tagBDSMDen of Iniquity Ch. 11

Den of Iniquity Ch. 11


Author's Note: Welcome to the final chapter of Den of Iniquity. I'd like to thank everyone who has supported this story over the past year, and especially rachel for her outstanding editing. This has been the most ambitious story I've tried to write. I am so humbled and so inspired by everyone's votes, comments and feedback. It's all we aspiring writers get! So please keep them coming. It helps so much to really know…

Annie and I rounded the entrance to the salon and were greeted by a wall of eerie silence. A few looked toward us as we entered. We'd barely stepped a foot inside before Chantelle's voice rang like an executioner's bell.

"Close the doors behind you, Roger."

Once I pulled the heavy salon doors closed, Annie hugged my arm tightly and we took our places in Chantelle's audience. Looking around I noticed some of the chairs from around the walls had been moved into a semi-circle. Chantelle sat on the edge of her over-stuffed, large black leather chair facing us. She had her hands clasped together around her knees. Claudio was leaning into her ear, whispering and gesticulating quickly. She had her head down and was nodding.

There were quite a few concerned faces amongst those gathered. Sitting on the chairs were Alex O'Donohue, Emmanuel Hammerstein, Royston Gardner, and their wives. Hammerstein and Gardner were keeping well apart, with their wives sitting between them. The men looked worried, while the women looked annoyed to be missing a perfectly good party. The rest of us stood behind the chairs, waiting for the axe to fall.

Neither Josephine nor Sylvia were anywhere to be seen. Looking around, I noticed Adrian and Jonathan were also missing. I figured they were still at their posts. Finally, Chantelle waved Claudio away, eying those around her. She stood up and put her hands on her hips. Later I would swear she looked six foot tall.

"I am very disappointed," she began. "Because among those I call my friends, there are those who would take advantage of the hospitality I have shown them."

Her eyes flickered over us. I wondered for a moment if she meant me. I shook my head at the ridiculous thought.

"Not only have they taken advantage of it, but they have deliberately and callously abused it."

She scanned over those standing to my left as she went on.

"Both in business and socially I hold honesty to be an inviolable requirement, and I have been let down today."

Emmanuel Hammerstein shook his head.

"Emmanuel?" Chantelle asked. "Am I boring you?"

Hammerstein answered gruffly. "I'm just wondering where this is going, Chantelle. It was all just a stupid mistake." His eyes flicked over to Gardner.

Chantelle's eyes narrowed.

"You allowed this to happen on my property. You knew. Despite your apparent lack of active participation, you allowed a criminal act to occur on my property. And to an employee of your own company!" She turned to Gardner. "And as for you… Your desire to play out your disgusting control-freak games sickens me. You are a weak, cowardly, conniving man. I have rarely seen behaviour less befitting of someone I employ. As my lawyers, Gardner and Hammerstein are dismissed. As my guests, you are no longer welcome. You may see yourselves out."

The wives of both men were on their feet and heading to the door. Emmanuel Hammerstein went to protest and Chantelle held up her hand. He stood and strode across in front of us all and stopped. Turning to Chantelle, he muttered, "You're all sick."

Chantelle shrugged and replied, "I have the photo, Emmanuel."

Hammerstein blanched. It looked like he was going to throw up. His wife asked, "What photo?" but she didn't get an answer. Emmanuel hustled her out of there as quickly as he could.

Gardner stood and shook his head. He opened his mouth as if to say something but decided against it. He turned on his heel and walked out, his wife tugging on his sleeve and three or four of the top lawyers and their partners followed him. I smiled when I realised the head of Videomax wasn't leaving. My boss Mike looked across at me and winked once, staying put and looking back towards Chantelle. I heard the salon doors open and close heavily and that was that. There were still about eight of us there. Chantelle turned her attention to Alex O'Donohue.

"I've known you for many years, Alex. I knew you sailed your boat close to the wind, but you have been playing a different game tonight, haven't you."

Alex cleared his throat before responding. "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Did you not try to talk Claudio into convincing me to float this business on the stock exchange?"

"Y… yes, I thought it was a good idea. I still do."

"And when it didn't happen, what did you do?"

Alex hesitated and looked down at his hands. His wife looked like she had no idea what was going on. He looked back up at Chantelle and his whole demeanor had changed.

"I spoke with Claudio's girlfriend."


"Yes, Josephine."

"Would you like me to tell all these kind people exactly what you proposed to Josephine? Or are you man enough to do it yourself, governor candidate O'Donohue?"

He suddenly stood up and spoke, "I've had enough of this. I'm leaving. You'll be hearing from my lawyers."

"If I hear from your lawyers, the press hears from me, Alex."

He practically wrenched his dumbfounded wife from her seat and stomped his way to the doors of the salon. He turned around and looked daggers at Chantelle before finally leaving without saying another word.

It was all happening so fast I was wondering if I missed the explanation.

"Roger, Annie, please sit."

Annie and I took two of the vacated chairs and Claudio appeared and sat on the armrest of Chantelle's chair, right beside her.

Chantelle sighed before continuing. "I suppose you are all wondering what the hell just happened. And I'd like to fill you in enough to satisfy your curiosity, without sounding like I am starting vicious rumours. Let me just say that people I regarded as associates were willing to use my friends and my premises, not only to play their manipulative games, but also to damage my reputation and loosen my hold on the Domina Flagrante."

She looked around at all of us.

"This lifestyle does not compromise on things such as honesty, truth, and openness. Just about everything else is relative. One can come and go from the lifestyle. One can dabble or play now and again. There is no need to commit to a new way of living in order to enjoy some of the physical benefits one can get by playing with some of the tools of our trade. In other words, a person can proudly say they just play occasionally and would be welcomed here.

"But when someone comes along, who manipulates, lies, and cajoles people into doing things as part of a grand plan to bring me down - these are the people I cannot tolerate. I hold in my hand the power to ruin these men. All for what? For a ‘mistake', a ‘bit of fun'? One only has one's reputation to fall back on. And it's the one thing that always catches up with you. Oh, you can change your name, or move to a new town. One can always start over. But are the broken hearts and broken promises left in your wake worth it?

"Many years ago, I made a mistake when I wasn't honest. I hurt someone badly and she's never forgiven me for it. Because of the meddling of others I trusted, it almost cost me my reputation. If I hadn't lied to someone all those years ago, all this could have been avoided. So, I blame myself. But I want you to learn something. Everyone starts somewhere. Pretending you are someone you are not keeps others from really knowing you, which in turn keeps you from knowing yourself. Be honest to yourself first. And start now."

We all gave out a collective sigh. I think most were happy to have their innocence confirmed. That was certainly how I felt. We all sat there, silently mulling over Chantelle's words.

Claudio stood and clapped his hands, grinning. "Okay, let's go! There's a party out there, and we're missing out on it!"

Chantelle's huge smile was an enormous relief to me. It was amazing how close I felt to her, even though I'd only known her a few days. As she took Claudio's offered arm and I stood up with Annie on mine, I briefly wondered if she would ever find what she was looking for. Or had she already found it? And was that a twinkle I saw in her eye?

She and Claudio walked past us and Annie and I smiled at her. She nodded at us, waving us to follow and mouthing the words, "Come on!" Then she winked at me. After all that had happened, and despite not knowing exactly what it all meant, seeing her wink at me made me grin. I knew everything would be all right. Chantelle was in control again.

We fell in behind her and Claudio opened the doors of the salon. I had a sense of déjà vu finding myself in an entourage behind Chantelle, heading for the main hall. I smiled to myself. Annie leaned up and kissed my cheek while we walked.

"You seem pleased, Sir," she said quietly.

"I feel like I belong here."

She hugged her body as close to mine as she could without tripping us over. As we exited the salon and turned for the hall, I glanced over at Jonathan, who was again on the phone, chatting and smiling. He nodded and waved to me and I smiled and nodded back. The sound level of the dance music grew rapidly as we approached the doors of the main hall. I had the eerie feeling we were about to enter an empty hall and everyone had gone home.

My fears were soon dispelled as we crossed the threshold and found ourselves back in the thick of things. There were people everywhere and the place looked more crowded than ever! The dance floor was packed and it looked like the second shift of dominant and subbie exhibitions had started. Annie and I found ourselves next to Chantelle and Claudio, and Chantelle leaned up and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks for trying to look out for me, Roger," she said.

"I should have come to you sooner," I replied. "There never seemed to be a good time."

"It wouldn't have changed anything, Roger."

"Perhaps you are right."

"Honestly, Roger. It all happened so fast…"

"I still don't know what actually happened."

"Perhaps one day I'll tell you."

"That would be good."

Chantelle turned to Claudio and asked him to dance with her and they were off. The crowd on the dance floor swallowed them up. I turned to Annie and smiled. She'd held my hand quietly during the whole exchange.

She smiled demurely up at me and asked, "Do you think I'm still in trouble?"

I pulled her into me and I slipped my arms around her. We swayed to the beat of the music and I kissed her warm mouth softly. "I don't think you were ever in trouble, little one," I said quietly.

She grinned and showed off her perfect teeth. Hugging me tightly, she kissed me with fervour. "I could do with that drink now."

"What would you like?" I asked.

She blushed instantly. It dawned on me immediately what kind of drink she desired. I looked around to see if anyone was standing close enough to overhear what I was about to say. When I realised the coast was clear, I leaned into her ear and said loud enough for only her to hear, "Do you want to suck my cock, Annie?"

I saw her visibly swallow as I leaned back and watched the blush in her cheeks intensify. I licked my lips and smiled while waiting for her response.

"Right now, there is nothing I would rather do more, Sir."

"But you can't do it right here, Annie."

"I know a place."

"Not the stairwell."

She giggled. "No, not there. Come with me."

She took my hand again and headed over toward the left hand side of the stage. Adjacent to the stage there was a door that Annie opened and we slipped inside and I closed it behind us.

"This is the room where we get ready before going on stage."

"On stage?"

"Yes, the stage is just up those steps and around to your right," she said, pointing. "The light coming through there is from the dance floor."

I looked around the room. There was nothing particularly unusual about it. A couple of chairs gathered around a small kitchen-type table. Coffee maker switched off. A lounge over to one side. A black box up on the wall.

A black box up on the wall?

"Hmmmm…" I wondered.


"Never mind. Come here."

Annie approached with a wicked grin on her lips. I reached out and took her wavy blonde hair in my fist and twisted. "I am so looking forward to this," I whispered, forcing her to her knees on the carpeted floor. Eagerly she reached for my fly and drew it down, reaching inside to grasp my cock through my boxers. I was undoing my belt and unbuttoning the catch at the top when she looked up at me.

"Hurry please, Sir. I want this so bad."

I was hard already as I pushed my pants down over my hips. They fell to the floor as Annie drew my boxers down and took my vibrating cock in her hot little hand. She stroked quickly, then spat on my cock, not once, but twice.

"Nasty," I said, smiling down on her.

"Yes Sir," she grinned up at me.

"Can you take it all?" I asked. God I looked so huge in her small hand. She looked back down at my cock, stroking it toward her mouth and reaching out her tongue to gather the pre-cum bubbling from the tip. She eyed the length and the width, then swept her tongue up the side from the base to the tip. She looked back up into my eyes.

"I think so, Sir. You could always just force me." Annie blushed at that and leaned forward, taking the head into her mouth and sucking for pre-cum, her hand still stroking the length.

"I'm not going to last long."

"Just use me, Sir. I want your cum, your pleasure. I want it so badly." Her hands went to my ass, and she pushed her mouth down the length of my cock.

"Oh, man. Look at that," I said, completely surprised. I couldn't get my jacket and tie off quickly enough! I tossed them on the couch and slipped the fingers of both hands into her hair. I rocked into her and the tight bumpy sensation of sliding in and out of her throat had me on edge in seconds. Her hands tightened around my ass and she wasn't stopping. My own hands tightened in her hair and I threw back my head, clenching my teeth, trying to hold off, just for a few seconds more.

Tingles rushed up my legs and my toes curled in my shoes. Faster and faster I fucked her mouth. My body stiffened and I pulled her down hard, burying myself in her throat. Her tongue danced on the underside, mouth sucking, throat convulsing and I exploded.

"Oohhhhhhh fucckkkkkkkk!!!!"

She held tight and in my ecstasy my hands fell from her hair. Somehow she stayed down there, sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing. Then slowly drew her mouth back. Her cheeks hollowed and I felt like my eyes were bulging as she sucked every last bit of cum from my balls. Her mouth popped when my cock came free and she giggled and smiled up at me.

"Thank you for your cum, Sir," she said, stroking my cock gently as my excitement subsided.

I took a deep breath and shook my head, smiling down on her. "You're welcome, Annie. I think having a crowd behind that door inspired you."

"It was very exciting, Sir."

"Come on. Time to put me away, little one."

"Awww, do I have to?" she replied, first pouting then winking, grinning and kissing the tip one more time. She promptly let go and pulled up my boxers and pants. She was deft and had them done up in moments. I buckled my belt. Annie still knelt before me.

"Kiss me, naughty girl," I said, grinning.

She jumped up into my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply. I kissed her back, enjoying the feel of her body against mine as I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Should we be getting back?" she asked when I leaned back up.

"I wanted to take a quick look around first," I said, winking.

I left her standing in the middle of the room, wondering what I was up to, while I went over to the wall and felt around the edge of the box and flipped the catch, opening it. Sure enough there was a flogger and a crop in there, along with a few other things. I wondered if there were cleaning items nearby. "Annie?"

"Y… Yes, Sir?"

"Is there a bathroom or kitchen back here?"

"Yes, Sir. There is a bathroom at the top of the steps on your left."

I took down the crop and flogger and headed for the bathroom, taking the four steps two at a time. At the top I stopped and turned around. "Stay here, Annie."

"I will, Sir."

"And Annie?"

"Yes, Sir?"

"Play with your nipples until I get back."

She grinned. "Yes, Sir!"

I watched as her hands came up to her breasts and she stood there in her little black dress, pinching her nipples through it. I turned for the bathroom and rummaged under the sink. As expected, I found some rubbing alcohol and poured some onto a hand towel and ran it up and down each strand of the flogger. I patted it dry and swung it through the air a few times. I cleaned off the end of the crop in the same manner, making a mental note to lightly oil them both later. Or have someone else do it. I chuckled.

This is going to be fun, I thought to myself, and felt my cock thicken.

With the crop and flogger held in one hand, I returned to the top of the steps and bounded down them, giving Annie a start. "You can move fast when you want to, can't you, Sir," she said, grinning and plucking at her nipples.

"Let's take a look at the stage."

"What are you planning, Sir?"

"Don't ask questions. And stop playing with your nipples, you hussy."

She gulped as I took her hand. "Yes, Sir."

The stage itself was made of wooden floorboards and there was a large black cloth covering a St. Andrew's cross in centre stage. Looking out into the audience, I noted that no one was looking our way, as if we were invisible.

"It's too bright under the dance floor lights, Sir. They can't see us without shielding their eyes."

"Where are the stage lights?"

She pointed and began walking toward a smaller version of Adrian's switches and knobs in the control room. "Over here on this table by the wall."

At my prompting, Annie proceeded to explain the simple functions of the stage lighting including how to fade in, fade out, and the switches for the various lights. She also explained how Adrian could override any of the manual controls from the control room. I put down the crop and flogger while I studied the lighting panel and made sure I understood what was what.

Catching my eye at the back of the stage were four or five different furniture items also covered in the same black cloth as the cross. It was clear Chantelle had not intended to use the stage this evening. I went to investigate, lifting the black coverings on each item and checking them out. Finding nothing of particular interest I looked back towards the dance floor and noticed two long chains anchored somewhere over centre stage, high up in the rafters. They hung down at a severe angle and following them down with my eyes, I realised they ended with wrist cuffs, and were tied loosely to the wall.

Interesting, I thought. But I'll have to move the cross.

I investigated and was pleased to discover the cross was fixed to a small platform on lockable wheels and I quickly pushed it soundlessly to the back of the stage. Then I walked back over to Annie, who was still standing nervously by the lighting panel.

"The cuffs are too low. How do I raise them?" I asked.

"The levers on the wall next to where they were tied, Sir. Do them both at the same time and both hands will be raised."

"I see them," I replied. "Disrobe to your panties, bra and heels, naughty girl."


"You would suck me off with a hundred people on the other side of a door, but would defy me when I give you an order to strip to your underthings? Would you rather be naked, little one?"

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