My mind never stops! I go to bed with you on my mind and then I wake up in the morning with you on my mind! I can't get you out of my head!

This morning as I woke up, I kept thinking about us making love! Remember the first day we had sex? How awkward it was? Remember the frustration you had with me because I just didn't know what to do. We fought more over sex than anything else for a very long time. Very interesting problem to have! lol. We got over that hurdle though! Things got better. We began to experiment. Do you remember when I told you how I wanted to make you "pee?" I wanted you to "spurt." You were afraid to try this. Afraid that I wouldn't like it and it would turn me off. Then we tried it...the rest is history...we never looked back!! We soaked so many sheets and blankets. I loved it! I miss those days! Remember when we were at our friends' place? We were afraid to leave the bed clothes, yet we couldn't do any laundry.

Remember how you were afraid when you were on your period that I wouldn't want to be intimate with you? Well.......!!! Never bothered fact, it turned me on! I got my "red wings," remember? Remember the time in the kitchen and living room and bedroom where I just pulled out your tampon and we started at it? Another time you were embarrassed, but such a turn on! Having sex in the kitchen, Sunday afternoon? Wow....that was fun!!! Sex on the couch (quite a few times, I might add)! Remember how much we loved Saturdays? We would wake up together and have breakfast together, then spend the afternoon or most of the day in bed trying new things. Sunday afternoon was also a day expected to be filled with sex!

Remember how we tried new things with toys? Licking your ass even? Anal sex was amazing! It was so much fun and so dirty to lick your ass and then your pussy and then your on! Then once you were ready to go inside you and FUCK you for a while in your ass and then move to your pussy! So Dirty!! I remember well how it turned you on sooooooo much! I loved that! It was my pleasure to make love to you, but it made me so happy to please you.

Remember how I could just put my fingers inside of you and it was like instant orgasm? And then to have my hot mouth on your pussy?

I remember how much I enjoyed having you kiss me and lick me. It was even fun for you to put the dildo up my ass! It was awkward at first, because I didn't know what to expect, but it got better. Then you would go down on me! Wow! My favourite thing for you to do to me! It wasn't at first. (Although that first night, I did "explode" quite quickly!) We had to play around with that one for a while. You were so frustrated by that. That I didn't like it and that you hurt me. As time went on, you were able to try it here and there and then one day it just clicked! We found the perfect way to do it! I loved it!

I enjoyed the day that we had a bath together and you played with me. My cum just shot out of me. It was such an intense orgasm!

I loved cumming in your mouth! Especially after being inside your ass and your pussy! Something you said you would never do, yet you let me.

Remember the day you peed on me on the kitchen floor? Remember the day you peed in my mouth up in bed and how much that turned you on! It turned me on so much! I remember it was, I think, the best orgasm I ever had! We finished having sex and I was still hard! It took me a good few minutes to come down off that one!

I loved when you were on top of me! That position worked great for us! You loved it too! Then you would go slowly. It WAS very much....making love! You would grind your hips back and forth and I would feel the intensity.

Then I would grab you and I learnt to be rough with you. I know I had a lot to learn still about that. Whenever I held you roughly and pushed you around, choked you, pulled your loved it. You wanted to be dominated by me! I found it hard to do, just because I respected you and didn't want to hurt you, but I understood that sometimes you just wanted to be dominated. That was so hot for you!

I loved being able to wake up in your arms. You were still asleep, so I would think about you and about how much I loved you! I would get so turned on, that I would need you. I would flip you if need be and stick my dick inside of you. I would fuck you until I came. You would groggily roll over and go back to sleep sometimes, but I knew deep down you loved it! You wanted me to want you! And I did!!!! Many a times!

I would think about you at work and think about us making love and having sex. I would think about fucking you up the ass, or making you squirt or you sucking my dick. I would want you so much! Often, I had to push those thoughts aside so I could do my work. I wanted to come home from work every day pretty much to be with you! The days I acted on my thoughts and came home were amazing! I would stop by for a quickie!

I loved how some days before we even had sex, I would just hold you! You would lie in my arms and I was just lay there. Other days I would kiss you. As I kissed your neck, I couldn't help but want you! You loved when I kissed your neck. When I kissed your body, I would suck you a bit! You loved it! I loved it! I remember the days that you just wanted to kiss for a while before we had sex. As I kissed your lips and your mouth and the intensity grew, I would just get so hard! As our tongues met, I just couldn't help but want you so so bad! I loved kissing you! I know it was not a big thing for you, but I really enjoyed every single time you kissed me or let me kiss you!

I loved kissing your breasts! I know you are dissatisfied with the size of your breasts, but I love your breasts! I loved to just kiss and suck them! I would suck the end of with a little bit of teeth. The days surrounding your period, that was especially good, as you loved it too!

I loved the days we had showers together! It was so hot to see you all lathered up in soap! Then sometimes I would just go down on you while you stood over me! That was hot!

I will continue to write these emails to you daily...sometimes, maybe two or three. May you know the depth of my love for you!

I love you, baby! More than words can say!

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