I think about her constantly. Lying naked in bed on her back, her slim tanned body on display. Her long straight jet black hair spread like a halo around her head. Her beautiful face -- oval with high cheek bones and a sharp nose, full pouty lips and dark sensual almond shaped eyes. Her arms over her head, wrists bound together to the head board with a silk scarf. Her firm 36B breasts flattened out, the quarter sized chocolate nipples hard and pointy with anticipation. Her slender 23 inch waist flaring out into perfectly proportioned 36 inch hips. Her long bronze legs spread slightly apart, and between the soft and creamy thighs, her beautiful pussy. Freshly shaved, the outer lips fat and pouty, the inner labia lips peeking out slightly, a darker hue of brown, already glistening with pussy juice. Her clitoris, a fat little pea tucked inside its hood, waiting to be coaxed out.

Her toes are painted a vivid red, and I kiss each one lightly before taking them into my mouth one by one, suckling them gently. I lick between each of her toes, across the top of her foot and all along her soles. Her inner ankles are sensitive and I can hear her give a little moan as I lick it. I kiss lightly across her smooth leg, along her calves, behind her knees. I plant kisses on her knees, one and then the other, gently biting the soft skin there.

I kiss up her soft thigh and can smell the musky aroma of her pussy. I run my tongue across her upper thigh, along the side of her waist up to her breasts. I kiss and lick around the side, all around her erect nipple that is waiting to be licked and nibbled and sucked on. Her armpits are smooth and soft and I cannot resist giving them long wide licks. There is a light sheen of perspiration all over her body, and as I lick her armpits I can taste her light salty sweat.

I run my tongue across her collarbone and nuzzle my face against her neck, inhaling her warm fragrant scent. I kiss down and run my tongues all around her nipples again. She bites her lower lip and gives a long sigh. I continue to kiss around it and she twists her torso desperately, trying to get her nipple into my mouth. I continue to tease her and she arches her back with a whimper. I finally move my tongue and give her pointy nipple a lick and coat it with my saliva. She moans as I blow on it, the cold air stiffening the nipple even more. I take her sensitive nipple in my mouth and start alternately sucking on it and giving short sharp bites.

She is groaning now, her hands trying to break free of the silken bonds. Eyes closed, her nostrils flare as her groans get more guttural. I stop look at her on her back, her arms tied over her head, her perfect brown body and her silky black hair framed against the white sheets, her body shining with a sheen of perspiration, her legs spread revealing her pink slit against the brown of her pussy lips, her deep navel on her soft flat belly.

She whimpers and looks at me pleadingly with her beautiful dark doe eyes. I bend down, bring my nose close to her pussy and breathe in. The deep aroma is intoxicating and I can see her beautiful perfect pussy glistening in her pussy juice. I blow on her pussy, cold air on her moist lips. I lick her outer lips gently -- first one and then the other. They are soft and puffy, and I lick up and down on both sides as she pulls her knees back and parts her legs open even further.

I can see her puckered anus, a brown rosebud. I lick down, along her perineum, and spreading her soft ass cheeks apart, I run my tongue across one side of her asshole, then the other. I flick my tongue across her anus and feel her twitch. I flick my tongue faster and stiffening my tongue, I press my tongue against her tight rosebud. I am rewarded with a shudder and as I press my tongue down harder, her sphincter muscles relax, and the tip of my tongue enters her anus. I push my tongue as far as it will go, and feel her muscles tighten around my tongue. Her moist pussy is dripping by now and I can feel the juices flowing down her sweet hole into my tongue and her asshole.

I pull my tongue out and lap up her pussy juice. I gently nibble her inner lip pulling it with my teeth and stretch it. The musky smell is heady! I put my lips against her pussy hole and give it a deep kiss. I tilt my head and stick my tongue inside her warm hole, lick inside her, lap her flowing juices, move my tongue in and out, French kissing her pussy. She wraps one gorgeous leg around my head and thrusts her hips forward, trying to grind her pussy on my face, all the while moaning long and deep.

I pry her leg from my neck and push both her knees against her sides. Her sensitive clit peeks out from its hood, and I flick it with my tongue. A shudder passes through her. I flick it again and again. She starts to buck, her pussy leaking and the pussy juice dribbling over my lips and chin. I suck on that fat clit and run my tongue across the top of it fast, keeping a constant rhythm.

She is thrashing now, breath heavy and ragged, her hips bucking and coating my face with her love juice. I hold her by her waist and bury my face into her pussy. I lick her clit as fast as I can as she gives out guttural moans, each longer and deeper than the last. Her whole body tenses up as she wraps both legs around my head. Arching her back, she writhes and struggles against her bonds, and with her pussy gushing the musky, heady juice, her head thrashing side to side, hips bucking wildly, she screams and shudders to a massive climax...

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