Degradation of Peg


Ron was going deeper and deeper with each thrust. More of Ron's enormous shaft disappeared beneath the dark curls that marked the

portal to Peg's love channel. Then Ron would pull out almost to the limit, and slowly plunge back in, descending another inch. Seven inches! Eight inches! Nine!

She had never dreamed of being penetrated this deeply, nor, had she any idea of the pleasure that could be achieved from having a cock of this size. Now these pleasure nerves were all going off, and Peg thought she was losing her sanity. Orgasm after orgasm hit her, each one larger than before.

Finally, one more plunge, and Ron's black iron cock was fully lodged deep inside Peg's stretched vagina. At ten inches, Ron had felt the head touch her cervix. The next several strokes had pushed it back. Finally, he had penetrated the last barrier. His shaft filled her love canal to its stretched out capacity. The head of his cock was in her womb and ready to impregnate her.

Now he began fucking Peg in earnest. Her orgasms continued to build, each one coming on the heels of the one before with greater and greater intensity. This went on for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes

And by now, her orgasms were so intense and coming so close together, they had run into each other. She was in a continuous state of orgasm, electricity running at unimaginable voltage through her frame. She thought she would die, she had no control of herself. Without realizing it, she was moaning, "Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me! Take me! Fill me with your cum! I can't stand it, Please, never stop! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Peg may not have known she was saying these words, but, Ron heard and relished every word. He felt his climax coming on. He thrust faster and harder, and brought Peg to an even higher pitch. She was screaming now.

Then the moment came. Ron's mammoth engine began bucking with incredible force. Peg's pelvis was whipped violently around by the first bursts. Then she felt the red-hot sperm, fired directly into her womb. Ron and Peg held each other closely, lips locked and tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, each overcome by the force of what they were feeling. As they descended, Peg was in a new state. After the fierceness of her innumerable orgasms, she now felt a tranquility and contentment that she had never known. She held tightly to Ron.

He had stolen her dignity, trampled on her most deeply felt moral beliefs. And it didn't matter. She would do absolutely anything for him. No love for her husband, no moral beliefs, no belief in her own self meant a thing compared to his black cock. She would do anything for it, and for what it could do to her.

When Ron finally pulled out, his penis was still turgid and Peg held the slimy shaft in her small hand. Her fingers could reach around it now.

"That was the most incredible fuck I have ever had, and I can hardly wait for an encore." Ron said.

"Anytime you want me, I'm yours. But, right now, please help me to the bathroom. Then, could I sleep for a couple of hours?" Peg replied.

Naked, Ron helped her and then returned to the bedroom. Donning his pj's, he looked for Paul, but, the closet was empty. As he was leaving, Peg entered.

Ron said. "If you're still sleeping when Paul returns, I should tell him what's happened. I don't like secrets."

"No. Please don't say anything. Let me tell him what happened. He needs to know what is going to happen in the future. He's my husband, and it should come from me." Peg crawled over to the other side of the bed, getting out of the puddle of cum that had leaked from her overfilled pussy.

Paul was waiting in the living room. He had just witnessed the most erotic sight of his life. Why was the reality so unlike his fantasy? He had wanted this for as long as he could remember, but now it had happened, and he felt let down. He knew his dick wasn't up to par with other men. But, his fantasy didn't have her having multiple orgasms and loving it. Did she have to enjoy it so much? Was she now a slut for black cock? After this, could he ever make love to her? Would she even want him to? So many questions, and no answers. Maybe, Ron could tell him what to do. A small voice in the back of his mind, seemed to say, 'Ron is the one that convinced you to live your fantasy.' The voice faded away before he could remember the thought.

"Tell me. What happens now? What do I do? How do I face her after what she did? How could she have enjoyed it so much? How can I keep the knowledge out of my voice and off my face?" Paul asked as Ron entered the room.

"You've been at work. Remember? You know nothing, nor, suspect anything. This is Sunday, and we are going out for dinner. Relax. Be yourself for a few hours. If she finds out you set this up, you've lost her."

"I've lost her anyway!"

"Not yet, you haven't. Peg is not the kind of person to be unfaithful and not tell you about it. Wait and see. She will tell you everything this evening. When she does, be unbelieving, then hurt and outraged. That's when I offer a solution to your problems. Since we all know she is going to let me fuck her again, I will suggest you join us. With a little persuasion, she will agree."

"Join you? She doesn't want me, when she has your huge cock stuck up her pussy!"

"You could watch, without hiding in the closet. You could suck me, while I'm eating her pussy. You could lick my cum from her pussy, after she has been well and truly fucked. You could clean my cock after I have planted my seed in her belly. See? There are many things you can do. She might even give you a blow job while we are fucking."

"You're crazy! You're making me take second place with my wife and a cuckold to boot!"

"I'm not making you anything. You're already a cuckold, and if you want to stay married, you'll learn to love and accept it. I'm going to fuck her again this evening. If you want to be part of it, agree to my suggestion. If not, you can sit down here and watch television. No more peeking from the closet."

Much later, Peg came bouncing into the room. She seemed to exude sex. Paul had never seen such a glow of satisfaction and contentment on her face. She was absolutely radiant!

Getting a cup of coffee and sitting down across from them, Peg immediately took any decision out of Paul's grasp. "Paul, I fucked Ron this morning while you were at the office and I have never felt better in my life. I know I should be ashamed, but, I'm not. I never felt so fulfilled in my life. In all my dreams, I never imagined what I was missing. I am going to continue fucking him, with, or without your permission. I hope you will understand what his big, black dick made me feel. I still love and respect you, but this is something I must have. It's raw, animal sex, and nothing else. He is three times bigger than you and can satisfy me like you never could. If you want me to leave, I will. If you want me to stay and let me get this out of my system, I will. It's up to you, but know now, I am going to fuck him anytime he will have me." Saying this, Peg collapsed back in her chair. She had brought from deep inside, enough courage to tell her feelings, and was now mentally, as well as physically drained

Paul was speechless! He was stunned beyond words! What could he say? What could he do? What did he want to do? He set this up, so, how could he blame Peg? Was it too easy? Would she have been unfaithful sooner or later, regardless? NO! No, it was all his fault! How could he have been so stupid, so naive? Put in her situation, how could he blame her? Even with all the turmoil swirling around in his mind, there was still a tingling sensation in his groin. He wanted it to happen again! Like her, he needed to get it out of his system.

Ron was stroking Peg's shoulders, while looking at Paul. He could see the change in Paul's face and knew he had won. Peg was his for a week. He really was leaving next week. Not because of any promise, but because there was a convention in Las Vegas he was definitely going to attend. There was too much money to be made, to let feelings for a white pussy get in his way. She would be pregnant before the week was up and that had been his goal. One thing, she didn't know, he was going to bring his brother around in a few days and introduce him to some tight, white pussy. By then, Peg would do whatever he asked. His brother was called Big Jim, and that wasn't because of his stature. Ron was big, but, few women could take all of Jim's giant pole. He would get her broken in with his, and let Jim stretch her to the maximum. Paul's fucking days with his wife were over. Within a week, Paul might like taking a black cock himself. He would already clean one and that was only a step from sucking. Maybe, he would break in Paul's virgin ass and get it ready for Jim, also. Might as well keep it in the family.

"Ron, finally said, "I don't think anyone feels like going out to eat. Why don't we order pizza and stay inside today. Don't say anything, or make any decisions you may regret later. After eating something, why don't we all retire to the bedroom and sort this out. It might look different if we were laying on each side of Peg and letting our feelings make the decision for us. Paul, you never know, you could possibly like watching and hearing Peg take another man's cock inside her. Peg, maybe you would enjoy having the attentions of two men at the same time. Maybe you could suck Paul, while I am fucking you. That way, he wouldn't feel left out. Why not wait and see what happens?"

Peg raised her head and looked at Paul. He was staring back at her. Paul slowly nodded his head, as did Peg. Ron took over the conversation, leading it away from sex. Soon, each was more comfortable with the other and everything seemed almost normal.

Late that afternoon, Ron put his arm around Peg's shoulders and took Paul by the arm. He steered them upstairs and to the bedroom. Paul and Peg were too embarrassed to get undressed. Ron threw his clothes on the floor and began undressing Peg.

Paul slowly removed his own clothes. Ron and Peg were already on the bed, with Ron in front and Peg in the middle. Paul climbed over them to the backside. He brushed against Ron's already hard cock and felt another tingle in his stomach. Was it fear or desire?

Ron began fingering her pussy and she was stroking his monster baby maker. Paul watched for a few minutes and figured, "what the hell." He raised up and began sucking her breasts, as if he had never seen them before. Soon, she was moaning from the combination of the finger in her pussy and her breasts being sucked.

Ron didn't want to waste any time. He wanted to get the show on the road and see how far Paul would go. Ron removed his fingers and sliding down the bed, replaced them with his long tongue. Ron reached out and grabbed hold of Paul's pitiful hard on and pulled him toward the foot of the bed.

Without admitting it to himself, Paul knew what he was expected to do. By now, Ron had his shoulder and was still pushing his head toward his cock. Ron had turned on his side, and the black pole was staring Paul in the face. Ron put his hand behind Paul's head and steered his mouth toward his final degradation. At first Paul just let it touch his lips, but slowly opened his mouth and tongued the head. Ron was forcing his black tool into Paul's mouth, and Paul stopped resisting. He opened wide and accepted his fate. He was now sucking the black cock that would fuck his wife. Thinking of this got him excited, and he began sucking and licking with more enthusiam. He couldn't take all the monster, but he was using his hand on the remaining shaft. Peg was groaning and thrashing around, as Ron kept pushing more and more into Paul's throat. By changing position, he was able to let the cock slowly force it's way down his throat. He still couldn't take all of it, but he had a sizable portion down his throat. For some reason, this was extremely satisfying. Ron began fucking his mouth and throat. It seemed as if more and more was going in. Paul wondered if Ron would cum. Just as he thought this, Ron pulled out and climbed up Peg's body. Paul's mouth strangely felt empty and he was somehow disappointed.

Ron told Paul, "Take my dick and put it against her pussy lips. Okay, now spread her pussy and watch my cock as it fucks a baby in her belly. Can you see how it is stretching her pussy? Do you see how slick and ready she is for some real cock?"

Peg had been going out of her mind with pleasure. She knew when Paul stopped sucking her breasts, but did not realize he was sucking Ron. She heard Ron tell Paul to get her pussy ready for his cock and for a moment was embarrassed to death. As she felt the massive head enter her, all embarrassment faded. She was still stretched from this morning, so there was little pain as he forced himself into her tiny hole. He would withdraw, and on the downstroke, force another inch or two inside. She had her first orgasm.

Peg could look down and see her pussy swallowing that huge black python, coal black, and glistening from her juices. The contrast alone sent her into another orgasm! He was pushing it in ever so slowly, and then pulling out, going deeper with each thrust. She began pushing her hips up to him, trying to get more and more of his cock into her tight wet hole. She was in a constant state of orgasm.

Finally, Ron had fed her his entire length and was buried deep in her belly. He paused a few moments so she could adjust to his size. Feeling her relax, he began pumping in and out with ever faster thrusts.

Never before today had Peg been filled like this. My God! She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Her pussy had stretched deeper and wider to allow his huge cock to pleasure her body. With each of his powerful thrusts he was getting deeper and farther into her cervix, until she was stretched to the maximum and his huge cum filled cock was slapping home. She wrapped her shapely legs around his waist and pulled him closer.

Ron wanted her to feel like the slut she was and began whispering filthy things in her ear. He wanted her to be debased and degraded, so she could never refuse him again.

She heard Ron asking. "Do you love my black cock in your pussy? Do you want my thick, potent seed in your womb? You're a slut for black cock and I'm going to give you the black baby you deserve. Are you ready for my baby making cum to fill your pussy?""

Peg couldn't believe he was talking this way! It made her feel small and useless, but, more exciting than anything else in the universe. She couldn't believe what was coming out on her mouth! "Oh God! Yes! Give me your baby making cum! Fill me up with it! Make me pregnant!"

For a moment sanity returned and she couldn't believe what she had said. Before she could change her mind, Ron began pumping ever harder and she could feel that huge head piercing her cervix, going all the way into her uterus. It was enough to send her off the edge of reality and she screamed. "Oh God, My darling, my love! Give it to me! Give me all your black cum! Knock me up! Give me a black baby!"

He gave one final loud grunt and thrust his weapon deep and she felt that huge horse-cock head swell to bursting. Flood after flood of hot thick cum filled her pussy. She could almost feel it impregnating the egg that was waiting for all those millions of baby-makers!

As she slowly came down from the greatest high in the world, she noticed Paul sitting there with his mouth hanging open. Peg said the first thing that came to mind. "If you don't want me pregnant, get down there and suck his cum out of me."

Without a word, Paul was between her legs and sucking for all he was worth. After he must have drank a pint of cum, his mouth left her pussy and licked her inner thighs. When he finished, she looked down, and he was sucking Ron! She almost fainted from shock and surprise. Her Paul, a cocksucker! Maybe, everything was going to be okay, after all. It was nice to be cleaned up without having to leave the bed. His sucking was getting Ron hard again. Paul was becoming a first class cocksucker, and he seemed to be enjoying it so much!

When Ron was turgid, but not fully erect, he told her to get on her knees. He got behind her, and began working his half hard cock into the already slick pussy. His cock kept getting harder and harder, until it was like an oak log. Ron wasted no time ramming his cock all the way to the hilt! He was fucking with jackhammer strokes and Peg began cumming again and again.

She was in ectasy! She must have died and went to Heaven! Without missing a stroke, he rolled onto his side, taking her with him. Now, she was being fucked from behind, leaving her clitoris exposed to Paul's sight. Paul immediately slid down and was trying to lick her swollen clit!

She couldn't see his tongue, but, knew whenever he licked her clit, he was also licking the shaft of Ron's cock. Peg could feel Ron's cock swelling and knew she was going to receive another load of cum. The anticipation caused another orgasm! His dick was suddenly withdrawn from her pussy! Looking down, she saw Paul's head, with Ron's black cock rammed down his throat. Ron was cumming in his mouth! God! How sick and erotic! Peg couldn't believe what she was seeing! Paul was swallowing as fast as he could, but still couldn't keep it all inside. He kept his mouth over that monster until every drop was gone. Then, he was licking his lips as if he didn't want to lose a drop of the sweetest necter he had ever tasted. Peg was thinking, My God, there will never be another day like this one, even if I live to be a hundred!

Each day was pretty much a repeat of the same, until Wednesday. That's the night Paul was on his knees, sucking the juice from Peg's cum filled pussy. Paul felt something pressing against his virgin sphincter. The pressure went away, and he heard Ron spit. Then the pressure was back and with much more force, his muscle gave way when the head of Ron's cock slipped into his ass. He tried to raise his head and scream, but Ron pushed his face back into her pussy. Paul could feel the snake inching itself farther and farther up his shit hole. When he thought the pain was going to kill him, he felt Ron's balls slapping against his buttocks. Ron allowed him to adjust to the invasion for a minute or two before beginning a slow fucking motion.

Paul thought he was going to die! He couldn't stand so much pain! Peg knew something was wrong and raised her head to see what was happening. She scooted away from Paul and stared in open-mouthed amazement. Paul was beginning to squirm and move his ass. Was he trying to get off the giant rod, or get more? Paul didn't know, either. It was feeling better and better. The pain was subsiding and being replaced by pleasure. He saw Peg looking at his plight, and closed his eyes from her accusing stare. She seemed to be jealous! Ron was pulling all the way out and slamming back to the hilt. Paul was groaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Fuck her! He was being fucked and he was enjoying it! Why should she have all the fun and him be the clean-up man? Ron reached around him and touched his little hard prick. Paul came instantly, while Peg watched each movement. Then, Ron speeded up and Paul could feel the already giant cock get larger, as Ron dumped squirt after squirt of cum into his ass.

Ron looked at Peg and told her, "You're next. I fucked his ass, so you would know you can take it. It never killed him and it won't kill you. You saw the enjoyment he got. He's nothing but a fuck slut now. He'll let you fuck anybody or anything, as long as he gets his share."

Paul had collapsed with embarrassment and shame when he heard these words. Life as they knew it had been forever destroyed and would never be the same again. He and Peg were nothing but fuck sluts for black cock. She was pregnant and would have more black babies before this was over. He was accepting the truth, and looking at Peg, realized she had come to the same conclusion.

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