jeans of and buried my fingers in myself.

I tell you what, I bet everybody in the corridor heard it when I came.

I’ve seen him around a few times since then but we haven’t really spoken anyway I can’t wait for another opportunity to arise but I don’t want to come across as desperate or a slapper or anything. I’m just going to let him suffer, I’ve got a fantastic new outfit to wear to our next lecture, I can’t wait to sit there and watch him drool over me.

I tell you what Sam you’ve gotta come down here and visit again. I’ll let you know how things go on.



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