tagIncest/TabooDecisions in Paradise

Decisions in Paradise


"Are you looking at the man or the woman?"

Eileen glanced at her Mom, Abbey, and said, "They're both pretty nice."

She looked back down the beach at the man sitting on a towel, with his hands behind him for support. His female companion lay on her back, the curves of her perfect body obvious to Eileen even from thirty yards away.

Abbey smiled as she watched her daughter stare at the couple, seemingly unable to take her eyes off them. A moment later, the woman rolled onto her stomach. She reached behind her and untied her bikini. Providing only a fleeting glimpse of her full breasts, she pulled the bikini aside and put her head down on her towel.

"If you could be either one of them, which would it be?" Abbey asked.

"Mom! You're awful," Eileen said. After a short hesitation, she added, "I have to choose?"

"Ooooooh," Abbey sighed. "So you want them both. I would have never expected that from you."

"I don't want them both," Eileen said emphatically.

"It's OK to fantasize, hon."

"Quit putting words in my mouth," Eileen said.

"And thoughts in your head?"

Eileen frowned. "You've been watching them, too. Don't make it sound like I'm the perverted one."

Abbey waited, and then said, "She must be shy. There are plenty of women on this beach without tops on. Of course, none of them SHOULD be topless. And the one with the body to do it is too shy. It's a shame."

"OK, I've been watching him, not her. So there. I didn't even know he was with anybody," Eileen said with sufficient sarcasm.

Abbey took her water bottle and sprayed her daughter on the back with it. Eileen shrieked, but appreciated the cold water on her scorched back.

They sat on a beach in St. Maarten, a popular stop for cruise ships in the Caribbean; although Eileen, Abbey, and their husbands were there on a private vacation. It was wickedly hot and sunny, perfect for sunbathing and watching sunbathers.

In fact, Eileen and Abbey themselves may have been the subject of a similar conversation by others on the beach. Eileen was twenty one and attractive, with long brown hair that curled onto her neck and a body custom made for a bikini.

It was Abbey, at forty one, that may have earned a second look from more men. She had the same curves in the same places as her daughter, but on a more mature frame. Her hair was just as brown and wavy, but shorter than Eileen's. Overall, she was the type of woman any man over thirty would love to be with.

Together, they were a striking pair. But that didn't prevent them from ogling the equally impressive couple on the towels. Eileen, and most likely every man in the vicinity, was now looking at the woman's delicious ass, the cheeks barely covered by a tiny bikini bottom. Below that, there wasn't an ounce of fat on her smooth thighs or tight calves.

Out of the corner of her eye, Eileen saw her mother lean back and lay down. She did the same, closing her eyes and feeling the heat of the summer sun on her body.

Half an hour later, Eileen awoke and turned onto her side, facing in the direction of the beautiful couple. But the woman was not on her towel and Eileen assumed she was swimming. A minute later, fully awake and hungry from several hours in the sun, Eileen rose to her feet and adjusted her bikini.

Abbey appeared to still be sleeping, so Eileen grabbed the beach bag containing her purse and headed for the refreshment stand. The sand was hot as she walked around people on towels and blankets on the beach. It was only when she reached the palm trees surrounding the food stand did the sand begin to cool.

Eileen strode up the three steps leading to a wooden patio containing picnic tables and dozens of vacationers. Kids ran past with inflatable animals on their arms, apparently oblivious to anything but their next destination. Eventually, Eileen found herself third in line to order.

She began to scan the menu hanging behind the counter.

"Hot today, isn't it?"

The female voice behind Eileen made her instantly turn her head.

"Yeah," she began to say. But the word almost caught in her throat when she realized she was face-to-face with the beautiful woman on the towel.

The woman's golden hair and blue eyes initially captured all of Eileen's attention. But then she detected the tan face, the small upturned nose, and the full lips with their enticing curve in the middle.

"Have you been here before?" the woman asked.

"Yes," Eileen said. "Once. Now it's my favorite island."

The woman smiled. "Ours too. My name's Kate, by the way."

"Hi. I'm Eileen."

They moved up one place in line, but Eileen wasn't too concerned about ordering...yet. While Kate looked up at the menu, Eileen stole a glance at the body she'd admired from afar on the beach. As she suspected, Kate's breasts were near perfect even in the confinement of a bikini. Her waist and hips were firm and well proportioned. The tiny bikini bottom clung to her without being obscene.

Eileen guessed she was thirty years old, give or take two years.

"What are you getting?" Kate asked.

"Oh, I don't know. Just a burger, probably. How about you?"

"That's what I recommend. They're fresh and very good," Kate said with enthusiasm.

Eileen ordered and before she gave up her spot in line, Kate said, "Want to eat with me? You don't have to, if you don't..."

"Sure," Eileen responded quickly. "It's no problem. I'll get us a table, OK?"

Eileen found a spot in the corner of the patio. While listening for her name to be called for pick-up, she couldn't help but gaze some more at her new friend. At the same time, deep in the back of her brain, she was wondering WHY she was so enthralled by Kate.

Certainly, Eileen's relationship with her husband Tom was not in trouble. They loved each other and had done so since meeting in high school. But in the last year or two, Eileen had noticed an increased interest in women, especially pretty women. She'd never acted upon it, nor even came to close to acting upon it. But the continued curiosity troubled her a little bit.

What Eileen was least likely to confront was the fact she even found her youthful looking mother to be attractive. They had always been close, and when Eileen married at such a young age—just like her Mom—it gave them even more in common. But the physical appeal was a whole new ballgame.

Eileen was brought out of her trance by Kate arriving to sit across the table from her. Soon after that, they heard their names being called and they picked up their food. Once back at the table, they settled down to eat.

Chit-chat got them through the first few minutes. But then Kate said, "Eileen, I have a question for you."

"Sure," Eileen said. "What is it?"

"My husband and I noticed you, and your companion, right after you arrived this morning," Kate said.

Eileen took the opportunity during a short pause to say, "That's my Mom."

"Really? She looks so young," Kate said. "Of course, you do too."

Eileen smiled. "Thank you."

"Adam and I both commented on you and we wanted to ask you if you would care to join us for drinks or dinner sometime soon?"

The direction of the conversation caught Eileen by surprise. She'd never been approached by total strangers in this way. Would it be rude to reject the invitation? Did she, in fact, want to reject the invitation? Was it really for drinks or a meal?

"Gee, I don't know, Kate," Eileen stammered. "I'd, I'd have to think about it."

"Don't be scared, Eileen. We're just normal people. Really," Kate assured her.

"I'm sure you are. It's just that, well, nobody's ever asked me to, you know, do anything like that."

"Nobody's ever asked you to eat or drink with them?" Kate said with wide eyes.

Eileen almost laughed, knowing that she'd been caught inadvertently stating what she was thinking—that this might be more than it appeared. She stabbed at her French fries with a plastic fork.

"Can I think about it and let you know?"

Kate smiled and said, "Sure. We'll be on the beach every day for the rest of the week. Come down and see us if you want. If I don't hear from you, that's an answer, too."

"That's fair," Eileen said.

The rest of the meal was spent talking about hometowns and hobbies and families. In the end, they separated just as quickly as they came together. But Eileen's heart still pounded.

She rejoined her mother, now awake, and spent several minutes telling the story of her conversation with Kate, and the subsequent offer.

"So what are you going to do?" Abbey asked with sincere interest.

"What would you do?" Eileen replied.

Abbey looked down the beach at Kate and Adam. They were walking towards the water with snorkeling masks resting on the tops of their heads.

"It's pretty tempting."

"Are you looking at the man or the woman?" Eileen said, following the pair with her eyes.

Abbey burst out laughing and Eileen quickly joined in.

Abbey said, "Touché. Can I have both?"

"I think I can if I decide to," Eileen said seriously.

"Tempting, indeed."


Eileen and Abbey arrived back at their condo well before dinner. They met up with their husbands and decided on a time to eat. While Eileen showered, she rolled the events of the day around in her head and tried to make sense of it all. Kate had brought to the forefront Eileen's struggle with her sexual feelings. But Eileen wanted to categorize it as curiosity rather than preference.

Either way, it was going to be a decision that could alter the rest of her life and might only come along once.

Abbey, too, had mixed emotions. She found herself increasingly jealous of her young daughter's opportunity. She was definitely attracted to the handsome Adam, but her mind always returned to Kate and her near-naked body on the towel, or the lithe figure slipping into the water to snorkel.

What was worse was the fact Abbey began to picture Kate and Eileen together. And then: herself and Eileen together. THAT was the scary part, and it needed to be addressed.

Both women wore sun dresses to dinner; short dresses with swooping necklines to show off their new tans. As was the case on the beach, many sets of admiring eyes were on them throughout the meal. Eileen and Abbey were interested in two sets of eyes in particular, but Kate and Adam were nowhere to be found.

After dinner, the husbands headed for a nearby nightclub. The women returned to Abbey's condo.

They chatted for a short while, but Abbey couldn't let the conversation linger for too long without steering it in the direction of the most pressing issue on her mind.

"Eileen, how do you really feel about Kate's offer? I mean, what's the most interesting part of it to you?"

The young woman stared at her glass, folded her legs as she sat on the couch, and finally replied, "Besides the fact she'd even ask, I'd say it was the fact Kate approached me and not Adam."

Abbey nodded. "Exactly."

"Either she's doing it for him, or he's too shy, or...," Eileen said before stalling.

"Or she's the one that wants to be with you," Abbey finished for her.


"If you did it, what would be the main reason?" Abbey said.

Eileen rose from the couch and walked over to the sliding glass door looking out onto the patio. "Just to, you know, find out what it's like. Two strangers."

"Good looking strangers."

"Good looking strangers," Eileen confirmed.

"But especially her," Abbey said.

"Yeah. I guess."

Eileen didn't hear her mother rise from her chair. But she saw the reflection in the window as Abbey walked up to her from behind. As Eileen turned her head, Abbey took the glass out of her hand and set it on a nearby table.

Abbey wrapped her arms around Eileen and put her face in her daughter's neck. She smelled Eileen's hair and felt the soft strands on her face. "You should do what your heart tells you, hon. If they really interest you, you should do it or you'll be wondering the rest of your life."

"I know," Eileen said, putting her hands on top of her Moms. "I've been thinking about that. If it was just Adam that would be one thing. But Kate will be there. What do I do then?"

"Haven't you ever thought about that?"

Eileen hesitated. She saw her mother's face in the glass, the soft eyes looking to the side. "Sometimes."

"Before Kate, haven't you seen a woman you've liked, and wondered what it would be like?" Abbey asked.

"Yes." The quickness of Eileen's response intrigued Abbey.


Eileen slid her hands up her mother's arms. "You."

It wasn't the answer Abbey was expecting. Instinctively, she kissed Eileen's neck. Eileen felt a flutter flow through her body and she leaned back into her Mom's body.

"Really? Why?" Abbey said with surprise.

"You're beautiful, and intelligent, and...," Eileen said.

"Whoa. Better stop there while I'm still ahead," Abbey said.

Eileen giggled nervously and turned her head. Abbey kissed her cheek.

"What about you?" Eileen asked.

"Have I wondered what it would be like? Sure."

"But you never...," Eileen began.


"Why?" Eileen asked.

"Never found the right girl," Abbey said. "Until..."

"Until what?"

"Until you," Abbey said.

While Eileen considered the significance of what her mother just said, Abbey moved her hands up to Eileen's neck and shoulders. She massaged them lightly, appreciating the tender skin of the twenty one year old woman.

"What do you mean by that, exactly?" Eileen said with a hint of inquisitiveness.

"I mean I find you beautiful and intelligent. And I have to admit I was jealous that Kate approached you and made her offer," Abbey said.

Eileen was honestly surprised at the admission. "Oh, I'm sorry Mom. I didn't mean to..."

Abbey continued to rub her daughter's shoulders. "Don't worry about it. I want you to be happy. I'm glad she talked to you."

"But you would have accepted on the spot," Eileen said.

Abbey paused. "Probably. But I'm in a different situation. I'm forty one, not twenty one. I won't get many more chances like that. Maybe I never will."

Eileen felt guilty, but completely understood what her mother was saying. She took hold of Abbey's hands and brought them forward from her shoulders and onto the bare skin below the front of her neck. Eileen pressed them harder against her skin and then let Abbey control them.

Neither woman wanted to take charge, necessarily. But Abbey knew what happened next was probably up to her. She spread her fingers and slid her hands down until they began to slip inside Eileen's dress. Immediately she felt the rise of her daughter's full breasts.

"I want to know what it would feel like if Kate touched me," Eileen said softly.

The words served two purposes. They allowed Abbey to know what she was thinking and they allowed Abbey to continue.

"I don't know if it would be the same," Abbey whispered.

"I think it would. Only better. It's you."

Abbey lingered for a few more seconds, and then slid her hands lower. Eileen did not wear a bra and Abbey felt nothing but soft, supple skin all the way to the tips of Eileen's breasts. The lightweight dress easily gave way to the probing fingers, which stopped only when Abbey realized she was at Eileen's nipples.

Abbey gently squeezed the breasts. Their bodies were touching and the dresses did little to take away the sensation of skin on skin. Abbey squeezed again.

Eileen had moved very little during the last minute or two, but now she reached up and grabbed the shoulder straps of her dress. She very slowly pulled them down and allowed the straps to fall to her elbows. A second later she pulled here arms out and let the dress fall to her waist, where she held it in place.

All of that was possible without Abbey moving her hands, but she was hesitant to take advantage of Eileen's topless condition.

"Touch me, Mom. Touch me the way you think Kate would," Eileen said.

Once again, Eileen was making it easy for Abbey to go on. It was just...difficult, and unnatural for Abbey to do what she wanted to do.

"I, I can't. It's not...right," Abbey said.

"Please, Mom."

Abbey pushed aside the last of her reservations and reached out for Eileen's nipples. Once she made contact with them, she put her palms over them and held Eileen's breasts loosely. Then she rubbed them a little harder and wrapped her fingers around the breasts a little more tightly.

She could see that Eileen's eyes were closed and she could feel Eileen's breathing become more erratic.

"You feel wonderful, honey," Abbey said.

"It feels great, Mom. Please don't stop."

Abbey kneaded the soft skin, cupped the breasts in her hands, and generally touched every square inch of them over and over. She heard Eileen moan.

"Tell me when to stop," Abbey spoke softly.


Abbey compressed the breasts against her daughter's chest and massaged them until the nipples were twice the size as when she first touched them. Somehow she found the courage to take one between her fingers and squeeze it.

"Oh God, Mom. Yes!"

Abbey took the other nipple and pinched both of them simultaneously. Eileen's body stiffened and she moaned even louder.

"Come around and use your mouth. I'm begging you. Please," Eileen said.

All the indecision that Abbey fought off to get to that point returned. How far could they go without hurting each other in some way? Would they regret all of this later?

But to hear her daughter begging for it was too much for Abbey to refuse. She let go of the breasts. Eileen began to turn until they were face to face. Their eyes met in a moment of uncertainty before Abbey peered down at the luscious breasts she had been holding.

Without any more delay—for fear of backing out—Abbey leaned down and lightly kissed the side of Eileen's left breast. She put a hand under the right breast, and then moved her lips until they were kissing Eileen's nipple. Very shyly, Abbey used her tongue to lick the hardened nub.

After a couple of preliminary licks, Abbey spread her lips and took a little of her daughter's breast into her mouth. The sensation was exciting for Abbey and absolutely electrifying for Eileen.

"Take more of it, Mom. Suck on it. Harder."

A larger portion of the breast was engulfed by Abbey's mouth and she began to earnestly suck and lick it with the intent of pleasing Eileen. She stabbed at the nipple with her tongue and bit it gently with her teeth and lips. Each new sensation caused Eileen to moan louder and beg for more.

Eileen reached out and closed her hands around her mother's breasts, allowing the material of the sun dress to gather in her hands. Eileen felt her mother's nipples, hard and sensitive, just like hers. Abbey sucked harder and bit more often as Eileen played with her chest.

"That is SO good, Mom. Just like that—keep going," Eileen begged.

Eileen was just about to reach inside Abbey's dress when they both heard a door suddenly opening. Luckily, they were one room away from the entrance and Eileen had time to fix her dress before the husbands walked in.


The following day was even hotter. The women chose the morning to do their sunbathing, assuming it would be unbearably hot in the afternoon. The walk to the beach was the first chance they had to discuss the night before.

"I hope you aren't mad at me for what happened," Eileen said as the women walked down a path between the palm trees.

"Not at all. I kind of, well, enjoyed it," Abbey said. "I wasn't sure I could do it. You made it easy."

"I enjoyed it, too."

They walked in silence for a while. Then Eileen said, "You were right."

"About what?"

"I should have said 'Yes' to Kate," Eileen said.

They turned onto the stretch of sand in front of the refreshment stand.

"You still can," Abbey said.

They laid out their towels and, almost simultaneously, glanced down to where Kate and Adam had been sitting. The couple was nowhere to be seen.

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