Denise Moves In


I rolled her to the side again and started to "remount". "Wait," she gasped, reaching for the nightstand. "I use this with my vibrators," she said, bringing out a bottle of lube.

"I think you're wet enough, honey," I protested. She held me back still and squirted some of the oil into her other palm.

She smeared it thickly along my shaft and then lowered it. I watched as she bypassed her oozing slit, centering me on her puckered ass hole. "I want you in my ass, mister. I've never let another living cock in there. Vibrators, yes, but never a hard prick." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I felt her sphincter loosen and she pulled me inside the scalding heat of her rectum. I obliged by pressing deeper, but she said, "Wait, just a second. Let's roll over."

Outside her again I watched as she squatted over me, raising my cock up. She was panting as she sank down, inch by inch until her cheeks rested against my hips. She leaned forward and licked the drying juices from around my mouth before plunging her tongue deep into my mouth. She started fucking herself then, rising and falling. At first she moved gingerly, carefully, but she increased her speed as she got used to my thickness in her bowels.

She pressed my shoulders and raised up then. Another growl escaped her then. This one was more the sound of an animal than the first. "Fuck my ass!" she screamed. "Fuck me as hard as you fucked my pussy!"

Taking her at her word (as if I had much choice by then) I rolled her from me with the next thrust and followed. I grabbed her legs and raised them, spreading them as wide as I could without injury. I pounded her. Over and over I stabbed her ass. My balls slapped against her round cheeks. She whimpered and tears leaked from her squinted eyelids. I slowed then, afraid I was really hurting her. But she gasped and grabbed my hips. "No! Keep fucking me! Split me if you want to!" I resumed my assault.

The truth was that it was my first anal sex. My first wife wouldn't hear of it. Wendy...well, she had always said that, "maybe, someday...", though she didn't mind my tongue or finger sliding into her there. She even claimed to enjoy tonguing my hole -- I know I sure like it. I wondered if Denise could convince her after this. I sure hoped so, because as I came inside her again, the aching pleasure behind my balls thrilled me. She still held my hips when I started to slide out. "Go slow," she gasped. "I'm kind of sore."

"I imagine you are," I replied. I inched from her, marveling at the gaping hole where her rosebud used to be. As I watched she flexed and the hole began to shrink again. As it closed, a thin rivulet of semen oozed out. I held her gaze as I lowered my lips to the greasy hole and, once again, "cleaned up my mess". She laughed and gripped her own thighs, wriggling her hips.

"You are such a nasty, nasty mother fucker!" She yelped. "And I absolutely LOVE it! My mom is so-o-o lucky!" She rolled to her feet and pulled me up next to her. Leading me by my dirty cock, she led us to the shower. When she soaped my balls and cock, I started to harden again. "Oh, no, you don't. I can't take any more right now." She slapped at it with the washrag, which I found strangely erotic.

We dried off but went naked to the kitchen, where Denise made us a huge omelet. I sat sipping coffee, enjoying watching her move around. I really enjoyed it when she bent forward to get onion and peppers from the crisper. Her pussy gapped open a little. She giggled and wiggled her hips. I realized she'd caught me staring. She was looking at me over her shoulder with a grin.

After we ate, Denise dressed and said she had some errands to run. Alone again, I returned to my computer to write this tale. By the time Wendy got home, the barbecue was ready and Denise had a salad made. Wendy dropped her coat on the chair by the door as Denise -- naked as birth again -- rushed her mother and grabbed her in a bear hug. She smacked kisses all over Wendy's cheeks. My wife grinned at me wryly as she said, "I'm just guessing, but I believe I detect the side effects of a bit of "Frank magic" in the air. She inhaled dramatically before adding, "No, no, I guess it's just the stench of lust and sex in the air." She pushed her daughter away, but leaned on her shoulder as she used her other hand to pull off her shoes.

Wendy showered and retuned to the kitchen just as I was pulling the steaks off the grill. We sat at the redwood table on the deck and ate. The sky turned orange, and then a deep blue before it faded to starry black. Wendy and Denise took the cover off the hot tub while I cleared the dishes. When I got back outside it seemed as if Wendy's cheeks were more flushed than the heat rising from the water could account for. She grabbed my dick and pulled me down next to her on the bench. She kissed me -- hard -- before se said, "Denise told me all about your morning...all about it."

I glanced at Denise and saw her grinning back at me. Then I felt her foot in my crotch again. I spread my legs, which alerted Wendy. She slapped at her daughter's insolent foot. "Huh-uh, baby, it's Mama's turn tonight. To me, she said, "You better have saved some for me Magic Man. Denise makes you sound like Superman."

I grabbed her nipple and gave it a pinch. "Sure, but I think a mother who lets her daughter get fucked in the ass by dirty old men should be punished." Wendy gets hot when she gets her ass spanked.

"Ooh!" Denise squealed. "Do I get to watch?"

"Huh-uh," Wendy said, lust filling her eyes. "But you're free to listen. It's gonna be pretty noisy tonight." She turned and straddled my lap, taking my stiff cock in hand as she kissed me again. "Come on Superman. I'm extra horny tonight." We got out of the water and Wendy led me down the hall and, still dripping wet, we tumbled onto the bed.

She spread her fleshy cheeks over my lap. "I've been a very, very bad girl, Frank," she moaned as she ground her hips against my hard on. By the time my hand had delivered several stinging swats to her wet ass, I caught sight of my stepdaughter lurking in the shadows in the hall. Her hand was buried in her crotch. I knew I was going to have to get in shape for my new life.

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