tagErotic CouplingsDeserted Highway

Deserted Highway


Rebecca had been so sweet, Kyle thought as he drove down the dark highway. Rebecca, the girl of his dreams. Long black hair, flowing down her backless dress. Bright blue eyes. Full red painted lips.

He could feel himself getting hard in his slacks.

Kyle looked out the windshield. His car was the only one for miles. No one was around. Slipping his hand down into his lap, Kyle undid his slacks and pulled out his hard cock. He groaned, stroking it, thinking of Rebecca.

Her lips, on his. His hands on the smooth skin of her back as he held her on the dance floor. If only he'd had one more hour with her, he was sure he would have had her!

Suddenly, there was a loud bang. Kyle could feel himself losing control of his car and he swerved, trying to avoid letting the soft shoulder suck him too far into the ditch. At last, the car stopped, Kyle's foot heavy on the brake. He sat in his driver's seat, panting, tightly gripping the steering wheel. Then, slowly, he started to get out of the car.

What the hell had just happened?

Kyle walked around the front of the car. Then he looked down, getting on his knees.

Fuck! I blew out a fucking tire! I don't even have a spare on me! Sonofa...

Kyle slammed his hand down on the hood of his car. He was screwed! How the hell was he going to get home now?

The only reason he'd left Rebecca tonight was because he'd had to get home in time to sleep and be well rested for an interview in the city. The party they had gone to was closer to her house than to the city. So even though there was a chance he could have gotten laid if he'd stayed at her house, it hadn't made sense. It was better to just go home and get up for the interview bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

And now, this.

"Son of a bitch!" Kyle yelled to the sky.

Very few cars were passing on the freeway. It was so late after all. And he didn't even have his cell phone with him.

Well, maybe I can wave someone down, and they'll call for me, if not give me a ride, he thought. Kyle watched the approaching lights of the very next car. Then he put his hands out, waving frantically.

Wow, he thought. The first car I waved at stopped!

Slowly the car pulled up in front of his own. Kyle stayed near his open driver-side door, just in case some crazy wacko got out, intent on killing him. He'd rather take his chances inside his car, than out.

But the person who got out of the other car didn't look anything like a wacko.

First he saw her heels, tall black stilettos. Then, he saw the curve of both her calves. She wasn't wearing nylons, and her skin was a smooth creamy beige. Next, came her thighs, half hidden by a tight black skirt that was all business, no slits.

Finally, she stood up. She was tall, with white-blonde hair and dark painted eyes. Her hair was finely coifed and to her shoulders, straight and evenly brushed to a perfect sheen. Her lips were dark ruby red and moist. And Kyle could smell her expensive perfume already.

She stood beside her car, watching him carefully. Then she called out. "Did you need help?" she asked.

Kyle squinted at the woman in the dark, the only light that of his headlights and the red taillights from her car.

"Well, do you have a phone? Maybe if you could just call a tow truck, I'll be okay."

"Sure, I can do that."

She sat back down in her car and was probably fishing around in her purse. Kyle stared at her long bare legs, licking his lips.

Rebecca was a dish, but this lady was gorgeous. This one was a babe. Rebecca was the kind of girl you married. This lady was the kind you wrapped around you like a bandage and had as many ways as possible, all at once.

She stood up again and waved her phone at him.

"I called the best company I know of. They should be here in about forty-five minutes?"

Kyle chewed his lips, leaning against his car dejectedly.

Forty-five minutes? That was going to be quite a wait. At least it was summer, so it wouldn't be freezing.

"You going to be okay out here?" the lady called.

Kyle looked up at her. She had moved a bit closer, leaving the safety of her own car.

"Yeah, I should be okay. Thanks for stopping, though. I really appreciate that."

"I'd give you a ride, but I really can't allow strangers in my car. Sorry."

She blushed and looked away then looked back at Kyle, who smiled.

"I understand. I'm just glad you stopped, instead of leaving me stranded."

She nodded, then walked closer to Kyle. He noticed she was eyeing him up and down as she came over to him.

"I'll wait with you, if you like?" she offered in a soft voice, her eyes locked on his body instead of his face.

"Uh, okay. Sure, yeah, that'd be great. Going to be an awfully long wait if I have to wait alone."

She looked up and smiled at him. Then she went over to the front of Kyle's car and pulled herself up on top of it. He watched as she slid casually back and leaned on the windshield.

She really was gorgeous.

What the hell, Kyle thought, feeling only a small stab of guilt when he looked at the stranger and felt his body reacting. He slipped up onto the hood next to her, smiling into her eyes.

"Were you in the city?" she asked.

"Nah, I was in Porterville on a date, but..."

"Had to get back this way? Closer to the city for tomorrow?"

Kyle nodded. "How about you?"

"Date," the girl answered, looking around. "Didn't pan out though."

"No?" Kyle asked. When she mentioned she'd been on a date, he was sure she wouldn't be interested in him. But now it didn't seem like things went so perfectly for her, either.

"Nah," she said, shaking her head.

"Didn't get lucky either, huh?" Kyle offered quietly.

She blushed and then met his eyes.


Kyle pretended to look at the stars, smiling contentedly and breathing in her perfume.

"Well, the night's still young," he said.

The stranger looked at him, smiling.

"Yes. It is. And so are we."

"Old enough to know better," Kyle said softly, facing the girl.

She put a hand against his cheek, and he watched as she licked her lips and moved closer.

"And young enough to do it again."


The instant their lips met was electric and a fire starter. Simultaneously they drew closer together, rubbing their bodies against each other. He slipped her blouse off, and began to caress her naked breasts, which fit into his hands perfectly. Her fingers were quickly undoing the buttons on his jacket, and then his shirt, leaving his torso bare. Her mouth dropped to his neck and she pushed him over onto his back, her lips moving along his chest, from nipple to nipple, as her hands undid his pants and quickly slid them down.

Anyone passing them right now would be able to see what they were doing, from quite a way back. But would they stop and scold them? Or would they not just keep on driving, chuckling to themselves?

Kyle didn't care. He ran his hands all over her bare back, watching in the darkness as her mouth went lower and lower on his bare body. Soon, her lips were wrapped tightly around his cock. She was sucking him deep into the back of her throat, then pulling off only to do it again. While she did that, he could feel her undoing her skirt and kicking off her shoes.

Soon, she was naked, and slipping back up his body with her mouth and fingertips.

She whispered into his ear.

"I want you."

"Fuck, I want you too," Kyle answered, gripping her hips.

Before she had a chance to object, he was pulling her closer over his legs. Then he was pulling her thighs apart, and forcing his rock hard cock up inside her. She wouldn't have had a chance to stop him, the motion was so slick and smooth. He was buried in her tight wet cunt to the hilt before she had a chance to gasp and moan.

She didn't object regardless, once she felt him fill her like that. He could feel himself ready to cum already, and it was all he could do to keep from spurting. He forced his cock up into her hard, making her squeal and rake her nails across his chest.

Those are going to leave marks, his conscious reminded him.

But right now, Kyle didn't fucking care. Not about Rebecca, not about the tow truck that was on the way, and not about the cars driving by.

He was enveloped in heaven and he wasn't going to stop enjoying himself now. The woman ran her hands up over his face, then pulled on the back of his neck, encouraging him to sit up. Kyle followed her guidance, pulling her legs wide as he sat up on the hood of his car, keeping his cock buried deep inside her.

Their mouths met again, and the kiss was just as deep and passionate, electric, as the first. Quickly Kyle turned her over onto her back, and began to pound into her, furiously.

He came immediately, spurting his hot seed deep inside her sheath. She moaned and writhed, clawing at his back dangerously.

"Don't stop," she whined, and he could hear the hunger in her voice.

It made his half-limp cock throb.

"Keep going. Fuck me, please!" Kyle kept moving and he could feel her working her vaginal muscles, gripping him tightly.

"You want me?" he grunted against her neck, biting down hard.

It made her claw him more.

"Fuck yes, I do, I do!"

Kyle pulled out of her sopping wet cunt now, and turned her over. He stood on the soft shoulder of the road, spreading the stranger in front of him on the hood of his car, their legs blocking out some of his headlights.

Then he stroked his already hardening cock in one hand while the other fingered her pussy. She was aching for him, throbbing, moaning and turning her head side to side on the hood of his car.

This is too fucking hot and completely unbelievable, Kyle thought.

He held his cock and began to aim it at her pussy. Then, at the last minute, he changed his mind. Just to see if she would object, Kyle began to use the swollen head of his cock to prod at her ass.

She squealed in delight, and didn't tell him to stop.

Kyle pushed further. He'd never had a girl this way, but what better time to find out what it felt like? What better chick?

He pushed his cock against the pucker of her ass harder, and felt a hard pop as the cockhead made it quickly past the tight rim of muscles that started her anal canal. He pushed deeper in, quickly, groaning and gasping as her tightest hole gripped him firmly.

She was so hot, her body was perfection, and her ass hole was so tight Kyle felt like it was almost too much for him to handle. She reached back with her hands, spreading her ass cheeks for him and he teased at the tight pucker around his shaft. She squealed again.

Then he reached down into her ever-so-juicy cunt, scooping up the evidence of her desire with two fingers. Deftly, he smeared it around her hole and his shaft.

Now he could really start to move. Kyle began to pump in and out of her ass, making the entire car rock with the force of his thrusts.

"Do you like that? Huh?" he grunted. She bucked back against him, writhing more and squealing, making incredibly sexy 'oh' and 'ah' noises that were just driving Kyle crazy.

Then he pulled out of her ass. He had to have her cunt again, he was consumed with the desire to let her feel him. He wanted to make her cum, he wanted to fuck her so hard she came all over the hood of his car.

Kyle turned her around, and pulled her up until she was sitting. He kissed her again, holding her by the back of her neck so she stayed in the kiss as his other hand began to guide his rigid member into her pussy again. He pulled away, biting her bottom lip, teasing at her folds and clitoris with the head of his cock.

"Tell me you want it."

"I do! Fuck me, please!"

He was making her beg for him. And it was so hot, he quickly gave in. Kyle forced himself to move into her slowly, pulling away from her mouth to look down and see himself entering her in the glare of the headlights. She was watching too, and gasping as he slowly thrust into her with just his cockhead, head-fucking her.

Then he kissed her again, dropping many quick kisses on her lips, pulling away before she had a chance to returnthem. Slowly he pushed her back, lifting her legs up until they were both in the air in a divine V shape.

Now he could really pound into her. With a leg on each shoulder, Kyle leaned forward, knuckles on the hood of his car, screwing the blonde for all he was worth. He could feel his balls tightening up again.

Fuck, I'm fucking going to cum inside her again! Fuck this is great! Kyle thought.

Finally, she was beginning to show signs of cumming herself. Kyle opened his eyes to see her pulling almost painfully at her nipples. He put a hand on one of her breasts and squeezed, and she cried out contentedly.

Then she began to really moan as his cock swelled up in pre-cumming splendor inside her cunt, stretching her. Just as he exploded deep within her a second time, she came around him, for him, her sheath milking him in her ecstasy.

Together they bucked and ground against each other, fucked and writhed, until at last they were utterly, happily satisfied and spent.

Slowly, they untangled their bodies. Kyle gasped for air as he lifted his pants from down around his ankles and pulled them up. Then he found his shirt and shook the gravel out of it. His jacket he just put over his arm, watching as the blonde got dressed again.

She sashayed over to him, smiling up at him and kissing him, one last time.

"Here's my number, if you ever want to call," she said, handing him a card that he barely looked at. He was still amazed at everything that had happened.

"The tow truck should be here soon. You won't have too long to wait, anymore."

Kyle watched as she went to her car, then he followed her, looking down through her open window. She started the car, and looked up at him.

"Can I ask a question? Before you leave and never see me again?" he said.

"Oh you'll see me again," she said, licking her lips and leaning on her arm on the window's edge.

"What's on your mind?"

She tilted her head, looking up at him, and Kyle wasn't sure how he should ask the question.

"Well...why did you stop for me? I mean...do you meet a lot of men this way? No one else would've stopped for me. What made you stop? Tonight?"

The girl laughed, her teeth bright and her lips moist. Finally, when she was done, she looked up at Kyle. Her fingers tugged on his fly and she smiled at him as if he should understand.

"I don't get it," he said.

"You really don't know, do you?" she said.

Then she was laughing again. She drove ahead a few feet, then stopped her car and leaned out the window, smiling at Kyle.

"It's not everybody who flags down a car for car troubles with their cocks hanging out of their pants!"

She laughed and sped off, and Kyle was left turning a very dark shade of burgundy.

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