tagInterracial LoveDenise: Right Girl, Wrong Time

Denise: Right Girl, Wrong Time


This entry is one of my most personal and is close to my own heart. I have debated for four years whether to share this experience. While many of my stories have a foundation in real life events this story is an actual piece of my life. The only other story that is this close to my actual experiences is "We say Goodbye."

What prompted me to submit this story now is that a couple of months back on the forums a very sweet lady in response to one of my postings thought that I was only interested in black woman for a novelty experience. I certainly understand how she could feel that way but it isn't true.

If you read my other stories you will discover I have a thing for BBW's but one of my barely spoken but intense desires involves women of color which comes from a very special personal experience. Another reason I am writing this is because I don't see a lot of black women with White men in the Inter Racial section of the site.

The following story is absolutely true until the end which in real life didn't turn out as well as it was the 1970's and social pressures caused Denise to break up with me. And, sadly to say if she hadn't broken up with me I probably would have felt that I had to break things off with her. The day Denise and I broke up was one of the saddest of my life and I can still taste her kisses and feel her arms wrapped around me.

It was 1976 and we had just celebrated the bicentennial a celebration of the freedom's our forefathers had helped us to obtain. But, it was also a time when the country was very tired as Vietnam and Watergate were finally disappearing from the news and the Civil Rights marches were already fading from immediate memory.

People wanted to put everything out of their minds from the 1960's which in part explain how Jimmy Carter was able to win the Presidency that fall as he was a fresh face. It was against this backdrop that I attended a large state university in the Midwest. Black and white students did not intermingle socially but at the same time overt racism was not tolerated in any form by either group.

The student were enlightened but still not quite ready to make the next step toward full social interaction. Being together on athletic teams or study groups was commonplace but not much more than that. Until a faithful early October day I was the same as most of the students having found my group of friends and sticking with them.

I had dated some but never even unfastened a girl's pants let alone pull down her panties as I was very shy. I walked around campus with a constant hard-on and daydreaming mostly about girls I had seen. I was walking in the open air mall between the library and the bookstore in my usual haze when I felt a thud and came to a complete stop. Then I heard liquid running on to the ground.

"Why the hell don't you watch where you are going?" the deep husky sultry female voice said. Quickly assessing the situation I saw a buxom black girl in front of me with books in one hand and a can of soda laying on the ground with its contents running between the bricks. If looks could kill I would have been dead.

"I'm sorry; I wasn't paying attention. I was in my own little world I guess," I pleaded. Her face seemed to soften just a bit.

"Fuck, it was a full can of soda," she complained. I picked up the can and sure enough it had completely drained. I tossed it in the nearby trash. As I looked back at her I could feel myself getting very aroused she was hot.

"The nearest soda machines are in the dorms. But, I'd be happy to buy you a drink at The Shack to make up for crashing into you," I stammered. This was the boldest I had ever been with a girl as generally I had gotten the few dates I had through mutual friends.

"That seems like the least you can do but you might have to buy me two drinks as penance for nearly knocking me on my ass," the words were harsh but the tone was sultry. She said her name was Denise and she was a pre-law student. She was 5'5" tall and likely weighed 150 pounds with brown eyes and although I never asked her she probably had D cup boobs. I know she wore size 8 panties and shoes.

The Shack was just that a rundown shack were students went to eat burgers and drink. It was the only place to drink alcohol on campus as it was the only parcel of private land surrounded by state property. It had grown up around a dilapidated pick up truck and had a unique charm. The best part was that though Denise was 20 and I was 19 we would have no problem getting alcoholic beverages.

My victim led me to a corner table and she ordered something I had never heard of before, a Long Island Iced Tea. Curious, I went ahead and ordered one for myself especially after she told me it would knock me on my ass. We sat there sipping our drinks exchanging small talk.

Strong didn't begin to describe the drink as I had a slight buzz after a single glass. Denise insisted that I buy her a second glass and not wanting to be a wimp I ordered one for myself as well. As we waited she threw me for a loop claiming we had met before. I couldn't figure out where we knew one another from as she finally told me we had a class together.

It still took another five minutes to place her in African American Literature. I had taken the class as I figured it would be the one English class that would help me in my American History major as struggles of black people are central to a very large part of our history and I figured reading black authors would give me a better insight.

But, at the moment my eyes were frozen on my companion in her silky white blouse with the scoop neck. The brilliant white contrasted so sensually with her deep ebony skin drawing my focus right to her stunning cleavage. I had to force myself to look away before she caught me staring.

My entire body ached with desire for this girl I had met less than two hours earlier. It was getting dark and being the gentleman, even though our campus was pretty safe, I offered to walk her to her dorm or apartment. We were getting along very well sharing similar political philosophies and love for sports but there was even more that I couldn't place.

We got to her apartment much too quickly and spent the next half hour talking on the steps to the door. Then the faithful words escaped my mouth that were both the best and worst thing I ever did with her as I invited her to my place to a small party Friday evening. To my surprise she accepted the invitation and I told her I'd come by for her at 7:30.

It wasn't exactly a date but it felt a bit different knowing that my companion for the evening would be a black girl. Back then you never saw a inter racial couple out in public. But, logic easily won out as I really enjoyed talking with her and it certainly didn't hurt that she was one of the sexiest women I'd ever met.

When my friends walked in there was a bit of uneasy silence and awkwardness at first. But, in less than ten minutes everyone relaxed and Denise seemed to fit right into our little circle. Only one friend pulled me aside and commented how unusual it was to have a mixed crowd but said nothing more than that.

We had a lot of fun listening to records and watched a movie. Everyone thought it cool that I had gotten this new thing called Cable TV and you could watch a movie without commercials. As we watched Denise and I sat hip to hip on my old sofa as there wasn't a lot of room. Gingerly I put a hand on her knee and she did nothing to move it and I did nothing more to move it any further.

When everyone finally left after 1:00 I escorted her back to her apartment. I stood there flustered and nervous not sure of what to do. If I tried to kiss her would I be slapped for thinking the relationship was anything but friends. And, if I didn't kiss her would she think I was a wussy or wonder what my problem was.

So, carefully I scooted closer and closer to her as we chatted. Gently I placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked over at it curiously but did nothing to move it. Then, slowly I leaned into her giving her a chance to back away and pressed my lips on hers. To my delight she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed letting her lips open slightly. Our tongues met briefly flicking across one another.

Looking into the whites of her eyes I asked if she wanted to go out with me the next night after telling her that she was beautiful. Now, I think, for the first time it really hit her that she was about to date a white guy. Nervously she answered that she would love to. Breaking our embrace I reluctantly agreed to a 7:00 date on Saturday night.

My heart fluttered the entire day wondering what I had gotten myself into. My main thing was not that she was black but rather that I would embarrass myself with this gorgeous lady that I wasn't even in the same ballpark with. She totally outclassed me in every way I thought. Excitedly I knocked on her door exactly at 7:00.

It wasn't until she answered the door that I realized that I had no idea about what we were going to do. The first step was simple at least as there was a pretty good moderately priced restaurant in easy walking distance. I had a lump in my throat as her outfit accentuated her beauty perfectly.

She had on a pair of tight fitting jeans that cut her ass in deeply in half. Her v-neck blouse seemed to bunch up underneath her breasts causing her boobs to point straight out. We had a wonderful dinner and had consumed at least three beers a piece in the hour and a half we were there. After our meal we walked around downtown and checked the three movie theaters. None of the movies appeared to be any good and we decided against the bars as it was a home football weekend and they would be jammed.

Denise suggested that we see what was on TV but that we go to my place as two of her roommates would be at her place. As we walked I hoped that I had straightened the place up. As I opened the door I looked all around and was relieved that everything was in its place. Offering her a drink we finally settled on something on Showtime that turned out to be a bit dirty.

It took a lot of courage for me to put my hand on her lower thigh as we sat together on my couch. I wanted to kiss her again so bad but had a burning question to ask her. Screwing together my courage I timidly asked, "Denise, Why in the world would you go out with me when there are so many other guys who would jump at the opportunity to be with you?"

"You mean why am I going out with a white guy when there are lots of black guys around here?" she asked.

"Well, kind of, but not just that any guy?" I thought I had offended her. I held my breath waiting for the answer. She spent the next few minutes explaining the facts of her life to me. As far as she was concerned there were three groups of black guys available for dating. She wanted nothing to do with the athletes at the university as even though she loved sports she thought the jocks, black and white, were too full of themselves.

The second group were the guys that called the town the permanent home and every experience she had with them had been disappointing, so she had given up on them. The third group was the students at school but black women far outnumbered the black men as there was a private all female college a few blocks away.

So, all of the good guys had been scooped up but that didn't stop her from keeping her radar out for when one of them became available. Her social life, as a result, was in a very slow period so when I ran into her she took the opportunity to see if I wanted to at least hang out for the evening.

Then, she scolded me mildly that I question her taste in going out with me as she thought I was a nice enough guy. Quickly, I turned the conversation to the show we were watching trying to figure out what was going on. There were two topless women with a guy in his bedroom. We watched for a while longer then she asked me a question, "How do white girls ever get pregnant?"

"Huh, what do you mean?" I asked blushing confused.

"Well is our third time together and our second date and you haven't tried but to kiss me once. At this rate I can't figure how you honkys ever end up having kids," she said smiling invitingly. We laughed as I looked deep into her brown eyes that seemed to pull me closer.

"I don't know but we must figure things out before it is too late," I responded not even knowing what I was saying. Neither of us seemed to care about what I said. I put my arm up on her shoulder and drew her closer. Her perfume stimulated me as we hug. Softly I rub my lips against hers

"Now that is more like it," she whispered. I press my lips against hers and she welcomed my tongue into her mouth. Our hands ran up and down each other's back as we kiss again.

"Denise, you are so fucking beautiful! I can't believe I am kissing you," I whisper out of breath. Soon we are laying side by side on the skinny couch necking. Hands running all over her back, leg and through her hair as my mouth and hers do a wild tango. She holds me tighter when I nibble on her neck and ears.

Her breath is so hot on my neck and her skin is so soft. I can feel her wonderful boobs stabbing me in my chest. Then something happens that has never before or since. Even though our hips aren't even touching I am so turned on that I suddenly shoot a massive load of spunk into my underwear. Hugging her tighter we keep smooching.

Our hot action continues for another hour until she whispers that she has to use the bathroom As she stood up her ass was right in front of me and I couldn't help but reach out and give it a tender squeeze. Calmly she brushed my hand away and walked off to do her business. I watched every step she took.

When she came back I greeted her in the middle of the living room floor and passionately hugged her. Getting a bit more aggressive I ground my hips against her as we kissed. It was then that Denise broke my spirit for the evening by telling me, "Glenn, it is very late I think I'd better go home now."

Reluctantly, I strolled with her the few blocks to her place. Although I was disappointed that the evening was over I practically skipped back home as she agreed to meet me again on Sunday. She would come over in the afternoon after studying. We were having a warm spell so I was thrilled when she showed up wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

Not wanting to seem over anxious I asked if she wanted to take a walk to get a quick bite to eat. We chatted about nothing in particular as we went straight to the fast food place ate and returned to my apartment. Libido now guided me as we shut the door pulling Denise into my arms and I planted a hard passionate kiss on her as I hugged her tight.

Her breasts were flattened against me. As we came up for air she took my hand and pulled me to the couch once again. But instead of sitting beside me Denise sat on my lap. I wrapped my arm around her waist and placed my other hand on her thigh. The contrast of my white hand on her ebony thigh sent a quiver through me.

Her leg was silky smooth and soft to my touch and her breasts were at my neck level. As we resumed our kissing Denise ran her hand over my chest. Both of my hands began to explore now confident that she wanted me to go further with our smooching. After caressing her ass through her shorts my hand traveled up her back under her top and felt all the way on to her bra strap pulling her even closer.

She only kissed me harder so I placed a hand on her side and snuck it inside of the blouse. Quickly, before I lost my nerve, I slid it up until it was resting on the side of her bra. Then, gently I moved my hand from breast to breast cupping her large orbs. Denise moved her hands from my back and shoulders and to my surprise suddenly lifted her blouse off over her head revealing her lacy white bra to me.

"Do you like what you see Glenn?" she purred. It was the sexiest vision I had ever seen to that point in my life but would be out done several times with Denise in the days to follow. My answer was to grab both boobs in my palms and fondle her as I kissed above the bra cups working my way to her cleavage.

Adjusting herself Denise moved so that she was now straddling my lap with her chest right in my face. I kissed and licked all the way down to the strap connecting the cups and stuck my tongue in behind it tasting her wonderful flavor. My partner's hands were now on my head caressing my hair as I moved my kissing and even sucking right onto the bra. Gently Denise swayed from side to side as I explored her bra with my mouth.

Slowly I moved a hand behind her back to unfasten her bra. I was deliberately slow to give her the chance to rebuff the effort as I really didn't want to push things any faster than she was comfortable with as I liked her too damn much to ruin things by being too aggressive. Feeling my hand on her back she only ground her boobs harder against my face. After unclasping the bra I very slowly pulled down the shoulder straps.

Gradually the tops of her meaty breasts came into view. I loved pulling the bra away agonizingly slow as it seemed very sensual to me. I held my breath as the half dollar size areolas came into view and audibly gulped when I saw her huge nipples that stuck out proud and were the diameter of a dime.

My new girlfriend's tits were big and boy were they beautiful. I had heard people saying a girl had cantaloupe sized boobies and now I understand what they meant as her tits were full and probably closer to volleyball size. I explored her sexy orbs first with just my fingertips before gently cupping and caressing them.

Shyly I approached her nipples running my thumbs gently over and then around both of them. Denise grabbed my chin and made me look her in the eyes. Passionately she kissed me squishing her tits flat against my body. Moaning she told me, "You haven't lived until you've kissed chocolate tittie, help yourself."

It is true that the statement was corny but it made it easy for me to go ahead and cup one of her tits in my hand and run my lips all around her areola. As I gave her boobs gentle butterfly kisses she reached down and pulled my shirt over my head. My kissing grew in intensity until I sucked her boobs into my mouth nearly choking as I had drawn so much of her between my jaws. I sucked her hard and fuck she tasted great!

My kissing and fondling got rougher and rougher and her moans grew louder. Sucking on her nipples driving her crazy but she got even more excited when I licked and kissed underneath her boobs right where they meet her body. I loved kissing there because the flavors of her sweat and other feminine tastes are especially strong there and Denise said that she was extra sensitive there for some reason.

That became our magic spot. If Denise wasn't really into what we were doing I could almost always turn her on by kissing her there. As I continued she urged me on grinding herself harder and faster in my face. Her boobs quickly became soaked in my saliva as her hips rocked on my lap.

That night was the first time we spent the night together at my place. She called her roommates to let them know and we spent all night snuggling and smooching. Neither one of us ever got our pants off as we lay naked only from the waist up. I woke with my face against her bosom and thought I was dreaming, but soon Denise woke up and caressed my back and ass.

Looking over at the clock she jumped out of bed, finding her bra and shirt and ran out the door to go to class. We spent the rest of the week getting together to make out but she never let me go any further. My hands did make it a bit closer to her crotch through her clothing; but I was willing to wait for her to decide when I would get to take the next step as she was worth it.

Besides I had never been any further with a girl anyway. After the free love of the 1960's girls seemed to get more conservative sexually during the mid 1970's; a trend guys were happy to see go away a couple of years later. We couldn't get together the next Friday night as we both had other plans; so, we agreed on a date for Saturday evening.

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