tagNovels and NovellasDescent Into Oral Servitude

Descent Into Oral Servitude


Chapter 1

As they lifted me on to the stretcher I knew that I was in serious trouble in more ways than one. The doctors had warned me, months previously, what would happen if I played rugby again and I had promised my wife faithfully. As far as she was concerned I was out on the golf course but I had not been able to resist when the call came from my old team. They had reached the semi-finals but had lost their kicker. I thought that, as a full back, I could stay out of trouble and I knew that I still had the old touch with the boot. How wrong could I be? The last thing I remember was two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle bound second row forward bearing down on me and then the sickening crunch as I was taken to the ground.

At first, it was feared my back was broken but x-rays showed some neck damage and some heavy bruising of the spine. The doctors told me that I would have to wear a back brace for a few days and that I would regain full use of my arms and legs.

Karen came to the hospital as soon as she could but when she looked in on me, in my private room, her face was as black as thunder.

“They tell me you were playing rugby. Is it true?”

“Karen, I …”

My hesitation was enough to tell her all she needed to know.

“I’m too bloody angry to talk about this now. We’ll discuss it when I get back.”

It was only as she walked out, slamming the door behind her, that it dawned on me that she meant on her return from Turkey. The museum was sending her out to Istanbul for four days to discuss some new acquisitions.

My existence became miserable. I spent the whole time worrying about Karen and the future of our relationship and physically I could do nothing for myself. My arms and legs were next to useless and I needed help even to eat. The nurse appointed to me was businesslike and unsympathetic and I got the impression that she thought that male contact sports were only slightly less ridiculous than the men who chose to participate in them. Her name was Heather and I guess she was in her late thirties. She was reasonably good looking and reminded me of an aunt with whom I had lost contact many years previously.

Boredom soon got the better of me but Heather made it clear that she had no time for idle chat. She told me that she was going off duty at seven and that the night nurse would then look in on me from time to time. At around eight I needed to use a bed bottle and I squeezed the alert switch. Heather’s replacement was a young Irish girl named Roselyn and, unfortunately for me, she was every mans fantasy nurse. She was short, slim and big busted and she had a sun burst of curly red hair framing a cheerful elfin face. Just knowing that she was going to have to handle my cock was enough to set things astir and, as she pulled back the sheet, it was already twitching into life.

“You’ll have to behave yourself if I’m to get this into the bottle.”

“I’m sorry, just give me a minute.”

She had the good grace to pretend that she had something to do elsewhere in the room but at one point she reached over to draw the blinds and my eyes were drawn to the pert outline of her backside. I can only lay the blame on the painkillers that had been pumped into me for, within seconds, I had a raging erection and was now overtaken by a newer, more desperate need.

“My, you are a naughty boy.”

“I’m sorry, I ….”

“Don’t apologize, we see a lot of things in our line of work, here, let me help.”

I was expecting the ignominy of a cold towel, or something similar, and so it came as a surprise when she took me in hand and began to slowly rub me. Her hands were delicate, with long fingers, and my modest eight inches seemed bigger in her grasp than in the more familiar grip of my wife. Following this train of thought made me feel guilty and I hovered on the verge of telling her to stop but Roselyn proved to be extremely skilled and I was getting there fast. Her hand moved slowly and rhythmically up and down the whole length of my shaft and she seemed to read the degree of my arousal almost telepathically.

It only needed a few more strokes when the harsh tone of the beeper sounded. Roselyn stopped immediately and checked her pager.

“I’m sorry I have to go.”

“Please! Don’t leave me like this!”

The frustration of the next few minutes was almost indescribable. I tried desperately to move my arms but it was to no avail. Finally, my erection wilted and I was back to square one. It was nearly three quarters of an hour before Roselyn finally returned by which time my bladder was almost bursting. She apologized and briskly inserted my limp manhood into the bed bottle. I then found just how hard it is to piss whilst lying down and the more so when being watched by a pretty nurse. Eventually my bladder relaxed and Roselyn took away the bottle but as she started to clean me up my cock misbehaved again.

“Look, I know I shouldn’t ask, but is there any chance…?”

Her reaction, given what had transpired earlier, took me by surprise. Her face flashed to anger and she spoke tersely.

“Just what do you think I am?”

With that she turned and left leaving me totally confused. I suppose my mistake was to assume that she found me appealing. In the past I had never had trouble attracting women and now, at thirty one and married, I knew I could still draw admiring looks. I was still thinking this over when Roselyn returned looking a little calmer.

“You’re very sure of yourself aren’t you? Well I’ve decided you need a little lesson.”

I tried laughing it off.

“What do you mean?”

She did not reply. Instead, she turned aside my hospital gown and took hold of my cock once more. If this was a lesson then it was one I was willing to learn. She had applied some sort of lubricant to her hand and I came to erection almost immediately. She started to stroke me with the same easy rhythm she had used before and it was not long before I felt my body grow rigid as the inevitable outcome approached. Notwithstanding the painkillers I felt my neck protesting but I was too far gone to care. Just a couple more strokes was all it would have taken but just as I started to groan with relief she took her hand away and left my erection throbbing in empty air.

“Please, don’t stop! Not now …”

“I’ve other patients to attend to. I’ll see you later.”

She left the room without another word and once again I willed my arms to co-operate but it was totally useless. The next hour seemed to drag into eternity but, at last, she returned. She acted as though nothing untoward had happened as she checked my temperature and pulse and then administered another dose of painkillers. I was just wondering what, if anything, I should say to her when, as if it were simply another routine medical procedure, she took hold of me again.

“Thank you….”

The word was soft spoken but my gratitude was heartfelt. She quickly brought me to erection again but this time she did not stroke me. She used both hands to knead my cock as though it were a piece of clay to be worked. At first I did not find this as stimulating as when she rubbed me before but, after a few minutes, I felt the tension building again and I knew that it would be good enough to bring me off. She gradually increased speed and I felt my heart beating faster as though attempting to keep up.


I urged her on and, to the extent that I could, I tried to thrust with her but, as my balls braced themselves for inevitable release, she stopped altogether.

“Please, for God’s sake…”

But God didn’t come into it. She took me to the brink twice more and then left me again feeling more tense than ever.

When she returned exactly an hour later I was prepared to plead.

“Please, either let me come or leave me alone.”

“Oh don’t be such a spoilsport, we’re just getting started, besides, it makes the night pass quicker… for me leastways.”

Her soft Irish lilt would, at any other time, have struck me as incredibly sexy but now it just seemed at odds with the cruelty that she was prepared to inflict. I determined that I would resist her and I tried to focus my mind elsewhere as she took hold of me again but it was as futile as trying to hold water in my hands. My body betrayed me within seconds.

“Oh, is that for me?”

I was not sure if she was referring to my erection or the bead of pre-cum that now glistened at the very tip. Either way, she seemed encouraged. She started stroking again milking more moisture which she used as lubricant and so she set up a vicious circle.

“Okay now…would you like to come?”


My voice was hoarse as I forced the word out.

“Well, if you’re a good lad I’ll see what I can do for you … in an hours time.”

I could not help myself. I shouted out to her as she walked out on me yet again.

The next sixty minutes were a nightmare. On the one hand the long wait held out the promise of release but, on the other, there was the prospect of even more frustration. When she did return my cock was mindless in its response. I was fully erect before she even reached the bed.

“Pleased to see me then?”

I nodded mutely, not trusting myself to speak, and she took hold of me immediately. This time she held me more loosely, barely closing her fingers around the shaft, and she began to stroke me almost lazily.

“Everyone else is settled so I can give you a bit more of my time.”

Her innocent smile, as she said this, did not betray whether or not this was a good thing. In the event , she carried on stroking me in the same leisurely fashion for the next ten minutes at the end of which my body was sheened in perspiration and my balls were painfully cramped. I tried to stay still so as not to give away just how close I was getting but she was growing more adept at reading the tension in my body and once again she stopped at the very edge.

I was crying tears of frustration as she deserted me but, in the end, I was able to fall into a fitful sleep. At first, I dreamt about the accident but later I was plagued with images of Roselyn in various states of undress and I found myself with another fierce erection. I came awake with a start to find her at my bedside with her cock in my hand.

She woke me up every hour after that and by the end of the night I thought I would go insane. I knew that she would go off duty at around seven a.m. and I hoped and prayed that she would put me out of my misery before she left but she just left me hovering closer than ever. She kissed her fingertip and touched it to my nose.

“See you tonight lover boy.”

Heather came back on duty and I toyed with the idea of lodging a complaint but who would believe me and how could I prove it? It would, no doubt, be put down to a fantasy brought on by the strong painkillers.

I spent the whole day feeling sorry for myself and catching up on lost sleep waking only to be spoon fed an instantly forgettable meal. The hours dragged but finally seven p.m. came around and with it the change of shifts. Roselyn came in looking her usual cheerful self and for a few moments I hoped that things had returned to a semblance of normality. I was quickly disabused. She locked the door and pulled the bed sheet away from me.

“You didn’t think I’d forgotten you did you?”

As she freed my manhood from the confines of my gown I could not help but ask.

“Why, just tell me why.”

“Well, truth be told, I didn’t know it could be such fun. A wee slip of a girl like me and a big strong feller such as yourself and not a thing you can do about it.”

She came back every hour on the hour but now she was adding some variety. Sometimes she just held my shaft whilst she gently massaged my balls. For a moment or two this helped to ease the cramps but when she stopped they returned with a vengeance. Later she licked the pad of her thumb and spent long minutes just rubbing at the frenum where the foreskin joined the shaft. By the end of the night I was begging her for relief but that only served to heighten her enjoyment.

The next day the doctor was worried about me. My eyes were bloodshot from a lack of proper sleep and my blood pressure was raised. I desperately wanted to confide in him but a final, perverse, vestige of pride prevented me.

When Roselyn came back on duty that evening she wasted no time. She took hold of my cock but, both to her surprise and mine, I did not come to erection. She tried all her tricks but it seemed as though my body had closed down. I gave a silent sigh of relief and assumed that she would leave me alone but she was not to be put off so easily.

“It’s just a little more stimulation you’ll be wanting.”

As I watched in disbelief she began to unbutton her uniform and allowed it to fall off of her shoulders. Underneath she was wearing a sheer, pale blue, bra through which her excited nipples were clearly visible. I knew I should have closed my eyes but all sense of reason had fled. I stared as she slipped her hand inside and took her nipple between her thumb and finger. She teased it suggestively and I became hard almost immediately.

“There’s a good boy. I knew you could do it.”

For the next minute she stroked me vigourously, bringing me quickly to the boil, only to stop as suddenly as she started. She then tidied herself up and left to do her rounds. Throughout the night she returned at regular intervals and each time she revealed more of her desirable body. It was a frustrating striptease that lasted several hours culminating with her stroking me whilst wearing nothing more than a pair of black stay-up stockings. She was gorgeous to behold and I almost came just from looking.

By the time the sun rose I was convinced that, if I had to go through it one more time, I would die of a heart attack but the morning brought fresh embarrassment. Roselyn handed over to Heather and they did their round together so that Heather could be updated. When they came into my room the mere sight of Roselyn was, by now, enough to bring on an erection

Heather did a good job of ignoring the tented sheet but Roselyn was not going to let it go.

“Yer man here is always so excited to see me.”

Heather smiled, in spite of herself, but when Roselyn leaned across to whisper in her ear her eyes widened and she reappraised me.

“Here, see for yourself…”

Roselyn took hold of the bed sheet and whipped it off like a magician performing a trick.

“…I reckon that he would give almost anything for a bit of relief.”

In the next few seconds Heathers face conveyed a mix of emotions. At first she looked shocked, then pensive and, finally, amused.

“When did you last give him painkillers?”

“About half an hour ago. They should be working by now.”

Heather checked the corridor and then came up close to me.

“Is she right? Would you do anything?”

“Please…just help me out.”

“Well if we do something for you it’s only fair that you do something in return.”

At that moment I was actually frightened but then I felt Roselyn’s familiar touch on my shaft and I gave a groan of frustration. She worked me slowly but surely whilst, at the same time, gently squeezing my balls. Heather stood watching her eyes switching back and forth between Roselyn’s busy fingers and my contorted face.

“Is he ready?”

“Oh yes…he’s ready.”

Without another word Heather reached under the starched blue skirt of her uniform and divested herself of a pair of sensible white cotton panties then, with surprising agility, she got up onto the bed and took up a position straddling my chest. It dawned on me then exactly what she had in mind.

“Please…I’m not up to this.”

The truth was I did not like to do it at all and it was a constant source of friction between Karen and me. At the outset of our relationship I used to go down on her often enough but once we were married, and the first flood of passion had receded, I had grown more reluctant.

Heather looked down into my eyes from on high.

“Well it seems to me that you don’t have a lot of choice, besides, just think of the reward.”

To illustrate the point Roselyn gently pinched the head of my cock between a moistened finger and thumb and my whole body cramped as it screamed out for release. The next thing I heard was Heather laughing and then, in a single graceful movement, she shifted herself forward and flipped her skirt over my head. I just had a split second to register the fact that she was a natural blonde before I found my face engulfed in her hot, moist, sex. I instinctively tried to turn aside but the back brace allowed me almost no movement and she clamped me between her fulsome thighs for good measure. After that she remained still but Roselyn, for her part, began to torment me again and I found myself trying to draw more breath than was immediately available to me. I felt my face flushing and I had no choice but to open my mouth wide. As soon as I did so Heather moved slightly to cover the opening and then she relaxed and allowed her weight to bear down. It was obvious that Heather was not new to this and only afterwards did it occur to me that she was more turned on than was warranted by the short period of time since she walked in the room.

I could only breathe through my nose and I was assailed by a mixture of smells. There were the clean smells of fresh linen and citrus, presumably a shower gel, but overpowering them both was Heathers own earthy scent. I remained still, determined not to co-operate, but Roselyn’s fingers were still working their magic and I could not help but squirm.

“That’s more like it.”

It was Heathers voice, barely heard, and as she spoke she leaned forward slightly and two things happened at once. My nostrils were pressed closed and I automatically tried to breathe through my mouth with the result that I was suddenly inhaling moisture. The taste was rich and cloying and I felt the need to cough but in order to do that I needed to draw in air and she was not allowing me any.

“Now might be a good time to start using your tongue…”

In the hot, damp, darkness between her thighs I could not tell who had spoken but I knew when I had no choice. I pushed out my tongue and it slid easily inside her.

“Good boy…”

She settled back allowing me to breathe through my nose once again and, at the same time, driving my tongue deeper. Meanwhile, Roselyn, cranked up the tempo and brought me back to the edge only to hold me teetering at the brink. I desperately wanted to come but my immediate need was to get Heather off of me. I did the only thing I could. I worked my tongue deep inside and licked for all I was worth. It seemed to have the desired effect as she leaked more moisture and pressed herself down even more heavily onto my face. I sought out her clitoris, in the hope of speeding things along, but she was content and made it clear with subtle movements of her pelvis that she wanted me to stay exactly as I was. I lost track of time and my tongue began to tire but then, thankfully, I felt her whole body begin to shudder and the flow of moisture suddenly became a choking flood. From somewhere in a different universe I heard an ecstatic cry and then she was still.

She remained where she was for another minute or two and my attention again became focused on my own need as Roselyn, keeping a firm grip on my shaft, began to gently stroke her finger along my perineum. It was driving me crazy but, at last, Heather lifted herself off of my face and I could breathe relatively fresh air.

I must have looked a mess. My whole face was wet with a mixture of perspiration and Heathers juices and my hair was matted to my head. In spite of the painkillers my neck was hurting and my spine felt as though it had been in tension for hours as a result of Roselyn’s cruel teasing but, at last I had earned my reward…or so I thought.

Heather stood on the opposite side of the bed to Roselyn and, almost before I knew it, she had hold of me in her, much hotter, hand. She began to stroke me with an expertise almost the equal of Roselyn’s and when she spoke her voice was still husky with lust.

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