tagLoving WivesDesiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 10

Desiring Another Man's Wife Ch. 10


"Hi honey. Victor is taking me to the Zebra Club. Do you want to go?"

"Sure," Michael said into his cell phone. "Monique and I will meet you by the valet."

"Oh," Jen said, sounding guilty. "We've already left. Why don't you meet us there? Monique knows where it is."

Michael hung up, annoyed they hadn't waited so they all could go together. Forcing a smile onto his face, he offered his arm to Monique. "They've already left, for the Zebra Club. Shall we go and join them?"

Monique easily saw through Michael's forced smile. She could tell he was annoyed and hurt. Amused, she shook her head. "I think I'll stay here. Go ahead without me." She smiled knowingly. "I'm sure you'll have fun." Then Monique described how to get to the Zebra Club.

Michael got into his car and started driving across town. He was relieved Monique wasn't going. He still felt embarrassed, remembering how she had teased him about how small he was compared to Victor. She hadn't said anything directly, but she had teased him nonetheless, having cupped his entire erect penis in one of her hands while they watched Jen struggle to hold Victor's long heavy rod while using both her hands.

But that wasn't the only reason for his embarrassment. Monique had seen him get so excited watching his wife with another man. She had seen a part of him he wasn't yet ready to admit to himself, much less reveal to another person. Even worst, he had cum as Jen begged Victor to fuck her even deeper with his long thick cock. The memory caused his penis to stiffen, but also shamed him. He didn't understand these desires. But at that moment, understanding wasn't important to him. He just wanted to get to the Zebra Club so he could continue to watch Jen with Victor.

Jen shifted uncomfortably in her heels. Even after freshening up in the bathroom, Victor's cum still leaked from her pussy. Her stocking tops were soaked, and the moisture was edging down her thighs towards her knees. She wanted to take off the stockings, but Victor insisted she leave them on. She worried about Michael's reaction when he discovered she had let Victor have her in the club.

But the soiled stockings were also a thrilling reminder of her recent sex with Victor. The memory made her tingle. God, he was so good! He seemed to know all her erogenous zones. He knew where to touch her, and when, and how hard or soft, and how fast or slow. His body was so nice. Not just his penis, which was amazing, but he was so big and strong, so hard and muscular.

Victor put his arm around her, and the tingling increased. She felt weak-kneed around him, and her damp thighs made her feel so naughty. She wanted him again. She craved his body and his touch.

Then she remembered Michael, and she felt guilty. She was happily married. She shouldn't so brazenly desire another man, even if she did have her husband's permission. Her thumb touched her ring finger – her ringless ring finger – and her feelings of guilt increased. She nervously glanced around the room. Had Michael arrived? Had he seen she wasn't wearing her wedding and engagement rings? She chided herself. Victor was supposed to be just a fuck partner, someone to play with while Michael played with Monique. A friend with benefits, that's all. It wasn't right to have such strong feelings and desires for him. She shouldn't have taken off her rings.

Jen saw Michael enter the club, and waved. "Michael's here," she said to Victor.

"Where's Monique?" Victor asked as Michael approached alone.

"She wanted to stay at the club, so she didn't come."

Victor broke into a big smile. "Maybe not yet, but she'll be cumming soon." He laughed. "I told you she's a fickle bitch. She's had her eye on the new bartender the club just hired. He's probably banging her in the store room at this very moment."

Jen felt a mix of emotions. A part of her was relieved. She didn't like her husband with the beautiful Monique, so was glad she had moved on to a new partner. Another part of her was anxious. How did this work? With Monique moving on to someone else, would Victor move on too? Jen found (with no small amount of guilt) that she didn't like that idea. The cravings of her body couldn't be turned off like a light switch.

Victor seemed to read her mind. "Now we can have even more fun," he said with a lecherous smile on his face.

"What do you mean?" Jen asked, feeling both excited and a little scared. Her blue eyes grew wide as Victor told her what he had in mind.

"Now you've got both me and Mike all to yourself," he said, looking first at Jen, then at Michael. "Let's go to my place so I can show you both how much fun we can have."

They took a taxi, with Jen sandwiched between Victor and Michael in the back seat. Jen fidgeted nervously. While her body longed for another go with Victor, she knew she'd be self conscious with Michael there. Also, she didn't know how to handle the wedding ring issue. She covered her left hand with her right, not wanting Michael to see she was ringless.

Victor noticed Jen's nervousness, and her attempts to hide her left hand. He inwardly chuckled, having dealt with this situation before.

"Mike, I asked Jen to take off her wedding rings when she's with me. You don't mind, right?" Victor said it as a question, but it came out sounding like a command.

Michael was thrown off-guard, surprised at Victor's directness. "That's okay, I guess," he said without thinking.

Jen looked surprised, and then troubled. Before she could say anything, she felt Victor place an arm around her, and then he kissed her cheek. "See, honey, I knew Mike wouldn't mind. He understands, when you're with me, you're with me. Right Mike?"

"Yeah, sure," Michael said, trying to hide his annoyance. He didn't like Victor calling Jen "honey," but he thought he'd look foolish protesting, given everything else.

"Mike, get us some drinks, okay?" Victor said as soon as they arrived. Again Victor said it as a request, but it came out as a command. Victor winked at Michael. "Your pretty wife and I will meet you in the living room."

Michael went to the wet bar and pulled out glasses and a bottle of Grey Goose. But the bar's icemaker was off. It took a while to go to the kitchen to get ice. By the time Michael finally arrived in the living room with a tray of martinis, at least 15 minutes had passed.

Victor and Jen were on the sofa, making out. As they French kissed, Victor's hand fondled her breasts. She was braless under her dress (her bra probably still in the club's bathroom after Monique took it off her), and Victor rubbed her erect nipples as they protruded through the dress's stretchy material.

Michael was annoyed. He had assumed they would wait for him. He cleared his throat to announce his arrival, and the couple pulled apart.

Jen looked guilty that they had started without him. She hadn't wanted to, but as soon as they sat down, Victor had pulled her to him. She was finding she couldn't resist him, and that made her feel even more guilty.

Victor chuckled as he sensed Jen's discomfort. He motioned at Michael's crotch. A tent was formed in his pants. "See, honey, I told you Mike wouldn't mind if we started without him. He likes watching us make out, don't you Mike?"

Michael flushed red, not able to meet his wife's eyes when she looked questioning at him.

Victor chuckled again and grabbed a martini, draining it in a single gulp. "Pot?" Victor asked, pulling out a pipe and filling it with weed. He lit it and took a long drag, then he offered it to Jen. Michael almost protested. It didn't take much to get Jen stoned, and the drug always increased her horniness. He didn't like the way the evening was going. Jen wasn't wearing her wedding ring. Worse, Victor had humiliated him in front of his wife. But Michael didn't want to respond to Victor's statement that he liked watching Jen with other men, and pot seemed to be a good way to change the subject. When Jen looked at him, he nodded his head yes.

Victor brought the pipe up to Jen's lips. She took a tentative short puff. When Victor didn't remove the pipe, she took a longer drag. She closed her eyes as she felt the drug quickly move through her system, her body tingling, her skin extra sensitive. The pipe was removed, but then she felt something else against her lips. It was the rim of a martini glass. She opened her lips and let Victor slowly pour the vodka down her throat. Then Victor brought the pipe to her lips again, and she took another long drag.

Victor motioned to the sofa, and Michael sat next to him. Then he looked back at Jen. "Stand up," Victor commanded. "Take off your dress."

Jen's head was spinning. The marijuana and vodka were clouding her thoughts. Yet, her body still burned with sexual desire, the lustful longings intensified by the pot working through her body. She knew it was wrong to undress for another man, especially with Michael being so near. But that voice inside her was muted by the vodka and pot. Her body desired sex, she needed fucked. In her dazed state, she rationalized that she couldn't get fucked until she took off her clothes. So she stood, unsteady in her high heels. She reached behind her with both hands. In her dazed state, it took longer than usual, but finally she managed to pull down the zipper. Then she wiggled out of the tight lycra dress. She stood in just her panties, garter belt, stockings and heels.

Michael's eyes were drawn to the crusty off-white film that had dried on his wife's panties and stocking tops. He immediately recognized it; Victor's dried sperm. His cock grew uncomfortably hard in his pants. He saw how Victor's influence over his wife was growing. He suspected this night was going to turn out bad, and he knew he should grab Jen and get the hell away. But he couldn't take his eyes off the dried cum on his wife's stocking tops. Despite all his misgivings, he knew he needed to watch Victor fuck Jen again.

Jen saw where Michael was looking. She looked down and saw the dried cum on her nylons. Even though the haze, she grew alarmed. She blushed, and moved to take off the stockings. "I told you to leave them on," Victor said, his voice low but commanding.

Jen hesitated, her fingers lingering on the snaps of her garter belt. She didn't know what to do. She desperately wanted to take off the stockings, to remove from her husband's eyes the evidence of her earlier sex with Victor.

Victor smiled. He was enjoying himself immensely. It was so easy to manipulate married couples like Mike and Jen. So easy, and so much fun.

He glanced at Michael. "You want your wife to leave the stockings on, don't you?"

Michael still hadn't been able to take his eyes off his wife's cum-soiled stockings. "Yeah," he said in a hoarse whisper, his throat dry. "I want her to leave them on."

Victor's smile broadened. He looked into Jen's eyes. "See honey, nothing to worry about. Now come here. Get on your knees."

Jen hesitated again. Through the fog of the pot and vodka, it felt wrong. She wasn't wearing her wedding ring. She had another man's sperm dried on her panties and stockings. This was all wrong.

Victor sensed Jen's continued reluctance. He turned to Michael. "Don't you agree, Mike? Jen should kneel down in front of us?"

Michael was panting. Jen looked so good standing in nylons and heels. The cum stains on her stocking tops heightened his excitement. These desires bothered him, but now was not the time to think about it. "Yeah, Jen," he said breathlessly. "Victor's right. Get down on your knees, right here in front of us."

Victor smiled triumphantly. "See, honey?" he said soothingly. "Mike agrees with me." He gestured at Michael's crotch, where his erection formed a tent in his pants. "It excites him."

Looking confused, Jen got onto her knees.

"That's a good girl," Victor said approvingly. "Mike, slide closer to me. That's right. Now Jen, pull down Mike's pants, and remind him how good your mouth feels."

Jen pulled down Michael's trousers, and then his underwear. His penis stood straight in the air. She couldn't remember the last time he had been so hard. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Michael moaned from his wife's light touch.

"Take him into your mouth," she heard Victor say. "Suck him."

Jen lowered her head and took Michael's cockhead into her mouth. She pumped his shaft as she sucked him, pleased to hear her husband's moans.

"Finish undressing him," Victor said. "Come on, make him feel comfortable."

Jen pulled off her husband's pants, socks and shoes. Michael unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it onto the floor.

Jen lowered her head over her husband's crotch, swallowing his cock again into her mouth. With her nose buried in his pubic hair, she licked Michael's shaft. Michael writhed and moaned as his wife sucked him, loving the sight of his wife's face buried in his crotch as much as the sensations of his penis in her warm soft mouth.

At 26, Jen still looked like a co-ed, a young college freshman. She always got carded at bars and restaurants. That's why Michael loved seeing his wife's head bobbing on his penis. The sight of his cock fucking Jen's innocent school-girl face was such a turn on.

Victor tapped Michael on his shoulder. "Mike – what do you say – my turn?"

In his passion, Michael couldn't think of anything he wanted to see more than Jen going down on Victor. He wanted to see the black man fucking his wife's pretty, innocent face. He wanted to see Jen's silky blonde hair swaying back and forth over Victor's black thighs as she bobbed her head on his black cock.

"Yeah," Michael panted. He pulled Jen's head off his cock. She looked at him. "It's Victor's turn."

Jen hesitated. She felt uncomfortable going down on Victor with Michael sitting right next to him. But she saw the look in Michael's eyes, a mixture of lust and encouragement. He wanted her to go down on Victor. And she couldn't deny her own body's desires. She wanted Victor again.

Jen reached for Victor's waist and unbuckled his belt. She unzipped his pants. Victor lifted his ass as Jen pulled down his pants. He was hard, his cock forming a huge mound in his briefs. Jen's eyes grew wide. She still wasn't used to his size. Then she reached up and pulled down his briefs. Victor's cock popped out when the waistband passed. "God," she admired. Victor was only half hard, his cock like a long thick python.

"Stroke me," Victor commanded. Jen reached for him. She held him with both hands, one hand on top of the other. Still her hands couldn't completely cover his long shaft. As she stroked him, he got harder, and even bigger. He became so thick her thumbs couldn't touch her index fingers.

"Suck me," Victor ordered, and Jen lowered her head over his crotch. Still holding his shaft with both hands, she opened her mouth wide and struggled to swallow his big cockhead.

Michael was mesmerized by the sight of his wife with Victor. He couldn't believe the size of Victor's cock. He had seen it before, but not this close, not sitting right next to him. His gaze shifted uncomfortably between Victor's cock, and his own. The difference was startling. Victor towered above Michael. The comparison made Michael feel insecure and inadequate.

But for whatever perverted masochistic reason, it also aroused him. He grew harder, and his excitement grew so much he almost started to shake. He wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke himself.

Victor noticed Michael's arousal. He knew lots of white guys like Michael. It didn't surprise him that Michael got turned on seeing his wife with another man, especially a well hung black man. "You enjoy watching this, don't you?" he asked derisively.

Michael didn't answer, although the mockery in Victor's voice made him reddened with shame. Still, he didn't stop stroking himself. Jen had heard Victor and, with Victor's cockhead still in her mouth, she looked sideways at her husband. She saw him playing with himself, red-faced and panting, his eyes locked on Victor's cock in her mouth.

She noticed how easily her husband held himself with just one hand, his curled fingers forming a cone that engulfed his entire erect penis, except for the top of his cockhead. She couldn't help comparing her husband's penis to what she was holding in her hands, what she had in her mouth. She remembered the football players from her teens, and how they looked so nice in their tight pants, their large penises outlined in the stretch material. Michael's small size had never bothered her before, but she wondered if that was still true.

To her relief, Jen didn't dwell on these thoughts. She couldn't. As Victor tried to force more of his cock down her throat, it was all she could do to keep from gagging.

Victor pulled off his shirt, then lifted Jen off the floor. At the same time, he kicked off his pants, briefs and socks. Both Victor and Michael were completely naked, sitting side-by-side on the sofa, while Jen remained in just her nylons, garter belt, panties and high heels.

Victor held Jen suspended above him, her stocking-clad legs straddling his crotch. "Are you ready for it, honey?" Victor said as he lowered Jen onto his cock. Michael's eyes were drawn to Victor's crotch. He excitedly watched as the black man's huge cock inched toward his wife's pussy.

"Gaaawwwd," Jen groaned as Victor penetrated her with his swollen cockhead. Jen's eyes were closed and her teeth clenched, as if steeling herself for further penetration by Victor's thick cock.

Victor held Jen's hips and slowly pushed in and out, each time edging more of his cock inside the young blonde wife. Michael slowly stroked himself, matching the pace of Victor as he pumped in and out of his wife.

Beads of sweat formed on Jen's forehead, and she tightly clutched Victor's bulging biceps as if to balance herself. Victor's pace quickened and soon almost all his cock was buried inside Jen's pussy.

Michael couldn't believe Jen had taken all of Victor inside her. How could it all fit? Michael looked down again, and saw Jen's pussy stretched tight around Victor's thick rod, her pussy molded around the large veins running up his shaft. Michael's erect penis excitedly twitched in his hand. Michael loosened his grip, not wanting to cum too fast.

"Let me down," Jen said, moving Victor's hands off her hips. Up to that point, Victor's strong arms had supported most of her weight. Any good sense Jen had left was buried in her frenzied lust for Victor's muscular body and huge cock. She wanted him, needed him. Jen got on her knees, and then began to move slowly up and down on Victor's cock. With his hands free, Victor cupped and fondled Jen's tits, rubbing her erect nipples between his fingers.

Jen moaned as Victor fondled her tits. She increased her pace. Michael looked at his wife. She seemed to be in another world, ecstasy painted on her pretty face. Michael hadn't ever seen Jen look that way before. It was like she was suspended in a continuous orgasm. Michael noticed that, as Jen rode Victor, she ran her hands over Victor's muscular chest and arms, her manicured nails scratching along his hard pectorals and biceps. Not able to resist, Michael tightened his grip around his shaft and stroked himself faster.

Suddenly, Jen threw her head back. "Ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhh," she groaned as her body tensed. "I'm cuuummming!" Jen threw her arms around Victor's muscular neck as she rapidly rubbed her pelvis against his. Victor placed his hand behind Jen's head and pulled her lips to his, kissing her. Jen passionately kissed him back, moaning into his mouth as her orgasm peaked.

Seeing his wife cum on another man's cock, seeing her locked in an embrace with her lover as her orgasm rippled through her body, it was too much for Michael to take. Grasping his cock even tighter, he pumped twice more. He moaned as he came, his sperm spilling from his cockhead and over his hand.

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