tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDeep in the Heart of Texas

Deep in the Heart of Texas


It was ironic that I was watching "He's Just Not That Into You" when he called. It had become a Valentine's Day tradition: watch a sappy chick flick, cook myself a nice dinner, and try not to dwell too thoroughly on the fact that it was my 30th Valentine's Day without a boyfriend. This year, I'd chosen my movie based on my New Year's Eve festivities. I'd had an amazing night with Nathan, a night that had been over a year in coming, and I still wanted to get to know him, but his interest had stopped. I'd wasted countless texts asking him to hang out, but despite saying he wanted to be friends, nothing else ever happened. So I stopped. I dreamed, I wrote, but I didn't talk to him. Watching the movie only added an extra dose of reality: he was only into me when he was drinking.

But Thursday night, my phone rang, which in itself was strange; we always communicated by text. I picked it up, my heart thumping, scared he'd pocket-dialed. But he greeted me happily and asked if I wanted to go get dinner. I wanted to ask him if he realized what day it was, but I wanted a date more, even if was simply dinner with a friend. So I told him I'd be ready in twenty minutes, gave him my address, and jumped in the shower. I soaped up with a cupcake-scented body wash, toweled off, and applied a sweet, lickable body powder. Never hurt to be prepared.

It was an easy choice to slip into the shortest skirt I owned, completed with black tights, leather boots, and a loose pink sweater. I was an expert at applying make-up quickly and was just letting my hair down when he knocked at my door. I flipped over at the waist, sprayed a spritz of perfume in my hair, and shook some body into my locks, then I opened my door. He looked nice and he smelled amazing; maybe he did realize the date. I was a little disappointed that he wasn't carrying a rose, but beggars couldn't be choosers. I hugged him hello, grabbed my purse, and followed him back downstairs. Every neuron in my body was firing and it was all I could do not to reach out and stroke his spine. Jeez, this guy had power over me.

I was quiet in the car; I didn't know what was happening. I had a hundred questions, none of which would come out. Nathan was acting as casual as could be, as if this was something we did all the time, as if I hadn't gone almost a month without hearing anything from him. In a way, it almost seemed true. I'd spent enough time dreaming about him that it was hard to believe it had really been that long. But my hands started trembling, a natural reaction to built-up sexual tension. When he pulled into a parking spot in front of the Melting Pot, every muscle in my lower abdomen clenched and I wondered if someone had managed to tell him my fantasies. Inside, he requested a quiet table (like there was anything else in this restaurant), and before the hostess led us away, I grabbed his wrist. "What are you doing?" I asked, maybe a little more harshly than I'd intended. This had stopped being funny.

He shrugged. "Making up for lost time?" he said. "Happy Valentine's Day."

I smiled, but I was ridiculously confused still. This from a man who told me countless times he didn't want a relationship; this from a man who rebuffed any and all sexual advances I made (except on New Year's Eve), despite my assurances that all I wanted was to be friends with benefits. With the thought of New Year's Eve at the forefront of my brain, I followed Nathan and the hostess to a secluded table for two. I was relentlessly nibbling on my lip and my eyes felt wide enough to pop out of my head. I was so turned on I thought I might burst, and without even thinking about it, I decided to play that angle. Whatever intentions he had, I wasn't going to assume he suddenly wanted a relationship. I wanted to fuck him, and that would never change.

When the waiter asked for our drink order, Nathan ordered a beer and smiled at me, waiting. "I don't have to be drunk to want you, Nate," I said softly. I put my hand on his leg and looked at our waiter. "Just water for me, thanks," I said. The look on his face led me to believe he'd heard my aside, and that just added fuel to my fire. When he walked away, I slid my hand a little higher and got the nerve to look at Nathan's face. He had a funny little half smile on, which I took as a good sign. Swallowing heavily, I stroked his leg slowly, up, down, up, down, climbing higher with each stroke. I noticed the instant his breathing changed and that time let my hand linger right where his thigh met his dick. He was already hard, and touching that lump made my own breath come fast. My mouth went dry and I turned my hand over, letting my knuckles graze over his tight zipper. I leaned closer to kiss his ear just as the waiter returned. I retreated, but only slightly, and our waiter smirked and quickly delivered our drinks. I wondered briefly if this was a common occurrence in this place, and then resumed my exploration.

Nathan's neck was a place I'd come to fantasize about. Few guys responded the way he did when I kissed them there. I smiled against his skin when he drew in a sharp breath, and while I yearned for him to touch me in return, I was thrilled that his hands stayed primly on the table, one gripping his beer. I licked the skin under his ear, which I also knew was sensitive. I nibbled his earlobe, traced the rim with my tongue, and bent once more to his neck. I nuzzled him and massaged his cock until I thought he'd explode right there at the table. And then I relented. I scooted over in the booth, and just in time. Our waited returned to take our order, and I rattled it off without asking Nate, who seemed incapable of speaking anyway. When he'd left again, I looked down at the menu. "I hope that's okay," I said coyly.

"You think I fucking care?" he asked, his voice husky. This time he slid closer. I was already so wet that my panties were sticking to me, but when his hand slid underneath my skirt, my pussy throbbed like it had a heart of its own. I instantly slid my hips forward, that warm, moist spot all but trying to swallow his hand. His fingers pushed at my mound through my tights and I involuntarily moaned. I looked at him, my eyes locking with his, and we both smiled. I was out of breath in less than 30 seconds. With his other hand, he pushed my skirt up around my hips. I straightened my legs completely and leaned my head against the back of the booth. He took the move as an invitation and started working my neck. "Fuuuuuck," I moaned quietly. It was my favorite spot.

After such an amazing first 15 minutes, it proved nearly impossible to make it through the two-hour dinner. It may have taken longer than normal considering we both only used one hand. With his left, he had me nearly creaming every five minutes or so, but then he'd retreat. I picked up where he'd left off, and we traded like that through our meal. By the time we'd paid the bill, we were both so hot it was a wonder we could make it outside. But make it we did, and I dragged him around a corner of the building and pushed him against the wall. I kissed him until we couldn't breathe, my tongue tangling with his in the sexiest dance. Someone whistled in the distance, and a rush went through me. My hands went to his belt and his hands went to my wrists. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Are you fucking kidding?" I replied.

I resumed kissing him, alternating delicious bites of his jaw line with long laps of his lips. He tasted like the chocolate we'd only just finished with a hint of cigarette smoke. I buried my face in his neck, recalling the scent of him on New Year's Eve, of wood smoke and cigarettes, which had once repelled me but now turned me on. Leaning against him, I continued opening his belt. When it hung open, I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly, so slowly, pulled his zipper down. I kept my eyes purposely trained on his face, every so often kissing something, an eye, his nose, a cheekbone. I was careful over his bulge, and felt him spring free of the zipper. I finally looked down to see his boxers had hearts on them, and one was standing at particular attention. I giggled and bit the inside of my cheek. I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of his underwear and tickled his abdomen. His groan escaped instantly and he arched his back against the brick. I looked quickly over my shoulder, half hoping, half fearing that we'd have an audience. But the parking lot back here was deserted and the thrill of being caught was too good to ignore. I didn't spare a second thought for my tights before kneeling on the asphalt. A sound that could have been words came from Nathan's throat as I pulled his boxers apart at the fly, setting him free entirely. I looked up just to check that this was still okay, and when he smiled at me, I set my mouth to his cock. His "fuck!" was loud and reflexive and I grinned around his erection. I licked the tip slowly, running my tongue ring along the ridge, thrilling as his body jerked in response. I tasted every inch, taking him deep into my mouth and slowly drawing him out, sucking deeply. His hands went to my head, but he didn't push, he simply dug his fingers into my curls. I raised my eyes to see him looking down at me in complete rapture, and I smiled again, lightly tracing his shaft with my teeth, glorying in the small noises he made.

I felt his body tense after a few minutes, and I stopped, craning my neck to look at his face. His head was bent backward now, and when I stopped, his hands gripped me closer. "No way," I said, grabbing his wrists and removing his hands. "Not so fast." It may not have been the nicest thing to do, but I wasn't nearly finished with him yet. I stood up, took his boner in my hand, and squeezed lightly, receiving a loud, animal-like noise from Nathan. "Can you bear it?" I whispered in his ear. Then I bit his earlobe, and it was all the invitation he needed to abruptly switch places with me. His pants still hanging open, he ground his hips into mine, gently shoving his knee between mine and successfully opening my legs. My skirt traveled north and his adept hands caressed my pussy through my tights and then climbed higher, pulling the waistband down until the two articles were separated. I thought I heard another whistle and my eyes flew open, but there was no one there. My adrenaline surged as Nathan's hands delved into my panties. I was smooth and soft and the sensation was out-of-this-world. It must have been awkward for him, working me with the tights doing their best to cling to me, but he did well, and soon I was writhing against the wall. "Not yet," I pleaded. "Not here."

Slowly, he stopped, and it took me a minute to catch my breath. I straightened my tights and pulled down my skirt, and as I was reaching for his boxers, I caught sight of the couple strolling a few yards away from us. I pulled Nathan close, quickly tucking his dick back into his underwear and then pulling his hips into mine and kissing him again. This time the whistle wasn't imagined, and I smiled at the couple over Nathan's shoulder. "Happy Valentine's Day," I managed to say.

"Indeed!" the guy called back, and as I watched, he put his hand on his girl's ass, drawing her nearer. When they'd gone, Nathan and I both burst into laughter, exhilarated and beyond horny.

I finished closing him up and reached around to hug him. "Let's go," I whispered as close to his ear as I could, breathing the words out on a rush of warm air. I was pleased when he shivered. He led me back to his truck and opened the door for me.

"Where to?" he asked before closing the door. When he hopped in his side, I replied with a surprising answer.

"Target," I said.

He lifted one eyebrow, but he obliged me. Despite wanting to fuck him in a dressing room, I requested he stay behind as I ran inside to make my purchases. As I hoped, he was smoking when I returned. He threw the butt aside as I slung the huge bags into the bed of his truck and I inhaled his scent, wanting to lick him. "Somewhere secluded," was all I managed to get out that time. His smile told me he knew exactly where to go, and thankfully the drive wasn't a long one. He'd arrived at a body of water, whether lake, pond, or ocean, I had no clue, but the location was perfect. I got out and drew a cheap comforter out of one bag and three fluffy pillows out of another. The smaller bag contained the fun stuff, and without discussion, I spread the blanket out in the bed of his truck, threw the pillows in, and climbed up myself. For a minute, he just stood there, his arms folded along the side of his truck, his chin resting on his arms. I felt like I could read his mind, and I smiled at him.

"I haven't changed my mind," I said. "And I'm a big girl."

Even as I said it, my heart thumped. Yes, I wanted him, and yes, for now I simply wanted to be friends with benefits, but how long could that term apply if we weren't even really friends? How fair was it that I thought about him so much for weeks after every encounter we had, and that just when I started getting used to not having him around, I'd see him at a party or he'd bloody well call me on Valentine's Day and take me out to a romantic dinner? What was his game if not to be fuck buddies or date me? And they say women were crazy!

But my libido knew not of my turmoil. All I knew was that I loved kissing him more than I'd loved fucking any other guy, and fucking him had been more fun than all those guys put together. At this juncture in my life, my need for sex was greater than my need for a relationship, and I wanted to do him all the time if he'd let me. Tonight he was letting me. So I said what he needed to hear in order to climb into the truck with me. And for the time being, it was the God's honest truth.

When he was next to me, I began stripping as slowly as I could. My pink sweater came over my head and I trailed my fingers along the swell of my breasts, over the lace of my bra. I alternated watching between his legs and his face, butterflies cropping up as his dick got hard again. He reached for his jeans and I abruptly stopped my dance to stall his hands. "Let me," I said. I straddled his knees and put his hands where mine had just left off. He took up massaging my breasts as I opened his pants again, and his arms circled my back as he expertly flicked open my bra. I leaned forward, positioning my left breast right near his mouth. He took the bait and licked my nipple, sucking deeply until my panties flooded. I ground my hips into his cock and received a moan of pleasure that vibrated my nipple. Unable to take much more, I leaned back until my head was resting on his feet. Thankfully his hand dove between my legs and those amazing fingers dug right under my waistband. I bucked at his touch and rolled off his legs so I could slip out of the skirt and tights.

At the same time, I shimmied his jeans down and he eagerly kicked out of them until the only clothing that remained was his heart-printed boxers. I happily massaged his cock through the underwear until he was writhing against the truck bed, and then I pulled those off too. I got back on top of him and kissed him playfully, pulling back and nipping at the air, making him reach for me. I worked my way down his body, licking, kissing, and biting his sensitive skin, until I came to rest at his prick. Once more I licked him like a lollipop. This time he couldn't wait, and he exploded in my mouth. I was surprised at his sweetness; he'd been smokier on New Year's. I lapped him up and covertly wiped my mouth as he shuddered, feeling so happy I could barely take it. He didn't go instantly soft, and since I was nowhere near through, I continued my lip play, kissing back up his body until I got to his mouth. I loved that he would still let me kiss him despite what had just happened. He almost seemed to enjoy it. After another minute, I rolled off him and laid next to him, letting him catch his breath. My mind was alert and hopeful, but I didn't know how to ask for what I wanted.

"You're so sexy," he whispered, his face turned into my neck. I slid my arm underneath him, letting him cuddle as close as he could. It was his turn to kiss me, and kiss me he did, deeply and thoroughly and earth-shatteringly. His lips traveled south, and I mentally crossed my fingers, scooting further down in the truck until I was completely prone. The closer he got to my belly button, the further I opened my legs, and I was grateful when his fingers found that sweet spot, but I wanted more. My chin tilted at a 90 degree angle and I was moaning loud enough for the fish to hear me. I felt his lips kiss my belly and once more even closer, and I breathed, "Please."

It was a new sensation, his tongue on my clit. We'd only gotten this far the one time, and he hadn't neared my pussy with his mouth. This time though, he teased and tortured me with the same treatment I'd given him. His fingers deep inside me, he brought me to a climax so heavy I wondered if the truck would collapse. I couldn't catch my breath for a full minute, and he looked so inordinately pleased with himself when his face came back up to mine that I had to laugh.

We spent the next few hours curled up inside the blanket, talking about nothing, recovering from our various orgasms. Well after midnight, I was ready for round two (or was it round five?). I located the last Target bag and extracted the lube and a box of Trojans. A small amount of lube went into my hand, and I gently rubbed him over. He grew hard after a few long, delicious strokes, and I opened a condom package. Trying to be sexy, I went to roll it on with my mouth and it stuck about halfway down. Giggling, I slipped and slid over his dick, having no luck whatsoever. "I'm great at this," I said.

He took my hand and discarded the first condom. "It's okay," he said. He looked straight in my eyes. "Remember New Year's?"

I flushed so deeply it was a wonder I didn't glow in the dark. "Yes," I whispered, wondering how he could even ask that. Neither of us had been prepared for what happened that night, and he'd slipped effortlessly inside me, the only time I'd ever done it without a condom. My body convulsed at the memory, his cock such a perfect fit for me. It was like the three bears: Ryan had been too long, Jeremy too thick. Both men had been a little painful and not too much fun, but Nathan... Nathan was perfect. And with that thought, I spread my legs without opening another condom. He positioned himself between them and asked again if I was sure. I looked into his eyes and nodded, and he slid inside me, slowly, deliciously, and pumped in, building steam gracefully. I rose to meet him and we got a rhythm going until we were rocking the truck and both making uninhibited noises. At Halloween, before we'd fucked, we'd been reserved with the noises because we'd been standing in a hallway outside two occupied guest rooms. New Year's had taken place in our friend's living room, again with a bunch of people under the same roof. This time there was no one to hear, and we brought the house down. The kid knew where to hit me, and it wasn't long before I came, him shortly after. He blew his load all over my stomach this time, and when he was finished, he collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms tighter around him and he hid his face in my neck.

"What is it with us and holidays?" I whispered.

"I don't know," he replied. "But President's Day is next week."

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