tagNon-EroticDeeds Ch. 02

Deeds Ch. 02


We slept late next morning and it was close to noon when we woke up. I was the first to get up. As I got up I saw her sleeping beside me. Her face was partially covered with hair and she had a calm angel like feel on her face. I walked up to my laptop and opened up my diary. I wrote in there how happy I felt today and I also wrote about my plans for the evening. That reminded me. My plans needed the right ambiance and I had no candles in the house. I also wanted to buy some flowers and maybe something special for her.

I rushed out so that I could buy the stuff I needed and got back home before she woke up. I found that my car had a flat tire and I need to borrow her car. I hated this. Her car was too girly for me to be comfortable. I got in and drove to the supermarket. After shopping hurriedly (I wanted to get back before she woke up), I got back in the car and drove back. I opened the dashboard looking for a napkin to wipe my hands before I touched her fur covered driving wheel. I saw a piece of cloth and remembering the handkerchief from last night took it out to wipe my hands with it. It was not a handkerchief; it was a soft satin thong. I recognized the thong immediately. It was one that we bought for our tip to Vermont. So if this was what the man handed to her.... I could not think of anything. My mind was going numb; I felt my whole world crashing around me. I just sat there, thoughtless. I was not angry, not hurt and not thinking. There might be an explanation for his, was the first thought that came to my mind.

As I drove home, I knew that all plans for my proposals had to be kept on hold. I could not walk into all this with doubts in my mind. Doubt is a horrible thing, it an destroy relationships. As I drove into the garage I could feel a surge of emotions. I was hurting. I was hurting bad. I needed this to be resolved fast.

As I entered the apartment I heard her speak over the phone, "I cannot meet you tonight. I have just found out that Leroy has plans for us this evening that are more important than me meeting you." After a brief silence I heard her speak "Of course I love you more than I love Leroy, but let us admit, you are not going to divorce that wife of yours and I am not going to spend my life being a white man's whore. I wish that I could be with you always instead of this wimp of a man. He does not even recognize the fact that I might need some rough loving. Last night he was all mushy and ate me to a climax and then fingered me to another and then fucked me. I did not climax when he fucked me, I pretended. I am not a cold woman who does not come; I just do not come when he is making love to me. Yet, I will say yes to marry him when he asks me tonight. This is unless you can find it in you to leave your wife and take me to be yours, the way I want it."

I have had enough of this. There was no rational reason for his handing her the thong. There was just one fact – she was cheating on me. This was end of life as I knew it. I slammed the door so that she would know I had come. She simply put the phone down and walked up to me and kissed me as I entered the kitchen. Then she told me that she was going to take a bath and asked me to prepare the breakfast.

I walked to the phone and picked it up and hit the redial button as soon as she was out of the kitchen. A lady answered the call and I told her that this was a call from the phone company and that there was a fault in the phone lines and lots of complains had been received. We were just checking if the phones were working fine because we would not want anyone charged for phone calls not made by them due to this mix up. She thanked the phone company for taking care of this. Some small talk later I had her phone number – 555 1234. Now I knew that he lived within a few miles from my house due to the area code. He must have lived near the place she dropped him.

When she came out of the bathroom, I was still sitting in the kitchen, although the breakfast wasn't ready. I wasn't ready either – to confront her. It had to be done in the right manner, at the right time. I was just too lost in thought when she said "what's gotten into you. Did you hear a word of what I said?"

I told her that I was distracted and told her a sob story about one of my class mates being in a fatal car accident and how I came to know of it today when I called up my brother. She said that she understood me. I just sat there thinking how wrong she was. She never understood me, or else she would not go around doing what she did.

I passed the day sitting in a corner moping and feeling sorry for myself. By the time evening came I was feeling sorry for her. She did not come from a very rich family but had gotten used to a lavish lifestyle due to my money. She was going to lose that and she had already lost me. It was then it dawned on me, she had one thing more to lose – her lover-boy. All I had to do was make sure that she lost him and then letting her know I knew would be better, she would be all alone. I knew that she would have all her friends and they would give her some support.

I made a few phone calls early next day and made an astounding discovery. The phone number belonged to a certain Chris Walker, husband of her friend Mary. This was going to hurt her more than I thought. She might just end up losing her friends too. I was sorry for Mary, though. She was the sweetest person you could meet. I remember one time when I was really sick and Dee was out of town Mary had made a trip twice a day for a week to ensure that I was well fed and taken care of. Since that time I saw her as my younger sister. We even joked about it when we met. Being very shy, I actually had not tried to befriend her too much but I always felt good about seeing her around.

I sleepwalked the whole day and at the end of the day I gave my two weeks notice to the company letting them know I was quitting because I was planning on moving back home and not intended to stay on in California beyond the next month. My boss was shocked and offered me a raise and even promised to talk about a promotion with the management. He said I was too good an employee to lose for any reason.

Next I went and met Ray and told him what had transpired. I pulled no punches in giving him the details of what I knew. He was very understanding and gave me the right advise – forget revenge and walk away. In my efforts to hurt Dee I would be hurt too. I knew that, but I knew any hurt would not pain as much as I pained right now.

I knew that I was going to make Dee regret what she had done to me.

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