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Destiny Can Be Strange


Greetings once again readers. This is a rewrite of a story already posted here on Literotica. I've been very busy with a few things in my real world life involving a veterans group of which I am a member. You will note that, as always, I'm full of excuses. Now that I finally have all my [expletive deleted] together in one sock and have it properly stenciled, I shall endeavor to return to my writing. It will most likely be as slow as it was before, if not slower, but I enjoy writing too much to just not do it anymore. This story and my other adventures will continue albeit at a slow pace. For that, I apologize.

The beginning of this may be a little confusing for those of you who do not follow American football or the NFL (National Football League). The game told about in the story was a real NFL game, which actually took place on Monday, 29 October 2007. I know, because being a hard-core football fan, especially for my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, I watched it. For those of you who do not understand the NFL, I suggest you research it. It would take far too long for me to explain here or in the story itself. Again, my apologies.

One other thing. You will find that here and most of my other stories involve bikers and the biker lifestyle. Hey, I'm a scooter tramp in real life, what can I say?


It was a Monday evening. Gabe Eldritch and three of his closest friends were sitting at a table at Gus', the local sports bar some miles south of Denver, Colorado. At just a couple of inches under six feet and 180 pounds, his slim yet muscular frame often caught the attention of the ladies. His dark brown eyes seemed to perfectly match his hair, which was worn in a ponytail that hung to the lower part of his shoulder blades. A few streaks of white in his hair were the only evidence that he would never see the low side of 40 again.

It was a "guys night out". That it was a Monday evening had been planned so they could gather for Monday Night Football during the fall and winter. All four were fanatics when it came to the National Football League.

Gabe sipped on a Coke and not so jokingly said to David. "Would you kindly inform Shelly that I do not appreciate her efforts to fix me up and marry me off to one of her so called friends? The one last weekend turned out to be a cast iron bitch."

"But Gabe," David said, "You know her hearts in the right place …don't you?"

Gabe smiled dubiously "Yeah and I'm secretly related to Bill Gates. Damn Dave, it's as if she can't stand the fact that I'm single again. Look, I do not need or want any help finding female companionship."

Gabe thought back to his 'blind date' with Helga Saturday night. She was very obviously of German extraction with an accent, blue eyes, blonde hair and very tall. She was very probably a major dominatrix judging by way she carried herself. Not his type at all.

"Well Dave, Wayne and I are all married and we're happy for the most part." Luke, Gabe's oldest and best friend said.

"Look Luke, marriage and happiness are not always mutually inclusive. Hey, I've been married before and it was great for a very long time. I was happy then. However, after her little 'problem' began, it really started to suck. Cheryl was not a bad woman at first. But, first the drugs and then the other men kind of soured me on the whole 'happily ever after' thing." Gabe's former wife had somehow gotten herself into a serious crack cocaine habit, he didn't know how, and then turned to prostitution to support that habit after he had refused to pay for her drugs. The divorce was quick and quiet but still very ugly. Gabe was disappointed in how his marriage had failed but, he was not bitter and had forgiven Cheryl…for the most part.

Wayne, a tall, 6' 6", and very thin at 200lbs black man spoke up. "Jenny tells me she saw you and Cheryl out together last month. What's up with that?" Jenny was Wayne's wife, a delightfully cute white woman, was the consummate stereotype gossip.

"Cheryl and I are still friends, of a sort," Gabe said. 'Friends with benefits' he did not add. During their marriage, Gabe and Cheryl's sex life had been extraordinarily satisfying for both of them. Enough that, even though they had been divorced for over a year, they would still get together occasionally to assuage their carnal desires. "Hey, just because we got a divorce doesn't mean we have to hate one another."

Gabe turned his attention to the big screen television located nearby. Tonight's game would be between the Green Bay Packers, who were surprisingly at five wins and only one loss and atop their division, and the Denver Broncos, who at three and three were not having their best season. The commentator was discussing the Green Bay quarterback, Brett Favre and his age. Favre, now at 38 years of age was no longer a young man. Especially for an NFL quarterback. Yet, he held most of the NFL career records and could possibly have them all by the end of the season.

"Bullshit." Gabe heard Wayne say, "That old fucker's all washed up. Shoulda retired a couple of seasons ago."

He's easily one of the best that's ever played the game." Gabe told him "and even this year, he's still among the best."

"C'mon man. You know the Bronco defense is gonna clean his clock tonight," he said. "I'll bet Denver wins by at least two touchdowns."

"I'm feeling generous tonight Wayne. I'll tell you what I'll do. You give me the Packers and only two and a half points and you got a bet, okay?" The half point eliminated any possible ties.

He looked at Gabe incredulously "Keep it friendly? Say twenty bucks?" he asked.

"You're on!" said Gabe.

Wayne chuckled "Easiest money I'll make this week."

"We'll see." Gabe said

"It's a good thing we got here early." Dave said to the rest of them. Gus' was filling up very fast. Gus' was the place to be for Monday Night Football locally. Being in Colorado, most of the clientele were of course Denver Bronco fans. There were a few other Packer fans there as well. Gabe thought of all places he'd been in all his travels, he almost never failed to find at least one Packers fan all over the country. There was also folks wearing Dallas' colors and other NFL team colors. Tonight wasn't just about the Packers and Broncos. It was about NFL football, which seemed to be awfully close to taking the 'America's Favorite Pastime' title away from baseball. It seemed as though everybody loved football. Baseball, it's ridiculously high salaries and all the controversies as late were starting to drive its fans away. Gabe had liked the San Diego Padres but didn't like watching them much any more. He'd always liked football more anyway.

A short time later, they had the coin toss, which Denver won. Green Bay kicked off and soon the Broncos were driving down the field. The Packers just looked unable to stop the drive. Soon, Jay Cutler, the Bronco's quarterback, was scrambling in a way not unlike Favre and tossed a short touchdown pass to tight end Tony Scheffler and it became 7 - 0 Denver.

Wayne looked at Gabe smugly "Wanna just go ahead and give me the twenty now?"

"Patience young man, patience. Game's not over just yet." A poor winner was far worse than a poor loser Gabe didn't say.

The game was moving along and a good time seemed to being had by all present. A short time later Gabe watched as Favre dropped back and fired a long pass down the field to the right side. Nearly fifty yards later, the ball was caught by Green Bay's rookie wide receiver James Jones. After the catch, Jones inexplicably cut to his left and started running diagonally across the field to the left corner of the end zone.

"Where the hell is that rookie going?" Gabe muttered to himself. Nevertheless, a moment later, Jones reached the goal line scoring a Packer touchdown.

Gus' exploded. Apparently, there were more Packer fans there than Gabe thought. On top of that, one of the officials that inadvertently taken one hell of a hit from one of Broncos trying to stop Jones and was still down on the field. It was a hell of a 78-yard touchdown pass.

"Not bad for an old washed up quarterback, eh Wayne? You know, I think I'll just hold on to that twenty a wee bit longer, if you don't mind. " Gabe said.

"Yeah, yeah." Wayne said, not very good at concealing his anger.

The commotion was just settling down when Gabe felt a hand softly touch his shoulder. He turned and looked.

It was his friend, Olivia. Olivia Archambault was an exceptionally beautiful young black woman, whom Gabe had known for a few years. Olivia had mocha colored skin and was quite pleasant to look at. She was just barely less than five feet tall and weighed probably 95 pounds, if that much. Her dark skin was smooth and very striking. Her eyes were the darkest he had ever seen by far and they had a very slightly Asian look to them. Her hair was smooth, straight and very long falling down nearly to her thighs. It was black, so black it seemed to have purple highlights.

Hi Gabe!" she said brightly. "You here for the Broncos game?"

Gabe stood and politely shook her hand a moment. Tonight, she was wearing faded jeans and blue and orange number 6 'Jay Cutler' football jersey which hung lose on her but, still did very little to conceal her very shapely body.

"No Darlin', I'm actually here for the Packers game." Gabe joked. He had taken to calling her Darlin' very early in their friendship and she did not seem to mind that at all.

Olivia then noticed Gabe's white, number 4 'Brett Favre' jersey. She theatrically placed the back of one hand to her forehead. She looked up at the ceiling and said "God protect us all from all cheese heads." then laughed merrily.

"So, what brings you here tonight?" Gabe asked her. "I didn't think you were that big of a fan."

"I'm supposed to be meeting a friend but, I don't see her yet. And I may not be a really big football fan but, I am a Broncos fan."

"Do I know the friend you're supposed to meet here?' He asked.

"Yeah, you know Tina from the Scooter Trash, where I work, don't you?"

"I haven't seen her either but, then again, I've not been looking. You and Tina are about as different as day and night. I somehow just can't see the two of you hanging around together."

"Perhaps there is more to me than what meets the eye?" She smiled up at him. "There could be a whole other side of me you've never seen before."

"After all this time, is there some dark secret about you I don't know yet?"

I'm not gonna tell you…well, not yet anyway." she smiled.

Gabe was about to respond to her statement when Wayne stood, leering at Olivia. "Hey baby, how come I never met you before tonight?"

She looked at him a bit irritated "I'm sure I don't know and don't care."

"C'mon baby, don't do me like that. You sure are a sweet lookin' young thang."

"Back off Wayne, she already has an ol' man." Gabe said irritably. Marital fidelity was never near the top of Wayne's priority list.

"Not any more." Olivia said quietly so that only Gabe could hear her with the ambient noise in the place.

"What happened with you and Maurice?" Gabe asked in a soft, quiet voice.

She looked up at him, her eyes filled with bitter anger and sadness "He dumped me Thursday."

"He did what? What the hell for?" Gabe asked in surprise, keeping his voice low.

"He dumped me for some blonde, big titted, white bimbo."

"That really surprises me. I always thought he didn't like white folks much."

"If they have big tits and suck cock, he doesn't care what color they are." she said sarcastically

I'm truly sorry to hear that Darlin'. Were you guys having problems I didn't know about? Did you suspect he was seeing some one else?"

"Not one little bit. It came out of the blue."

"Are you going to be okay?" He said with genuine concern.

"Cried my eyes out Thursday night and most of Friday. Then on Saturday I decided to get my shit together and go on with my life."

"If there is ever anything I can do to help you, promise me you'll let me know."

Olivia's eyes were moist and she seemed to be on the verge of tears. Gabe put his arms around her and moved closer to her to give her a warm, brotherly hug. She returned the hug vigorously, clutching her small body against his tightly. After a moment, he pulled back holding her by the shoulders and looking into her stunning dark eyes. Tears started to spill. She threw herself back into his arms and she buried her face in his shoulder holding on to him as if her very life depended on it.

"Everything okay there, Bro?" Wayne asked, looking at Olivia lasciviously. "Boyfriend problems? Maybe I can help."

"Trouble at work with her boss." Gabe lied. "Give it a rest, Wayne."

"Yeah, sure." he replied petulantly.

"Thanks for covering me." Olivia told Gabe in a barely audible voice.

"Don't worry about it. Wayne's a good friend but, there are times when he can be a real horse's ass." Gabe whispered to her. He looked down at her and said, "Why don't you sit here with us until Tina shows up."

"Okay." She said gratefully "I'd really like that. Oh, by the way. I'm serving notice that I intend to take you up on your offer of help when I need it."

Olivia wiped her eyes and sat, seeming to be her normal cheerful self. He smiled at her thinking that Maurice must some kind of fool for dumping her. She was without a doubt one of most attractive women he knew and was a terrific friend. In another reality, they could even be….No, He thought. That would more than likely never work out. She was black. He was white. He'd never seen her with a white man other than himself and then, only as friend. Yeah, he admitted to himself, he certainly would not mind a wild tumble in the sack with her. More than once before, he had tried to imagine her naked and very willing. Even more, since his divorce from Cheryl. Must be wishful thinking he thought.

Then, there was the 'so called' interracial dating taboo even in this day and age. It wasn't something Gabe believed in. Hell, Wayne's wife Jenny was white. Gabe always figured if both party's were happy, it wasn't anyone else's business. He had dated black women before and was never a big deal to him. All his dates in the past, no matter what race or color they were always seemed to have fun and enjoy being with him. As far as he was concerned, love and lust were both colorblind.

Gabe wondered if Olivia ever had similar thoughts about him. Probably not. Well, he would give her a couple of months to get over Maurice and see if she might consider going out with him. After all, the worst she could do is say no.

Her voice brought him back to reality. "You're just drinking soda tonight?"

"Yeah, got the dirty double D duty tonight." He frowned

"Designated Driver?"

Gabe nodded "My turn."

"Does that mean if I get too loaded, you'll drive me home too? I mean to Tina's…I'm staying there for a couple more days."

For you, Darlin', anything. But, I thought she was coming here tonight."

"Yes but, you know how she is…sometimes she just forgets things."

"You're right about that. Tina would forget her backside if it weren't attached. She's a bit flighty at times, but a really nice person. So, if you really need a ride home, I'm your man."

"Great!" she said. Then leaned in close and kissed him on the cheek.

Her soft, warm lips on his cheek startled him slightly. All his previously improper thoughts of her snapped back into his head. Her lips on him were like nothing he'd ever felt before in his life. He could very easily get used to this.

Reality reared its ugly head once more. Olivia and him had been good, close friends for the better part of three years and for all of his improper thoughts, he would never jeopardize her friendship for a piece of ass.

At that, moment at waitress appeared asked Olivia for her order. "I'll have a Bud Light Lime." she told her.

Gabe smirked. "Beer? Hmm, a woman after my own heart."

"I like it and besides, isn't that what you normally drink?"

Gabe nodded.

"Unfortunately, I'm just a little girl; it only takes about three or four to get me hammered." Olivia said


So, if I wanted to, I could easily get you drunk and take advantage of you?" said Gabe. Now why in the hell did I say that? His subconscious wondered.

"I wish." She chuckled.

Gabe's eyebrows shot up.

Olivia just gave him her best sweet, innocent smile. "Just kidding."

Gabe turned his attention back to the game. It was shaping up to be a defensive game. Both teams seemed to be able to move the ball well but were not getting into the end zone often. Things came to a head when Denver kicked a field goal with literally no time left on the clock to tie the game. It was a 13 - 13 tie, which meant overtime, of course.

Wayne, of course was not a very happy man.

Gabe said "Don't give up just yet. If Denver wins the coin toss for overtime, they could get another field goal and win. Then you might still win the bet. He had no sooner said that when Green Bay won the toss and elected to receive.

The waitress picked that moment to return, this time carrying a camera. "This is so cool…I just have to have a picture."

Gabe looked at her looking rather puzzled.

She seemed to sense his confusion. "You guys are a really great looking couple wearing the jerseys of the opposing quarterbacks on a Monday night game."

Olivia did not hesitate. She grabbed Gabe's hand putting his arm around her shoulders, put her arm about his waist and moved very close to him.

"C'mon Gabe. It'll be fun." She said cheerfully.

At least she was sounding happy Gabe thought.

They smiled at the waitress as she snapped the picture.

"Perfect!" the waitress nearly shouted. She brought the camera close to show them the digital image on the camera's small screen. Even Gabe had to admit it was a good shot. Him with his crooked 'I know something you don't' smile and Olivia smiling as though she didn't have a care in the world.

Olivia quickly snatched up a napkin, pulled a pen out of her pocket, and scribbled very fast. "This is my e-mail….send me a copy?"

"Of course." said the waitress and she took the napkin and departed.

On the TV, the Broncos kicked off and after a short return; it was first and ten for Green Bay at their own 18.

Gabe noticed that they still had their arms holding the other and decided he liked the feeling it gave him. He could not help but notice that Olivia seemed to enjoy their closeness as well. Well, He thought. She must still be a little down about her situation with Maurice.

The action was beginning at the game again. Favre ran a play-action, faked a hand-off to Ryan Grant, Dropped back and looked down the field, then…. Looked down the field again, and then launched a rocket. Everyone in Gus' was yelling wildly, including Olivia and Gabe. In Gabe's mind, it seemed like the ball was in the air a very long time. Then it fell into the arms of a wide-open Greg Jennings, who brought it in and jogged the last fifteen yards to the end zone. An 82-yard touchdown pass. The game was over after only one play of sudden death. Green Bay had won 19 to 13. Gus' was pandemonium. Even the losing Bronco fans had to admire the play. Gabe and Olivia found themselves jumping up and down hugging one another tightly.

Wayne was the only unhappy person in the place. He really hated losing. "Aw…. C'mon man, that was offensive pass interference. That Green Bay dude pushed off!"

A second later, the replay came on the screen and showed Jennings running past Denver cornerback Dre• Bly and of course, there was no pushing off. Wayne became silent. He threw $20 on the table and stalked off.

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