tagSci-Fi & FantasyDestined to Be Together

Destined to Be Together


Disclaimer: This story contains futanari.

Credit and thanksgiving to Surine, my editor. Grazie!


I was irritable.

The sun was beaming hotter rays than Cyclops, and my sweat-drenched tank-top was proof; this was only a part of my demise, because I had decided to wear cargo pants that day.

Nevertheless, after my morning ritual, which consisted of a two-mile run and a rigorous aerobic stint in the sand at our local beach, I found myself sprinting up and down my favorite basketball court. The sport was my one true passion, in addition to physical conditioning of course.

The court was deserted aside from myself, as the park usually was this early on a weekday. The consistent report of leather meeting concrete eased my nerves as I continued my workout.

Half an hour later, I was stretching on the grass, cooling down and about ready to head for home. I stood up, swiping sweat and specks of sand from my tan skin; I took the moment to admire my body.

I stood at five feet, six inches, and weighed one-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds. I wore my hair short and bobbed, jet black and endlessly adorable; my green eyes were like studs of jade glinting from beneath my bangs.

I was incredibly fit, in the best shape of my life, sporting huge, rock-hard calves, with thighs to match; a lifted, necterine-esque ass; chiseled abs with the mystical 'V' shape leading to my groin; and impressively defined, yet still feminine, biceps and triceps.

The only asset I couldn't flaunt were my breasts; they weren't exactly large, but I wasn't flat either.

After examining myself, I looked up, grateful for the cool breeze kissing my skin and ruffling my clothes. I took a long pull of water from my bottle, but froze when I saw that my basketball was missing. Immediately agitated, I looked around the park, but couldn't locate a single person.

--Until I saw the two boys across the street. Laughing, they tossed the ball back and forth, content with themselves and oblivious to the sweaty blur streaking towards them in a state of rage.

Like I said, I was irritable.

They eventually noticed me, and in a state of panic, tossed my ball skyward and turned tail. Hardly panting, I watched as my ball fell behind a high fence and into a woman's yard as, only a second later, a low groan of pain met my ears.

Mumbling a slew of curse words, I grabbed the fence and easily hoisted myself over the top. I landed lightly and in a crouch, eyes sweeping the yard. The woman whom I had heard only seconds before was glaring at me from behind a pair of lightly tinted glasses, evidently upset that her tanning session had been interrupted.

She was naked, and clutching my ball; and damn, she was gorgeous.

Twenty minutes later, after I had explained to her what had happened, and after she had slipped into a bikini, we were conversing over sun tea, poolside.

"So, Sam, what do you do?"

I sipped the tea slowly, peering into the cool water before answering, "I'm a personal trainer slash massage therapist. And you, Nicole?"

The blonde was apparently far from dumb as she replied, "I'm an attorney."

"No shit. You aren't going to sue me for emotional distress are you?"

Nicole only responded with a lazy wink from behind her glasses, sucking upon the straw that fed her tea.

At a loss for words and in need of a shower, I stood up, basketball in hand.

"Well, it was a pleasure meeting you Nicole, and again, I'm sorry for intruding."

The bikini clad bombshell, who made me feel body conscious in a feminine aspect, waved my sentiment aside. She fixed those chocolate brown eyes on mine, revealing pearly whites behind luscious lips.

"That's quite alright honey; I'll have you repay me sometime."


Over the next couple of weeks, whenever I wasn't whipping overweight slobs into shape, and whenever Nicole wasn't seducing the jury to see things her way, she and I got together.

We began to bond and quickly became each other's best friend. I learned that she had never married, had no kids, loved jazz, hated asparagus, and was thirty-four years young.

She learned that I had a short temper. And was twenty-five.

Amongst all of our dates and pow-wows, I remember vividly the night when our friendship was tossed against the ropes.


I was sitting at a table by myself, at a quaint Italian restaurant; Nicole had, obviously, chosen the venue--I was definitely having salad tonight.

I wore an elegant yet casual black blouse, sleeveless, with charcoal grey business slacks and very small heels. I despised the look, but Nicole was rubbing off on me; I missed the comfort of basketball shorts and a pair of Nikes.

I looked up and saw, in a rather cliche type of way, Nicole, who had just entered the establishment. Damn, I thought; she's beautiful.

And she was. Clad in a form-fitting little black dress that accented her every voluptuous curve, I could only stare holes into her body. How incredibly large was her bust, that her breasts bounced and jiggled with every step. How seductive her eyes, encased behind rectangular frames. How innocent her golden locks, the hair falling past her shoulder.

How embarrassing my delight, cheeks seemingly ablaze as I stood to greet her, eyes wide as they found Nicole's. We embraced by exchanging kisses to each others cheeks before taking our seats.

"Wow, Nicole. You look fabulous."

She chuckled innocently, accustomed to the fact that I body-watched as a hobby; it came with the job.

"Thanks babe. Could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Rub my feet a little?"

She tilted her head and pursed her lips, eyes wide and seemingly liquifying. I agreed, but only to end her begging. By now, she had also grown accustomed to the skilled hands I wielded.

For the next ten minutes, as we waited for our food to arrive, I handled Nicole's feet and she told me about a hung jury that had allowed a potential murderer back on the streets.

"My star witness choked on the stand and couldn't readily iden--"

The conversation was interrupted, however, when I moved up her legs, to her calves. I kneaded and fingered her taut muscles, loosening and relaxing them.

"Oooo. That feels nice Sammy."

She was appreciative, moaning softly, eyes closed. I was secretly aroused, and I could only assume that for her, it was strictly platonic. That upset me just a tad, but I don't know why.

Nicole stretched her legs out to flex her calves, when her feet grazed my groin; her moanimg dissipated instantly. She opened her eyes and fixed them on me, trying to find the right words to illustrate her thoughts. Just then, a pack of waiters surrounded our table and began to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Nicole.

She was confused and ignored the birthday wish I had set for her, and continued to watch me, expression quizzical. I muttered an apology, tears stinging my eyes as I stood and very quickly fled the scene.


A series of knocks at my door aroused me from my slumber. I had crashed on the sofa, distraught with how my evening had turned out. It wasn't any better now, since it was three in the morning and I was no longer asleep.

Another set of booming knocks motivated me to my feet; another illicited a curse word from my illustrious vernacular. I yanked the door open, ready to spit venom, when a fist caught me on the nose. I flinched back in pain, holding my face.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry Sammy!"

Nicole ushered me inside, closed the door, and ordered that I wait in the living room.

A short while later, Nicole was eyeing me from only inches away, making sure that I kept the icepack on my swelling nose. I sighed loudly, pulling the pack away.

"Look, I'm fine Nicole, now will you please tell me why you're here?"

She averted my gaze, her dark eyes fixed on the far wall. My apartment was deathly silent, but the tension was vastly overwhelming.

"What are you, Sam?"

The question made me flinch, my heavy eyelids sliding over my emerald orbs. Heart hammering against my ribs, I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn't find the words.

I felt Nicole stand from the sofa and assumed she was leaving, but when I didn't hear the door open and close, I stole a peek.

She was staring right at me and slowly slid her glasses off. She tossed them aside and went to work on her trench coat, unbuttoning it and unsheathing the belt. She opened the coat to reveal a two-sizes-too-small tank-top that threatened to rip apart around her breasts and a pair of small booty shorts.

The breath I was about to exhale caught in my throat as my eyes roamed Nicole's body. Her womanly curves were delicious to the eye, an endless mural of flawless skin on display. What was most seductive, however, were her eyes, free from frames and undeniably arousing.

She stepped towards me ever so slowly, teasing me, stretching my patience thin. Only when she straddled my lap, her legs outside mine with her feet on the sofa, did I finally take a breath.

Nicole, however, stole it away again as she leaned forward and draped her arms around my neck, pressing her lips against mine, her breasts smothering my own.

The desired effect made itself evident, my erection pressing through my pajama pants and into Nicole's taut stomach. I was overcome with guilt and shame by the time our kiss ended.

Hanging my head, I uttered, "I'm sorry."

Nicole surprised me by grabbing my stiff pole, curling slender fingers around my thickness, illiciting a groan from my warm lips as she whispered back, "Don't be."

The wanton vixen dismounted me, leaving behind a hungry erection that stood at attention. I held my lust in check as I watched Nicole saunter away, swaying her hips purposely to hurt me even more.

She turned to face me, tilting her head to one side. Thumbs hooked inside her waistband, she bent forward, maintaining eye contact as she slid the shorts down to her ankles. A skimpy g-string remained, digging into her lush, tan skin, a monstrous cameltoe catching my eye.

I focused solely on those meaty lips that glistened with arousal as Nicole continued to strip. The tank-top was removed and tossed, landing atop my head. I slowly pulled it away, only to find Nicole's large ass only a few feet away from my face.

My heart hammered relentlessly, rattling ribs as my companion very slowly dug the slutty underwear out of her crack. My eyes were glued in place as her anus was revealed first, expertly clean, puckered as expected.

I was overcome, however, when I first caught a glimpse of Nicole's pussy. The lips were thick, slick, bare, and a delicious shade of peach. I wanted nothing more than to touch her body right then and there, but I was frozen in awe.

My erection was straining so hard against its confinement that it hurt, but I couldn't sacrifice the time to give it reprieve, lest I could afford missing the show. That turned out to be in my best interest, as Nicole slid a hand behind herself, spreading a cheek to expose her cunt to me.

When the other hand joined it, I began to breath heavily, audibly, unable to contain myself any longer. As Nicole spread her pussy wide, exposing pink petals and a healthy supply of nectar, I blew my top.

I cried out, hands gripping the couch cushions on either side of me as I emptied my testicles, plastering the inside of my pajama pants with an exorbitant amount of gooey cum. I whimpered in delight, eyes mere slits as I watched Nicole straighten up and face me.

"Are you a virgin, Sam?"

The answer was obvious, but I nodded my head anyway, ears ringing, face flushed.

Nicole grinned seductively, her unblinking eyes boring holes into my mind.

"Good. I haven't had sex in years, so this'll be good for us both. Now, be a good girl and sit back."

I did as I was told, still trying to cope with the sensation of the orgasm; I hardly noticed that my pajama pants were being removed, so deep was my contentment.

A long, uncomfortable silence filled the space between us after my bottoms were removed.

Then, "Oh my. Sam, you're...huge."

I looked down at my penis, which was still erect, and still issuing semen. It was rather thick, touting a decent length and a network of veins riddling the shaft. The entirety of my cock was covered in semen, the twitching appendage looking like a glazed creamstick.

I looked at Nicole; she looked at me.

The blonde split her mouth open with her tongue, rimming her lips, washing her teeth. My eyes were roaming every conture of her body, feasting especially upon her mammoth-sized breasts.

Before I could make a move, Nicole had moved forward, wrapping her fingers around my hard, slick meat. I gasped loudly, watching in delightful horror as Nicole sank to her knees while simultaneously sucking the head of my cock into her moist cavern of a mouth.

I couldn't have torn my eyes away from the sight even if I wanted to. Blonde hair spilled into my lap while Nicole coated my cock with saliva; incidentally, she slurped my semen down her greedy throat, evident by the heedless chorus of suction and moans.


Nicole slid her hair behind her head, offering me a view of her lips wrapped around my thickness, half my shaft hidden within her mouth. She bobbed her head enthusiastically, taking more and more of my prick into her throat with each succession.

She eventually pulled all of me out of her mouth, silently refilling her lungs with air, eyes on mine. I couldn't maintain the contact for much longer, succumbing to the tease. As I closed my eyes, I felt Nicole begin to lick and kiss my dick, teasing me even further.

"You look so cute like that, tortured and yet, loving every second of it," Nicole interjected, stroking me in tight succession. "I'll let you cum if you beg for it.

Lingual silence ensued, the only noise being the constant friction between palm, saliva, pre-cum, and penis. The sound of masturbation further enveloped me into a crazed state of arousal, until I could stand it no further.

"Nicole, please! Please let me cum!"

I was sitting up straight now, panting hard, my breasts heaving up and down at the same pace Nicole was stroking me at. She stopped abruptly and I whimpered loudly, childlishly, on the verge of cumming but coldly denied. I opened my eyes to find out why Nicole was doing this to me.

The blonde was arranging her breasts, fidgeting on the floor, until the heavy glands rested in my lap. For a split second, I was unaware of her intentions, but once she slid my dick in between her breasts, I knew.

Shuffling in my seat, I said, "Wait, Nic--"

The blonde interrupted me by thrusting my cock in and out of the smooth cleft formed by her huge tits. The sensation was so smooth and tender upon the underside of my shaft that I squealed in delight.

Nicole chuckled, heaving her breasts up and down, her hands barely holding them in place. Flecks of my pre-cum dotted her supple breasts, providing enough lubrication for the titfuck.

"Cum for me Sam; let me see that piece of meat in action."

My balls were jostled up and down, churning another helping of protein within my bowels. Seconds later, it was served, my cock erupting white lava. I groaned in pleasure as I viciously shot load after load into Nicole's blonde hair, onto her pretty face, and her breasts.

I sat back, spent, my happily abused penis slowly going flaccid. I watched Nicole lick semen from her lips, massaging her breasts to apply my batter, the glands shimmering. She wiped and scooped sticky globs of semen from her face, allowing my spunk to remain in her hands.

"My my, Samantha, you are quite the gusher."

Nicole rose to her feet, smiling down at me, even offering a wink.

"Care to return the favor love?"

I looked up at her, dumbfounded, wondering what to offer the insatiable succubus.

"Ok, yeah, sure..."

I grabbed one of Nicole's hands and pulled her to me, while simultaneously adjusting myself, turning ninety degrees. I laid down on my back and motioned to Nicole, blushing sheepishly.

"Lay on your stomach, feet first."

Nicole giggled, nodded.

"You got it babe."

Nicole accomodated me, putting her weight on my body. When she was finally situated, I was staring into the depths of her pussy. Gingerly, I pulled apart her external lips, webs of arousal coating her folds. Nicole squirmed, gyrating ever so slightly.

"That's good baby, keep going."

Encouraged, I kept Nicole's sex spread open with two fingers, and I plunged haphazardly into her cunt with my tongue. I licked up and down her slit, animated in my endeavor, bobbing my head.

Nicole responded with a genuine moan, curling her toes. To busy herself, she attacked my dick once more, lips, teeth and tongue assaulting my stiff rod. I groaned into Nicole's nether lips, but didn't abandon my task.

Nicole's muffled voice sounded off from around my dick, and seconds later, she removed it to moan unhindered, her voice bouncing off the walls of my apartment.

"Shit Sam, don't stop! Nnnggg!"

I had no intention of stopping, even as Nicole began to violently jerk me off. Her aroma was intoxicating, her liquid arousal addicting; I tongue-fucked her for all I was worth.

"Ohhhh, I'm gonna cum!"

She squeezed my cock so hard that it hurt, but it was worth making the blonde cum a torrent of thin excrement. Nicole was wailing from the bottom of her stomach to the top of her lungs, driven insane by the euphoria exploding inside of her sex.

It took minutes for her to calm, but I was patient. She was panting as if she'd ran a marathon, her cunt still oozing fluids. I tenderly licked up the remnants of Nicole's orgasm, much to her delight.

"Mmmm, that's good baby. Let's try one more thing."

Nicole moved swiftly yet gracefully, until she was sitting back on my lap. I attempted to sit up, but she placed her hands on my breasts, pinning me down. Nicole bent down, until our faces were inches apart.

"Allow me."

While twisting my nipples, Nicole invaded my mouth with her tongue. We swapped excrement: the taste of my semen for her cum. We moaned in unison, my hands slithering to grip her ass. I spread her cheeks apart, and she lifted, shifted and sat.

My cock was wrapped within a slick velvet sheath, the warmth of Nicole's pussy causing my penis to harden even further. She pulled away from me to sit up straight, her eyes closed, lost within the lust we were breeding.

She began to ride my joystick, up and down, front and back, even in a circular motion. I groaned as my cock was being treated to a tight fit, Nicole moaned as I nearly filled her completely. She was speechless this time around, fucking me with everything she had.

Nicole leaned backwards, hands placed upon my thighs, impaling herself on my rock-hard cock. I panted hard, sweat running down my neck and chest, my eyes on Nicole's globes. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, mashing and kneading them together.

The way Nicole started to moan only ten minutes in let me know that she was cumming.

And again, only five minutes later.

Then two minutes.

And after that, it was a constant chorus of mind-bending, groin-stirring groans, her lustful appetite for more driving me to deliver the goods.

I thrusted into the blonde at blinding speed, my own breasts flopping about. I closed my eyes as I felt another orgasm stirring within my loins.

It didn't take too much longer for it to arrive, either. My dick exploded yet again, spewing a hefty amount of cum into my blonde companion. I painted Nicole's insides a lewd white, until it overflowed and gushed out of her from around my cock.

On the verge of unconsciousness, Nicole leaned down and laid atop me, finally coming to a calm, moaning softly into my ear, which she nibbled every so often. She traced a finger around my mouth, which I opened, and she slipped it in; I sucked it to the knuckle.

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