Decisions in Paradise


"I don't know if it would be the same with them," Eileen said. "I mean, it would be more like sex. Last night was...different."

"I know. I couldn't describe it either." Abbey stared out into the water, and then added, "But having sex with Adam couldn't be all that bad."

Eileen smiled. "There you go, getting greedy again."

They left the subject alone for a while and concentrated on getting better tans, a near-impossible task considering how bronzed they were already. But it did eventually open the door for Abbey to take them back to the previous night.

A half hour into their sunbathing, Abbey said, "Is today the day you go topless?"

"I thought you, of all people, should know by now why I don't want to go topless," Eileen said, rolling her eyes.

"I, of all people, know why you should."

Eileen didn't answer at first. When she did, she said, "If I sunburned them would you make them feel better?"

"Maybe spread lotion on them?" Abbey asked.

"Maybe lick them," Eileen said.

Abbey ran her tongue around her lips sensuously.

"Like that," Eileen said.

"Maybe you should sunbathe nude."

"Mother!" Eileen exclaimed.

Abbey laughed and they both sunbathed with bikinis fully on. Sure enough, by noon the temperature was nearing the limit of what they could comfortably enjoy. After checking to make sure Kate and Adam had not shown up, the women packed up their stuff and headed back to their condos.

"What are you going to do the rest of the day?" Eileen asked her Mom as they walked along.

Abbey shrugged. "Hadn't really thought about it. How about you?"

"Shop, I guess."

"Want something to eat first? I have plenty of salad left over," Abbey offered.

"Sure. I don't have to be anywhere until the guys get back from their fishing trip this evening," Eileen said.

"Good. My heart doesn't need them barging in unexpectedly any more."

Eileen nodded in full agreement.

They never before appreciated air conditioning quite as much as when they entered Abbey's condo. They threw their bags down and immediately started for the kitchen. Soon, they sat at the table finishing off leftover fruit and a garden salad.

When they were done, and were clearing off the table, Eileen said, "Well, I think I'll head home and shower before heading out again."

Abbey put a couple plates in the dishwasher before answering. "Shower here."

"I don't have anything here to put on, Mom," Eileen replied as if telling her something that was plainly obvious.

"I know."

Eileen looked intently at Abbey, making sure she was serious. Convinced she was, Eileen said, "Want to save water?"

"I think the whirlpool tub would be best for that."

Eileen took her Mom's hand and led her down the hall to the master bathroom. Once they were inside, and the door was locked, they faced each other and came together. Unlike the night before, the encounter began with a long, passionate mouth-to-mouth kiss that was as good as either of them had ever had with a man. Their tongues tangled and their mutual moans filled the large room.

"Somebody needs to fill the tub," Abbey whispered during a lull in the kiss.

"Damn," Eileen said, finally separating herself from her mother and bending over to turn on the water. Abbey resisted the urge to caress the beautiful ass that presented itself, knowing she'd soon have plenty of opportunity for that.

With the water flowing swiftly, Eileen stood back up and approached Abbey. She reached behind her mother and untied the bikini top. Calmly, Eileen pulled it off and unveiled the lovely pair of breasts she had been desiring. She put her hands on them and held them softly in her palms.

"The water, hon."

Eileen quickly turned to shut off the water and turn on the whirlpool jets. The hum of the jets was the only sound in the room. Then she went back to her topless mother.

Eileen's hands did not return to the breasts. Instead, they dropped to Abbey's bikini bottom. Eileen gripped the thin band of material and pulled it down. Eileen bent at the knees to remove the bikini and toss it aside. The entire time, her eyes were locked on the neatly trimmed pussy between her mother's legs.

"You're really beautiful," Eileen said as she stood up again.

Abbey kissed her daughter, untying her top in the process. It came off quickly, followed by the bottom. Once they were both naked, they spent a few seconds simply admiring each other in the seclusion of their private space.

Another kiss allowed Abbey to finally put her hands on the tiny, tight ass she'd watched a moment ago. The firm flesh accepted the pressure of Abbey's fingers, giving way but certainly not because of fat. Abbey would find none of that anywhere on her daughter's body.

"Come on," Eileen said. "I can't wait any longer."

She stepped into the tub and slid down to the far end, leaving plenty of space for Abbey to join her at the opposite end. Their legs intertwined and both women leaned back to get comfortable.

The water churned over the tops of their bodies, splashing over their breasts and up to their shoulders. Both women found themselves gazing for extended periods at each others breasts appearing and disappearing in the water. Below that, their separated legs gave brief glimpses of the tantalizing pussies under the surface.

Eileen smiled and slipped her ass along the bottom of the tub until her toes had traveled up the length of Abbey's thighs and landed at her pussy. Abbey spread her legs in response and felt the first contact between Eileen's toes and her clit.

Eileen rubbed her for a second, and then moved her foot lower to find the hole she was looking for. Abbey watched her daughter's eyes follow the route of her foot. The toes lingered at the entrance before journeying back up to Abbey's clit.

Abbey closed her eyes and marveled at the instant stimulation she got from the massage. Eileen pressed harder and watched her Mom respond with sighs and grimaces of arousal. It seemed clear to Eileen that she could probably get her mother off if she continued.

But she had other plans, and eventually pulled the foot away. Quickly, she moved forward and put her knees between Abbey's legs. As her mother watched, Eileen bent over and took a breast in her mouth. Abbey pulled herself up so that no water was interfering with the tremendous sucking and licking she was getting from her daughter.

"Oh, Eileen. That feels so wonderful," Abbey sighed.

She put her hands on the back of Eileen's head and pulled her tighter against her chest. Eileen sucked harder and returned the favor she got the night before from Abbey: she lightly bit the nipples and pulled them with her lips.

"Oh my God, honey. Do it again. Please!"

Eileen didn't need to be asked. She moved from one breast to the other licking the nipple and putting as much flesh as she could into her eager mouth. Meanwhile, the turbulent water rushed past Abbey's pussy and she thought she might cum just lying there. Eileen did her best to make it happen.

Abbey reached out for Eileen's breasts while her own were being used by her daughter. She spread the warm water around them and felt the erect nipples in her palms. Abbey wished she had them in her mouth. Their experience the night before was much too short for her liking.

After several more minutes, Eileen lifted her head and said, "Sit on the edge, Mom."

Abbey looked at Eileen, but did as she was told. The immediate thought that went through her head frightened her a little. Things were about to get serious, she believed.

Once settled on the slippery rim of the tub, Abbey put her hands behind her for support. Then she watched Eileen slide between her legs and put her hands on Abbey's waist.

"Lean back more. I've got you," Eileen said.

With her mother fully stretched out, Eileen lowered her head to the dripping pussy she'd waited so long for. She supported Abbey's lower back with her hands and began to lick all around the area. Eileen felt her mother's body slightly lift off the edge of the tub, as if attempting to force Eileen to make contact with the most sensitive spots. Eileen teased, but did not go there yet.

"Should I go on, Mom?"

"Yes. Yes," Abbey moaned.

"Tell me what you want me to do," Eileen said between licks.

Abbey hesitated. She couldn't make herself say it. Not to her daughter.

"Tell me, Mom."

There was another delay. Finally, Eileen heard Abbey say softly, "Lick me, hon."

"Where? Where should I lick you?"

"Please, Eileen. Please lick me...there."

Eileen licked everywhere else.

"Tell me, Mom."

It took thirty seconds for the answer to come. "Oh God, Eileen. Lick my pussy so I can cum! All over! Lick it, please!"

Eileen moved down so that, when she finally made contact, her tongue was below the entrance to Abbey's pussy. Agonizingly slowly, she slid the tongue up past the hole, between the flaps of skin protecting it, and eventually to the hardened nub of Abbey's clit.

Eileen heard her mother gasp and her body stiffen.

"There?" she asked.

"Oh yes!" Abbey replied.

Eileen took the clit between her lips and sucked on it, licked it, and put it completely inside her mouth. She pulled Abbey closer and eagerly spent as long as she thought she could in the area without making her mother cum. The moans she heard were getting louder and more intense.

When she thought it was getting close, Eileen moved down and slipped her tongue inside Abbey's sweet, wet hole.

"Eileen! Oh God!"

She began to fuck her mother with her tongue, driving it in as deeply as she could and as rapidly as she could. Eileen probed every inch of the hole. Abbey's body quivered with excitement and it was obvious an orgasm was imminent.

"Honey. Honey! I'm...I'm going to...oh God!"

Eileen moved her tongue once again to lie directly on Abbey's clit. She licked it hard and fast.

"God! I'm cumming! Yesssss! I'm cumming!"

For nearly a full minute, Abbey's body shook and pulsed with an intensity she'd never felt before. Eileen never lost contact with her clit and Abbey lost track of the number of times she started to cum again. Her muffled screams echoed in the bathroom, along with the ever-present swirling of the water behind Eileen.

Abbey ended up having to pull her pussy away from her daughter's mouth in order to stop cumming. She lie on the floor completely exhausted, but completely satisfied.

Eileen sat in the water, her elbows on the edge of the tub and her chin in her palms, looking at her beautiful Mom.

"How long will it take you to recover?" she asked with a smile.

"Not long," Abbey said, looking up at the ceiling. "Why?"

Eileen began to climb out of the tub. She rested on her knees for a moment, and then straddled her mother's body. Water dripped down onto Abbey, who certainly didn't care. She was enjoying the view of Eileen's gorgeous naked figure.

"Because I need to cum," Eileen said.

She slid up and placed her pussy directly over her Mom's face.

Abbey smiled and reached her arms up. "Come here, hon."

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