tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDeepest Fantasies #04

Deepest Fantasies #04


Yaya; it was the one place the average blond girl could go for a pack of Joe Lights and vast hordes of munchies at 2 AM. The divinity of such invention upstaged only by the fact that they additionally provided free ATM service, I left Sean in his hotel room, stewing in cartoon *meep-meep*s and flashy colors while I ran across the street to retrieve our necessary vices: caffeine and sugar for me, nicotine for him. The walk was a mere quarter mile, but by the time the hot convenience store air slapped my iced blue eyes and wind-rosy skin, I shook like an orgasm-deprived maniac on her first fix.

"Wha-huh?" the sixty-something clerk asked while I struggled unsuccessfully to meld into the counter. A previous run-in with the surcharge-free cash machine dribbled from one sweaty palm, while the soda and sweets thudded from the other onto the dusty checkout.

He dropped the Camels, and I cleared my throat. "A bottle of Bull Rush," I said a bit more clearly, looking into his drably bored brown eyes.

"At your age?" he guffawed, hunched body lurching forward. "Need to see some I.D."

I snickered but pulled my license from my opera coat's velvety pocket without a word about my sudden plunge into the fountain of youth. Struggling vainly to keep my entire body from blushing at the man's back, I placed it on the counter. "I uh... always wondered what happened if you gave it to a healthy guy," I rambled nervously then bit my tongue.

His guffaw turned to a cackling riot of blue plaid. I half expected him to spit some chaw over a shoulder as he relocked the Plexiglas case housing all manner of drugs. "He'll pound nails with it," he smirked, passing my change and ID back to me. "That it?"

I nodded, snatched everything from the counter like a woman under the gun, and retreated through the huge silvery doors.

"Thanks for CUMming to Yaya!" he called after me with a last cackle.

Frigid, under stars cutting bright holes in the inky sky, I ran back to the motel, thankful that an abandoned night meant no more strangers. When I flung open the room door, however, the neon gleam and flicker of the television were my only greetings. I frowned then locked it behind me.

"Sean?" I called uneasily, glancing at the mirrored closet. Its metal guides protruded like a pair of sharp blades from eerily gaping doors.

Dropping everything beside the bed then tossing my long coat across the fake wooden chair, I peeked inside and yanked the doors closed. Yosemite Sam bounced across the screen, his ass on fire and his stubby legs spread wide enough that he could have bent and given HIMSELF head as he shouted, "Vamint, I'munna blow ya ta smithereens!"

I jumped.

Guns exploded on screen, and I jumped again, lunging toward the television to extinguish it.

In the absence of Technicolor and against the dim silvery hiss of the dying signal, the room was too silent and dark. Faint wet footprints in the beige carpet led toward the bathroom.

"Sean," I called again, gaze finally sweeping toward a faint slash of light coming from the cracked door, "baby, are you okay?"

The sickly roil of some kind of bad horror movie fish-hooked my stomach east and west as I nudged it further. " I got the..."

I struggled to finish the sentence then closed my suspended jaw.

"Didn't know how to tell you," he murmured softly, a hand glued to his hip, "so here I am."

Huddled beside the hotel's square bathroom mirror, the thinnest pair of legs I ever saw in black thigh high stockings uneasily swayed left and right. He'd combed his wet dark hair into a long low tail that constantly brushed the black leather skirt he also borrowed, leaving glittery trails of water across the slight curve of his ass. On the sink counter, my ruffled ivory poet's shirt and silvery padded Wonder Bra endured the rough rake of his nervy fingernails.

Sean's expressive green eyes stared at me like wide dark tunnel mouths, the grey drowned in panic and excitement.

I finally coughed out my immediate surprise then reached for him, bracing my hand gently on his lower back. "I see you don't think your tits are big enough either," I joked lamely, gesturing at the bra pinned under his hand.

He turned every shade of red, and I curled him close, offering my neck for his embarrassment. In my churning mind, however, his being a virgin until just two days before found new potential significance. I held him as long as I could silently, bracing myself in the warm thuds of his heart.

"Do you like guys?" I finally asked, ever to the point.

Sean lifted his head and blinked at me indignantly. "No," he said matter-of-factly, "definitely no."

"Then I'm confused," I mused, relaxing only long enough to grow aware of how uncomfortable I was. "You like anal play, have a strap fetish, you're WEARING MY CLOTHES..." My voice accelerated with each new accusation.

He raised an eyebrow at me and stepped back.

"And...you... you're just entirely TOO GREAT!" I charged. I knew the feeling of the other shoe falling, and this was it. Leave it to me to overlook for a decade that my most massive crush was in the closet WITH the lingerie.

Sean gazed at me silently.

With sudden revelation, I realized that his goatee was gone, including any hint of sideburns. Maybe he was bi. Well, I wasn't good at sharing. I never had been, and I'd no desire to learn. "What the *hell*, Sean?" I exhaled noisily.

He didn't touch me but stood as reserved as an abandoned mountain while I ranted. "I'm not gay," he repeated.

"So you're bi?"

"I don't like guys."

"But...why, I mean... what makes a difference if it's a strap or some guy's cock?" I argued. My eyes threatened to spill, and that was violent territory. I squeezed one set of fingertips in the other palm, seizing a bit of ever-dwindling control.

"Well, you gotta like the person attached," he reasoned quietly. "It's not like women go around screwing every guy that has a cock."

"That's debatable," I sullenly grumbled.

"Those are sluts, Selina," he whispered, lifting a hand to my cheek tenderly. "You're my angel. It's not like YOU go around screwing every guy that has a cock."

My jaw quivered, and I looked him over scrutinously.

"I just don't get why you'd think that," he pondered, taking another tactic. "I know you don't like women and wouldn't hook up with one because she could penetrate you with a dildo."

"-Because I don't understand." Slow tears limped down each cheek, but instead of screaming or hitting, I released my fingers and leaned heavily on Sean's damp slender chest. "...and I don't know what to ask TO understand...this."

He wrapped his arms around me, his palms gently walking my spine. "Can ask me anything. You know that," he murmured, warm breath smoothing my hair. "Just a lil disconcerting, your girlfriend thinking you might be gay."

"I was afraid," I confessed as I curled my cold fingers against him. "I... just wanted the worst gone. I can't share, not you."

Sean shivered before he lifted a tissue from the box beside the mirror and dabbed at my tears. "It's okay," he murmured slow and soothingly. "I'm all yours."

"When did it uhm... you know, start?" I asked and wrapped a possessive hand over his small waist.

"When did S&M start for you?" he answered, balling the tissue and dropping it into the wastebasket. He didn't seem mad, just a little frustrated. For that matter, I was pretty damn frustrated myself.

He had a point however. Isolating my interest in mind games and control was an exercise I never accomplished. My fantasies stretched back to my beginnings with sex, and I'd told him that many times. I gnawed my lip.

Sean's hand stroked my back delicately, but I felt it tremble through my thin black velvet dress.

My god, he must be mortified, I realized.

The sink leaked several steadying heartbeats.

Gulping a deep breath, I gazed into his eyes. "So, no guys, not even if I want a ménage et trois?"

He smiled faintly. "Do you want a ménage et trios?"

"Hell no," I answered, gently kissing his lips, "I want you to only be mine. I want you every day. I want you..."

His smile expanded with each demand.

"...I want you to not have your stockings twisted," I said, kneeling slowly, my gaze holding his.

Sean laughed through a blush. "Yeah, I'm not that experienced wi..."

I kissed his thigh softly and nudged the elastic down completely.

"What're you doing?" he asked as I repeated the process with the other skewed piece of nylon until both hung like limp over my forearm.

"Dressing you," I said flippantly and rolled his skirt down then off, planting a line of kisses along the crease of his thigh.

Stiff flesh, not quite buried under pale lavender netting and ivory cream lace, twitched through the thong panties I wore the day before.

"Everything of mine is too big on you," I observed, my palm stroking his rougher thigh.

"Mmmmm, guess so," he groaned, sliding his legs open and his eyes shut. "I don't care. Just happy you're not mad."

"I'm curious," I murmured softly, "but we have time. Did you come in here for something, baby?"

"Mmmhmm," he said, "shower."

"My clothes just spontaneously appeared after you did?" I lapped lightly at his knee, barely touching it with my tongue.

Sean shuddered and arched his back, leaning heavily on the sink. "Mmhmm. Tricky bastards."

I smiled and shook my head at him then kissed his tensed inner-thigh. His hair dripped over my arms as I nuzzled my cheek to his slender hip and snatched my bra and blouse from the sink. "How was it?" I asked, cupping the tiny globes of his ass and kneading them together firmly through the silky fabric.

Sean moaned and wagged against the hot folds. "Kinda lonely," he sighed, a hand winding through my hair. His legs slid open even further, pulsing body wordlessly begging for attention.

"How about a bath?" My nipples turned to little gems at the thought of his soaked naked chest. I slipped up his thighs, my velvety breasts dragging until they pressed tightly to his torso.

"I kinda wanted..."

"...to get dressed?" I interrupted, nibbling his neck. The clothing fell to the floor, and I squeezed his tiny ass with firmer, more demanding rubs.

"Uhmm mmhmm," he moaned, his shiver spiraling a rollercoaster-like contraction of excitement through my deepest insides. I didn't care if he wanted to dress like a woman, a man, or a penguin. My body throbbed as if I'd never been hot before.

I plucked the unopened travel-sized bottle of moisturizer from the bathroom counter, eyeing the smooth drooling head of his cock hungrily.

"Do you like wearing my dirty panties?" I purred softly, the cap skittering into the sink as I ground between his thighs. The crisp tangy scents of aloe and vanilla wreathed my next words. "Does it make you feel naughty?"

Sean's lips parted for another moan, and I kissed them soundly. My tongue brushed the bottom one, tenderly flirting its way inside his hot mouth as I ground the velvety warmth of my dress against his straining panty-camouflaged crotch.

"Mmmm, you don't need to answer that," I teased breathlessly.

"Sel...lina?" he exhaled the moaning question of my name with a long shiver and another needy rub against me.

"Let me take care of you," I answered with a reciprocal quiver.

Sean closed his eyes.

One by one, I dipped the tips of my fingers into the bottle then rubbed them together.

His breath caught as I worked the lower curve of his jaw with my thumbs, caressing upward tenderly. "Relax," I cooed gently, feathering kisses over each of his eyelids. "Just relax."

"Mmmmm," he sighed, reaching up and squeezing my flushed breast.

I moaned and covered his lips with mine, stroking them side to side as my fingers lightly pressured the hollows behind his ears.

The rough tickle of his palm teased my excited skin against the satiny hold of my bra, and I bit back a whimper.

"So good to me," he exhaled, bringing another soft kiss.

"Mmm," I shuddered, warm fingers untangling his from my tingling breast then blending a faint glisten of the creamy moisturizer from his chin toward his mouth. "If you don't stop that though," I panted, "I might do something drastic here."

He sighed nonchalantly at my threat then groaned as I stroked the smooth column of his throat. "Are you ready to be my woman?" I purred lovingly against his ear, moaning as he dragged me closer.

His back arched when my fingertips spread from his abdomen to his chest like tiny sunrays, and his palms hiked my knee-length dress, grasping my lower back and kneading firmly as I trapped his hard nipple in the warm slick webbing between two fingers.

"Mmm, kinda," he exhaled nervously as I squeezed it to the tune of several sustained shudders. "Wanna go back to being a man after."

"Well, I don't plan on cutting off your balls," I teased, "I've grown quite fond of them."

Soft off-coral lips opened around the first breath of a protest.

"If it makes you feel better though," I murmured against them, "I won't pluck your eyebrows down to razors."

Sean flashed a smile and lowered his hands to my hips, grinding my weight side to side against his stiff crotch with a catch in his moan.

"Who...who's doing the massaging here?" I protested halfheartedly, my tongue flicking down the side of his neck.

"Mmmmm, both of us," he murmured, spreading me gently and tilting my weight with another tight gasp.

My eyes slipped half closed as I circled his hard nipple with my fingernails, swished my hips, and released a little groan of pleasure. It turned quickly to protest as Sean's fingers slipped lower, tickling my thighs with warm circular tilts of his wrists. "Mmmm I love your body angel," he exhaled shakily, lacy black panties clinging to my wet folds as he rubbed against them.

"Me too," I carelessly murmured, a similar unsteady tremor quaking my voice.

He nuzzled his cheek to mine and whispered softly, "It's good you love your body too."

I swatted his chest then playfully pinched the agitated little peak, earning another loud groan. "Smartass," I accused.

His cock pulsed, and his hands clenched, delivering a gentle return swat to my swaying rear. "Mmhmm," he purred.

"I love it though," I conceded as his pale lips parted deliciously for another few kisses. "I do."

His legs wrapped mine, and he ground upward sharply, eyes narrowing in hot concentration.

"You wanted to get dressed," I reminded reluctantly as wetness seeped around my tiny strip of panties, searching for his throbbing flesh.

"Mmm, I do," he agreed halfhearted.

My fingers clenched his chest, my lips whispering slickly along the side of his neck.

We swallowed long gulps of air before I dropped into a fortune of black velvet and pale skin and hair at his size elevens.

I kissed his rigid flesh and lapped at the pale purple bulb peaking over the softened lace trim of his panties. Under his oozing precum, I tasted myself as I followed the thong to his heavy raised balls.

Sean released a low-timbered, awed "ohhhho" that loudly echoed some glorious new find, like a lost continent.

My hands shook as I gently raised the stockings, smoothing them up his thighs. Despite my best effort to be tender, I ached to fuck him until he squealed like a woman, and I squirmed on the cold tiles at the tiny preliminary whimpers sneaking past his lips.

He snatched the blouse and bra from the floor and hastily slid them over his head.

My hands cradled his ankle, massaging gently through the shimmering nylon until he finished wrenching the silky fabric into place. With the hot black leatherette, I slid up his tiny hips, wiggling until I was flush against him. "Look baby," I commanded fluidly.

Sean faced the mirror, and I wrapped my arms around him.

My breast pushed tightly to his back, nipples tightened into excited pellets.

Sean shivered and squirmed.

I purred softly against his ear, "I love you," as my fingers kneaded his nipples through the blouse and bra.

He moaned and pressed back against me, ass still slowly wagging. "I love you too," he panted softly as my kisses followed the delicate shell.

I scraped his earlobe with my teeth, feeling an electric shudder pass from him to me.

"Ohmmm, fuck me," he demanded eagerly, "mmm please, Selina."

"I can't resist when you use that voice," I groaned, goose bumps lifting all over my flushed body at the needy breathless edge.

Remaining intimately against his back, I steered him into the bedroom. My hands wandered his chest, squeezing and teasing before they explored the very firm rod buried under straining layers of mesh and glossy PVC. Sean bent and ground back against me as we moaned in unison.

Under the hot friction of our arcing bodies, my dress piled atop my hips, and his skirt wriggled to the crest of the thigh highs.

His moans turned into begging squeals as I alternated between firm squeezes and loving caresses.

Ready to rip him apart, I took quick bites from the back of his neck and pushed him toward the bed.

Sean dropped across it on his hands and knees, his vinyl-framed hips arcing into the steamy air.

My foot collided with the pills as I stepped into a gentle swat of his wagging ass. The bottle rolled toward the window like a tiny Moroccan rattle, punctuated by an offbeat yelp from me.

Sean's eyes leisurely opened. "Wha..." he wondered, hips still dancing side to side under the firm grind of my hand but slowing.

"Well, know those herbal things for sex," I faltered, snatching the bottle into my free hand with a last rattle.

"Not having fun, angel?" he worried softly, turning a wide, serious gaze on me.

"No, I mean, yes. I mean, no, that's not what I meant," I stammered. Color rose to my cheeks. "I wanted to drive you even crazier."

He laughed and grabbed my wrist, green eyes darkening back to lusty clover.

"It's not funny," I groaned, a hand stroking his exposed neck, "I'm addicted to making you crazy. I want to make you forget everything but fucking me."

"I already forget everything but fucking you," he moaned then kissed my lips several times when I climbed onto the bed beside him.

As I mumbled and awkwardly panted out my defense, he tugged my dress off. The cold air hit my nipples with a soft gasp followed by a loud moan as his tongue lapped one through my thin purple satin bra.

Releasing an agitated little grunt, he pulled it over my head and went back to his long licks, his fingertips tickling the throbbing little button of my clit through my lacy black panties.

"...And I ... mmmm..oh..hh," I exhaled hotly when he pressed in, the bottle clattering to the bed as I tore at the frilly blouse with my nails.

Sean grinned and grabbed the pills. "Thanks," he hastily murmured as I knelt there, shaking in pleasure then sighing in frustration. He shouldn't be so good at teasing me; it wasn't fair.

He shred the plastic seal and downed two of them in a gulp before his tongue returned to bathing my contracting nipple.

My hands swam in his hair, and I held his mouth to my flushed breast, whimpering a quick "w...w...welcome," before knocking him across the bed.

Sean grinned lazily but arched into me as if he expected it, his fingers coaxing my upper thighs lower with leisurely scratches.

My thighs squeezed his hips quickly, nails curled against his shoulders.

"Mmmm god, I might rip you apart," I panted against his ear, trapping his panty-incased cock in the aching cleft of my body and pinching harshly at his nipple.

His groans intensified with the threat. "Oh no?" he huffed, palms framing my exposed hips and lifting my weight to the straining mesh.

I grit my teeth against soaking wetness as he continued teasing me, the musky taste of wanting tangible around us. Up and down, back and forth, he nudged until my frantic whimpers constantly trilled and his throat gleamed with hot kisses and reddened bites.

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