tagErotic HorrorDemon Victim Ch. 01

Demon Victim Ch. 01


George was your average, every-day man. He had a 9-5 desk job that he didn't hate but didn't really enjoy either, a house in the suburbs, he drove an average car. Although his wife, Samantha, was pretty she wasn't anything spectacular. They'd been married for 25 years now, they were both in their late forties and had one child - a daughter named Claudia - who was in her first year of college. His brother Harry also lived in the area with his wife Nadia and their daughter Mandy. George and Samantha even had a vacation house out in the woods that they went to every so often to get away from the hustle and bustle of regular life.

Yes, everything about George's life had been rather average and uninteresting... well except one thing. Poor George had a rather unaverage penis. It wasn't so small as to be nonexistent, but he was rather unproud of its five inches... he'd been ashamed of it for most of his life. His wife insisted that she didn't mind at all - after all, to make up for what he thought of his "short-comings" he'd found amazing techniques that never failed to bring her to orgasm. Sometimes several of them. With the amazing way he could tongue, finger, and fuck, she insisted that he didn't need to be ashamed of anything; but he still couldn't quite shake his feelings of doubt. Not that he thought she was faking anything, it was just that he'd been raised by a very old-fashioned father and so had some rather old-fasioned ideas about masculinity.

One day when he was sitting at his desk at work he thought, 'I'd give anything to have a bigger dick. Not even a huge one, just bigger.'

The back of his mind, ever watchful, nudged him, 'Anything? Are you sure you'd give anything?'

For a moment George hesitated... how often had he heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"? On the other hand, that is what he wanted. Would it be so bad to get it? Well, he wouldn't want to lose his wife or his family, and he wouldn't want to die or be horribly disformed... but yeah. He'd give a lot. After all, if he lost his money then he could always work back up again, everything but his family was like that. As long as he could keep his family he'd be happy.

'Yes,' he thought, 'I'd give anything but my family and health for a bigger dick.'

Suddenly he screeched in pain, jerking at his desk as it rushed through him, feeling like a white hot poker had been shoved into his body. Every particle of his being screamed in protest at the pain, it felt like something was inside him, filling him... then his groin seemed to explode. It hurt terribly, almost as though something was yanking on his dick, pulling it agonizingly away from his body...

Just as quickly as it had come, the pain was gone, and he shuddered and collapsed onto the desk.

'Hello,' said a voice. Jerking upwards he looked around, but no one else was there. 'You can't see me,' the voice continued, 'I'm here... inside you... You wanted a bigger dick and I have granted your wish.'

"What are you?" whispered George, very frightened now. He hadn't really been serious when he'd thought that, had he? Was he going crazy now?

'I'm a demon. A very powerful demon... and now your body is going to be mine whenever I want it to be. Don't worry, you're going to be in perfect health, and I have many ideas about how we're going to be able to keep your family.' the voice was perfectly calm, perfectly logical, but George was now sweating heavily, absolutely terrified.

'Get out, get out, get out, get out...' he thought, afraid to say it.

'I can hear your thoughts you know,' his eyes squeezed shut as that voice echoed through his head; but it wasn't angry, 'I'm not going anywhere. You said anything for a bigger dick, I've granted your wish and now I'm going to take my payment.'

"No," whispered George, "You can't, I won't let you."

Laughter rang throughout his head, cruel and high... whimpering he clutched his head between his hands, trying to make it go away. 'Your body is mine whenever I want it,' the voice told him, 'I'll show you now. We're going to go visit your wife.'

Although every particle of George's being wanted to stay at his desk, to wake up at work and have this just be a dream; his body ignored his desires. Getting up he walked out the door and past the secretary.

"Mr. James?" she asked, startled, "Where are you going?"

"Home," he smiled reassuringly at her, although the real George was screaming inside his head... what was happening, how could his body be acting without him, "I'm just feeling a little sick, and the wife was sick with pneumonia a few days ago so if I caught it I want to head it off early."

"Oh ok," she smiled back at him cheerfully, "Well I hope you feel better!"

George tried to tell her with his eyes that much more than pneumonia was wrong with him right now; his body was inhabited by something! Something evil and cruel that had taken over his body... but instead he just walked right the door to his car. Curling up inside his own head, George started to cry; although his body and expression remained exactly the same, smiling pleasantly.


When George's body walked into the house his wife Samantha smiled at him, "Honey what are you doing home so early?"

But he didn't answer, he just kept that same pleasant smile on his face and walked forward, kissing her deeply and pulling her into him, his hands running up and down her body. Laughing, she tried to pull away, "George! I'm not done with the housework! And you better not have just come home to try and get into bed with me!... George?... GEORGE!"

George screamed inside his own head as the demon pushed his wife to the ground, ripping off her clothes. His beautiful wife, who struggled and fought, screaming his name as he held her down, his mouth closing over her nipple. Sobbing she fought back, haunted by the fact that her beloved husband completely ignored her, the pleasant smile on his face starting to look almost insane. When his dick began to push into her, she screamed again, it was much thicker and longer than she remembered it being, in fact it felt like it was tearing her apart.

For himself, George was aghast at the monstrosity that the Demon had created on his body, his dick was now as big as a porn stars! And it was obviously causing Samantha a lot of pain, she hadn't slept with anyone but him since their marriage and his previously small dick wouldn't have in any way prepared her for this. To his horror he realized that he could still feel his body, feel the way her tight pussy stretched out for him, feeling her soft breasts against his chest and the way her hands clawed at his arms. Begging and pleading with him to stop, Samantha screamed as the huge dick was buried inside her; her mind was completely numb by now.

Slowly she stopped fighting, she didn't know what was happening and her mind was just blank as she tried to escape the horror of her own husband brutally raping her... with a monster cock that she didn't even recognize! George's mouth bit down hard on her breast, making her jerk underneath him; he curled up inside his own head and cried as the Demon caused his wife pain in order to get a response from her. Apparently he liked her fighting... her breasts and shoulders became covered with bite marks as she sobbed and struggled beneath him; her body writhing erotically.

Pumping hard and brutally, banging against her cervix with every thrust, the Demon howled its triumph as burning seed spilled into her body. Samantha sobbed, completely defeated... although she hadn't yet realized just how defeated. The Demon had not only increased the length and width of George's cock, but it had increased the potency of his sperm too, by adding his own into it. Although Samantha was on the pill, she was also now conceiving a half-Demon child in her womb; something that she wouldn't know for awhile.

In the meantime, the Demon flipped her over; George couldn't believe that the dick was still hard and he despaired.

'It stays hard as long as I want it to,' the voice told him maliciously, 'And I'm not quite done with her yet.'

Both George and Samantha screamed as the Demon began forcing into Samantha's ass, taking away her anal virginity in the most painful way possible. Completely defeated she just submitted, which was fortunate because the Demon wouldn't have cared if he'd torn her open. Instead she just accepted the burning pain, didn't even struggle very much, because she had no energy left to protest. Even her voice had gone hoarse, dull from the screaming. Dimly she wondered if she was dreaming... if she could just wake up and find out that this was all a horrible dream.

The Demon pleasured itself in her ass, making her writhe as she cramped and her asshole burned, but for the most part she just lay there submissively, moaning her agony. Laughter echoed around George's head as the Demon came in her ass, searing the insides of her tender, defiled hole with its sperm.


That night the Demon tied Samantha to the bed and raped her repeatedly, toying with her body cruelly. It wasn't until the morning that he let George take his body back over, crying helplessly as he untied his battered wife and helped her to the bath. Poor Samantha didn't know what to think when her husband's face suddenly crumbled from that cruel, pleasant smile into this sobbing wreck who treated her tenderly. She thought she must be going insane.

As George bathed her tenderly he told her what had happened, his voice broken. Although she wanted to scream and rage at him she didn't have the energy; instead she just sobbed quietly, wondering how they were ever going to get out of this. Wondering if they could.

After he'd bathed and fed her and put her to bed, the Demon took back over; locking the windows and door to the bedroom with his power he took George's body out onto the street.

'Let's find someone nice,' he said to George, 'Your wife looks like she could use some rest... and I don't to be cruel.' Laughter echoed all around him, although to any passer-by he just looked like an average man smiling pleasantly.

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