tagGroup SexDeidre Ch. 04

Deidre Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©

The gang-bang did something to my hormones. I mean, really did something to them. Elsie was flummoxed by my sexual activity over the next month. To be perfectly frank about it, I was nothing more than an eighteen year old whore in perpetual heat. I found guys everywhere I turned, and for a while I was literally spinning about in my rush to find them.

Like two nights after the gang-bang this guy with Elvis-like sideburns had me in his backseat. I'm naked and on all fours, panting with excitement. He hasn't even kissed me yet.

"Let me see you touch it," he says.

My hand darts between my legs. I'm feeling better already.

"You like doing that, don't you?"

"Uh huh," I gasp, I've already got two fingers jabbing away.

"You're such a fuckin' slut."


"Lemmie see the pink. I wanna see how wet you are."

No problem, I think, and wave my wet fingers under his nose.

"Lick it clean," Romeo says.

So I do. What the fuck, I do it at home, why not in the backseat of this fucker's car?

"Go ahead, get yourself off," he says. For a second I hesitate. I mean, is he or isn't he gonna give me some of his love meat?

What the fuck? I start fingering myself again. I file away the fact that he still hasn't kissed me, or touched my tits other than a minor grope when I got into the car. More importantly, I don't know if he's sporting a woody. Christ on a crutch, I hope he is!

"Are the fantasies starting yet?" he says, and brings me up short.


"You fantasizing yet?

"You asking if I'm dreaming of a big cock to fuck me?"

"Yeah... maybe more than one."

"Under the circumstances... yeah," I respond. But I'm wondering if I should grab my clothes and bolt the fuck out of the car.

"Just one cock, or lots?"

"Lots," I whisper.

"Wanna see mine?"

My cunt tingled as I nodded my head. I heard his zipper going down.

"Have a look at this dick," he said proudly.

I saw why he was so proud. He was big, really big. I wanted to droll over the fucking thing it was so big. I put my hand on it and found that my fingers were about three inches from touching.

Oh, Jesus. Have I died and gone to heaven? I mean, Elsie and me have had this conversation at least a dozen times. What I'm saying is how big a big cock got, you know?

"Big enough for you?" He says.

"Oh, yeah... and then some," I add.

"Taste it."

I pull back the foreskin. I recall that Elsie told me once that the scent of some guy's cocks could make your cunt clench. I hadn't believed her. She loved to feed me bullshit; you know how it is with best friends. But she was right. This guy had my cunt doing loop-the-loops.

I realized he was watching me sniff his glands as delicately as possible without actually pressing my nose against it.

I realize I'm still fingering myself and stop, suddenly embarrassed. But I'm one horny bitch and would probably have fucked under the corner traffic light if he'd asked me.

"We are gonna fuck, right? I ask and hate myself for asking.

"You want me to put my big dick in your snatch?"

"That's the general idea, yeah," I say.

"Okay, but I'm warning you, I'm gonna pull out before you're ready to cum. Are you up for that?"

Anything less than a tumultuous orgasm is repellent to me; but I nod anyway. He can't possibly be serious. "Whatever you say," I say.

I'm surprised to hear him laughing. "You're betting that once I'm fucking you I won't be able to stop, right?"

I didn't answer him, but rolled onto my back and spread my legs.

He pressed his magic wand against the wet folds of my vulva. I'm holding my breath. When that monster goes in I'll either take a deep breath or die of suffocation.

Then... one, two, three short jabs and the motherfucker's in to the hilt. I am fuckin' stuffed like the Thanksgiving Turkey.

He made it flex several times and I can feel the big O building.

"Lemmie have it, motherfucker," I say.

What does he do? He pulls it out and rubs it over my folds. And this drives me wild! Then after a long pause his cock slides back in again, and I start to tremble.

Shit... I'm seconds away from heavenly bliss. When he slaps my ass several times. I have no choice but to let him think I'm loving it. My patience is rewarded when he starts fucking with a vengeance. He even sends a finger into my asshole.

Suddenly I love this guy's style. But all I can say is "Oh God," over and over.

"Ten seconds," he says.


"Eight seconds."

He thinks he's a fucking bombardier, I tell myself; He's counting down to his unloading in me. Okay, I'm fine with that.

"One!" he says and pulls the fuck out, and jerks himself off until he starts coming. He comes all over me, but not in my pussy.

I dressed and got the fuck out of the car, having to listen to the bastard laughing at me and telling me, "I told you... well, didn't I?"

I let loose a string of vindictive and started walking, refusing to get back in the car. Eventually he drove off and I hitched a ride back to my neighborhood. Fortunately for me the driver was a woman who sensed that I had had a bad date and left me to my own thoughts, asking no questions.

***** But I was out again the following night, looking for Mr. Goodbar, or whatever. I found him in the first bar I hit.

Elsie had wanted to come out with me, but I talked her out of it, saying, "Yeah, sure, I meet Mr. Right and he doesn't have a friend so I turn him down just to stay with you."

God Bless Elsie. She completely understood and let me go.

Twenty minutes after meeting Mr. Whatshisname... and the wedding ring he wore on his left hand, we were in a seedy motel room with him sucking hard on my left nipple through the fabric of my bra. It was wonderful! For some inane reason I was thinking of what the texture of the bra's material felt like against his tongue. (I will confess that later that night, I tried it out in my room. Yeech!)

But he had my nipple trilling all the way to my clit, as he sucked, rolled, licked and then bit down on my nipple, softly at first, and then harder, all the while looking up at me. I closed my eyes and inhaled, ready for the flood.

It was building, spreading and burning all through my body. I whimpered, arching my back, wanting to press my cunt onto his thigh but resisting.

By the time he bit into my right nipple I was flying above pain. And I was humping his thigh, not pressing against it!

When he stopped I was totally ecstatic. We looked at each other and smiled. I laughed.

"Did you just cum?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied with a shy lewdness. Within a minute I'm hanging onto the bedpost for balance as my body is jounced all over the place by his plundering mouth.

I come. I know he tasted my juice, hot on his mouth, my pussy closing around his tongue. His arms wrap around my thighs and his fingers pull my labia apart. I can feel my clit exposed, wanting warmth and cover. His tongue swirls it gently.

My body moved slightly forward and back against him, my cheek pressed against the wooden wall hanging. I can smell the lacquer as my breath warms its surface.

Suddenly, we're on the floor, he's on his back and I'm on top of him, my face between his legs, his mouth refastened to my clit.

The scent emanating from his cock was overpowering. What an aphrodisiac! I inhaled, drunk on the smell. I didn't put my mouth on his dick. I buried my face in his hair instead and traced his scent across every inch of his groin as I nuzzled him.

My hair fell onto his thighs and slid over his cock, which was growing harder by the second. He grabbed my head and pushed it down onto his shaft then went back to munching my cunt.

I was coming as I enveloped his testicles in my mouth.

I was still coming as I sucked his adorable shaft and drained him of his life giving fluid.

I figure we'll rest a while then fuck ourselves silly.

Silly me. How was it I didn't know my pussy was poised for greatness?

His fingers reach inside me and search out my g-spot. His thumb rests briefly on my already swollen clit. I am beside him on my knees with legs spread, bracing myself with a hand on his leg.

He started slowly, moving his fingers and wrist with steady pressure and gradually built to a fucking rhythm I can get behind. I envision my pelvis totally relaxed. My hips circle and I feel it: the cold tingle spreading from my clit throughout my body. I let myself be open. There is a low hum coming from my throat.

I don't want to stop this.

It's coming, and I can't speak, can't warn him that this is big- bigger than anything he's felt.

My hips press forward and up as his three fingers massage my insides.

The hum becomes louder and he's thrusting from his elbow and I'm ecstatic with the pulsing warmth and wetness.

I'm raining cum down his arm.

"Oh, Jesus..." he murmurs.

I manage to ride through the first torrent only to cry out as the next wave crashes.

Again I'm flooded. He's flooded. The floor is shiny with my juice.

I open my eyes.

He is looking at me in awe.

I swallow and manage a smile. "So I'm a squirter, huh? Who knew?"

He slowly withdraws his hand from my cunt. I look at him and, using the hem of my dress, dry myself. I am exhilarated. It's great to get laid right.

***** The following night I'm with a guy named David.

"Do you worship cock? He asked. Not out of the blue, of course. I had already told him I wanted to get laid. I told him because I wanted no misunderstanding between us. I was still vibrating from the night before and wanted to repeat it all if possible.

Unfortunately, I lost the guy's number. Fuck-shit, I didn't even remember his name!

So David... (See I remember HIS name!) is asking me if I worship cock while sitting in an easy chair in his apartment.

I'm kneeling between his legs wearing a pair of light blue panties and nothing else. That may be why he felt he could ask such a question.

"I'm not all that religious," I say.

"Cock worship doesn't require a tithe," he said with a smile.

My heart and other sensual parts smiled and skipped a beat or two.

"Well, I guess I could give it a try."

"Take my clothes off," he said. "Everything but my shirt."

I unbuttoned his shirt but left it on. I unlaced his shoes, took them off then peeled off his socks and put them carefully inside the shoes. I opened his belt, unzipped his trousers, and took them off; leaving his Jockey's on until I finished folding the trousers. After I carefully placed the Jockey's on top of the trousers on the sofa beside him, I turned back to him and contemplated his erection.

It wasn't fully erect, but it had grown thick and heavy.

"Show me what you can do with this cock of mine," he said.

I bent my head and softly kissed the top of his cock.

"Don't pull the foreskin back till I say so," he groused, "Some of you think it's a god damn plaything!"

I didn't respond to that. Of course we think of it as a plaything. It is a plaything!

"Kiss it a little first," he said, prompting me to get going.

I puckered my pretty red lips and kissed it all the way down the shaft until I came to his balls.

"Cup them, but be careful not to squeeze 'em," he said gruffly. I wondered briefly who had played with his 'plaything' before that had him so worried about how I'd be handling him.

Despite his warning, I gave them a light squeeze and felt him shudder with delight.

"You can do it a bit harder," he said.

I squeezed a little tighter and licked first one and then the other.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed, obviously liking what I was doing.

"Mmmm," I said. "I don't know if that's worship, but it's nice."

"Yeah... it is," he said agreeably.

I began to kiss back up the shaft again. When I got to the top my tongue came out and licked around the very edge of the foreskin and then into the little hollow inside it; pushing the tip of my tongue a tiny way into the urethra. Then I licked my way down to his balls and took one back into my mouth and rolled it around.


Letting the testicle drop from my mouth, I hefted his cock in the palm of my hand.

"It's very pretty."

"Cocks aren't pretty," he said.

"I think yours is," I said, standing my ground.

"They're..." he paused searching for the right word. "Formidable, that's what they are!"

"Not all of them," I countered and heard him laugh.

"Right you are. Some of 'em are... inadequate. Would you agree?"

Rather than respond, I merely nodded my agreement, causing him to laugh again. I decided that enough was enough, if he wanted a blowjob; I'd give him one he wouldn't forget. Taking his big thingy in hand, I began rubbing it against my cheek. I made my facial expression one of sheer reverence, knowing he could see my face. It paid big dividends. He began to swell in my hand as I brushed it with my lips, and then rubbed it against the side of my nose and across my eyelids.

"Please," he moaned, "Suck it!"

I peeled the foreskin back then slowly wrapped my mouth around the base of his glands. My tongue caressed the quivering bulb. Looking upward, I saw his eyes roll back in his head.

I figured I must be doing something right in his cocksucking house of worship. So I doubled my efforts.

He came a ton. Almost all of it in my mouth. I gulped it down, making an exaggerated sound in swallowing it.

David surprised me. After lavishing my fellating for several minutes, he went down on me. I will admit that while he wasn't quite as good as whatshisname, he brought me off. What's more, when he finished he was hard again and fucked me raw, managing to keep his erection while I came at least six or seven times on his big pogo stick. Yea, Davie! I made it a point to get and save his phone number.

Elsie met me at the door to our apartment. "You got good and laid, I can see it on your face," she giggled.

I hiked up my dress and spread my legs. David's sperm was running down my legs.

"Fucked my brains out, I said inanely, and then went to bed without washing my pussy.


It's Saturday, sitting on my bed, I spread my legs wide to take a closer look with a hand held mirror. From the outside it looks the same, especially with all my dark pubic hair. I push aside the curls to reveal my hidden treasure. You can't tell that it's no longer virgin, at least 30 times over by now. The hole doesn't look any bigger to me. Are the labia a bit redder or puffier? I think so. After last night's battering they should be. I start caressing the soft petals until I grow wet, then I notice the crust of his sperm from last night and laugh. But I don't jump up and shower. I tell myself I better stop now, or I'll be late. I need to think of something else. So I start doing the Kegel exercises that Elsie taught me. My entire pussy vibrates. I feel the inner vaginal muscles getting stronger daily. No way am I going to become a loose, sloppy fuck like some girls who screw constantly.

After I climax I take the much needed shower.

Elsie and I go shopping; she buys a new vibrator, I buy new lingerie. We agree to team up tonight, to remain together no matter what.

We'll see. We've made those promises before. Before one of us met that certain guy who sets our pussies on fire.

As it turned out, there was no certain guy for either of us that night. Surprise, surprise, but it was a memorable night all the same.


"Bleep, bloop. Thump." We waded through the sounds that pooled around us, making our way to a bank of seats along a wall. Elsie had met this redhead at the door and she joined us as we trooped into the center of the noise filled room.

By this time, Elsie and the redhead were swapping spit and chewing gum, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the seizure-inducing strobes.

It was the kind of night where we couldn't settle in at any one place. We briefly hit the Pharaoh's Grill with Gina, (the redhead did have a name) where she and Elsie lifted each other's skirts and smacked each other's asses to roars of approval from a host of guy's.

Somehow Gina talked us into leaving all that raw meat and going over to the Waterhole Bar on 17th Street to meet her other friends.

Squinting in the darkness of the Waterhole, I made out walls covered in graffiti, piles of broken glass, and banks of deeply stained upholstery. Gina's crazy friends were ensconced on some couches in the corner, right next to two homeboys who were dealing coke in plain view.

A pale hipsterish girl with frizzy, curly, mop-top hair approached Gina and the two of them made all kinds of excited noises. Evidently they'd met at a party a week earlier and I heard Gina tell the girl, "I'll never forget your eyes," before they went into a long kiss. After they ended the clinch, the girl (her name was Nicole) invited us to a party the following Friday and left.

A frumpy blonde hit on me while I was waiting at the bar for a beer. But rather than tell her to get lost, I said my bladder was about to rupture and found my way to the ladies.

Imagine my surprise when I encountered a guy inside the ladies room. He wanted to know if we could make pee-pee together.

Think of me what you will, but I gave the offer serious consideration before declining. It worked out well, for returning to Elsie and Gina, I discovered Gina vomiting on the floor all over one of the homeboys shoes and socks.

He was not amused, and we had a time of it getting Gina out of the place and into a cab. Ten minutes later we were in a cab of our own, looking for a place with plenty of tumescent men.

Elsie and I clung to the railing of a rooftop bar where one could dance under the stars; it was all very romantic, except no one asked us to dance. So we passed some time gazing at the tangle of narrow streets below and peeking at the boys and girls whooping it up on the dance floor.

A sudden downpour chased us off the rooftop along with everyone else. Navigating the roof-access ladder − no stairs in this classy place -- with a drink in one hand proved to be the night's biggest challenge.

It was stimulating, though, for standing at the bottom was a groovy looking guy with thick curly hair looking right up my mini-skirt as I clambered down the steps to the first floor.

I gave him my best smile only to be dragged off by Elsie despite my feeble protests that I had just met this guy. Long story short: We met this nice couple on the sidewalk outside the rooftop bar and they invited Elsie and me to their home -- just two doors down -- for a nightcap of sorts.

We accepted just to get out of the rain, which had turned into a downpour.

His name was Vaughn, hers Jackie. He was at least ten years older than Elsie and me, and probably Jackie as well, but I'm not positive about that. He was funny, and had a lot of great stories about his misspent youth. He also had a shaved head, and was one of the few white guys I've met who look decent that way. Jackie was rail-thin, but definitely sexy, although I had no particular yearning to get her in the sack. Vaughn was another matter. I would have jumped his bones in a New York minute.

As we were sipping our second drink, Jackie told us that they were into, among other things, Japanese rope bondage. She regaled Elsie and me with some of the elaborate scenes they'd carried out in the past that had left them physically and mentally exhausted.

Vaughn disappeared for a moment and returned to the room with a bagful of goodies. Leather cuffs for us girls complete with fuzzy linings.

"Don't worry. It's nothing dangerous," he assured us.

Jackie helped Elsie with her cuffs, and Vaughn did mine. Jackie put a dog collar around Elsie's neck to much laughter all around. Then Jackie led Elsie off to the bedroom. I was intrigued by all the giggling and carrying on from the room and walked over to peek inside, only to discover Vaughn was right behind me.

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