tagErotic CouplingsDessert for Two

Dessert for Two


The restaurant was busy. It had taken ages for the food to appear and I was feeling bored and restless. Mike prattled on about some conference he was going to the following week in Sweden and I had tuned out long ago. All it took was the occasional murmur from me for conversation to flow unchallenged. Mike had always loved the sound of his own voice; sadly I didn't feel quite the same way.

My pasta carbonara was delicious - really creamy and terribly fattening, but I barely touched it. Mike hadn't noticed my lack of appetite but then he wouldn't have noticed if I had stood up and performed a table dance for him wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie. The only things that sparked his interest these days were golf and pension plans. Neither of those topics rocked my boat. Consequently we had little in common any more.

Idly I pushed my cooling pasta around the plate and concentrated on a wine stain on the tablecloth as the other conversations in my vicinity ebbed and flowed above the background noise. I listened as a woman opposite chatted to her friend about her recent holiday in Crete and I hung on to every word. Her exploits were far more amusing than the last conference in Blackpool where Harry in Sales got pissed again.

A soft Scottish accent caught my attention and I turned slightly to see who had spoken. A dark haired man sat at the adjacent table with a brassy blonde woman. He leaned back quietly in his chair, a glass of red wine in one hand while the woman talked animatedly about a wedding she was apparently invited to. The way she went on about it, it seemed that 'Hello' magazine were doing a photo spread and half the guests were A-list celebrities.

I smirked to myself and was just about to divert my attention back to Mike for the obligatory two seconds, when the dark haired man must have felt the weight of my stare for he turned and caught my eye.

He had the most delicious melted chocolate eyes I had seen in ages and for a long moment I drowned happily in his gaze. He raised one eyebrow and rolled his eyes at me as miss blonde paused for breath long enough to shovel a huge fork full of chips into her mouth.

Grinning in sympathy, I quickly glanced over at Mike again. He was checking his mobile in the conversational lull, so I diverted my attention back to dark haired with a rueful smile.

We were now in cahoots, both of us stuck with partners who were more in tune with themselves than us. I carried on half listening to Mike, who was telling me about the upcoming golden wedding anniversary party he was organising for his parents. Every once in a while - but not enough to be too obvious - I glanced over at the dark haired man. He sat with a less than enthralled expression on his face while miss blonde prattled on about her sister's new boyfriend. Apparently he was very big in air conditioning.

I couldn't help but notice him suppress a yawn and I smiled gleefully just as he glanced over at me again. Suddenly Mikes mobile rang shrilly, causing everyone in the entire restaurant to turn and look in sympathy at me. How un-cool it was to have such an embarrassing ring tone. I pretended I was somewhere else.

"Sorry babe, need to take this call. Yanks are trying to do a deal..." He puffed self importantly and left our table hurriedly, talking noisily into his phone nineteen to the dozen.

I breathed a sigh of relief and glugged the rest of my wine down. If alcohol couldn't make the evening go faster, death-by-chocolate was next on the list.

Miss blonde stood up too. "Just going to the little girls' room," she simpered in a syrupy voice.

Oh please! I thought bitchily, who does she think she sounds like? Dark haired man smiled sweetly and stood up politely as she teetered off across the room on her four inch stilettos, fake tits stuck out in front like a pair of melons.

"Yours looks nice..." I commented as I gazed over at his risotto dish.

"It was," he agreed. "Kind of lost my appetite now though."

"Why's that?"

"Company's not as good as I had hoped for." He looked sad. "Blind dates are always a bad idea."

"Really? I never would have guessed you two weren't a couple." I said sarcastically, "You seemed so in tune..."

He grinned at me and dipping a fork into the risotto, offered me some. I leaned across the gap between the tables and stared straight at him, parting my lips expectantly.

"Open wide..." he said softly.

I took the food into my mouth and swallowed it slowly, savouring the subtle flavours. It was delicious; just like him. I darted my tongue out and licked my lips provocatively as he watched me, mesmerised. The room shrank until just the two of us sat there, sexual tension so thick you could have sliced it with a knife. His eyes darkened even more as he dropped his gaze below my mouth and into my cleavage. I tightened my arms into my body to push my tits out and he smiled appreciatively before raising his eyes back to my face.

"Nice," he said "I so much prefer the real thing." I merely smiled and allowed myself to check his body out. Taut thighs encased in charcoal trousers, pale lilac shirt outlining a muscular chest. This guy was fit as well as good looking. Too damned sexy, he was pretty much my perfect man.

"Where have you been all my life?" I asked ruefully, not really expecting an answer.

"Waiting for you?" he quipped to my surprise.

Our little tête-à-tête was rudely interrupted when miss blonde returned enveloped in a cloud of Poison. Pity it wasn't the real thing, I thought crossly. Unfortunately, Mike also appeared a minute later, conversation evidently finished to his satisfaction. He had a grin of the cat that'd eaten all of the cream.

"Done deal!" he chortled happily, gesturing impatiently for the waiter.

"Bottle of champagne my man - I have some celebrating to do!"

The waiter nodded cheerily and sidled off to hunt for the most expensive bottle he could find. Dark hair man stood up and disappeared off in the direction of the gents and I could see my window of opportunity disappearing fast as Mike launched into a lengthy monologue about the deal he had just struck. I looked over at miss blonde who was filing her nails and texting someone on her pink mobile. Clearly she wasn't missing dark haired man all that much. Maybe she could do without him for a bit longer?

I made a split second decision and jumped up from the table muttering something vague about lipstick. Mike barely had time to register that fact I was leaving before I dashed through the door in the direction of the toilets.

My timing was impeccable; dark haired man was just coming out of the gents. He smiled as he saw me and stopped.

"Erm I think the ladies is that way!" he pointed down the corridor helpfully. I took a step closer to him.

"I know..." I replied coolly, "but I just fancied a change of scenery." I took a chance and stepped forward, grasping his face in my hands before kissing him passionately.

For a moment he froze in surprise. Then he kissed me back, the intensity of his response literally taking my breath away.

We parted eventually, panting hard.

"Dessert was taking too damn long to arrive so I thought I would have you instead!" I said shakily.

"And what do I get?"

"Anything you want..." I answered provocatively.

The smile faded as he read my mind. Grabbing my hand he said hurriedly, "This way, we don't have long!"

He led me towards a door on the left with 'staff only' on a small plaque. Inside was dark and it smelt of lemon and bleach, a slightly nauseous combination, but I was prepared to overlook such things when in the company of my dream man.

The door shut behind us and he pulled me into his arms.

"Do you come here often?" I whispered irreverently.

"Not this particular cupboard, no," he replied huskily. Conversation faltered when I kissed him, my tongue delving into his mouth and exploring his taste. He was deliciously intoxicating. The feel of him, pressed up hard against me in the darkness was highly erotic. All thoughts of Mike were long gone and the only person I was thinking of right now was this man.

His mouth welded to mine as he ran a hand up my thigh and reached the top of my stocking. A muffled sigh of pleasure at this discovery told me he liked my dress sense. The other hand cupped my breast and I groaned out loud at the caress. He pulled my dress down and lifted my breasts out of the silky bra cups, bending to suck my nipples, nibbling on them gently and I moaned, too lost in the moment to care about the possibility of being overheard. Reaching down, I could feel his hard cock throbbing urgently against my hand and I responded by squeezing him gently.

"It's not too late to stop this you know," he said softly, breaking away from me for a torturous few seconds.

"Who are you kidding?" I gasped when he picked that exact moment to slide two fingers inside my panties and delve into my aching wet pussy. I bore down on his hand and he finger fucked me slowly, the juices dripping down my thighs as I felt the heat rising.

Abruptly he dropped to his knees, knocking a bucket over in the process and causing a clatter. The craziness of the scenario suddenly struck me and I began to giggle helplessly, but amusement quickly turned into desire when he parted my thighs and buried his face between them. A nimble tongue encircled my swollen clit, two fingers opened up my labia and I nearly sat down on his face as exquisite pleasure overtook me.

He sucked and licked, exploring my sex with his tongue and I shook in arousal, my thighs trembling before my orgasm hit me hard. My pussy rippled with contractions and I could feel the fluid trickling down my thighs as the after shocks slowly faded away. I struggled to return to the here and now, my body purring pleasurably.

Standing up, he kissed me, his cock pressing into my belly urgently. After the intense pleasure he had just given me, I would be cruel not to return the favour and I unzipped his trousers to release his erection.

It was long, thick and very hard, and my pussy flooded with renewed arousal at the thought of him inside me. I couldn't see much, but I knelt down to taste him, taking the head of his cock inside my mouth. I could feel the tension in him as I swirled my tongue around, teasing him.

Regretfully I stood up again; I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity of being fucked by such a beautiful cock. Space was virtually non existent so I carefully turned round and bent over slightly. Reaching behind, I took hold of his cock, guiding him towards the entrance of my pussy.

He groaned softly as he nudged inside me partially and I shuddered in renewed pleasure. Carefully he slid deeper until I was full to the brim and I couldn't move. This was heaven on earth and even the sound of people talking in the corridor outside barely registered on my radar.

He reached round and cupped a breast with one hand, fingering my nipple as he took my hip with the other hand and thrust, fucking me slowly at first, then harder; balls slapping against my bottom as he took his pleasure from me. I reached down to touch my clit, rubbing furiously, and it took no more than a moment or two to climax again, this orgasm even more intense than the first. For a moment I thought I had blacked out, then I heard him groaning as he came too, hot spunk firing deep inside me.

We collapsed against the shelf, sweaty and dishevelled, clothing awry. Slowly our breathing returned to normal and I became aware exactly now much time had passed.

"I'm really hungry now," dark haired man commented lightly as we pulled our clothes together in the cramped space and I giggled.

"Think we may have missed dessert!"

"Really?" he said, "I thought I'd just had that..."

Carefully we emerged from the cupboard eliciting a startled look from an elderly lady who happened to be passing. I peeked through the glass door into the restaurant. Mike and miss blonde were sat together, sipping champagne, apparently engrossed in each others company. They hadn't even noticed we were missing.

It seemed only polite to leave them alone - it was probably the start of a beautiful relationship. Luckily the restaurant had a back entrance and a taxi was idling outside.

"I don't even know your name!" I said as we jumped into the back, laughing like a pair of teenagers.

"You soon will," dark haired man promised with a naughty grin as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me again. "Where shall we go now, my cupboard or yours?"

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