Deep South


Special thanks go to WhiteWave48 for her editing and support. Best.editor.evah

And to the young lady who was the inspiration for this story.
My name is Brad and I'm an entrepreneur, a business man, a consultant and a lecturer. I travel all over the world and when I do, I generally meet some interesting people. I'm working on some business deals in the Deep South of the United States and recently had the opportunity to travel there.

The internet has brought the country closer together as far as communications and meeting people go. I am a member of an erotic literature forum and have ample opportunity to meet women and have become on-line friends with many and chat with them a lot.

Being from the North, I sometimes find it difficult traveling to the South because of the still lingering effects from the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Civil Rights movement. There are still idiots no matter where you're from, and believe me, the South doesn't have a monopoly on them.

Even so, for me, a northerner, there are some things to be said about the women from the southern area of the country. I find them extremely attractive and sensual, and they seem to have a comfortable appreciation of sex. Maybe it's because of the weather or maybe because of the repression affiliated with the so-called Bible Belt. I don't really know.

The best attribute as far as I'm concerned is their sexy southern accent. The sound of a beautiful sexy woman from the south as she speaking to you is more than enough to melt a northern man's heart. I've been with these alluring creatures from time to time and it seems to always be a memorable occurrence.

So, when I got the opportunity to go there again, I jumped at the chance.

I almost always make my own travel arrangements because I'm particular about the arrangements and how I like to travel. Unfortunately, my private jet was in the hangar for repairs this time and I had to fly commercial.

The flight was uneventful due to the beautiful weather and I walked aimlessly and slowly through the large concourse, figuring out the lay of the land and how to get to the taxi stand. I looked up as I walked through the exit and saw the limo drivers standing there with signs with their next customers' names on them. Since I hadn't made arrangements for such a ride, I almost ignored them. Almost, and good thing for me, I didn't.

I saw a sign with my name on it.

Well, not really my name. It was my moniker, BradBigBrain. I stopped in my tracks. I only use that moniker on the sexier sites I go to and I was really taken aback that someone would use that for their public persona. I approached the driver.

"Hello, sir. Pleased to meet you," the limo driver said to me.

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"No, sir, you don't, but I have been hired by one of your friends to pick you up and take you to your hotel. She's waiting for you in the limo," he responded.

"Very well, then," I answered.

"I assume you have bags, sir? Let me take your ticket, drop you off at the limo and go pick your baggage up for you," he suggested.

I was deep in thought, wondering who it could be waiting for me, and handed over my ticket.

We walked the rest of the way through the concourse and out the exit. There was a row of stretch limos along the sidewalk, some of the drivers hanging out by their cars. We approached a long, black car with tinted windows. My driver opened the door for me, told me he'd be back in a few minutes and closed the door behind me as I climbed in.

As I climbed in and my eyes got adjusted, I saw a beautiful young lady sitting on one of the longer sections of the seat. I looked at her, at her dark brown hair, and big blue eyes, trying to recognize her. She was wearing a loose fitting sun dress and I could see the cleavage of her lovely breasts and to my amazement, her skirt was hiked up and was bunched up on her upper thighs, and her hand was nowhere to be seen.

"Brad? How lovely to see you," she said seductively, "I was just thinking about you."

"Tawny? Is that you?" I asked.

She didn't bother to move her left hand as she said, "It's me in the flesh."

She patted the seat next to her, motioning me to sit down, "I've been waiting for you lover."

I recognized that voice - her soft, sexy, sultry, southern voice - from the chat sessions we had had and I would have been able to pick her out of a police lineup blindfolded.

To say I was astonished was an understatement. I started to ask her how she knew I'd be here.

Tawny anticipated the questions and said, "I'll answer all your questions later, OK? But now I think we should continue what we'd been doing on-line, if that's all right with y'all. Like I said, I've been thinking about you."

She hiked up her skirt a little more and I could see her left hand. She had it on top of her pussy and she wasn't wearing any panties. I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't believe how I was reacting.

"Sit down and close your mouth, Brad, you'll catch too many flies like that," she admonished me.

I always travel dressed comfortably and today was no exception. I had decided to wear a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts with a liner, no whitey tighties today. I was glad I did because my cock was now straining at the material. And I was speechless.

I could see that her face was a bit flushed. Her left hand was caressing her pussy and it was moving quicker now, not quite as languidly as it had been when I first got in.

"OK, Brad, how about this?" she asked, her voice breathy and husky.

She stuck a finger in her pussy as I pulled my shorts down over my cock and sat down on the cool leather seats of the limo. I sat as close as I could to her, stroking my cock and she masturbated right next to me. She reached up, undid the tie holding her breasts to her dress and showed me her sexy titties. She was finger fucking her pussy with one hand, her head was back and she played with her nipple, making it hard. I leaned over and caressed her other breast with my right hand as I continued to stroke my cock.

She was breathing heavy from playing with her cunt and she kept looking down at my cock. She licked her lips, thrust her head back, took a deep breath and continued to play with her cunt. Then she looked down at it again.

Tawny got on her knees on the seat and with her fingers still playing and focused on my balls. She licked them and sucked them, then lifted up the sack, licked me between my balls and ass, and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. I continued to stroke my thick hard cock in front of her. Then she sucked the other ball, sucking it hard into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue.

Oh my god. That was sending shivers up my spine. Tawny pulled away from my balls, grabbed my cock and began running her tongue along the base of my engorged penis.

I heard a door to the limo open. The driver got in and I realized that the partition was still open, so I reached for the button to shut it.

"No... he likes to watch," Tawny said into my cock.

I sat back and watching her take care of my cock - licking it, sucking it, tasking it. I was growing even harder and thicker as she sucked.

"It makes me so horny," Tawny said, her sensuous voice barely above a whisper. "I love sucking your cock."

She was still playing with her pussy and she dipped two fingers into her hot sopping wet cunt and pulled them out. She put them to my lips and I licked them clean. I wanted to taste her. And I wanted to taste her right then and there. So, I pulled her up, put her on the seat, spread out her thighs and started sucking on her pussy.

Little moans were escaping from the back of her throat. I knew from our sessions that this was the beginning of a slow, intense ride to her orgasm.

"Oh," then a breath. "Oh," then another. "Oh," and yet another.

I was sucking her like a madman - eating her, tasting her, licking the wet juices from her hot little tight cunt. Her aroma was breathtaking and her taste was delectable. I moved to her clit.

"You're tonguing my clit hard. Oh. You're tonguing it. Oh!"

As Tawny squirmed on my face, she drew in quick short breaths and exhaled, "Oh. Oh yea. Oh."

I continued to lick her hot little clit, my tongue licking it over and over. Her hands were on my head, pulling me closer. Her thighs were moving side to side and holding my head. I knew she was close. I put my mouth on her clit and sucked.

"Oh. Oh yea. Uh. I've just come all over your face. Because I'm so glad... uh. Uh. Oh," she gasped as she held her thighs tight against my head.

"Brad. Fuck me, please. Shove your cock into my pussy, hard and fast."

I got up and stroked up my hard, throbbing cock in front her eyes. One drop of pre-cum was at the head of my penis. I shoved her legs over so she was lying on her back on the seat. I knelt in front her and in one stroke shoved my big cock deep in her pussy. I was all the way in and held it there. Then I began to fuck her hard.

"You're pounding my pussy, Brad. You're pounding my hot wet pussy. Fuck me, Brad. Fuck me."

Tawny was not a quiet lover. I loved how nasty she got and how she told me what to do. I knew the driver was getting an earful as well as an eyeful.

Tawny put her knees up on my shoulder so I could go deeper.

"You're deep into my hot wet, cunt. Can you feel me come on your hard cock?"

I groaned an answer and kept fucking her harder, faster and deeper. I was hitting the cervix at the top of her cunt.

"My pussy is gushing all over your big thick dick. Fuck me harder, Brad. Harder."

She was begging me. I complied by going faster. I put my hands on her bare ass and pulled her up as I thrust down. The smell of our scents permeated the limo.

"Oh. Oh yea. Oh god," she whimpered into my ear as I pummeled her cunt.

Tears were streaming down her face.

She was exhaling over and over. Short deep breaths followed by the tell-tale moans, signaling her impending orgasm.

I fucked her harder. I couldn't stand it any longer. I thrust deep into her dripping wet cunt on last time and held it there. She dug her fingernails into my ass and pulled me closer. I shot my cum into her pussy and filled it up - spurt after spurt inside of her. She jammed her nails deeper. And I bit her on the soft part of her shoulder.

"I'm coming, Tawny. I'm coming inside your cunt. You are such a nasty little bitch. I love your pussy wrapped around my cock."

And then I stopped, keeping my cock deep inside her. I moved up to her full lips and kissed her deeply, passionately. Our first kiss.

"Mmm... I hope you enjoyed that," she said giggling.

I could only smile.

The driver's voice came over the intercom. "Get dressed you two. We're at the hotel."

We got our clothes on, smoothed the material out and then we kissed again.

"Will I see you later for dinner or something?" I hopefully asked her.

She fanned herself and replied, "Oh yes. Oh my goodness yes!"

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