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Valerie arrived early on Tuesday hoping to get most of the dresses her class had made price tagged and properly stowed away before the noise of her classmates echoed in the dressing closet. She didn't quite fit with the other girls, always more of a tomboy but loved designing clothes and shoes into early hours of the morning. While they preferred shopping and talking, she preferred football and hiking. Her guy friends back home would fall over if they knew her secret shame. Her wardrobe said classy woman but not flirtatious with the exception of her fuck me heels and the pearls her father gave her before he died. As much as she missed him, Valerie finally felt free to choose a dream outside of business management. With some luck, she hoped a fashion design centered school might accept her application for the upcoming fall semester. The guys might need time to adjust but they would understand when she finally told them her plan.

Jacque, her favorite mentor and professor, was busy taking out the next set of dress examples for class when Valerie strolled in and greeted him. Instead of their normal chit chat, they each focused pulling out short-skirted evening dresses from a large closet and making sure each girl would have a few to fit with plenty of design variety. That task wasn't too difficult. Only a little more than half the class was female and the large majority of them wore similar sized zero. Valerie wasn't at all much different but the curves of her thighs, rump, and ample chest granted her another size. A few girls strutted in the room and admired the dresses Valerie had in her hands.

Linus cleared his throat making his presence known behind her. He was one of the few people Valerie had grown attached to since she started at NYU and the only friend who had briefly met her dad on orientation day almost a year ago. Not that they hung out much, Valerie just enjoyed his company whenever she saw him. Linus was masculine and attractive and easy to like. He did, however, stand out like a sore thumb in the class, kind of like her. The other guys were a bit pretty for her tastes and less... straight.

"Which one are you trying, Valerie?"

"None. I already know the perfect model and shape for this next project just looking at some of these dresses."

Jacque raised an eyebrow as he shuffled through the remainder of the closet but didn't comment. Valerie occasionally designed and created her project to fit herself but mainly used a model. Her designs were always unique and flattering, and models adored assisting and prancing about for her.

The clock ticked four thirty. Jacque quieted the room down and gave instructions. This class focused only on gathering ideas for designing a short evening or cocktail dress. Men in the class should pair with the women and have some say over which dresses were selected for try on. The students rushed for their favorites. Valerie continued to help Jacque maintain some semblance of organization as dresses were sampled and put back on the rack, but took breaks to walk around and view the different styles sampled on her classmates.

Linus sat down in an armchair in a corner of the room and studied Valerie. Her walk had a natural grace and sensuality. If she were slightly taller, she could easily rise as a model instead. The brown wavy hair she kept up in a pony tail at all times would look so sexy falling down her bare naked shoulders under him. He could get lost in those cobalt eyes if she'd only let him kiss her. Linus shook his head. He'd get a hard on and have to leave if he kept this up.

Valerie glanced a few times over her shoulder over to Linus and noted he was watching the girls around her. A pang of jealousy sprang up but was dismissed. She couldn't handle a guy and focus on leaving NYU. After an hour of the trying on dresses, Jacque announced directions for everyone to return dresses to the rack properly and have a short dress and sewing pattern of their own drawn out for their next lesson. Students tossed the dresses back on the rack rather carelessly and departed in a hurry.

Annoyed that Jacque would have so much work to do, Valerie finished fixing dresses back on the rack so that the fabric wont pull or stretch while hanging. Jacque thanked her just as the phone rang. When his office door shut with a click, Linus crept up behind her.

"I'd give anything to see you in one of those."

"Yeah, right. I haven't worn a dress above the knee since I was ten. Aren't you leaving for dinner?"

"No. I was wondering," he started as he brushed the back of his hand down the back of her arm, "if you might want to join me for pizza, beer, and a movie tonight?"

"Like a date?" Valerie's face suggested panic as she stepped forward and turned around to gaze at him. Just the brush of his hand sent electric twinges throughout her.

"Just casual." He shrugged his shoulders. "I'd like to hang out. It doesn't have to be a date."

Jacque cleared his throat and hung halfway out of his office door. "Yes, it does."

"Jacque-" Linus started angrily.

"Not now, loverboy. Valerie, I have a different assignment for you this week. I need your help with something." Valerie felt her face turn to flames.

"Okay, yeah. What do I need to do?" The thrill of a different assignment excited her. Something out of the ordinary would be a nice change, perhaps a nice enough change to avoid getting involved with Linus to any extent.

"I need you to impress an important friend that just called. I want you to wear one of my dresses to dinner at Blue Hills this Friday night and catch her attention."

"Friday?" That only left a little less than three days for Jacque to fit and produce a dress for her.

"Don't worry about the dress. I know your measurements."

"Do you already have plans?" Linus asked suspiciously.

"No. Not really. " She grinned thinking of Chris, Josh, and Tim, her guy friends and brotherly figures back home. They always Skyped her on Friday nights to catch up on the droll of the week before they went to party at a bar or two without her.

"Not unless you count a Skype date with three delicious men. I can reschedule though." She couldn't help herself. Urging a sweet spell of jealousy was cruel considering her refrain from interest, but seeing Linus puff up his chest and and rub his jaw nervously over her was worth the effort.

"Are they gay?" Linus spit the words out before they even ran through his brain.

"No. Definitely not." Valerie winked seeing his obvious discomfort.

"Invite one of them to come with you. You'll need an escort for dinner." Valerie saw Linus fist his hands and thrust them into his pockets before he turned half away.

"Jacque, uhm, that won't be possible..." Home was hours away. Plus, the guys would never let her relax in a dress long enough to show off one of Jacque's dresses.

"Well, Loverboy, looks like you can finally repay me for dropping in my classes all the time. Everything is paid for. You just have to show up at seven in your tux. The date should be cheaper than your pizza-beer-movie idea-"

"I didn't suggest that because it was a cheap date. Val just seems like-"

"It's okay, Linus, really. Pizza and beer sound great but not right now. I'll see you Friday?" Valerie set her hand on his shoulder and he relaxed. Taking the hand on her shoulder into his own, Linus squeezed gently, let go nodding, and left the room. "Friday!," he whooped down the hallway. Valerie smiled wide and rolled her eyes playfully.

"I still want you to complete a sketch for this project tonight but you won't be doing any sewing. Take a picture of your model this week so I can asses whether your drawing fits the model. We have a few days to get ready for this dinner. Tomorrow I want you to go to the Bella Spa over on Day Street for wax and pamper. Thursday, you can still have the day off since you wouldn't have class, but you should practice walking more confidently in heels. Those-," he pointed to her fuck me four inch heels, "are a good start, but you'll be in five or six inches on Friday."

"Five or six?" Jacque ignored her gape.

"On Friday, my hair stylist will meet you here at five o'clock for make-up and an up-do to match the dress. After I'm finished with the class, we'll help you into the dress and finishing touches."

"Your hair stylist?" Jacque was bald.

"Well Ba Ha Ha. Very funny Valerie." Valerie couldn't resist snickering.

"Jacque, why is this so important? Why me?"

"No questions, for now. You'll be perfect for this assignment. Do you have any objections about Linus escorting you?"

Valerie hesitated but confirmed his escort would be fine. There was certainly no harm in one fancy date. She should indulge herself in the opportunity while she had it.


If Valerie had known what having all the hair ripped of her body would feel like, she would have told Jacque to choose another damn student to torture. Even thinking about another wax sent shivers up her spine. Maybe chemicals were the way to go for total hair removal. After the wax though, she was directed into a series of rooms where she was messaged, exfoliated, and made brand new. Even her new nails sparkled radiancy though the artist had painted them a nude pink. On Thursday, she invited Claudia, her model originally from Romania that would've help her with the current class project, over to take a picture of her form and seek help walking in higher heels. When Friday afternoon finally rolled around, Valerie felt certain she could handle whatever else Jacque and Linus might curve at her that night. After a warm bath and an early glass of wine, she pulled out her favorite emerald silk panties and slipped into skin tight skinny jeans and an almost see through baby pink tie top. Unfortunately the bra would have to be nude and strapless since she hadn't seen Jacque's dress yet. Even if color didn't matter for anyone else to see, Valerie took a delight in feeling sexy knowing what was underneath.

The familiar ring of her Skype account bellowed, and Valerie hit the video button. She didn't have much time, but at least she could give her excuse and allow her boys to fill her in if anything major that happened that week. Three grinning men tried to put their heads close together so she could see them.


"Holy shit, Val." Tim, the dirty blonde and tallest of the bunch look surprised.

"Do you have a date?" Josh looked from Chris to Val and back to Chris. There was no secret that Chris had had a crush on Val from the beginning of time. Unfortunately for Chris, Valerie put them all in the friend's zone for good after a fourth guy of their bunch had a rough end of romance with her and was pushed away from their group naturally. Valerie never wanted anything that complicated coming between them again.

"No. Well, actually, I kind of do. Can we Skype tomorrow instead? I'll give you the nitty-gritties then. I have to leave soon."

"Sure, fine." Chris answered not really wanting to talk about her upcoming date.

"Anything new with you guys?"

"No. We can catch up tomorrow. Chris has a date later tonight too." Josh beamed. He had been trying to get Chris to wingman him on girls for a while.

"Shut-up, man." Chris pushed the guys over. "We'll talk to you tomorrow Val. Just so you know, though, we're going to have to approve any guy you date. If it wasn't so soon, we'd be driving to meet him at your door."

"Would you bring your shot gun too?" Valerie chuckled as Chris nodded so seriously.

"And we'd sit out front all night drinking beer until he brought you home," Josh added. Valerie sighed. She missed the guys. Seeing them on holidays and a few minutes of Skype wasn't enough. "What's his name?"


"Linus?" Josh and then Tim broke out in cahoots. "He must have a massive-"

"Seriously?" Chris pushed them over harder this time. He and Valerie both rolled their eyes at the others' joke about the euphemism.

Tim finally stopped laughing enough to say goodbye.

"Bye, Val. Don't have too much fun tonight. Call us if you need us. I mean it."

"We all do. New York isn't that far away." Chris half mumbled. The screen blinked off back to the homepage. Valerie exhaled slowly realizing how lonely she really was. Maybe some time with Linus was exactly what she needed.


Valerie was punctual and strode into the class. A few students looked up with questioning glances from their sewing but most remained focused on their projects. Jacque's stylist was waiting in the back room. She had long, white blonde hair that wrapped in a high pony tail and fell a few inches above her ass. Her pants, corset, and heels were all leather. She couldn't have screamed dominatrix any louder unless she audibly did so. Maybe Jacque...? We'll everyone likes their own level of kink. Jacque had met a good number of people in his career. Coincidence might be that she was just the best, dominatrix or not. After playing with Valerie's hair for a few minutes, she stomped off and howled for Jacque. They argued behind the door before she returned smiling sweetly.

"Jacque would have me ruin my art by putting your hair up. We're going to chop off an inch and then curl all of it to look seductively yummy." Her smile was so wicked and creepy, Valerie zipped her mouth and nodded in agreement instead of replying that she would rather have her hair in an up-do. When makeup was thoroughly applied and hair was ironed in soft, long ringlets, Valerie could hardly recognize herself. She thanked and hugged her talented dominatrix stylist and ran out to find Jacque. A couple of her classmates were still working on their projects past class time when she appeared. They didn't recognize her at first, but Valerie heard their whispers when she went into Jacque's office.

"Wow." Jacque whistled. "Monica was right. Leaving it down was the way to go. You look stunning."

"Thank you."

"You are certainly welcome. If my dress doesn't turn her head, then your beauty certainly will. I can't tell you how important your confidence and grace is tonight though. All I need you to do is be the charming person I know you are at dinner. Maybe walk around the restaurant to dance or use the ladies room as well. The more you walk in the dress, the more my friend will notice."

"How will she know it's yours?"

"You leave that to me. I just want you to have fun tonight. Bring the clothes you're wearing and leave them in your car. I'll meet you before you leave to retrieve the dress and let you know how we did. Here-" Jacques unzipped a garment bag and handed a strapless, pastel peach charmeuse dress over to her. Valerie held it in front of her for Jacque and looked down. The dress swept across the bust and swept over and out from her hips. Her curves would be flaunted especially with a wide sash below the bust and a big bow above her romp.

"Ohhh, Jacque. It's beautiful. If the guys could see me in this..."

"I think they'd be jealous of Linus tonight."

"They might, but they'd never let me out of their sight. I'd either be locked up or have a bodyguard unit sitting around me. They're a bit protective and have never ever seen me in a dress."

"What a shame. I'll give you a picture from the shoot to send to them."

"The shoot? What shoot?"

"I have a few more surprises. I want a picture of this dress for my personal portfolio. Since you're wearing it tonight, you will model it for me. But first, you need shoes and a few accessories." He handed her stud diamond earrings and shoes. When they were on, he motioned for her to spin. He placed a necklace around her neck and clasped it shut. "This is an Art Deco piece with Amazonite diamond shaped stones in sterling frames. It's a rather unique piece that I picked up a few years ago. This shade of green will compliment the peach well."

"I love it. I feel like Cinderella tonight." Jacque chuckled.

"The shoes are yours to keep instead, but everything else comes back to me at the end of the night. Come. We have a photo shoot and then you need to go meet Linus."

Valerie was glad she had practiced walking in higher heels. Her walk to the camera area already set up was a bit stiff, but she managed to follow direction and relax. Linus walked in halfway through. His grin lit up his face and forced his two dimples to appear. He wasn't so bad looking himself. He had shaved his goatee away but still looked stunningly masculine. His black hair, green eyes, and tanned body contrasted well with the tux he wore.

"Valerie, I hope you don't mind. I called Linus while you got started and asked him to come in for the shoot."

At first, modeling with Linus seemed awkward. She had only modeled a few items of her own a few times for class. Even then, she didn't have her face anywhere the frame to worry about how her feelings came across. After a few takes, Linus began to take control. He brushed his fingertips across her face, neck, collarbone, and down her arm. Valerie forgot the shoot and closed her eyes to the sensations of his gentle touches. When Jacque told them he had the shots he wanted, she wasn't quite ready for the shoot to end. Linus kissed her palm and led her from the university to his car.


Linus helped Valerie down from the car. They'd both been nervous and attempted at small talk on the short drive over. Having her sit alone with him looking so feminine and vulnerable drove him insane with need.

"I knew I would owe Jacque for this date, but that dress... Well, now I really owe him big time. I don't think I've ever seen anything prettier in my life."

"If you'd like I can tell Jacques you'd like one in your size," she teased.

"Now that would be a sight, and somehow I don't think "pretty" would be how anyone would describe that view.


"Absolutely not. Ready?" They stood in front of the front of restaurant. Nerves bubbled up in Valerie. She had never been inside. The restaurant was too expensive and too exceptional to visit without a date or a proper reason.

"I think so..."

"You'll be great. You look so great that Jacque's friend would have to be blind not to see you. You have me to help you too." Linus leaned forward and kissed the top of her head. Valerie became increasingly aware of her inability to ignore their chemistry together.

Inside, as hard as Valerie tried not to stare at all of the exquisite woodwork and chandeliers, she tried even harder not to stare at every woman wondering which one might be Jacque's friend. A hostess appeared and guided them still holding hands to the table. Valerie remembered to walk with a confident air and hoped her body did the same. Just as she thought she was out of the clear, a gentleman thrust his chair into the isle in front of her. She managed somehow to swing her body around the chair but lost footing as she whimpered in embarrassment. Linus felt the pull on his arm as she fell and managed to catch her before she hit the marble floor. One hand caught in between her thighs somehow while the other caught her shoulder and then neck as his hand slid. Her cheeks were flushed. Lifting her, he set her down in front of him and brushed her skirt down for her not thinking of the intimacy of the act. Valerie slapped his hand away and turned to finish the ten feet left of trek left to their table.

"Valerie, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. I just wanted to help."

"Thank you for catching me. At least I don't have a bruise and dirt to add the fuck up that I am," she whispered clutching back tears that threatened to spill at any moment.

A waiter appeared with a wine bottle Jacque must have approved. Linus tasted the wine and nodded to the waiter.

"We don't know that she saw. Jacque would be disappointed if we left now. I can half carry you to the bathroom if you want a moment to breathe."

"No. I'm alright. I'll hide behind a menu for a minute if you don't mind." Linus reached across the table with his palm open. Valerie reluctantly put her hand in his.

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