tagErotic PoetryDecisions – A Lesson is Learned

Decisions – A Lesson is Learned


His eyes watch
As she moves about the room
Confident and flirting
With those she knows
Shy and respectful
With those she knows not

They reach out
Stroke her cheek
She steps back
Looks for Him
Frantic until her eyes
Connect with His
Across the room

They coax and tease
But she tells them no
“I may not…”
Playful and persistent
They tickle and grin
She laughs and plays
But will not step over
The line she has drawn

He watches carefully
Evaluating and considering
Knows she is learning
Letting her explore
As she walks the bridge
Spanning two sides
Of a new world

She feels the warmth
Of His constant gaze
Knowledge of His presence
Her safety line
She has only to reach
He will be there
She balances carefully
On the narrow span

Tempting enticements
Furious winds
Whipping round her
As she moves forward
One step at a time
Not quite halfway there
She shivers with excitement
Wonder and eagerness

His strength her guide
His calm her cloak
She worries not
Content to search
Fervent to learn

As the center approaches
Her step first quickens
Then haltingly slows
Playful winds push and pull
Caressing her body
Tickling her mind
With danger and excitement

Her foot slips
She cries out
Reaches out
He is there
Holding her steady
Waiting silently

She stops to think
What is happening
Why does she flirt
With danger

They reach out
Breath soft
Teasing her hair
Fly with us
“I may not…
I am not allowed”

Though they may be
She remembers
Promises she made
They tug at her cloak
Lending them strength

She cries
As their need
washes over her
Torn between two minds
Blinded by tears
Unable to see
She reaches within
Finds the stillness
Slips into the strength
Stands resolute
Until the winds die

He watches
Waiting patiently
For tears to dry
Calm and still
Until she emerges

Trembling she tells Him
As she told the others
Quietly He takes her hand
Places within it a key
Closes her fingers gently
And waits

Silently tears form
She shakes
Looking backward
Turning forward
Balanced precariously
Raising her hand
Gazing with wonder
Upon the key in her hand

Closing her fingers tightly
Key biting into her flesh
She places the fist
Against her heart
She lifts her foot
Takes the step
As the wind whispers
Let go and fly

She lifts her chin
With calm serenity
Balance regained
She denies them
“I may not…
I belong to another”

….. and
She takes the next step
Once again
She steps
“I am His…”

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