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Deep Tissue Massage


Just to be clear. In no way do I condone non-consensual sex in the real world. This is just a fantasy situation. I hope you enjoy it.


Amanda and her boyfriend Wes had been engaging in an ongoing series of sexual dares lately. They mainly did it just for fun and to keep things exciting, but sometimes these would lead them into some interesting circumstances. Recently, Amanda found herself in a rather compromised position because of their game. It started one day when they were lying in bed after a particularly kinky fuck session. Since it was her turn to take the dare, Wes was trying to come up with something good. Eventually he settled on a fairly challenging scenario for her. He dared her to go to work with a decently sized butt plug in her ass and she had to keep it there all day. Furthermore, she had to wear a tight shirt and a short skirt with no bra or panties. She was hesitant to agree to such a difficult dare, but soon enough she said she'd do it. Wes was thrilled. He figured she'd wear it all day, getting hornier and hornier, perhaps even playing with herself, and then she'd come home and be so worked up that she'd beg him to fuck her hard in her tight, beautiful asshole. As it turned out, they both got a lot more than they bargained for.

The next morning was the day of the dare. The weekend was over and she had to return to work. At least this Monday would be a bit more exciting than normal she thought. After she showered and cleaned herself well, she lubed her puckered anus up and prepared it for the medium sized plug she was about to insert. Though medium sized, the plug was relatively large and took a few minutes to work into her ass. It was around 4 inches long and about 2 inches in circumference at its widest point. She was definitely going to be aware of it during the day.

Once it was fully inserted and her ass adjusted to it, she didn't feel too bad. In fact, she could already tell that it was going be tough not to get horny throughout the day. She always loved butt plugs and having her ass opened up and fucked, so she knew she'd be daydreaming about all kinds of dirty sex as the day wore on. It was worse too because without panties, she'd be tempted to play with her pretty little pussy at any given time. She was definitely going to have to think of something good to get Wes back with following this one.

After showing the inserted plug to Wes and letting him spank her a few times and play with her already wet pussy for a couple of minutes, she got dressed. Soon she was in her car on the way to work. As she drove, she felt the plug pump slightly deeper into her ass whenever she hit a bump. It wasn't altogether unpleasant. Soon though, she started thinking about her boss Julian. She was a bit worried because she was his assistant and he made no secret of the fact that he was attracted to her. She thought he would surely think she was dressing sexily for him with the very short skirt she had on. It didn't help any that her hard nipples were protruding through the fabric of her shirt. She'd worn black to deemphasize her tits, but she still looked positively slutty.

Thankfully Julian was on the phone when she came in and he barely noticed her sit down at her desk. She had to sit down somewhat gingerly with the toy in her ass, but otherwise she felt ok. She got to work going through and responding to emails as she generally did first thing in the morning. Julian was in his own little world probably doing the same. Eventually though he asked her to come in his office to discuss an account. He noticed her slutty appearance immediately. He didn't say anything about it, but he did smirk a little and thought to himself that he'd definitely have to get her to bend over in the short ass skirt she had on. Also, he couldn't help but think she must be dressing slutty for him. Why else would she come to work with such a skimpy outfit and clearly not wearing a bra?

After they talked a bit, she went back to her desk to work on the account in question. Maybe 30 minutes later, he asked her to come back in the room and said he was having trouble finding a file on the second to bottom shelf of one of their file cabinets. She cursed to herself as she realized she'd have to bend over to look for the file. From his seated position he would have a perfect view from behind as she searched.

Her skirt rode up her ass as she thumbed through the files. She hoped he couldn't see the outline of the plug, but was fairly confident it didn't stick out that far. Perhaps of more concern was the fact that her bare pussy was just below the hem of her ever-rising skirt. She would be mortified if he saw her cunt. She was having trouble finding the file and started to wonder if perhaps he'd done this on purpose. After searching a little longer, she finally mentioned that she couldn't find it either. He suggested that maybe it was in the bottom drawer. So, instead of bending over, she crouched down low, assuming that at least that would keep the skirt low enough to cover everything. She was mostly right. As she dropped, some of her lower ass came into view, but because of the position her pussy wasn't directly visible. A very slight glimpse of the plug was there, but Julian wasn't sure what he was seeing.

Soon she found the file and stood back up. Julian had only gotten a fleeting glimpse of her perfect ass, but it was enough to make him hard. He felt certain that he would be fucking her tight cunt before the day was over. He thanked her for the file and then she went back to her desk.

For the next hour or so, she couldn't focus on work. All she could think about was the feeling in her ass and the wetness between her legs. Occasionally she slid her fingers down and toyed with her lips and clit. She was getting so horny she couldn't believe herself. Like a flash, a thought of Julian fucking her over his desk went through her mind. She was feeling so slutty. She knew it was just the toy making her act this way.

It wasn't that she hadn't considered fucking Julian before. He was a handsome guy and she knew he liked her. Also, she and Wes had an open relationship and had discussed fucking other people before, but they hadn't yet acted on it. She considered bringing Julian home for a threesome one night when they'd had drinks after work, but she was concerned about mixing business and pleasure. In any event, she was jarred from her reverie by Julian again asking her if she'd come in and help him with something.

When she got in the room she saw him leaning over another large heavy desk near the wall. He was obviously trying to reach something behind it. When she got there, he said that he'd accidentally knocked his cell phone off the back of the desk. He couldn't quite reach it because his arm was too thick, but though she might be able to as she was thinner. Again, she was horrified to find that she'd be in a very revealing position. She was certain that this time he'd done it on purpose.

As she got near the desk, she realized she'd basically have to lie on top of it to reach the item. This would most assuredly cause her ass and pussy to come into view. So she mentioned that she would do it, but asked him to turn around since she had on a short skirt. He was confused by this request because he was under the impression that she had dressed like a whore to seduce him, but he smiled and replied to her, "Well, I guess that'll teach you to wear such skimpy items around the workplace....not that I'm complaining."

She was speechless, but after a second he followed up, laughing, "I'm just messing with you. Of course I'll turn around."

She thanked him and watched him turn his back to her. So, she lay upon the desk and started to reach down behind it. She could feel the cool air on her naked cunt and ass. She looked again one more time and he was still facing away from her. So, she focused more intently on the task. She could almost reach it. As she struggled and stretched Julian turned around slightly and spied her naked ass. He was astounded to find her beautiful pussy on display, but he also noticed the base of the plug sticking out of her ass and was doubly amazed. His cock went rock hard immediately. He could barely keep himself from walking up behind her and taking what he wanted from her, but he thought better of it. Surely though, he thought to himself, she must be planning on doing some kinky fucking if she came to work with a toy in her ass. He figured he'd wait and see what she had in mind.

As he was thinking about this she got a hold of the phone and as she pulled her arm out and turned her head back to him, she thought she saw him whip his head away from her. She looked back and saw that everything was on display and that most likely he'd seen it. Her cheeks were flushed as much from the exertion as from her embarrassment. She hopped off the desk and he turned around. She handed him the phone and searched his face for some sign that he'd been looking at her naked backside. He didn't give anything away, but she didn't know how he couldn't have seen something. He thanked her and she said, slightly nervously, "Oh, you're welcome. Things...uh...like that happen sometimes right?"

He told her, "Yes, they do. And I'm a big klutz sometimes. Sorry to make you roll around on top of the desk like that."

She smiled weakly and said, "Oh, don't worry. It wasn't too difficult."

She was then about to go back to her desk and he stopped her, having just had an idea, and said, "Well, Amanda, I was going to offer to get you lunch for all your great work lately, but I just had a better idea."

She looked at him inquisitively before he continued, "I was about to go to my day spa and get a massage and just relax a bit. I wasn't planning on coming back in and look...it's slow today and there's nothing pressing, so why don't you come with me and get a massage as well? There's also a pool, a hot tube, and a sauna, and...well, you know the drill."

Amanda replied, "Oh...that's nice of you, but I'm ok. You go enjoy your relaxation session."

He frowned and said, "Aww, come on...I insist. Did I mention that it's on me?"

She thought about it for a minute and then smiled and said, "Well, it's not about the money, but I appreciate that. I have been having a little neck tension lately....so...I guess...sure, I'll go."

He grinned and said, "Excellent, let me just finish up a couple of things and we can head out."

She said, "Ok, good. I need to wrap a couple of things up also."

With that they went back to their desks and finished up their work before leaving. Julian was thrilled. He'd been meaning to invite her to a massage anyway and after seeing her naked pussy and the toy in her ass, he couldn't resist. Her agreement to go get a massage with him coupled with her skimpy outfit had him positive she was looking to have something happen with him today. Knowing she wasn't wearing panties was making him incredibly horny. He thought that perhaps after a nice relaxing massage she'd be a bit more pliable and maybe he could make a move in the sauna or hot tub. Or perhaps she would. Even if nothing else happened he thought it would be nice to see her walk around in nothing more than a towel.

Amanda was having entirely different thoughts. She wasn't sure what to do about the plug and the dare. She was looking forward to a nice relaxing massage, but considered taking the toy out of her ass. She thought she'd explain to Wes, that these were extenuating circumstances, but then she realized that she should have just said no to the massage. Since she didn't, she knew that Wes wouldn't accept that she took the toy out because he would tell her that the massage was her choice. Not to mention, she had to admit, that the butt plug was driving her crazy. She was really horny. She wasn't even sure why she had agreed to the massage because it would very likely just make her even randier. She decided to wear the plug to the spa and just planned on keeping the towel very tight on her body.

Soon she and Julian were in his car on the way to the spa. Again, she felt every bump push the toy into her further. She knew for certain that her ass was nice and loose now. An image flashed through her mind of her taking it out and slipping some fingers in and out of the now sloppy hole before putting an even bigger one in. Then she thought of Wes' cock pumping in and out of her loosened up anus. And then suddenly, it switched to a vision of Julian fucking her ass. It was making her really wet. She hoped it didn't show up on the back of her dress. Her erect nipples rubbing against the thin material of her shirt didn't help at all. Thankfully it didn't take long for them to get there.

When they got inside and inquired about massages, they were told that there was only one massage room open. Normally at this spa, every guest gets their own room. Apparently they were having a busier than normal day. So they were told that they could either take turns or if they didn't mind, they could just share the room. Julian was secretly elated at this turn of events. Amanda wasn't thrilled at all. She said she'd just wait while Julian got his massage, but Julian said reassuringly, "Oh...no Amanda. There's no need to wait. We're all adults here right? We can share the room. I promise not to look."

He grinned his charming grin and she decided she would just go through with it. She said, "Well....I guess, but you have to promise not to peek. I know you, you naughty boy."

She couldn't believe she'd just called her boss a "naughty boy," but he simply laughed at this and said, "Oh, I promise I won't look. Scout's honor"

She smirked at him and said, "Ok then....just remember...you promised!"

He then replied, "I did! And I won't cheat. Now, let's go get our relaxation on."

She was dubious about the precarious situation, but just hoped for the best. She thought to herself that it wasn't like anyone was going to just rip her towel off or anything. It calmed her down to remember that this was a professional business and not the set of a porn shoot or anything, so it was unlikely that anyone would discover her secret.

Soon the attendant led them to their room and told them to undress and put on a towel before lying down on the table. He added that their masseuses would be in soon. She had Julian turn around as she undressed then donned the towel and got up on the table. He wasn't as shy since she was lying face down with her head resting in the face hole anyhow, so he just got naked while staring at her towel clad ass. His dick was getting hard again, so he quickly wrapped his towel around him and also lied down. After a couple of minutes, their masseuses arrived. They were both impossibly tanned men in very good shape. They introduced themselves as Jake and Kris. Jake was going to do Amanda and Kris her boss.

They quickly got to work and both Amanda and Julian relaxed into their strong, healing hands. Some mellow, but relaxing new age type music was playing over the speakers in the room. Amanda finally sighed and let herself go into the lovely sensations. Jake really knew what he was doing. The tension seemed to just melt away from her shoulders, back, and neck as he rubbed her with the light oil. It didn't take long before she started to get horny again. She couldn't believe she was lying here with this hunky guy massaging her while she had her ass stuffed with a good sized plug just underneath a thin towel. She felt very naughty and couldn't wait to tell Wes about it later.

Soon Jake had worked his way down her back and moved over to work on her calves and feet. She couldn't help but let out a small whimper as he worked up her legs and began rubbing her thighs. Little did she know that her towel had worked its way up some and was beginning to expose her sweet little shaved pussy. Jake always enjoyed massaging the more attractive clients such as Amanda. He liked it when their towels slid up a bit and allowed him a view of their pretty little cunts and sometimes more. He was sure that some of his clients did it on purpose. A few of these he'd even gone quite a bit further with. These were the perks of the job. On other occasions if he wanted a view, he would slowly make the towel slide up. The clients usually were too relaxed to notice or to care.

Amanda was really enjoying the massage and had started daydreaming again about various kinky sex situations. With Jake rubbing her thighs and the plug in her ass, she was getting wet and excited. She just couldn't help it. The towel moved further and further up until her sweet pussy was totally visible. Jake could see that she was wet. He always liked it when they got horny while he massaged them. He wanted to push the towel up further so he could see her tight little rosebud, but he didn't want to go too far with her boss in the room. Thankfully, Julian, who was feeling antsy, decided to take a piss break. He had Kris stop and told him he was going to step out for a couple of minutes.

When he left the room, Jake looked over at Kris and motioned with his head to come take a look. So he walked over and bent down so he could see the lovely pussy on display. From his bent down vantage point however, he could just make out that something was in her ass. He was astonished. He whispered in Jake's ear about what he found and his jaw dropped. Then Kris whispered, "Damn dude! Looks like someone might be here for more than just a massage. You should totally see where this leads!"

Jake nodded in response. They looked back at the hot cunt in front of them and he started thinking about how he could push this a little further. Just then, Julian came back in and saw them staring at her ass. Kris looked at him, slightly worried, but Julian just walked up and saw what they were looking at and smiled. They all took the sight in for a minute and then he motioned for Kris to follow him outside. Jake continued to work on her legs as they left.

Once outside, Julian told Kris that Amanda was his assistant and he'd been aching to fuck her for a couple of years now. He said that today might be the day. He explained how she had come to work dressed like a slut, which was out of character, and how he assumed she was ready for some action. He mentioned that if Kris and Jake were game to help him, they might be in for some fun and a little extra cash to boot. He laid out his plan to him. His idea was for Jake to continue working her over and to basically get something sexual started. Once she was enjoying herself, he was to take sashes from their robes and tie her hands together and her feet to the table. Then they would have some real fun. Kris agreed wholeheartedly and knew that Jake would as well.

So Kris went back in the room and told Jake and Amanda that Julian was going to go spend some time in the hot tub and maybe the sauna, but that she should continue enjoying her massage. Then before he left the room, he whispered the plan in Jake's ear. He smiled in response and got right to work.

Once Kris was gone, Jake started rubbing higher up Amanda's thighs. He was bolder now and slowly got the towel to inch higher until he could see part of the toy sticking out. As he got closer to her pussy, she let out a couple of small whimpers. At this point he asks her if she's enjoying the massage and she says breathily, "Ohh...I sure am. I haven't been this relaxed in....I don't know how long. You have magic hands!"

Jake says, "Well, I'm glad I could help you..uh...relax. We try out best here to service all your needs."

Amanda moans a little in response and then thinks to herself that it was a funny way for him to say that and then wonders what needs he's referring to. She can definitely think of some services she'd like him to offer, but again, it's just her horniness taking over. As she's pondering this he rubs high up her thighs and one of his thumbs touches her wet cunt lips. She's a bit shocked, but it feels so good that she doesn't say anything. He keeps massaging very close to the lower part of her ass and near her pussy and it's really getting her going. She thinks to herself that she should stop him in case he finds out about the toy, but because it is so pleasurable she just lets him proceed and even opens her legs slightly more. Jake takes this as a sign to move forward with his seduction.

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