tagLoving WivesDeer Camp

Deer Camp


Megan stepped from the shower and reached for a towel. Catching her reflection in the foggy mirror she congratulated herself for keeping in shape.

Not that it was doing her much good since she was alone at home for the fourth weekend in a row. Apparently hanging out with his hunting buddies was more interesting to Kevin than time with his wife. Megan felt a little neglected. Too many weekends spent wrapped around a romance novel when she'd rather be wrapped around something real.

The doorbell rang as Megan finished drying. Wrapping her robe around herself she went to answer the door. Who could it be? All of Kevin's friends were either with him or knew he was gone, and her friends wouldn't drop by unannounced. Must be a damn solicitor. With irritation building over having her morning interrupted by an unwanted salesman, Megan cinched her robe tightly and opened the door. Two salesmen stood lazily on the doorstep. It took Megan a few seconds to shift gears and realize these fellows weren't salesmen after all. Salesmen don't often wear camouflage outfits and blaze-orange vests.

Megan's face went from irritated to surprised, with a touch of worry with the thought that maybe these fellows were here to spread bad news about a hunting accident.

"Boy, if I had a wife who looked like you I don't think I'd be off hunting" exclaimed the shorter of the two, a wide smile spreading across his face. His smile melted away any fears that this was bad news knocking at the door.

"Please excuse Brett's manner" said the second, putting his hand to his forehead and shaking his head with mock dismay. "He's a bit lacking in the social graces. I'm Adam. Mr. Manners here is Brett. We're friends of your husband." Adam pushed a lean and muscular hand forward for a handshake. Megan was a bit surprised at the gentleness in his grip. Not the typical meat-crusher grab she had expected.

Despite many tales of past hunting conquests, as long Megan had known Kevin he always came home empty-handed. She suspected that deer hunting had more to do with a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer and telling tall tales than it had with hunting. Though Brett and Adam's names were familiar from the stories of old, Megan had never met either of them. Nor most of Kevin's hunting crowd for that matter.

And she was sure she would have remembered these two if she had. Both strikingly handsome in their own ways: Brett had a rugged outdoorsy look, with slightly long dark hair and brown eyes. He had a short deer-camp beard. Most guys would simply look like they needed a shave, but on Brett it was flattering.

Adam was blonde, with short-styled hair and a fresh shave. Megan blinked twice taking in his movie-star good looks. Adam riveting blue eyes captured Megan's gaze and he continued, "We had to come into town and ... this might sound a bit odd ... Kevin asked us to get you while we were here."

"What do you mean 'Get me'?" asked Megan.

"Bring you back to camp."


Adam looked a bit embarrassed. Brett chimed in with an answer, "He got himself a 12-point buck and he wants you to see it before Curt cuts it up for meat."

Megan started to reply, then stopped. Instead she invited the men in to continue their conversation. As the men took seats in the living room, Megan went to the kitchen to fetch coffee. A whirlwind of thoughts crossed her mind. It was bad enough to be deserted on weekends, but she had even less interest in camping, and the thought of ooh-ing and ah-ing over a dead carcass didn't ring her bell either. And who the hell did he think he was sending his buddies to 'get' her like one of his belongings?

Intermingled with these thoughts was a running debate in her mind. Which of the two men was the best looking? She wavered between Brett's swashbuckling smile and Adam's riveting eyes. Damn. They are both hot! I can't decide!

Megan returned to the living room with fresh coffee and a few pastries, then sat down across from the men.

After the thank-you's and your-welcomes Megan asked, "So you're supposed to bring me back to camp?" noting the sharpness in her own voice.

"Yes" muttered both men.

"Um, and he figured you could help Curt package up the meat" said Brett. They could tell she wasn't happy.

"He was rather insistent" added Adam, avoiding her eyes.

Megan was upset. And angry. Just who did Kevin think he was sending his cronies -- albeit good looking cronies -- to 'get' her like she was a fishing rod or bird dog. She wasn't his toy to be left behind then summoned as he saw fit. The more Megan thought about it the angrier she became. The dutiful little wife with nothing better to do than to wait patiently at home until such time as she can meet his needs.

Adam and Brett both saw the flush rising in her face. And they saw something else.

Despite obviously trying to avoid eye contact, Megan noticed that the two men kept making quick darting glances towards her, then just as quickly, looking away.

It wasn't hard to figure out what was catching their attention. In her distraction her robe had opened slightly, revealing more cleavage than decorum allows.

Later, looking back on this moment Megan was never sure quite what made her do what she did next. Maybe it was an attempt at grabbing back some control of her own life, of her self. Maybe it was to get back just a little bit at Kevin. Or maybe it was the meeting of a basic need that had been denied. It wasn't anything earth-shattering, but it wasn't at all in character.

While the men's eyes continued their odd dance, Megan leaned forward to get a pastry from the coffee table, intentionally letting the front of her robe drop open even further. How much she revealed, she wasn't quite sure. What she was sure of was that the dancing eyes had stopped and were fixated on her as she sat back and took a bite from her pastry. She liked how it made her feel to have two men... No. Two good looking men, look at her like that.

Almost without realizing what she was doing she took a bite from her pastry in way what would best be described as sensually. "What am I doing?", she thought to herself as she looked at the men and smiled.

"So you guys are supposed to get me?", she said with a tone quite different than before. "Then take me back to camp?".

The men nodded. Brett shifted a bit in his seat. Megan leaned forward again to put her pastry back on her plate, lingering just long enough that this time they all knew it was no accident.

"You guys are both supposed to get me" she said. This time a statement rather than a question. "I guess if that's what Kevin wants, that's what had better happen." Adam's clear-blue gaze met her eyes as the mutual understanding of what she was saying sunk in. Megan felt her heart quicken in the undertow of those eyes.

Adam crossed the room and sat on the sofa next to Megan. Leaning toward her he assured "Look, we didn't want to upset you or cause any problems..."

The rising tide won out as Megan met him midway and the conversation was cut short in a deep kiss.

With the same firm and gentle way he shook hands, Adam reached forward and parted the front of her robe, briefly cupping her breasts before pushing the robe off her shoulders and down to her waist. His eyes again met hers for a second before he took an erect nipple into his mouth.

Megan gasped slightly leaning back against the sofa and rolling her head back with eyes closed, taking in every erotic sensation. As she opened her eyes she saw Brett, still sitting in the rocking chair, one hand rubbing against the front of his jeans, his hardened cock clearly outlined in denim.

"You too" she mouthed wordlessly, with a look who's meaning could not be misunderstood.

Brett removed his shirt as he crossed the room, revealing his well-muscled chest and narrow waist. Though in the end they all ended up nude, this was the only time Megan noticed either of the men undressing. She was otherwise occupied.

Brett sat next to her on the opposite side and once again she was deep within a kiss. Brett's whiskers tickled lightly. There would be no confusing one for the other. Meanwhile Adam continued to suckle her breast, while Brett caressed the other. Brett was just a little rougher in his touch, different than Allen's, but equally exciting -- again, there was no confusing who was who.

Megan slid a hand onto each man's lap, somewhat surprised but pleased to discover both men's jeans were open and cocks at full attention. It was unbelievable -- she had two men's attention on her and her alone, and a cock in each hand. She gently stroked both men, as their hips rose and fell to meet her hand.

Adam pulled away and untied and opened the robe from around Megan's hips revealing her engorged and glistening wet pussy. Adam paused to admire her neatly trimmed pubic hair before Megan felt the tip of his tongue begin to lightly tease her clit. Megan pushed her pussy forward into his warm lips, again letting out an involuntary gasp.

Brett and Adam appeared to have some sort of unspoken communication as they pushed away the coffee table and guided Megan onto her back on the soft carpet. She could no longer reach those wonderful cocks but as Adam pushed his mouth deeply between her legs and Brett took one breast into his mouth and the other into his hand, she didn't care. She had never been so completely engulfed in sensual experiences. She pulled Brett's face tight to her breast and rocked her pussy to Adams eager tongue. She felt as he entered her first with one finger, then two, fucking her pussy to the rhythm of her hips. His other hand was under her bottom holding her pussy firmly against his eager mouth.

The rhythm of Megan's hips increased as the sexual tension built. Adam stopped for a moment. Looking up she saw him nude above her -- she couldn't help but think of Michelangelo's David. She could feel him guiding his cock into her gushing pussy and his mons pressing tightly against her clit.

Megan reached for Brett's cock, pulling it toward her mouth. He didn't need any more encouragement and moved himself to where she could turn her head and take his cock fully into her mouth and caress his balls with her hand. Adam pushed his mouth to her abandoned breast.

The tempo and the passion continued to rise. It was Brett who came first as Megan took him deeply, nearly pulling his balls into her mouth. Megan continued to suck on his still firm cock as she reached her own sexual abandon, thrusting her pussy madly onto Adam's cock. As Megan's pussy spasmed, Adam too was pushed over the precipice with a guttural release.

The drive to deer camp was mostly uneventful. Megan rode in the front seat of the pickup between Adam and Brett, the physical contact was a constant reminder of the morning's intimacies.

Kevin met the truck as they pulled into camp. He didn't look happy. What took you so damn long? Did you all go on vacation or something? Fucking around while I'm here waiting?

Kevin hadn't meant that literally, but the involuntary reactions he got to those words spoke volumes. Christ! You WERE fucking around... Fucking! Weren't you!

Allen spoke up immediately. Kevin, it was my fault. If you need to take this out on someone take it out on me...

Kevin looked Allen straight in the eye, then Brett. "I've got no issue with either of you. You two are just a couple of randy hound dogs who apparently came across a bitch in heat. You don't owe me any particular loyalty."

"You on the other hand", he said to Megan "did betray me."

Megan looked at the ground, a knot rising in her throat.

"Kevin, seriously, I...", Adam again tried to speak but Kevin waved him off.

"You are nothing but a slut!" Kevin told Megan, almost loud enough for all to hear. You are a shameless slut!"

"I'm not shameless." Megan fought back tears. "I am so sorry. I'm ashamed of what I did. I was mad at you and I don't really know why I did what I did. I don't know what came over me, but I'd do anything to make it up to you."

Kevin stood silent for several minutes, absorbed in thought.

"You're a slut, and have embarrassed your husband." he said. "Now you say it"

"I'm a slut", said Megan, in barely a whisper "and I've embarrassed my husband". By this time the commotion had drawn an audience.

"Loud enough for everyone to hear", Kevin barked.

Megan looked around at all the eyes on her. She had never felt so humiliated but at the same time she felt somehow energized. She repeated her admission in a clear tone.

Kevin looked at her with a look she had never seen before. "You admit you have been a naughty girl, that you have been a slut and embarrassed your husband. Are you willing to accept punishment for what you have done in return for my forgiveness?"


Kevin repeated himself.

"What sort of punishment?" said Megan.

"Just like any naughty girl would get. A spanking."

Megan again replied in a clear voice "Yes, I have been naughty and need a spanking".

Kevin sat on a chair-sized tree stump. "Pull down your pants" he said.

"I agreed to a spanking, but I'm not going to pull my pants down in front of all these guys", said Megan.

Kevin stood up. "If you want me to forgive you, you will do exactly what I tell you and accept your punishment. And no more back talk! Now pull down your pants."

The tone of Kevin's voice told Megan there was no question he was serious. She slowly undid her belt, unzipped her pants, then slipped them down to around her ankles.

"The panties too."

Megan started to speak, then stopped and gave Kevin a pleading look. His expression meant business. It was clear this wasn't going to be negotiable. A blush rose in her face. Megan slowly pulled her panties down around her ankles as well, knowing that all eyes were on her. She stood facing Kevin with her hands trying to hide her bare pussy, but there was nothing that could be done about her very exposed bottom.

Kevin sat back down on the stump. "Assume the position," he barked. Megan looked over her shoulder. All eight guys, including Brett and Adam had their eyes fixed on her naked bottom. She bent over on Kevin's lap, knees on the ground. It was only then she realized her pussy was exposed. And it was no coincidence the audience moved to get a better view of just that.

Megan felt embarrassed and humiliated. She had been bad, but did she really deserve this? But most confusing was that there was now no denying where that energy was coming from: she was getting turned on. A small tear of moisture ran down her leg from her pussy.

All Megan could think of was the fact that her ass and pussy were exposed for all the world to see, and she liked it. Maybe she really was a slut. But if this was what it meant to be a slut, she guessed she liked being a slut.

The first swat came without warning, and was much harder than she had expected. It hurt and felt good at the same time. She deserved to be punished and it felt good, bad, ... everything at once. The mixture of emotion was so profoundly confusing and intense. The nakedness, the embarrassment, the pain, the following warmth...

Another swat, even harder than the first. By now Megan was sure everyone knew she was getting turned on as her pussy felt swollen. Oh god, what is Kevin going to think about that?! Even that thought turned in on itself with the tangle of emotion and heightened her arousal.

Smack, smack, smack. The spanking continued for several minutes. Kevin was not brutal by any means, but he did mean business. By the time it was over tears were running down Megan's cheeks. She wondered if anyone would tell that she had come twice.

"Stand up and get dressed."

Megan stood and again saw her appreciative audience. Only Brett and Adam were without smiles. She would have to let them know later that it was OK. Megan felt a measure of reluctance as she pulled her panties and pants up to cover her naked self. Up until this moment she had no idea she had such a serious exhibitionist streak. She wished she was removing her remaining clothing rather than covering up. She winced as she pulled her pants over her now tender bottom.

"We'll put something on that" said Kevin in a tender tone Megan hadn't heard for a long time. He acted like nothing had happened. "Did you like that?" he said low enough that no one else could hear. Megan nervously admitted yes.

Kevin nodded and smiled a satisfied smile.


Megan focused the camera on Kevin as he posed proudly with his prize buck. Suddenly the camera began to make a horrible sound. Megan threw the camera on the ground as the sound got louder and louder. Megan closed her eyes afraid it was going to blow up or something. The sound continued endlessly. When she opened her eyes the sound was still there but everything else had changed. As she focused on her surroundings she recognized... her bedroom. And the alarm clock continued to blare.

"Oh my god!" Megan exclaimed out loud. The dream had seemed so real. Megan shivered. Certainly she had fantasies, but fantasies were best left as such and she would never think of acting on them. As she took her morning shower she reflected on how real the dream had seemed. Kevin was indeed out hunting this weekend, but as far as the rest... she sighed with relief.

The doorbell rang.

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