tagRomanceDeep Blue Ch. 08

Deep Blue Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: Wakeup Call


We took Gretchen back to our suite in a wheelchair and I tagged along to give her a more thorough examination of my own. We girls stripped her down in her bedroom. Given the already visible signs of bruising, it was obvious that Gretchen would be a sight in a few days. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to be her usual beautiful one.

I sighed and shook my head. "I'm sorry, Gretchen, but there's going to be some bruising. You must have bounced all over the side of the ship because you have bruises everywhere. They aren't huge, but some of them look pretty deep. I hope black and blue are your colors. If not, there'll always be green and purple," I smirked.

Gretchen smiled weakly. "You have a terrible bedside manner, Sandy. Hearing about my bruises makes me feel so much better." Amazingly, she managed to sound tired and sarcastic at the same time. "I'm going to look like hell, and that ruins more than half of my clothing plans."

"Maybe," Jo said uncertainly. "We might be able to conceal some of it with makeup."

"There'll be time tomorrow to see about that," I said standing up. "We need to get you into a gown and then get you medicated. Sleep is the best thing for you right now."

Gretchen shook her head mulishly. "I'm not going to sleep until Hawk's back."

I considered pushing the issue but decided deception and misdirection would work better. "That's understandable, but there's no reason to be in all that pain, is there? At least take the pain medication."

At her nod, I opened the pill bottle and sent Trish off for a glass of water. When it arrived, Gretchen took the pills without complaint, and we got her into bed.

Trish sat on the floor with me while Jo took the chair. We talked in low tones about the events of the evening. It took a bit more than half an hour before I saw Gretchen's eyelids start to droop. I suppressed my smile and kept up the low conversation with the others while she slid slowly into the arms of Morpheus.

When she was asleep, we went into the living room. I closed the door quietly behind me. "That worked out well," I said smugly.

"Did you slip that poor woman a Mickey?" Jo asked with an evil twinkle in her eyes. "She's going to be vexed with you."

I shook my head. "Nope. I just talked to the ship's doc and made sure that the pain medication also had something in it to make her drowsy. In the state she was in, she needed the sleep."

"Tricksey little Hobbit!" Lisa said, standing up with a soft clapping of her hands. "Remind me to watch you more closely. I need a drink," she declared. "Name your poison! Drinks are on the house."

"I'll just take a coke, if you don't mind," I said. "I'll be keeping an eye on Gretchen tonight and I don't want to muddle my thinking."

"Make mine a scotch on the rocks," Jo said.

"I really haven't tried anything like this before," Trish admitted. "I only turned twenty-one a couple of months ago. What should I try?"

Lisa considered that. "I think something fruity." She marched off to the bar and started mixing drinks. "If you're going to keep an eye on Gretchen, you can take the bedroom nearest the master."

I nodded. "For tonight, I think that's best. When the boys wander back in, I'll tell Keven we're having a sleepover. With all that's happened, I think circling the wagons might be a good idea. There's safety in numbers."

Jo looked around the sumptuous living room and the moonlit deck. "I don't suppose there's room for Earl and me?"

Lisa brought us our drinks and Trish sipped on hers. "Ooooo. I like this," Trish said. "It tastes just like a fruit smoothie. Jo, I don't need a whole room to myself. I'll sleep on the couch and you and Earl can have the room right over there." Trish pointed to her room.

Jo smiled her gratitude. "Thank you." I smiled to myself. I'd always liked people who knew how to simply say 'thank you' without going through the whole 'are you sure?' routine.

Trish took a deep drink that told me she was in for a lesson tonight about alcohol. I made note to keep an eye on her. I caught Lisa's eye, held up three fingers and pointed at Trish. Lisa nodded her understanding. There would be a three-drink limit for the buxom young woman.

We sipped our drinks and watched Trish get tipsy with amusement. She was a cheerful drunk, I decided. Not that she was really that drunk. Lisa searched around and found some extra pillows and a blanket for Trish, then put them on the couch.

The boys came in while Trish was off undressing for bed and brushing her teeth. Well, the boys and Hawk. I knew the news wasn't good from the looks on their faces. I knew it really wasn't good when Hawk headed for the bar.

"Where do you think you're going," I asked as I cut her off.

"This has been the day from hell," Hawk complained. "I need something. Just a small one."

"I'm betting that Gretchen would pitch three kinds of fit if she saw you try," I said while crossing my arms.

"Well, she's not here right now," Hawk said, trying unsuccessfully to slip past me. "Someone tried to kill my wife, someone probably did kill that putz Skip, and my back is killing me. Cut me some slack."

"You want some slack, I'll give you some slack," I agreed. "No hard liquor, but you can have a glass of wine or a beer."

"I can?" Hawk blinked at me.

"Yes," I said with a grin. "While you shouldn't drink at all, a glass of wine or a beer this one time won't harm the twins. So, if you like, I'll get one and you can tell Gretchen about it tomorrow."

She scowled at me. "That's playing dirty." With a sigh, she lowered herself into a chair. "I'll just have something non-alcoholic. Surprise me."

I dug into the bar and found some cold diet drinks. While I was there I filled drink orders from the boys, and we listened to Ted as he filled us in on the details. Trish came out and lay down on the couch in a charming, if clingy, flannel nightshirt. That made her the center of attention, much to her embarrassment.

Lisa updated everyone on the sleeping plans. Earl and Keven went to get some clothes and bathroom gear. They got back just as I finished showering.

I pulled Keven into my arms and kissed him. "Go take a shower and I'll put this stuff away. Then we need to get some sleep because I'm going to be getting up every few hours to go check on Gretchen."

He nodded and in twenty minutes I had the alarm set to give me a couple of hours of sleep and we drifted off to dreamland.


I shut off the alarm before it woke up Keven and reset it to go off in another two hours before padding into the living room. Trish had kicked off the blanket and was shivering a little, so I pulled the blanket back over her with a smile. She looked deceivingly innocent laying there. Of all people, I knew firsthand that she had a bit of a wild child inside her that was dying to get out.

In the master bedroom Gretchen and Hawk were curled together, fast asleep. I stood beside their bed and Gretchen seemed to be sleeping normally, so I tip-toed back out and closed the door softly.

Trish was sitting up on the couch blinking at me sleepily. "Is she okay?"

I nodded my head. "She's looking fine. Go back to sleep."

Her face twisted into a troubled expression. "I'm having the same dream over and over. I'm trying to hold onto Gretchen and she keeps falling into the ocean no matter what I do. I hate bad dreams."

I sat down beside her and took her into my arms. "It's only natural with the shock you've had. Try to remember that you held on and you helped save her. That might help with the dreams."

She looked deeply into my eyes. "I don't want to sleep alone. Can I sleep with you?"

The bed was big enough for three. "Of course you can. Come on."

Trish grabbed her pillow and we left the blanket on the couch. Keven was still sound asleep and I prodded him until he moved over without waking up. I was going to slide in and let Trish have the outside but she shook her head. "You have to keep getting up. I'll sleep in the middle." She blushed. "I'll keep my hands to myself."

I laughed softly. "You might, but there's no telling where Keven's might end up. But if you want to take your chances, be my guest."

When she was laying beside Keven, I slid in behind her and draped my arm across her midsection. "Good night."

"Good night," she murmured back, already drifting off.


I woke up when someone shook my shoulder gently. Peering over the bed in the dim light, I saw Keven grinning at me.

"I see we have a guest," he whispered.

"She was having nightmares," I said. "I told her it was okay."

Keven shook his head. "I can guess what kind of nightmares she might be having." He shook his head again and then smiled. "Sleeping right next to me might have led her to a different kind of dream, though," he said roguishly. "I might have had my hands all over her when I woke up."

I laughed softly. "She said she'd take her chances, and I doubt she'd find your hands anything but a heaven-sent dream. In fact, they might even help chase those bad dreams away."

"Want to help me?" he asked seductively. "We could pick back up where we left off yesterday."

That woke me up. The thought started spreading heat into my belly. I looked at her measuringly and nodded after giving it some thought. "If she says stop, though, we stop."

"Of course," he said, putting his hand on her shoulder and gently rolling her onto her back. "Help me."

I took her breast in my hand and began gently rubbing it through the flannel. Her nipple was extremely responsive and hardened right up. A glance told me she was still asleep.

Keven slowly unbuttoned her nightshirt and exposed her magnificent breasts to me. Oh yeah, her nipples were like pencil erasers. A smile was tugging at her lips and her breathing was getting a little faster.

The memory of sucking on them yesterday made me wet. It had been a long time since I'd had sex with a woman. It hadn't happened since medical school. I'd had a torrid affair with one of the other students. It had been a real eye-opener.

With a saucy grin for my fiancé, I leaned forward and sucked her nipple between my lips. The taste of her skin was clean, fresh, and exciting. Using my teeth, I gently nipped her and began using my tongue to arouse her further.

Keven's eyes were locked with mine as he lowered his mouth to her other breast. How well I knew the magic he could do with that nasty mouth of his. Together, we suckled on our new friend.

Trish's head began moving from side-to-side, and she moaned softly. Her eyes were moving rapidly under her eyelids and I could only imagine the turn her dreams must have just taken. Then her eyes opened and she blinked at me in confusion.

"Good morning," I whispered huskily. "Keven and I want to pick up where we left off in the living room. Do you want us to stop?"

Trish smiled shyly and shook her head. "Oh, no, don't stop."

I ran my fingers down her belly, raising goosebumps in my wake. Her soft curls wrapped around my fingers, alerting me to the fact that our little morsel hadn't worn any panties to bed. That shot a bolt of lust through me. Had she known what would happen? Had she hoped we would have sex? I slid my hand between her legs and cupped her sex.

Trish arched her back and groaned. She opened her legs, giving me all the access I could want. In the dim light, her skin was almost golden with a light sheen of perspiration. Between my fingers, her labia parted and I could feel her hot arousal. The girl was smoldering.

Keven mirrored my kisses as we began to travel down her body, our kisses moving in tandem across her rippling stomach. Taking one leg each, we opened the present we were about to give ourselves and began raining kisses and little love bites along her inner thighs.

The scent of her sex was almost as arousing to me as seeing Keven's face beside mine as we reached the center of her together. Her slit was parted and damp. The hard nub of her clitoris proudly stood out from her flesh, beckoning us to partake of her nectar.

With an unexpected eagerness, I ran my tongue along her length and circled her hardness, watching as Keven sucked one of her labia into his mouth to gently massage it.

Our attentions had an immediate reaction from her as she arched her back again and moaned loudly. Her hands crept down and found our heads, entangling in our hair and needlessly holding us to our task.

The taste of her flooded my senses, sweet and slightly metallic. I gave reign to my lust and sucked her clit into my mouth, using the tip of my tongue to ravish her. Keven's face brushed mine as he dug his tongue as deeply inside her as he could wedge it. His jaw worked as he brushed her insides all around as I moved up to give him room.

"Unnngggggg," she groaned, thrashing about even more violently. "Yes..."

I looked up and saw her watching us eat her. Her eyes were alive with her own need. I let my lips go wild on her nub and was rewarded with both her hands moving to grip my head.

"Dear," I murmured, "I think Trish might like another go at that wonderful cock of yours."

With a grin Keven abandoned his labors and crawled up the bed to kneel beside her head. She stroked him gently and then took the first few inches of his cock into her mouth with a sigh. He threw his head back, his hands pushing himself into her hot, sucking mouth another inch.

Trish settled into a rhythmic bobbing of her head to fuck Keven with her mouth. The sight of her cheeks bulging with each downstroke excited me, and I settled more deeply between her legs.

I used my tongue to retrace the route Keven had been going, and Trish's juices covered my face as I pushed myself as deeply inside her as I could reach. I was rewarded by a delicious tremor throughout her body and her thighs closing on my head. Her hand dragged me back up to her clit and I began sucking her in earnest. I wanted her to come and come hard.

As her body started to buck underneath me, I slid a finger inside her. It was like pushing my finger into a hot, velvet-covered vice. I smiled into her bush when I felt the partial obstruction of her hymen. She hadn't been kidding when she said she'd never went all the way with a man. Part of me lusted at the thought of Keven working his way into this woman. Only when she was ready for that, of course.

Then, with a cry of pleasure, she let Keven's cock slide free with a wet "pop" and both her hands grabbed my hair. She rode my mouth as I sucked the nectar from her sex.

"Oh... Oh... Ohhhhhhh... Arrrggghhhhh!" she cried as I felt her internal muscles grab my finger and try to pull it inside her. The pulsing of her pussy around me told the tale I already knew. She was coming like a dragon. I dipped my head and caught the flood of her juices as my mouth replaced my finger, sucking hard on her opening. I created a vacuum and my mouth was flooded with the taste of her. She arched wildly at the new sensation and ground my face deeply into her sex. Then she collapsed into a heap of sensitive nerves and pushed me away from her.

I grinned at Keven and he grinned back.

"You're drenched," he said. Then he pulled me up to him and began licking her juices off my face. The wet rasp of his tongue cleaned me even as he kissed me. His kisses drove me mad with love for him. My man. My lover.

At last, he pulled back enough for me to see his entire face. That devilish grin tortured me. "I want to make love to you."

My heart skipped a beat. It always amazed me how just the sound of his voice could make me whole. I almost pulled him onto me right then, but the soft rustle of Trish moving against the sheets stopped me. I looked at her, lying there all drenched in sweet sweat, her legs splayed for the entire world to see. Her eyes watched us with a deep and abiding lust. She wanted more. Maybe she was ready after all.

"Maybe you should see to our guest first," I said huskily. His eyes lit up and he looked at her, his cock throbbing against my belly. "Are you ready for that, Trish? Do you want to feel his hard, thick cock slide inside you?"

Her expression was a mixture of lust and a bit of trepidation. I watched her wrestle with the thought and then sigh. "I want to, but Gretchen told me I had to use a condom and I don't have one." The regret in her voice was palpable.

"Then it must be your lucky day," Keven drawled. "It just so happens that I picked up a box of condoms while I was out. They're in the nightstand. Say the word and I'll get them."

"Yes..." she said, her lust again taking control of her body.

"No," Keven said as he climbed off the bed and walked to the nightstand. "Tell me what you want."

I curled up beside Trish and watched him take out one of the condoms and tear the wrapper with his teeth. I felt myself throbbing inside as he slowly unrolled it down his already wet cock.

"Fuck me," Trish whispered. "Take that big cock and make me a woman." I could feel the tension in her leg and her voice trembled.

"I'll talk you through it," I whispered into her ear. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Keven is a gentle lover. A great lover. I know what to expect and you won't be going through this alone. Okay?"

She nodded her head jerkily, but kept her eyes glued to Keven's bobbing cock as he knelt between her legs. "Will it hurt?" Her voice sounded so vulnerable that I almost told Keven to wait, but the look of longing on her face held me. Right now, Trish wanted it, and I was here to help her.

"It will hurt a little at first, and you'll feel stretched, but that will fade quickly. Then you'll feel the most wondrous sensations you've ever felt. I'd describe it, but words wouldn't do justice to that moment. Trust me, he'll do exactly what I tell him to do, and he'll stop whenever you say." I turned my gaze to my lover. "I want you to do what I tell you."

Keven nodded and waited more patiently that I might have in his place. His latex-sheathed cock hung down, pointed at Trish's center.

"Run yourself along her length," I said, "but don't go inside her. She's a virgin in every sense of the word and you have to go slowly."

His eyes, hot with desire, widened a bit at the news that Trish was a virgin, but he only nodded. With one hand, he grasped his cock and began rubbing her slit with it. His body was a taut cord of tension and controlled lust.

Trish moaned and raised her hips, forcing him to pull back a little. She groaned with disappointment.

"Patience," I whispered wickedly. "Good things come to she who waits."

When she stopped her thrusting, I looked back to Keven. "Put the head of your cock into the entrance of her pussy." He slid a little forward and I felt her twitch against me. I wrapped my arms around her and looked into her eyes. They were dreamy with need.

"Slowly push into her until you feel her hymen," I instructed him, not taking my eyes off of her face.

Her eyes grew huge and her mouth started working, but nothing came out at first. Finally, she whispered, "I feel like he's going to tear me apart." The fear was now dominant in her voice.

"Relax," I commanded her. "Just settle back and let yourself get used to the sensation. Your body is made to take a man. He'll fit just fine."

She breathed deeply and closed her eyes. The tension that had built up inside her slowly drained out and she opened her eyes again. "Okay."

"This is going to hurt," I said gently. "It'll be a quick, sharp pain and he'll stop as soon as it's done so that you can work your way through it. Are you ready?"

Jerkily, she nodded her head, her eyes wide with apprehension. Her golden hair was spread across the pillow in such a sexy way.


Her back arched and her face was contorted with pain. "Arrrgggg," she cried out as I held her, whispering in her ear.

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