tagErotic HorrorDemonology: The Cowboy

Demonology: The Cowboy


He sat next to the bar, slowly peeling a label off his bottle of beer. His black cowboy hat rested over his forehead as he leaned back, precariously balanced on the back legs of his chair. The sharpness of his nails went unnoticed by the rest of the people in the bar. They were too busy doing the Friday night ritual of trying to get a date for the weekend, or at least for the night. The men were more obvious, except for those trying to play it cool. The women were trying to act like they were out with friends, but the frequent glances around to the veritable meat market of wanna be cowboy flesh betrayed their true motives.

He chuckled to himself. He didn't think a single one of these people even knew how to ride a horse. Sure they all had the boots and the hats and the jeans, but all were too clean and new. The suburbs were probably as close to the country as half these people had ever seen. He hated being this far into civilization, but the masses of people gave him the best camouflage possible. In this city filled with strangers, no one would notice him. More importantly, no one would notice his feeding habits.

He glanced over the tops of his sunglasses at a pretty blonde thing. Some dumb looking guy was obviously trying to pick her up. He seemed a typical jock, probably could do more pushups than his IQ. She didn't seem like she was falling for his lines – or his biceps. As she kept turning away from him, looking back at her girly red drink, he saw his chance to move in. He stood up, the click of his boot heels inaudible over the sound of the music being played. People on the dance floor were trying to line dance after too many beers, but no one was noticing.

He reached the near side of the blonde. "Hey Buddy." He spoke past her to the dumb jock. "The girl wants you to leave her alone you fucking moron." He wasn't that tall, barely six foot, and his frame was a lot lighter than the jock's. He didn't back down an inch though as the guy stood up to his full height, a good six inches over him. He must have been outweighed by another sixty or seventy pounds too.

"Are you stupid, cowboy?" The jock started to crack his knuckles. As the two men approached each other, the blonde girl quickly got out of the way. Her sudden movement caught the eye of the bar tender.

The man behind the bar ran over, "Hey! No trouble in here, guys. Take it outside or go sit down." The bartender didn't back off until both the antagonists moved towards the back door. The blonde was left watching the men leave through the back.

He smiled as the door closed; the big jock didn't have a chance. He took his sunglasses off. Even in the dim light of the alley, the streetlights shone off his metallic golden eyes. Suddenly his arm snapped out, grabbing the jock by the arm and breaking it in one quick move. Almost immediately, the jock was on the ground, knocked unconscious. As he pulled the jock's body off the pavement, he smiled. The back of the limp body's head was split; a deep cut on almost to the skull was oozing blood. He smiled as he pulled the limp body up to his mouth, easily lifting him with a single arm. As he sucked at the back of the body's skull, the blood pouring down his throat, he glanced back at the door. No one would think anything when they found the unconscious body. A couple of pints of blood wouldn't be missed by the big lug.

He threw the limp, unconscious body down on the ground and walked back into the bar, wiping the blood from his mouth as he replaced the sunglasses on his face. Slipping back in, he walked over to the blonde, "Sorry about that, Miss." He did his best closed mouth smile. As she turned to him, with a concerned look on her face, he was sure he had this in the bag.

"Oh my god, I thought he was going to…" She straightened up as she rethought her words. Her smile as she twirled a finger along the top of her daiquiri brightened as she tilted her head slightly. "Thank you, He just was not taking a hint. I mean … Hi, I'm Shelly." She giggled a bit as he sat down next to her.

"Nice to meet you Shelly. I'm Mark." He glanced down at her drink, "Want a refill?" He kept talking her up, all the while staying a bit aloof behind his sunglasses. When she finally asked about them, he gave her some excuse about being sensitive to light. It wasn't long before she was leaving on his arm. They walked out of the bar together. His arm was around her waist as he hailed a cab to head back to his hotel for some additional drinks. They took the elevator up to the forth floor of the residence inn, walking down to room 420.

As he slid the keycard into the door, he wrapped his arm around her waist, firmly kissing her lips as he opened the door to the suite. As he looked into her eyes, he smiled. Such pretty blue eyes. The curtains we already pulled shut and the room was pitch black except for the soft green glow from the alarm clock. He set his sunglasses down on the desk as he picked her up. Mark carried her over to the bed, softly setting her down. He could sense the blood coursing through her. As he pressed her back, crawling on top of her on the bed, he ran his fingers through her blonde hair.

He softly breathed against her neck. She smiled, probably unaware he could see in the lack of light. "You're beautiful." He pulled off her shirt, exposing the soft lace bra underneath. He ran his tongue along the lace edge, tasting the sweat on her skin. Her breasts were soft and full. He smiled again as she started to pull off his shirt.

"Mark?" Her voice was breathless. He felt himself growing hard at the vulnerability in that voice. "I don't … I don't normally…" She gasped, her back arching as her unclasped her bra, free to lick the full flesh of her chest. Her heartbeat pounding, loudly, making his erection harder at the thought of her blood coursing through her veins.

He chuckled, softly. "Shelly, I know. Don't worry." He slipped his boots off and threw his cowboy hat over towards the chair. In the darkness, Shelly was unable to see the two small horns his hat had concealed beneath it. He quickly had her jeans and boots off. With one arm he picked her up and pulled the comforter off the bed. He placed her gently on the bed. Mark slowly kissed down her stomach. His mouth tasting every inch of her as he pulled her panties off and added those to the pile of clothes on the carpet.

"Oh god, Mark!" She arched her back as his warm, moist tongue found its place between her legs. His lips pressed firmly against her sex as his tongue found its way into her, gently probing the soft moist flesh, tasting the aroused juices of her human body. She gasped again as he licked at her throbbing sex.

Mark kept licking her, his tongue probing and licking every drop of fluid she produced, replacing it with his own saliva. He was so caught up in sucking her juices that he failed to notice her hand moving to brush through his hair. As her fingers brushed across the firmness of a horn he found himself gasping. For something so hard, his horns were surprisingly sensitive. The slightest brush across them sent an electric shock though his body,

She tensed, "What was that?" She gasped as he moved up, pressing her hands to her sides. His lips covered any further questions as his juice-covered tongue probed her warm mouth. As his naked body pressed down against her, her heart sped. She didn't resist, whether because it was futile or because she wanted it as much as he did, he didn't know and didn't care. Her heartbeat was a rhythm entrancing him as he slid his cock into her warm tight folds with an audible grunt.

Harder he pressed into her, setting up a rhythm as he released her arms and picked her up by the waist. He leaned back, lifting her up until only the slightest bit of him was still in her, then pulling her down towards him, filling her warm human cunt. "Shelly, don't be scared." His voice was little more than a whisper as he kept fucking her. Over and over he brought her up and down as she wrapped her legs around his back. Her moans increased as he kept his rhythm. He heard and felt her heart speed up, as her breathing grew labored. His cock filled her completely. He kept the rhythm up. Harder and harder, he pressed her down on him. "Shelly." His breath was hot against her throat, the pulse through her jugular making him dizzy. "I want to feel you cum, baby."

"Mark" Her voice was barely audible. "Yes. Oh yes." She suddenly clenched, his cock was filling her, stretching her as she took his full length. As her orgasm approached, she trembled in his strong grip. She felt herself about to cum as she opened her eyes, almost used to the dim darkness now. As she looked into his metallic golden eyes, seeing the two pointed horns on his forehead, she was unable to scream in fear. Her orgasm broke over her as her heart raced from passion and fear. An incoherent moan escaped her lips as she felt him thrust even deeper into her, then everything went black.

He thrust into her one last time, his testicles tightening as he felt his seed flood out in a wave. He grunted, pulling her down onto him fully. His cock released two more spurts of cum. As he held her there, her cunt full of his cum, he tried to catch his breath. As he held her there, slowly his seed started to leak from her, pooling in a wet puddle on the hotel sheets. He laid her down, softly. Slowly he lowered his lips to her breast, his mouth opening to reveal the sharp fangs of his canines. A quick puncture to her breast and he started softly lapping up her blood. Shelly's breathing slowed as sleep claimed her. He shuddered again at the taste of her warm blood, flushed with endorphins from her orgasm. With little more than a taste of her blood he pressed a finger over the wound, placing pressure on the puncture until it stopped bleeding.

Mark looked over at the clock as he lay down next to her. It was 3AM. He sighed as he looked down at the human lying in his arms. She was beautiful. There was no excuse for him being careless enough for her to feel his horns though. With a last kiss to her forehead he got up and got dressed, leaving nothing but a note. As he looked back at her one last time, he paused and walked back. Mark smiled a bit, this time not caring if his fangs showed. He pulled a blanket over her, gently brushing his fingers across her cum covered thigh. As he left her, he wondered if this was how his father felt. Not knowing if his seed would cause a half-human creature. He wasn't much of anything as it was, being nothing but a half-breed. If he knocked her up, his child probably wouldn't even seem anything but human with how his blood was so diluted. It didn't matter though; he would never know one way or the other. He had to leave, before he was found. He placed his hat back over his horns, leaving Shelly behind.

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