tagNon-Erotic PoetryDeath Beckons

Death Beckons


Death beckons through the quiet night
Softly, murmuring, sweet words
Words of calm, and peace of mind
Take the leap, it softly says, end it now before it’s too late.

A lonely song on a rainy day that touches deep
Please join me and don’t leave
I need you so, just close your eyes and stop
Stop breathing, stop being, stop hurting.

A steadfast friend that doesn’t leave
Take my hand and I’ll pull you through
I’ll make sure no one can hurt you
I’ll keep you safe in a dreamless sleep.

Death beckons through the quiet night
A screams that rips through my body as it slips away
My hand grasping, clutching at nothing
Tears drying on my face at sun rise.

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