tagLetters & TranscriptsDearest Husband...

Dearest Husband...


My dearest husband,

I know how much you like to hear my stories of me cheating on you. I know it arouses you and makes you hot to think of what I do while we are apart. So I thought, this morning, why not write you a note about what I did last night?

This trip from London to Birmingham was for my job, I wont lie about that, I did have to come here for 2 days to sort out office issue's. But there is more to it than that. I have been chatting to this guy on the Internet for about 2 months now and exchanged pictures. Well, he lives here in Birmingham.

We went out for a few drinks last night at a club. The DJ played all the right tracks for sensual dancing with a partner. Well, we got to chatting in the club. And of course we had a few drinks. I was out on the dance floor when he came up behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. I pushed my bottom up into his crotch and started to rub against him. This really turned him on, and I do mean a lot! As we danced I started to feel a bulge growing, so I motioned to move away from him but he dragged me back. He put a hand up my skirt and started feeling me up from there. I turned around so we could look each other face to face.

He looked into my eyes and my hands ran down his body to his bulge. It felt bigger than yours honey. He looked at my ring and asked if I could have some fun with him. I kissed him on his lips and said I could. I knew you wouldn't mind honey. Anyways we left the club, bit tipsy. I was stumbling around in my heels. We got into a taxi and went back to the room I was staying at.

We stumbled through the doors at the hotel in each others arms. It was quite the sight. But looking back, they probably thought we had too much to drink. We got up the stairs and into the room where he began to tear off my clothes. He took off my strap top, literally snapped and tore off my bra (the clasps wont help anyone now), then he pulled down my skirt and knickers. He threw me backwards onto the bed and started to lick and eat my cunt.

I laid there, surprised he was like this, and enjoying every second his tongue flicked across my clit. I spread my legs wider for him. He pushed his tongue into my cunt deep, tasting every part of it. He made my juices flow so much easier. I heard him trying to swallow the juices that came out from me! His nose kept nudging at my clit which only made it even more fun for me. I was about to start begging for him, and he got up, face covered in my juices and took off his shirt. He had such a good body. I ran my hands over his muscles and felt every bump. He then took off his trousers and boxer shorts. Wow, an 8 inch cock popped up, fully erect, circumcised, and veins to finish it off. I immediately got onto my knees and took him into my mouth.

I couldn't believe how good his cock tasted! I began sucking only slowly, then working myself up to a faster pace. Feeling his veins on my tongue and licking the head. And tasting his precum. I'm wet just writing to you about it now. I knelt there sucking his cock for about 5 minutes then he tapped on my shoulder. I looked up at him while sucking him off and he says to me "get on the bed, I want to feel how tight your cunt is". I really didn't want to right now, I was enjoying myself too much! But I did as he said and got onto the bed. I laid on my back and spread my legs for him. He looked at me while he guided his cock inside me. He then said, "would your husband like this?" to which I vaguely remember myself saying back, "oh he loves hearing about it!".

After getting that out of the way he started off slowly at first, but worked his way up. His cock felt amazing in my pussy, I could feel my muscles tightening around his vein-covered shaft. Every thrust regardless of how fast felt like heaven. He started to push into me deeper, and feeling his 8 inches inside my dripping wet cunt was bliss! He bent over and started to bite and suck my nipples while I laid back, moaning with every thrust of his cock. I could feel my muscles tighten around his shaft with every thrust. He let out a moan when he started thrusting faster.

I wrapped my legs around his arse as he did, with every thrust I could feel my muscles tighten, my pussy push out more juice, I let out more moans and faint screaming. He grunted and that was it, he started with it heavy. Thrusting hard into me, pushing me deeper into the mattress, I couldn't help but scream, I bit my lip hard and it began to bleed, I just had to let it out! My legs turned to jelly and all I could do was lay there, screaming with every thrust, telling him to keep fucking me! My dripping wet cunt started to spasm and I screamed out that I was going to cum, and that just spurred him on. I felt one final spasm before the ground just swallowed me up. I screamed at the top of my lungs and I let it loose, I started to cum in floods! One after the other, I kept screaming out "FUCK ME FUCK ME!".

He started to feel himself build up and took his soaking wet cock out of me, he put it to my mouth and when I was finally able to stop shaking I took it into my mouth again. I began sucking him hard, sucking off all my cum from his cock, it tasted so good on his cock. He grabbed my head and began to thrust his cock into my mouth, fucking my face. I dropped my hands and let him. He gave one final push into my mouth and I felt his cum hit the back of my throat. I began gagging as he squirted it all down my throat. I nearly chocked on his cock and cum. He pulled it out of my mouth and I looked at him, still shaking after that and he headed for the shower. I dropped back down to the bed trying to catch my breath. It was.... Bliss.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about your wife sweetheart, I know I enjoyed doing it. I'll see you when I get back, all my love,



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