tagMind ControlDelilah's Power Ch. 04

Delilah's Power Ch. 04


Danny walked quickly down the street to his high school. In just a few short days, he had gone from a geeky awkward, shy guy, to a confident sexually needy man. Well, at least, that's what he thought. On the outside, he was still short and geeky. He was thin with almost no muscle. As Danny walked up the steps to his school, he thought about his encounter with Tiffany. He grinned as he played out the scene in his head. She had sucked his cock willingly and he wanted more.

He knew that all he had to say was "Tiffany doll" and she would be his doll, his to use however he wanted. He had cum so fast the last time that he had spent the morning jerking off. He wanted his first fuck to last.

Tiffany was a cheerleader. She was tall and thin with blonde hair. She always wore short skirts and her cheerleading running shoes with white socks. The school colors were burgundy and gold so her white shoes had shoelaces in those colors. As Danny walked around the corner to his locker, he grinned. Tiffany was conveniently standing in the hallway chatting with another blonde cheerleader. Danny considered fucking her in front of the blonde girl, but decided against it. Delilah had told him to keep his powers secret.

"Hi Tiffany doll."

Those were the only words that he needed to say. The old women had told him that all he had to say was her name and doll and then think about what he wanted. Right now, he wanted to fuck her in one of the classrooms. He waited for her response.

Tiffany glanced over at Danny and immediately felt her pussy gush.

"Randi, I have to go. I'll see you at practice in a few minutes." She motioned for Randi to leave and she left quickly down the hall. Tiffany was the head cheerleader so anything she said went.

"I liked sucking your cock Danny. Can I do that again?" Tiffany's eyes were glazed over and blank. She was reaching out to undo his pants.

"No, not here. In this classroom." Danny led Tiffany into the nearest classroom. It was his English class and he hated the teacher and his classmates. He wanted to fuck her on the teacher's desk so that he could daydream about it when he was supposed to be learning about Shakespeare. Tiffany just followed him like a little puppy dog.

"Can I suck your cock now?"

Had Danny heard right. She was begging to suck his cock. This was amazing. He had complete control over her. He thought back to all the porno's he had watched on his computer. He needed to figure out what exactly he wanted.

"Take off your panties and masturbate for me."

Danny sat in the teacher's chair and undid his pants. He pulled out his small cock and began to stroke it. Tiffany did as she was asked and Danny moaned as he saw for the first time a real pussy. It was tight and bare. The lips were swollen and when she spread her lips he saw the moisture against the inside of her pussy. He watched as she slid her finger into her pussy and wiggled it around. She looked just like a porn star with her cheerleading outfit on. Danny slowed down his stroking. He didn't want to cum too fast.

"O.K. climb onto my cock baby." The words startled him. He was sounding like a porn star himself. He watched as Tiffany climbed onto his cock and pushed down hard. Her pussy felt like hot velvet. It wrapped tight around his cock and it took all his control not to cum right then. He took small gasps of air. She was bouncing so hard and fast that all he could do was hold on to the chair. Her breasts were jiggling and he felt her juices running down his balls.

"Make me cum. Make me fucking cum." Tiffany was breathing so hard that she was hyperventilating. Her face was red as she fucked him harder. She didn't care who this guy was. All she cared about was fucking him. Her pussy was stretching and would have been hurting had she not been so wet.

"Oh yeah baby. I'm going to make you cum so hard." Danny found her clit and tugged on it hard. He gripped it between his thumb and index finger and wiggled it back and forth. Tiffany went crazy and screamed out. Danny felt her pussy clamp down on his cock and he was in heaven.

"Cumming!" Danny cried out those words as his cock erupted inside her teenage pussy. He felt his cock swell against the inside of her pussy and imagined his cum coating the walls of her hot center. Tiffany was still thrusting. She loved him inside her.

"Get off me." Danny realized the time. He was going to be late for his chess club meeting. Tiffany obeyed and climbed off his lap.

"Can I have my panties back?" Danny noticed he had them in his hand, clutching the pink and white cotton panties.

"No baby. You're going to cheerleading practice like that. I want you to feel my cum oozing out of you all day."

"Can I come over tonight?" Tiffany was standing up and smoothing out her skirt. Danny just giggled. This power Delilah had given him was addictive.

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