tagLoving WivesDebra's Phone Call

Debra's Phone Call


Sean awoke from his slumber to find himself alone in the bed. He must have involuntarily awoken when his body felt the absence of Debra. It was strange that he couldn't sleep without her near him, but it was one of those things he had simply grown to accept. He focused his ears, straining to hear her, but with the door shut he couldn't hear much. He'd have to actually leave the warm bed in order to find her.

Sean groggily pulled the covers aside and stood up. His body longed for the warmth of the bed. Sleeping in the nude had its disadvantages, but he bravely made his way to the door and opened it. He could hear Debra giggling. He wasn't sure, but he also thought he heard little moaning as well. His curiosity piqued, he ventured forth from the bedroom and toward the sound of her voice. As he rounded the corner, Sean was surprised to see Debra sitting back in a chair wearing nothing but one of his dress shirts. The shirt was open, revealing her breasts against the starched fabric. Her legs were spread wide open while her hand toyed gently with her pussy.

But what really shocked him was the phone she held in her hand. His mind raced as he tried to deduce who was on the other line. His thoughts flashed between jealousy and arousal. He stood there, getting harder by the second, wondering just whose voice his wife was using to pleasure herself.


Debra's eyes were closed. She sat back in the chair and let her fingers glide along her wetness. It felt so good to touch her soft body like that. She loved Sean, but there was a difference between his touch and her own. Sometimes she just needed a different perspective.

But this time was a little different than most. Debra was not only pleasing her own desires herself, but she was sharing it with a friend. Michelle had been one of Debra's best friends since college, and they had kept in close contact despite living so far away. They normally chatted at length about typical girl things, but this conversation had taken a very different, very erotic, turn.


Michelle had told Debra to go to a website she often used for her own self-pleasure. She stepped Debra through the site, leading her to a particular video of a particularly gorgeous woman whom she herself had positively fallen in love with. She hadn't intended for Debra to go quite as far as she did, but it was intoxicating to hear her soft moans. Michelle had always been open about her sexuality, but she'd never thought Debra would enjoy the same things. It wasn't even thoughts about being with another woman that crossed her mind at this moment. It was sharing something like this with a close friend that got her creative juices flowing.

Of course, Michelle did her part to prompt Debra, to give her encouragement when and where she required it. While watching the video over the phone together, Michelle commented on the beauty of the woman, the sheer sensuality of her curves. She described in vivid detail how amazingly turned on she got watching the stares the woman from the video gave the camera. Michelle only wanted to make Debra a little hot under the collar. But she was completely taken aback with how easily Debra had taken to it.


Meanwhile, Sean just stared at his wife, his passion for her growing hotter by the moment. He had decided to wait until Debra saw him before he did anything. He'd desperately wanted to take her back to their bed and fuck her brains out, but something stopped him.

Debra jumped with a start when she saw her naked husband standing next to the wall. He could tell she was startled and confused, but a wry smile was all he needed to calm her. She had stopped watching the video by this point and locked her eyes on his. Sean still didn't know who was on the other end, but Debra's voice reached out to calm the other person. She explained that Sean had suddenly appeared and had given her a start. After a moment, Debra resumed her activity, slowly running her index finger up and down the length of her slick folds. Sean grinned widely and stepped toward her.


Debra was more than a little startled to see Sean standing there at full mast. She'd always enjoyed masturbating for him, but because she hadn't intended to let this thing with Michelle go quite as far as it did, there was a little uncertainty in the back of her mind. She wanted Sean to be okay with it, but she was concerned he wouldn't be. All those fears, however, vanished once she recognized his devilish grin. She knew he was enjoying the show.

But what happened next threw her for a loop. She mentioned to Michelle that Sean was watching her. And while she was doing this, Sean knelt in front of the chair. He didn't bother with kissing her mouth. He dove straight for her clit. It was as though a wave of electricity shot through her body. Debra let out a loud shriek. She offered no apology to Michelle for piercing her eardrums. She was too charged up to think about it. Sean alternated between sucking her hood and flicking her clit back and forth. It was ecstasy.


Michelle was stunned. She had not expected Debra to masturbate for her on the phone. Nor had she expected to still be on the line while Sean ate out her friend. She enjoyed it immensely, but she sat there completely and utterly stunned.

Michelle stared off into space while her friend continued to moan wildly. The screams of passion were getting her so wet. Michelle needed something. She ran to the bedroom for her vibrator, never letting the phone leave her ear. Fortunately for her, years of training had left her quite adept at working with one hand. She bypassed the lubricant and immediately began massaging her own clit with her buzzing instrument.

By now, Debra had reached the point of no return. All Michelle could do was listen and join in as her friend climaxed all over her husband's face.


Sean raised himself up after savoring his wife's juices. On his knees, he plunged his hardness into his wife, who was still shaking. She moaned even louder, something he didn't think was possible. Or perhaps her thighs had muffled her screams. He wasn't sure. But he knew at that moment that he wanted her badly.

He leaned forward and touched his tongue to her breast. She grabbed the back of his head and forced his entire mouth on her. He sucked as hard as he could while she lay back in the chair gasping for breath. His pounding continued to drive her insane. The combination of the pounding and sucking was too much for her. Sean could feel the second wave building, and he knew it wouldn't be long before she succumbed to another powerful orgasm.


Debra didn't understand what hit her. She was still coming down from the high when Sean drove himself into her. Normally she'd have been too numb to feel anything, but she must have been more turned on than she realized. She wasn't holding anything back from Michelle. She let the screams continue as loudly as she could make them.

After a few minutes of Sean hammering away at her, Debra let loose with another high-pitched squeal of delight. She abruptly handed the phone over to Sean as her arms could no longer support its massive weight. She simply lay back in the chair and basked in the afterglow.


Michelle had herself reached climax at the same time as Debra's first orgasm. She figured it was the mutual moaning that did it for her. She had just recovered enough to hear Debra cum a second time before hearing Sean's voice.

"Hello?" Sean asked hesitantly.

"Hello, Sean," Michelle answered. "Do you know who this is?"


"Yes, Sean. Tell me you enjoyed that."

"You have no idea."

But at this point, Michelle had to settle for silence, as Debra had other plans for Sean.


Sean was relieved it had been Michelle. He knew Debra was in safe hands with her. But he hadn't yet realized the monster that had been unleashed. Debra slid off the chair as Sean pulled out unfulfilled. On her knees, she bent over and begged him to enter her. Sean stared at her pussy, which was slightly open and just asking to be fucked once more.

Sean sidled up behind her and guided his cock into her sopping wet opening. He grunted and groaned, all the while eliciting more moaning from Debra. He could hear Michelle on the other line feeding him with similar sounds. He was so close before, but now there was no stopping it. He grabbed Debra's ass with his free hand and held her hips to his pelvis with all his strength. Stream after stream exploded into her while Michelle came in his ear.


Debra grabbed the phone while her husband slowly pumped himself to completion inside her. She positively loved the feeling of his spasming cock. She giggled with Michelle as all three delighted in their new game of discovery. It was a night unlike any the three had ever seen.

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