tagNon-EroticDeeds Ch. 03

Deeds Ch. 03


I reached home late in the evening to find that Dee had not returned. I installed a key logging software on her computer and then took out the audio recording device and planted them in each of the rooms and then bugged the telephone so that I could monitor what was going on. All of it was being recorded in my laptop. All that I needed to hook up to my laptop was a small dongle that looked almost like a Bluetooth dongle. It was the receiver for all the microphones and recorded each microphone in a separate file. It was all very complicated but for someone who was born to play with computers and gadgets it was no big deal. I also installed a high-resolution video camera overseeing our bed. I was all setup by midnight and Dee was still not home. She came in around one in the morning and was surprised to find me still awake. I acted normal and told her that I had a bit of surprise for her this weekend. I let her know that I was planning a party this weekend and I had an important announcement to make.

She obviously thought that I was going to propose to her in front of the whole crowd and make a lot of fuss about it. She ought to have known me better, I am a very private person and would have done nothing of the sort. I asked her to invite all her friends in the party and also informed her that I had already invited her folks over for the party. I was not going to take any prisoners. People were going to get hurt and I wanted her to be blamed for everything.

Than I informed her that I was going away for a day the next morning and would not be back till following morning. Just as soon as I went to the shower she called up Chris. As I came out of the bathroom I saw her hanging up. I later heard the recording of the phone conversation where she asked him to come over the next day and they would spend the day together. He suggested that he could pretend to go out of state and be with her not just the day but also the night. She then told him that she would love fucking him in my bed. "It would complete his status as a cuck", she said and then the two of them had a good laugh about it.

I called up Mary from my mobile as I left the house for office and asked her to meet me at a restaurant not too far from where she had her practice setup. She was a budding plastic surgeon and had quite a practice someone so young. She was just 27 and barely out of med school but her miraculous operation of a burn patient had been a headline news and now she had a roaring practice for those who wanted to wanted to look flawless.

When Mary met me later that day I told her what I knew and she was very calm about it all. She did not cry or even get angry. She just had a sad look in her eyes. She asked me what I intended to do next and I told her about the recording and the plans that her husband and the love of my life had made. She said that since she would be opting for a divorce, the recordings would come in very handy. She however, asked me the need to humiliate them in public. I did not reply to that, I had no justification. I just had the urge.

When I got home from the "trip" I was welcomed with the warmth and affection that I deserved. I knew it was an act. I did not make any efforts to get physically close to her. It was almost revolting to even touch her. I had to do something about it. If I did not sleep with her in the same bed she would ask questions and I might lose my composure and let her have it. I did not intend to give in so easily.

I told her that I had a lot of work to finish as I was looking forward to getting the job I carried from client site finished up before weekend. I told her, it might even result in a promotion and it would make the rest of life a lot easier. She bought that and I sat down on my computer with my headphones on and stared to put together a show for the people that were going the premier of the audio/video clip that I had collected. It had everything good porn could have -- blowjobs, fuck in at least 5 different positions, a lot of dirty talk and yes, it had anal too, not just anal it had ATM as well. Anal was something that she denied me all through our relationship.

I suddenly find my eyes wet. I was crying. As I looked at the diamond ring I bought for her, I was feeling a sudden loss of faith. It was almost someone had ripped my hear out and all that was left was an empty cage of ribs with a hollowness that was all-engulfing. I walked to the bedroom and looked at her and cried some more. Have you ever seen a 28-year-old six foot one man cry? You might some day and it will not be a very pretty sight I must assure you. It takes a lot of courage for a man to admit that he is hurting. I had found that courage and I was just wondering if I could find enough courage in me to forgive her and not to go through with the sordid plan of mine. I did not have the courage to ask myself this question, not tonight, certainly not tonight.

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