tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDentistry With Two

Dentistry With Two


Periodontal work is no fun, but I didn't like the weird old guy my dentist referred me too and so asked for another referral. Much better. Pretty middle aged doctor, brunette, long hair, showing a bit of red bra if you can believe it. And her assistant Heather, was very nice but I couldn't see much because she was all wrapped up in medical garb.

One of the questions on the form I filled out was whether I was anxious about the dental procedure. I marked yes. So the doctor asked me why. And I told her that I was really good at licking pussy, and I had a date the next day for a lunch time car session with this woman woman who really would not appreciate if I lost any control of my lips or tongue, so I was worried about that. She said she appreciated a man who could properly take care of a woman's pussy, and she would take care of me.

She started the dental procedure, lots of Novocaine to the mouth, but I noticed she also put a blanket over my whole body. I wasn't cold, but then I felt a hand move under the blanket. The assistant Heather had slipped her hand under the blanket, and was slowly stroking my stomach, then thighs and finally her hand was cupping my cock under the blanket. The pretty doctor was busy doing her surgery thing, and I was concentrating on Heather's hand, which had now slipped down my pants and was trying to free my cock.

At that point the doctor reached a breaking point in the procedure, and withdrew the medical instruments from my mouth. I couldn't see what she was doing, but the next thing I knew, there was a very hard and sweet nipple being inserted into my mouth. It was hard to feel much with the Novocaine, but I got the message. I started sucking, the nipple got harder. I got a hand free and reached up to feel a very warm and soft breast, not as large as the 38D my secret girlfriend has, but not a bad tit all in all. I continued to suck it until I heard some groans.

Then I felt the warm soft mouth of Heather closing around my cock. She was having fun, my cock was rock hard, but Ms. Doctor hadn't had enough. She said, "So you think you can lick pussy? Prove it." She swung the dental chair around, slid up on top, with her knees on the arm rests, and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. What could I do? I was pinned by one woman on top and another woman on my cock. My cock I could feel, but unfortunately, with the doctor on top, I couldn't feel her pussy desperately thrusting onto my tongue. The Novocaine had me numb, I couldn't feel her soft and wet pussy lips.

But no problem. I slipped into my own little world, where my lover was straddling my face, her pussy lips in my mouth. The memory of my girlfriend told me what to do. Although I couldn't feel it, I licked the doctor's pussy slit up and down, slowly, and then harder. I gently pulled each pussy lip out, rolled it around in my lips. Then I focused on her clit, sucking, stretching it out, mashing it against her public bone. She came hard, with a scream, and let loose a gush of cum in my mouth. I used it to again lubricate her delicate lips, sucking them slowly, then hard, and then she came again. Too bad I couldn't feel my mouth, I was having to rely on my lovely memories of sucking my sweetie off to make this happen. But she did seem to enjoy it.

In the meantime, my cock was still fully functional. No Novocaine there. But Heather was there. The dental procedure had been forgotten. I can't remember what she looked like, but at this point she had her dental uniform open, she had pulled up her bra, and she was desperately rubbing her nipples on my cock head. I don't usually cum just with tits, but in her case I did, squirting on her erect little nipples. She licked the cum off, a little disappointed I'm afraid that she did not get me inside her.

The doctor wasn't so disappointed, she had cum several times now, even though my mouth was totally numb, and she didn't care whether her assistant got any or not. She got off of my mouth, slid off the chair, took out the drill, and without another word, went back to work. Heather cleaned her tits off, stroked off her pussy in front of the doctor, then pulled her uniform back up and went back to work.

Soon the procedure was over, medical efficiency took over, and I was discharged with only a tissue to clean up my cock. But I did get subtle smile and wink from both Heather and the doctor, Heather still licking her lips from my cock, and the doctor still remembering my lips on her lips.

Who said dentistry is anxiety provoking? I left with fixed tooth, a limp cock, and a smile on my face.

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