Decorating the Newlywed


Any thoughts of the fact that here she was, cheating on Hayden like she had never thought she would ever do, even earlier that day, only spurred the knockout brunette on more. The sight of her wedding ring as her hand rested on Connor's shoulder, supporting her as she fucked herself hard and fast on his ten inches, only turned the gorgeous newlywed wife on even more...that was, until with extra fervour, Shelley slammed herself back down and suddenly felt all eleven inches of Connor's thick, solid cock ram deep inside her...

"OHHHHUUGHHH FUUCKK!!!" The gorgeous wife screamed as loudly as she could as she instantly broke the hot, passionate kiss and threw her head back, holding on rigidly to Connor's neck as pure pleasure tore through her hot, 27-year-old body.

FUCK! He was huge! Fuck! Eleven thick inches! Mrs Shelley Winters' mind spun and the hot wife instantly felt her body begin to tingle all over...fuck, she was going to cum! OH FUCK!

With his hands on her slim waist, Connor grinned, though Shelley was blissfully unaware...that was until her husband's friend suddenly spoke.

"Ugh now you're mine you hot slut!" He growled tightly, and with a strong grip on her slender waist, pulled her body towards him.

The sudden movement and feel of all those wide inches deep within her 'on-the-edge' body instantly tipped Shelley's incredibly turned on pussy over that edge, and with a deep guttural groan, Hayden's wife's pussy clamped vice-like around Connor's thick cock as intense bolts of pure pleasure blasted through her...and her vision swirled in bright lights.

"OHHHHH!!!" The gorgeous brunette groaned loudly enough to be heard anywhere in the half-decorated house...not that there was anyone there to hear, but still...

Her hot, sexy body tensed, her nails gripping deeply into Connor's neck and shoulders as she shook in his strong grip, her orgasm tearing through her hotly as it blew all else but the intense raging pleasure from her mind. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had, even if Connor hadn't been fucking her, but oh fuck did it feel so fucking good!

For a long moment Shelley's body just sat rigid, impaled on eleven inches of unprotected solid dick, shaking gently as she groaned loudly, lost in the intensity that was raging through her, before finally, after what seemed like an eternity, her body went limp in Connor's grasp.

"Uhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck!" Shelley whispered breathily as her husband's friend pulled her towards him and her head fell weakly onto his shoulder as she panted for dear life.

"Enjoy that?" Connor asked smugly, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, oh fuck...mmm...yeah!" She moaned half in a stupor as feeling slowly began to creep back into her weak body. Fuck, she had never cum that hard in her life, and that was just from feeling his huge dick fill her!

"Good, then you're going to love it when I fuck you till you cum." He replied teasingly, mirroring her own thoughts as he not-so gently took hold of the bottom of her gypsy top and began slowly lifting it.

Shelley swayed as she sat back, held only by her husband's friend's grip on her top as he pulled it up and over her large rack, and his huge eleven inch hard rod buried balls deep inside her cheating married pussy.

As Connor pulled her top over his head, Shelley was amazed that she didn't flop back over, she felt so weak, however the moment he pulled it from her and tossed it away somewhere in the room, Connor's eyes latched on to her now only bra-covered tits, heaving in the black lace cups impressively.

His eyes lit up as if this were the first illicit thing he had seen or done to his friend's new wife, however it took less than a heartbeat before his mouth began devouring her huge 32E tits.

Biting, kissing and sucking the large, soft but firm breasts, Connor pressed the large, round globes together firmly as his lips, tongue and teeth went to work on what only her husband should have touched.

Shelley let her head fall back as the pleasure of his – the man who was not her husband – animalistic devouring began to pulse through her, sending faint electricity through her body and pussy. Her breathing deepened again and before long her slender hands were gripping his head, pulling him closer to her exposed tits, her wedding ring shining in the light as she breathed heavier in lust to the feelings her husband's friend was giving her with his mouth while she sat rigidly impaled on his hard cock.

Lifting her head, Shelley panted hotly before she kissed his hair as his teeth sank into her breasts, and as her eyes lathed on to her wedding ring she spoke breathily...

"Fuck me Connor..." The gorgeous newlywed wife panted hornily, her eyes filled with the sight of her glinting wedding ring as her body was filled with her husband's friend's hard cock as he bit and kissed her heaving tits, pressing them together through her lace bra - the bra that Hayden loved so much. "...I want you to fuck me with all of your big hard dick until I scream your name!"

Her husband's friend's face abruptly left her tits, his hand held her waist as his eyes fell on hers, glowing oh so fiercely with hungry lust. Oh, how that was mirrored in her eyes and coursed through her hot, 27-year-old body. The time for playing was now the real sex began.

With only a hint of a smug smile, Connor's mouth suddenly met hers.

"Mmmmmph!" Shelley moaned gratefully, her arms wrapping around Hayden's friend's neck and her hands gripping his head as her tongue danced rapidly in his mouth, his hands wrapping swiftly around her.

Lips locked, the hot wife felt her husband's friend lift her and her legs instantly wrapped firmly around his waist as he easily picked her up and moved before he gently lay her down on the floor, their heads towards the French doors and legs towards the door to the hallway. Lying on top of her, Shelley's hands ran down Connor's back as her legs held tightly around his waist, firmly and contentedly impaled on his rigid cock beneath him...and the two continued illicitly kissing like 'they' were husband and wife.

The hot, erotic pair lay entwined for a few minutes before Connor reluctantly broke the kiss and with a playful and triumphant smile as he looked into her eyes, placed his hands either side of her shoulders and raised himself above her.

Shelley returned that smile, knowing he had every right to be proud of having her underneath him, fully impaled on his naked, unprotected, eleven inch thick cock, ready and eagerly waiting to be nailed hard and fast to the floor of the house she and her husband, his friend were going to make their home. Oh yes, this guy had every right to the smugness in his smile, but then, so did she...fuck, eleven inches deep inside her!...oh, she was really going to enjoy this!

With a look of pure lust, incredible horniness in her large dark brown eyes, her hands raised above her head and her long, dark, wavy brunette hair fanned out around her, her large 32E tits heaving as they were contained in only her thin, black lace bra (which was now the only thing that the cheating wife wore), her slim waist, her long soft legs wrapped around his waist, her wedding ring sparkling in the light...oh yes, she was the picture of beauty and sexiness right then...and her husband's naked friend as he held himself above her had no doubts about that either, the fact his eleven inch dick sheathed balls deep within her felt as hard as rock proved that.

Lying there with a playful, dirty smile on her beautiful face, Shelley spoke hotly.

"You better hurry up and fuck me," The knockout brunette wife purred erotically, "Hayden could be back any minute..."

She let the words trail off with a teasing smirk and Connor replied with one equally mischievous.

"Well, we wouldn't want him catching me nailing his wife when we are meant to be decorating, would we?" He replied playfully and Shelley smiled, biting her bottom lip as she shook her head teasingly.

Without any further words, Connor's face suddenly took on a look of smug intense-focus as he smiled proudly...oh he was determined to screw this beautiful woman, his friend's incredible wife, so good and oh so hard, to within an inch of her sexy life...and Shelley was eager for every inch, every moment, of it...before he slowly began to pull that long, thick, eleven inch rod from her tight, hot, and vice-like pussy, ready to begin the fucking of her newly-married life...

The newly-married Hayden Winters drove casually along the slowly winding-down streets of the day, winding-down in both hours of the day and the day's activities that all of the residents of The City had been up to, tapping the wheel in time with a catchy tune he had never heard before on the radio, absolutely oblivious to the 'day's activities' that his wife and friend had been up to in his absence earlier.

Oh, he was even more blissfully unaware of what his new wife of only three weeks was up to even when he had been in the next room, pushed against the wall with her big tits in his friend's squeezing hand and hers tightly wrapped around his hard, pulsing cock. Oh, but as the beautiful scenery of The City began to brighten mischievously into the playfulness that the nightlife would bring while Hayden made his way to his family's house, his hot, sexy, stunning wife of just a few weeks slowly breathed in deep as his friend's huge, thick dick gently pushed inside her and ever so slowly began to sink, unprotected, deep into her hot, oh-so-tight, hungry pussy.

Though the true coup de grâce was when 'Rocket Queen' came on the radio – with that slamming drum introduction and teasing guitar riff, the rhythm sounding like a slick vibe – at the same time Shelley, his wife, fought to catch her breath as she was finally stuffed full with nine inches of his friend's hard cock. As the tune kicked in, the friend that Hayden had asked over to help him and Shelley decorate began slamming his nine inch, naked and oh so hard dick in and out of Hayden's hot wife, fucking her hard against the wall in their new house, in time with the beat of the song. Oh, as the song continued, and Hayden tapped the wheel, singing along to the rebellious lyrics, his friend drilled his wife against the wall, again and again, much to her illicit and erotic cheating delight. Yes, if Hayden could have only heard the moans and groans of his lusty, busty 27-year-old wife filling their new house as she had sex with his friend, cheating on him not long after they had gotten married, and in time with the sounds of recorded-sex in the song, sounds that made Hayden smile with amusement as he thought of his stunningly gorgeous wife, while she was being fucked against the wall thoroughly...oh, but he didn't, and as he drove on, so did his friend, deep into his wife's welcoming, newly-married, unprotected pussy.

Illicit sex and music continued on and on and on, and still, the new husband remained unaware as he finally made it to his parents' house, heading inside to help out in the house he had earlier been in with Shelley, while his hot brunette wife rode his friend's hard cock, fucking herself lovingly on his thick prick and making her large, heavy, luscious 32E tits bounce around as Connor ripped the shirt he had given her off her sexy body before squeezing her huge rack. As Hayden listened to his father and brother tell him what needed to be done, he could not hear his wife saying all the dirty, slutty things she was to his friend, urging him on to feel her, fuck her, touch her, kiss her...oh fuck...she loved every inch of it...! The loving husband was unaware of his friend pulling his wife's top over her head, of her shaking in passionate orgasm, or of Connor lifting her to lie her on her back on the floor of their new house, Shelley's legs locking around his waist as she stared, her impressive chest heaving in just the black lace bra that Hayden loved so much as she lay impaled balls deep on his friend's eleven inch hard dick, looking unbelievably beautiful as she gazed longingly into Connor's eyes, her stomach flitting with butterflies as her orgasm slowly subsided and she waited for what she knew would be the fucking of her life...oh, Hayden was oblivious to the hot, illicit sex between his wife and friend as he began helping his father and brother, and all the while, his beautiful, loving wife, was getting ready to take all eleven inches of his friend's huge, fat and oh so hard cock as he held himself above her, ready to drive that huge member hard into her cheating, just-married, pussy...and Shelley couldn't wait...

...and so Hayden continued, and so did the erotic sex back at his and his wife's new house...

"You want this?" Connor asked his old friend's beautiful wife as he held only the tip of the thick head of his big, hard cock inside her unprotected, welcoming pussy.

Shelley's impressive breasts were heaving within the tantalising confines of her black lace bra as she breathed quick and heavy, her face flushed and eyes practically glowing as she stared lustfully up at him as he held himself above not the picture of a newlywed bride not long from her honeymoon.

"Yes I want your big cock, Connor." Hayden's stunning brunette wife of three weeks replied in a tone that somehow made Connor's dick even harder...fuck, this whole situation was insane...but oh man, it was hot! "Give it to me Connor, give all of your long, thick cock to your friend's wife, fuck me good and hard while my husband's not here!" She purred almost desperately and Connor felt his heart race...she needed this as badly as he did, but it was the next words, and the way she said them, that tipped him over the edge. "Have sex with your friend's wife, Connor." She added honestly, and the simple statement as she ran her fingers down the side of his face drove the whole situation home to both of them, which Shelley was obviously far passed concerned about and he hadn't been for a while, as she continued, "Have sex with me as long and as hard as you want..."

With a self-satisfied smile that curved Shelley's lips playfully also, Connor suddenly drove all eleven inches of his huge, thick cock deep into his friend's wife's unprotected and oh so hot pussy.

"OHH!" Shelley groaned loudly and deeply, her back arching as her eyes rolled up into her head. Her hands gripped a tight hold on his arms as pleasure wracked through her gorgeous body and her legs tightened around his waist, pulling him deep into her cheating body.

Connor, however, was done with the playing, he was going to screw this hot beauty like there was no tomorrow. After all, who knew if he would ever get inside her again, she was married to his friend after all, so he had no intention of wasting any more time that he could spend riding this stunning woman.

And so, sliding almost all of his long, solid pole from inside her, Hayden's friend set about slamming hard and fast, deep and powerfully, again and again into his friend's wife's horny pussy until he had a hard, fast, and steady rhythm going...his ass rising and falling as he repeatedly drove his thick eleven-inch cock deep into Shelley's sexy body furiously...and the gorgeous brunette newlywed loved it.

"Oh yes...ohhh....fuuuckkk....yes....ohhughh...fuck, ugh Connor yeahhhhmmm, fuck! OH!" Shelley groaned whole-heartedly as Connor began drilling her with his eleven inch dick, driving all the way deeply into her hard and fast as she clung to his arms with her nails digging sharply into his skin.

Drawing in short breaths, Connor stared down at his friend's knockout wife as she lay almost naked beneath him, her beautiful face shining with the pleasure that blazed brightly in her large dark brown eyes as her mouth groaned deeply, those luscious lips that had earlier been wrapped tightly around his thick cock as he had fucked her gorgeous mouth and face now spread in a lust-filled 'O' as groans of passion resounded throughout the half-decorated room. Her long, dark, wavy-brunette hair lying around her beautiful face, spread on the floor around her, her soft hands, one decorated with the shining wedding ring Hayden had given her not long ago, gripped his arms tightly, holding on for dear life as he continuously fucked the life out of her with eleven inches of hard, naked cock. Her smooth legs locked firmly around his waist, helping the sexy married woman to raise her hips in time with each downward thrust he made, slamming his huge, thick meat deeper and harder inside her, her slim waist, her flat stomach, leading to those huge and marvellous pliable 32E tits that shook and bounced within the tight confines of her thin, black lace bra as it vainly tried to contain the voluptuous mounds as he continuously rammed his dick balls deep into her hot, horny, married pussy...oh those fucking gorgeous big tits, how Connor had found himself staring at Shelley's impressive rack over the years, wondering what they were really like, what they would feel like holding them while he fucked her senseless, and now he was...

The sounds of her enjoyment at getting fucked behind her husband's, his friend's, back, the fact that they were fucking in the new house she and Hayden were going to raise a family in, the fact that she was so fucking hot and that this was really happening, that Hayden could be back any minute...oh fuck, all of this and more rushed through Connor's dirty mind, and with renewed force, horny and even more turned on, he began to really screw his friend's gorgeous wife.

"Oh fuck Connor! Oh, mmm, fuck...oh give it to me baby! Give it to me baby! OHHUHHHMMM! FUCK! YES! OH YES! UGHH!" Shelley groaned louder, licking her lips before she looked lustfully into his eyes.

"You want this, Shelley?" Connor asked hungrily as he once more ploughed his hard, thick member deep and forcefully into her pussy.

"Ohhh yeah, ummm!" His friend's wife moaned in honest reply, her eyes glowing as she ran her soft hands up his arms to wrap her arms loosely around his neck as she lay staring hotly up at him. "Ohh yess, uhnmm fuck! Uh fuck! Ugh, ohhh, ugnnn! OH!"

"Tell me what you want Shelley!" He demanded through clenched teeth as he continued to move his hips fast, driving his entire hard cock deep into Hayden's wife's hot, tight pussy right there on the uncarpeted floor.

"UH! Uh! Uh! Ugh! I want you Connor!! Ohhh! Ummm! I want you to fuck me! OH YES FUCK ME! Ohhhhmmmmm! I want your cock Connor! OHH! I want your big dick to fill my pussy, ugnnnmmm, fucking stretching my ohhmmm pussy as you fuck me! Ughmmm! Fuck, fuck, ohh yes! OH YES! OH fuck, fuck you're so fucking good! UGHH!! I feel so fucking full! OHHH!" The gorgeous brunette groaned loudly, arching her back as she threw her head back, her hands slipping down so that her nails raked down his back hard as her hips thrust wantonly up to meet every hard and fast downward thrust he made, stuffing her powerfully full of his huge dick. "OH fuck, give me all of your big cock, ugh yes! OH YES! UHHHMM! Fuck! Ohh, so good! Ugh fuck, so fucking good!"

With a smug grin, Connor gave her just what she wanted, powerfully slamming his entire solid eleven inch dick into her hard and fast, while he briefly held himself steady on one hand so that he could roughly maul one of Shelley's huge, luscious tits, squeezing hard through the thin lace bra she still wore. Fuck this newly-married woman had the best tits ever!

The room was filled with the sound of their bodies slapping together rapidly and the ever-growing loudness of Connor's grunts and breathy groans of exertion and the newly-married brunette's moans and loud ecstatic groans of pure ecstasy as he, her husband's friend, fucked the hell out of her on the floor.

"Ohh fuck, oh fuck me, mmm fuck me Connor, ugh yes, yes! OHMM! Fuck! Oh, you're a bad man nailing your friend's wife, mmm..." Shelley purred tightly in a voice that shook from the hot sex as she grabbed the hand squeezing her firm breast with her left hand, her wedding ring somehow seeming brighter due to the erotic situation. "...feeling her tits and fucking her with your big OH're umm big fucking unprotected cock, oh yes! Ohhh this is so wrong! Fuck!"

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