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Defiled Young Housewife


Something about Reggie made Christy uncomfortable. She hoped the huge black man who towered over her husband would not make an instant decision, so she could discuss the matter further with Dave. They could tell Reggie someone else rented the room.

Reggie had plenty of experience with young, well educated, white women like Christy. He realized how uncomfortable he made her feel. The sparkle from the diamond engagement ring next to Christy's wedding band momentarily caught his gaze. He knew her type well - the snooty, white bitch probably never associated with blacks before and thought them far beneath her. A shrewd businessman from drug dealings on the street, and a seasoned, sexual predator never missing an opportunity to nail young, naïve, white pussy, Reggie understood the fleeting nature of this shot at getting inside Christy's pants. He pulled a wad of cash from his pocket, "I'll take the room. How much security deposit do you want?" Reggie asked.

Christy standing beside her husband, Dave, her arm entwined with his, tightly squeezed Dave's hand as a signal not to immediately accept Reggie's offer.

All the money Reggie displayed mesmerized Dave, who misinterpreted Christy's gesture as an affirmation and eagerly said, "Uh, $500 for a security deposit ought to be enough."

A grin appeared on Reggie's 35-year-old face as he peeled away enough cash to cover the deposit and a year's worth of rent, handing it to Dave.

Christy forced a smile Reggie recognized as insincere.

"I'll need a receipt, indicating I paid the full year room and board plus security deposit," Reggie said nodding at the money in Dave's grasp.

"Of course," Dave replied with a shake of Reggie's hand to finalize the deal. Dave went to fetch a pen and paper to write the receipt, leaving Christy alone with Reggie.

Unwittingly, Dave just admitted a criminal who needed to keep low for a while in their home, granting him easy access to his wife. Reggie briefly glanced at Christy's ass and tits, imagining how she looked beneath her clothing.

Christy certainly was attractive. She stood about medium height with a petite build and perfect measurements that included a tight, flat abdomen, nicely curved buttocks, and firm breasts - the epitome of female form. The 23-year-old college graduate and housewife took care of her figure by maintaining a strict vegan diet and exercising daily. Her model-like figure, combined with smooth, white skin, dark, blue eyes, and silky, dirty blond hair that extended slightly past her shoulders received the gaze of many men, who saw in her a girl of their dreams. But none of them could have this one because her heart already belonged to her husband, Dave.

"So, what are you studying?" Christy nervously asked attempting to break the awkward silence. He seemed a little old to still be in college. Reggie undressed her with his dark eyes. His cock twitched in his pants at the thought of his eventual conquest.

"African Studies," Reggie deceitfully replied. In truth, Reggie hadn't set foot on a college campus in years, not since his days hustling the streets to sell drugs. He moved up in the ranks without needing college classes.

Dave returned smiling with a neatly written receipt and an extra key to their house happily exclaiming, "Here you go, roommate."

"Okay, I'll be back with my things," Reggie said as he took the key and receipt from the young couple and departed.

"Look at all this money!" Dave gleefully whispered after the door closed, holding up the numerous hundred dollar bills.

"I don't know about this guy," Christy said. "Maybe we should have checked him out or something first, honey."

Dave was counting the money not really listening. Christy didn't have the heart to press the issue about Reggie living with them seeing her husband happier than he had been in a long time, since the rough economy took both their jobs. The warehouse position Dave managed to find didn't pay the bills. Indeed, this was enough cash to bring them current and avoid pending foreclosure.

Reggie returned a few hours later that evening and quietly unpacked in his new room while Christy and Dave went to bed. When Reggie finished settling in, he turned off the light.

After a few moments Reggie's eyes adjusted to the darkness and he silently made his way down the hall to Christy's and Dave's bedroom door, which they carelessly left slightly ajar. The sound of lovemaking – the rhythmic squeak of bedsprings, the grunts and groans of two young people lost in passion - grew louder as Reggie approached. He stood at the threshold to their room and peered through the sliver of an opening at the two shadowy figures moving in unison, his black skin providing a perfect camouflage in the dimness of night. Reggie got wood. His cock pushed against inadequate room in his gym shorts and sought release from its confinement.

His time with her would come.

"Oh, I'm going to cum," Reggie heard Dave exclaim.

Reggie quietly returned to his room undetected.

"Oh, I love you," Christy cried as she wrapped her arms around her husband in a tight embrace and his body grew tense from his orgasm. Dave withdrew his modest, condom covered penis from Christy's tight vagina and turned on the light on the nightstand beside their bed.

The thin, latex membrane, slick with Christy's juices, contained a small amount of Dave's ejaculate, in its tip. Christy watched Dave slide the protective barrier off. The two had agreed to wait until after their financial situation improved before starting a family.

A virgin bride and a faithful wife, Christy never had sex with anyone else, and had no desire to. She loved her husband.


Dave left for work early and Christy visited the gym for her daily workout of swimming laps and some resistance training when Reggie woke up to an empty house.

Over the weeks Reggie learned their schedules. He knew Dave would not return from work until evening and Christy arrived home mid-morning.

As Christy entered, Reggie sat shirtless on the living room sofa in a pair of loose gym shorts, numerous muscles bulging beneath his black skin. Christy wanted to tell him to put on a shirt but decided against being confrontational.

"When do you attend classes?" Christy asked with a hint of annoyance. She had noticed him gawking at her more frequently and it seemed like the only thing he studied was her figure when he thought she wasn't looking.

"I take classes online," Reggie answered as he began obnoxiously rubbing his crotch while now blatantly eyeing Christy up and down. "Where do you work?"

The way black males inappropriately touched themselves in public repulsed her. "I'm currently between jobs," Christy replied with an air of superiority, proceeding towards her room to escape Reggie's lustful stares.

Reggie waited a few minutes and then followed Christy. When he reached her bedroom, he heard the shower flowing in the master bathroom. He carefully turned the doorknob and entered her room. The bathroom door was shut and locked.

He knew Christy's type. She would be too embarrassed to tell anyone that a Nigger's cock had been inside her. She appeared in excellent shape, and would definitely fight it. But after the struggle he would subdue the petite wife and begin the ruining her. He waited for the bathroom door to open.

The shower stopped. Reggie's cock grew inside his shorts as the virile organ prepared to claim white territory. Christy opened the door wearing only a red silk thong with matching bra greeted by Reggie. Christy tried to slam the door shut to keep him away.

Christy's initial suspicion of Reggie had been correct, but she had ignored her gut feelings to please Dave. In an ironic twist of fate, Christy's attempt to appease her husband jeopardized their marriage far worse than financial woes.

Reggie's hand blocked the door from closing completely. He overcame Christy's efforts and her feet slid back across the slick, tile floor unable to hold ground.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Christy yelled as Reggie charged into her bathroom like an angry gorilla.

He punched Christy in her stomach, knocking the wind from her lungs. She doubled over in pain gasping for air while he dragged her by her hair from the bathroom like a caveman.

Before Christy regained her breath, Reggie had thrown her into bed and yanked her panties and bra off, leaving the hapless girl laying on her back completely exposed.

"Please, don't do this," Christy cried between wheezes.

Reggie forced her smooth, long legs apart on reconnaissance of her treasures he planned to plunder. He loved how these high class white girls kept their pubic areas so immaculately groomed.

Reggie's eyes feasted on Christy's naked body consisting of – gentle feminine curves; genitals lacking hair or stubble because of laser treatments, almost appearing pre-pubescent except for a neatly trimmed patch no larger than a thumbnail; a flat tummy, delightful belly button and defined abdominal muscles; firm, c-cup tits crowned with pink areolas the size of quarters.

Christy's silky white skin contrasted with Reggie like type on a page. Her youthful body seemed to lack imperfection like her beautiful face.

Dave was a fool to leave such a gem unguarded with a thug like himself, Reggie thought reaching down between Christy's splayed legs and gently parting her labia for a closer inspection of her pussy.

"Oh, God – no! Please don't!" Christy wailed, as she felt Reggie manipulate her privates like they belonged to him. She reached down and grabbed Reggie's wrist to stop him.

Reggie reached up and twisted her delicate, pink nipple, causing a jolt of pain that would later become a bruise on the perfectly formed flesh. Christy immediately released Reggie's hand.

Reggie resumed spreading her labia, locating Christy's clitoris among the delicate pink folds. He licked his thumb and began softly rubbing its smooth, pink hood.

"Please stop doing this to me. I won't tell anyone if you let me go,"

Christy pleaded as Reggie sat between her open legs fondling her private parts. She hated this disgusting, subhuman animal.

Reggie noticed Christy's clit slowly grow larger from his fillips. He excited the timid head of her clitoris into making its debut for him as he expertly coaxed it from its protective cover.

"I'm married. Why are you doing this? Christy sobbed as Reggie caused involuntary responses. Her pink flesh glistened with secretions, inviting him to drink her nectar.

"Oh, God, stop it! You're disgusting," Christy yelled as Reggie held her vaginal lips apart with his black fingers and assaulted her sensitive, pink folds with his long tongue. Christy sat partially up on her elbows and from over her flat tummy helplessly watched with a contorted face. She tried unsuccessfully pushing Reggie's head away from her.

Reggie ached for Christy. He slid off his gym shorts and his monstrous, black organ sprang from confinement.

Christy's eyes widened at the enormity of his appendage. Reggie's cock looked more like a radiator hose than a penis, veins distending beneath its black skin.

No way could the thing ever fit inside her. Christy desperately pleaded, "Please don't rape me. I promise I won't tell anyone if you stop."

Reggie reopened Christy's labia aiming his cock at her entrance.

"I'll do anything you want. Please don't put it in me. You're too big," Christy frantically implored, the large head of his penis pushing at her entrance.

"Oh, God! No. Please." Christy exclaimed. The pressure from his attempted invasion built. Christy fell back from her elbows, clenching the sheets in her fists.

Her husband's pecker must have been incredibly small, Reggie thought, slowly applying more force to overcome her pussy's resistance. Christy's Labia finally engulfed the head of his penis.

"Owe," Christy cried. A penis other than her husband's entered her for the first time, her pussy subversively providing lubrication for its own assault as Reggie gradually advanced more of his cock into it.

"That's it girl. You got a black cock in your pussy now," Reggie taunted as he worked it inside her.

"You're hurting me. You're too big," Christy sobbed. She felt him advance slightly deeper each thrust. "I'm married. Why are you doing this?"

"Sssshhhhhhh, you be quite," Reggie said, placing an index finger to her lips. "It's okay. Ya a hoe for black cock now."

"Noh," Christy whimpered. But her juices coated more of Reggie's cock with an affectionate sheen. How could this be happening to her? Why did Dave allow a stranger into their home to do it? These and similar thoughts played through her mind, her face displaying her pain as furrows in her normally smooth skin. Christy's pussy contained more cock inside it than ever before.

Reggie's cock triple the girth of Dave's penis already penetrated several inches into unchartered territory with only half his length inside Christy. He mercifully refrained going further.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah," Christy exclaimed in concert with squeaks from the bed, her pussy growing used to the different cock inside it.

Reggie attempted to look directly in Christy's eyes while fucking her, but Christy kept averting his stare and moving her head away.

A wild look appeared in Reggie's eyes as he irately grabbed Christy's chin, turned her head to face him, and yelled, "Look at me when I'm fucking you bitch!"

From beneath pools of tears, Christy's eyes met Reggie's as he claimed her. She felt his immense, black phallus making its journey in and out of her defeated pussy.

"Please stop it!"

"I's wants ya to cum for me, Baby," Reggie said in his ghetto dialect of a thug from the hood.

The animal already stole her precious fidelity; no way would she orgasm for this filthy pig. She replied with stony silence.

"Oh, ya will cum for me whether ya wants to or not," Reggie warned quickening his pace.

"No," Christy hissed through clenched teeth. But as her discomfort dissipated her cunt traitorously accepted the large, black intruder more as

a welcome guest, showering Reggie's black baby-maker with love juice.

"Ya really wet girl. Yur pussy likes big, black cock," Reggie goaded shifting position to see its affect. He felt her pussy contract.

"Oh, oh, oh - noh!" Christy exclaimed with a grimace, her hands pushing against Reggie's muscular chest, her labia clinging to his slick cock.

"No, no, no - stop doing this to me," Christy yelled.

Reggie fucked Christy until unconsciously her pelvis began slight coital movements back. It wasn't an enthusiastic response, but at least she stopped resisting and accepted her fate. He held back from burying the remaining length of his penis inside her.

Christy noticed acceleration and panicked, realizing Reggie would cum soon.

"Please, take it out of me," Christy begged.

Reggie enjoyed ruining haughty white women like Christy: molesting them, introducing their pussies to black cock and making them orgasm from it, cumming inside them.

"I's gonna cum in your pussy, Baby," Reggie warned.

"No, please don't cum in me," Christy pleaded, her eyes becoming saucers of fear.

Christy's dainty white hands pushed hard against Reggie's burly, black chest. Arching her back and positioning her pelvis she unsuccessfully tried dislodging him, her efforts no match against him.

Reggie's penis occupied Christy after her attempts to remove it failed. It penetrated deeper for her insubordination and gushed a torrent of white, gooey cum.

"Oh, no, please – why?" Christy whispered. She felt slimy ejaculate from Reggie's cock oozing from her overfilled pussy down the crack in her ass.

The deed was done. Reggie knew she would be ashamed to tell anyone as she laid beneath his heavy frame, her pussy clenching his deflating cock in residual orgasms. He had sown his seeds of corruption in her.

Reggie removed his flaccid cock from Christy as she lay in the bed motionlessly staring at the ceiling, her legs still indecently spread apart. She glanced at it. Even soft, Reggie's black serpent appeared enormous and Christy didn't believe the horrific thing actually fit in her.

"Ya ever give yer husband head?" Reggie asked.

Christy looked at Reggie with bewilderment as the muscular man who just defiled her firmly grabbed her shoulders and guided her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She understood what he wanted when he shoved his penis, hanging like the trunk of an elephant, in her face. The thing was disgusting, still slimy with both their fluids.

"Open yur mouth and suck it like a good girl so I doesn't need to hurt ya," Reggie threatened.

Christy didn't think she could tolerate Reggie's cock in her mouth without vomiting. However, Reggie tightly pulled her hair and forced her to do it. The foul thing barely fit.

"I better not feel any teeth, either, hoe!" Reggie added.

To her surprise, even though revolting, the taste was not completely disagreeable - perhaps even piquant. As she followed Reggie's directions, he released his grip on her hair and his treatment of her improved. Christy gently rolled his golf-ball size testicles in her hand while drawing on his shaft.

"That's a good girl," Reggie condescendingly said, as if speaking to a child. "There's enough cum in my balls to make ya spit out black babies until yer ovaries dry up."

To Christy's dismay, his penis became larger in response to her forced caresses. She couldn't believe he was hard again. Dave usually came once after five minutes and was done for the evening.

Erect, only the head of Reggie's shaft fit in Christy's mouth.

Reggie instructed her how to work his cock with her hands while running her tongue and mouth along it. She had no choice but to comply with his demented demands.

Her wedding band sparkled from her fingers gracefully tugging on his dark, veined appendage. It twitched, startling her slightly. She held the massive shaft with both hands and length to spare.

Reggie felt another batch readying, "Makes sure ya swallow it all, bitch."

Christy didn't want to swallow the nasty, white cream that spurted into her mouth, but Reggie prevented her from pulling away. After the first couple of mouthfuls, Reggie could tell the taste became less distasteful to her by the way she started gulping it down.

Reggie released his hold and Christy continued milking and swallowing every last drop of cum from his cock, not noticing that he let go of her head. When the cum eventually stopped flowing, Christy pulled her mouth away, a thread of jism momentarily spanning from his softening phallus to her lips, like a web from a spider, one of many strands trapping its prey.

The once confident Christy sat dazed on her bed pondering what just occurred as Reggie showered. She debated reporting her rape to law enforcement. But the ordeal – so filthy, vile, and embarrassing - would need to be retold. Reggie would claim the act consensual and reveal how she climaxed. No one would believe her orgasm was involuntary. Everyone, including Dave, would know she was tainted by a black man. Christy decided to remain silent as her assailant anticipated, sealing a much darker fate for herself.

With Reggie's cum still dripping from her well fucked pussy, Christy hastily dressed and left before Reggie finished showering.


"Hi Honey," Christy said to Dave as he walked into the living room and pecked her cheek. "How was your day?"

"Hey, Homeboy," Reggie added with a grin. For two weeks, Reggie had been secretly boning Christy when Dave went to work.

Forced sex with Reggie took a toll on Christy, but Dave didn't notice the change in his wife.

"Fine," Dave answered heading toward the refrigerator to grab his usual cold beer after working all day in that hot warehouse.

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