tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 01

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 01

byThe Avenger©

This is my last series of stories. Thanks for the people that read my stuff and hollered back. The character Jay is also featured in "The Adventures of Dr Knock-Boots."


Chapter 1: The Emperor's Clothes

"What the fuck am I doing here?" Jay asked himself, feeling bored with his work colleagues, a bunch of yuppies, that he was having a drink with.

Jay, the 24 year old African was studying Business IT and Accounts. He was currently on attachment, with a prestigious, affluent firm in town, that had its fingers in almost every industry. The experience was causing him to brood a lot. He had always thought all he had to do in life was graduate with flying colors, land a high paying job, buy a house, maybe a couple of of cars, get married, have a couple of kids, and that would be that. However, he was not so sure now. Was that the true meaning of life. That was what his dad had told him, that was what the education system had tried to instill in him. That was what people, all over the world seemed to believe in and live for. However, Jay most definitely did not want to end up like these jerks that he was having a drink with.

Jay looked around at his yuppie colleagues, sitting in this fancy bar, drinking cocktails with fancy names and fancy prices, feeling so special. Jay felt bored as hell, but he could see that his colleagues were so proud of the firm, their jobs, their titles, their cars, their apartments, blah, blah, blah. In fact, they identified and defined themselves through those things. Even as they drank, conversation centered on the firm; recently posted profits, new appointments, expansion plans and firm gossip, like who was fucking who and who got divorced and who got caught fucking around.

What a bunch of bores, Jay thought. These guys didn't even have it as good as they liked to pretend. They were not dummies, like Kid Rock and Sylvester Stallone. Some of them were pretty smart. But they had sold not just the power of their bodies, but even the creative thoughts of their brains, the minute they signed their contracts. All their ideas were owned, by Seth Smith, their boss.

They couldn't just get up one day and say "Fuck you Boss, I quit." The firm would sue their asses and get them for every single dime. Furthermore, they were mortgaged up to their gills to afford all that shit they really didn't need. If they got funny and tried to quit, they would be kicked out of their houses and lose their cars, LCD TVs, expensive clothes, credit cards and all that other fancy that made them feel special. It would be repossessed and they would be dragged to court. Even their pretty wives and girlfriends would leave them. And their so called friends would just never call back. And without those things, these guys were nothing.

These guys were getting fucked big time, and they couldn't do fuck all about it, except pretend to be something special and important, and that they had it better than other people. They were like, my firm is better than your firm, my neighborhood, my town is better than yours, my state, my country, my party, my race, my this, my that. Bitch please!

No wonder people held on so tenaciously to all sorts of prejudices. A man who lies to himself will have no problem lying to someone else. And a man who lies about himself will have very little qualms lying about someone else. That was the reason why the News was nothing but propaganda, and Television was really tell-a-lie-vision. These guys were not even really looking for Osama, (and if you doubt it, go ask Biggie's Mama, (watch Biggie and Tupac, the documentary)

It was then that Jay realized what a baggage of shit the White Man had brought unto humanity. And the shit was major! He knew many Blacks, Latinos, Asians and the like, who were aspiring to be like these guys, like his colleagues. They were giving their best, to be welcomed and accepted by these guys. They wanted to belong to these "special", so called "leading men." A black man trying to be white and corny was a bitch, as far as Jay was concerned. But a white man trying to be something special, like these guys around him, now that was even worse than a bitch! This shit needed to be destroyed and rebuilt.

However, he really had no alternative to offer. Not yet at least. He couldn't say like, alright guys, we gonna do this and that and give these people happy, meaningful, satisfied lives.

Anyway, he wasn't even trying to be the Lord's only son. If he had to die to save the whole of humanity, he wouldn't do it, not freely. He rather grab an AK.47, take ten steps, turn and shot the first person trying to crucify him and make him some kind of a martyr, so they could build some churches around him, kick out people who couldn't pay their tithes and then go and kill, persecute and even rob whole lands in his name. There might have been a couple of people he was prepared to die for, but the whole of humanity, all these fools here at the table, and those out there, hell fucking no!

Failing to find a solution for all humanity, Jay decided to look for a solution for himself. He saw only two options, either get out of this shit completely, or gatecrash the dinner party where the people at the top sat. Hanging somewhere in the middle, getting fucked and fucking other people was just bullshit really. Fuck that!

Someone had once told him, "Everybody needs to suck a little dick and kiss a little ass here and there just to make it in this world." Jay was determined that if any dick sucking, ass licking and ass fucking was to take place, he would rather fuck them than let them fuck him.

As the yuppies around him kept going on with their "I am this, I am that, I got this, I got that, the firm this, the boss that, blah, blah, blah," Jay suddenly had a vivid fantasy of making these guys suck his dick and bend over to take it up the ass, right before their wives. That was part one, to show these guys that they were nothing special, just a bunch of cock suckers that were getting fucked up the ass. Part two would be about fucking these guys women, right before their eyes. They deserved better than these punks, pretenders and liars. They deserved a real man, who could fuck them good, take them all the way to heaven, and then bring them down to Earth and show them that heaven was a place to Earth, and his insatiable, big black dick held the key. Jay laughed at the shit his bored head was thinking.

As they saw the African's face crack into a smile, his yuppie colleagues thought he was feeling so good at being allowed to join their ranks. Little did they know that he had devilish plans for them, their mouths, their asses and their wives.

Jay drank to that.

Then he started thinking, damn! What is the point of fucking these guys. These guys were just rats. They thought they were all that, but they held no real power. The King, as in the Rich White Man, had the real cash and the real power. He even owned these guys.

Yeah, it was better to be sitting at the King's table, than to be the King of a thousand of these rats. At least, when he sat at the King's table, it would give him a chance to seduce the Queen. He would fuck the queen, whilst the King was running around, surrounded by his stooges and wannabes, enjoying the fan fare and pomp, bringing wars to other countries and stealing black gold.

Yeah, he'd fuck the queen real good and send her into a state of delirium. Then he would fuck her again, and again with his big, insatiable black dick, until she was addicted to it, and only desired to worship it, suck it, lick it and get fucked by it. Then with her assistance, he would depose that fake king, turn him into a cock sucker and a fag. Yeah, why not just fuck that king up the ass and put him in his place. And then he would take the King's place. Jay knew America was not ready to see black president, so therefore, he would let the King keep the limelight, but he would definitely get a piece of the cake.

Chapter 2: The Prince.

The King, as in Seth Smith, the owner of the company that they worked for, wasn't at the Table. But the Prince was. The Prince was David, 28 years old, handsome, smooth shaved meterosexual, with long, flowing blond hair, Michael Bolton style, and big, blue eyes.

When he started his attachment at Smith Holdings, David had immediately tried to make friends with him. There was something about David that Jay didn't like. The guy kept smiling and gazing at him with his glassy eyes like a school girl in love. Jay thought he was a fag, until David invited him for a drink, with his fiancée She turned out to be a pretty, alluring, pale, red headed woman named Ramona.

Ramona was a 27 year old model. She was tall, pretty and slim. She came to meet them in a bar, dressed in a body hugging, short evening dress. Jay noticed instantly that Ramona liked him. In fact, she was hitting on him, right in front of her fiancée What was even more surprising was that David did not seem bothered. In fact, he seemed excited. When Ramona went to the bathroom, David surprised Jay by saying that he and Ramona had recently started trying out swinging. David said he got off watching other men take Ramona. They had done it a couple of times and absolutely fucking loved it, David said. Ever since Ramona had run into Jay at the office, she was so keen on trying out a black man. David added that the idea thrilled him, provided Jay could keep it on the down low. And if he put up a stellar performance, a financial reward would be forthcoming. The white guy looked pointedly between Jay's legs and asked him if he had a big, black one, and would he like to let Ramona play with it.

"You're joking, right?"

"No. I am serious. I saw you watching Ramona. You want her, don't you? Wanna stuff your big, black cock down her throat and then shove it up in her white pussy. She is shaved yunno. Gosh, I am getting so horny just imagining you fuck my white wife to be with your big, black cock!"

The African was surprised. It was not that he was an innocent good boy. No, indeed Jay had done some dirty deeds in the past. He had made two men watch him fuck their women and even suck his dick. (see The Adventures of Dr Knock-Boots). However, he had had to break them and force them to submit. He had always assumed that no man did such stuff of his own free will. However, this guy was asking him to fuck his wife. Jay felt uneasy about the whole thing and gently declined. He left before Ramona returned. Jay chuckled, wondering if the two would be mourning over the black dick they had just missed.

Since then, Jay had avoided David like a plague.

However, as Jay now made up his mind to invite himself to the King's table, he saw that David was his ticket. After the guys finished their drinks, Jay walked David to his car.

"Hey, listen, remember our conversation, yunno, about me and your alluring fiancée, Ramona?" Jay began, as they stood before David's Ferrari.

"Oh that," David blushed. He could still remember how the African had acted all shocked and nauseated. And what was even worse, Ramona had been pissed when she came back from the bathroom to find Jay gone. She said David had fucked up things. "Listen man, I was just drunk. I didn't mean any of that seriously."

"Oh, what a pity, coz I have never been able to get it out of my mind, you know. I was really hoping to get to know Ramona better. Your wife is so alluring. Damn man, as a matter of fact, she is sizzling hot. Think you guys might have some time at the week end."

David's heart beat wildly with excitement.

"I will ask Ramona about it. I think she will be ecstatic."

"Good, lemme know tomorrow at work. Meanwhile, tell your sweet fiancée how much I really miss her," Jay took David's hand and led it to his crotch. David's eyes opened wide as he felt a long, thick throbbing cock pressing into his palm. His fingers squeezed it.

As the white boy's hand remained glued to his cock, Jay smiled inwardly. In his book, men who liked to watch their wives with other men were bisexuals, at least. Jay could tell that David wanted his cock, and not just for the Missus neither. And he would get it too, right before his wife.

"Alright. Talk to your wife Dave, and holler back tomorrow. See you at the office."

David was reluctant to let go of the big, black cock. It felt so long and so thick. And feeling it throb with power and energy through the the young African's trousers filled him with exhilaration. He couldn't wait to get home and tell his wife about it. They would be finally getting their first big, black cock. One of many, he truly hoped.

Jay drove to his apartment, singing along to Robert Cray's Strong persuader (Right next door).

His mind drifted back to the first time that he had made a white man go down on him in college. In his first year, he had worked week ends in a pub, as bar man. A workmate of his, Brad, a white kid from upstate NY had been the lucky man. Jay had gotten along well with Brad. Brad was a tall, handsome blond guy. Girls loved the white guy. Jay had known many players in his life, but never one of Brad's caliber. The guy had a regular girlfriend, a tall, slim Scandinavian student named Mirja. Mirja was a tall, slim top notch ho, with big, blue eyes and long, bright blond hair. She liked to dress skimpy and guys were always trying to fuck her. However, this did not stop Brad from doing at least two to three other chicks per week. Jay just figured the 24 year old guy was over sexed. To be honest, he was even envious of Brad, because fly girls just seemed to be all over the blond hunk's dick.

Brad was always very friendly to Jay, and liked to hug him before and after work. They would go out for a couple of beers after knocking off. Brad would always invite Jay over to his place for breakfast, but Jay always turned him down, coz all he wanted after a long shift was his bed, with or without something to poke on. However, he never thought much of Brad's over friendly manner to him, until he met a brother who used to drink in their pub. Rahim, for that was the brother's name, said something that Jay could not believe. He claimed that he had gone drinking with Brad and they had ended up going to Rahim's, to smoke a joint or two. Brad had then surprised the brother, by saying stuff like, "Ain't nothing wrong with men getting intimate. I mean, we all find it sexy when two women go down on each other. Why shouldn't men be accorded the same right?"

"Coz that's some homo, fag shit, fool!" Rahim responded.

"Come on dude, don't be old fashioned and priggish. Men know how to suck cock better than women, if you want, I can prove it to you. Gosh, I have been waiting to suck on a black cock for so long!"

With no further ado, Brad had then apparently reached out to stroke Rahim's cock. He was trying to fish the brother's dick out of his pants when Rahim grabbed him by the throat and put a size 12 Timberland boot up his ass.

"That white boy's a fag yo! I swear, I ain't never talking to that boy no more."

"Word son. Word!" Jay had responded.

"Can you believe, that white dude wants to suck a black cock? Can you imagine?"

Jay did not say so, but he definitely could imagine. In fact, in his mind, he saw it like a motion picture, in 3D, full color, with Dolby surround and all.

The thought of having a white guy kneeling at his feet, sucking on his long black cock simply excited and thrilled him. He couldn't even wait.

Jay called Brad and invited him over to watch a basketball match and smoke a blunt or two. Brad accepted immediately. By the end of the second quarter, both guys were stoned. It was then that Jay turned to the blond hunk and said,

"Yo, I ran into Rahim the other day and he told me what went down..."

"What did he say man! Rahim is a liar!!!" Brad said quickly, his face going beet red before Jay even said a thing.

"Chill Brad. Rahim is a fool. And why the fuck you wanna suck his cock for any old how? That Nigga got a little ass dick and he doesn't even shower..."

"He is a liar man, I never said I wanted to.... It was just a joke..."

"Chill Brad. Look at this," Jay slowly pushed his short shorts down his dark, powerful thighs. He laid his long, thick black dick along his thigh. "You wanna try a black cock, here is one for you..."

Brad trembled and shook his red face from side to side. But his big, golden eyes were glued to the twitching black snake.

"Don't be shy Brad. You wanna try out a black cock, well, here's a real mother for you. Go down and lick it, white boy..."

"No!" Brad gasped.

Jay couldn't wait a second longer to get his black cock sucked by a blond white boy, so he simply cupped the back of Brad's head and pulled his face down towards his cock. Brad put up token resistance. But as soon as his lips met the throbbing black man meat, the white boy started licking.

As the Ref blew the whistle for the third quarter, Jay kicked off his shorts and made Brad kneel between his parted thighs.

"That's the right position for you to suck my dick from boy, whitey. Now gobble up the dick and wank the motherfucker and shit. Plus stroke them big black balls, or better yet, lick them."

jay leaned back in the couch, puffing on a blunt and watching Kobe hit 3 pointers, whilst his white workmate sucked his dick. Kobe was the top scorer, but the Knicks lost, which meant Jay's day was perfect. But to make it even better, he fucked the taste out of Brad's mouth and bust three nuts back to back. Seeing the tall, handsome blond hunk feed hungrily on his cock just made him feel so elated. He even pulled it out and shot it in his eye.

After satisfying his hunger for black dick, Brad was all shy and embarrassed, and he begged Jay not to tell the boys at work about it, because they were homophobic. Jay said he wouldn't, as long as Brad brought his girlfriend the next day, and let her enjoy the black meat treat as well.

For several months, Jay would fuck Mirja, the blond Swede and then stick his cock in her boyfriend's mouth and let him taste her pussy off the big, black cock. Mirja found it so exciting and so amusing to see her boyfriend being dominated by Jay and made to suck black cock right before her eyes. What pleased Jay the most was that Brad seemed to be very ashamed of his actions, yet he just could not resist the black cock. The blond just had to kneel before the dark man and suck on his dick whenever he was told to. The Swede begged Jay to fuck her boyfriend up the ass and then he did him. She loved it so much to see her boyfriend being fucked by that black cock that she loved so much. The only other thing she liked so much was to see Brad being made to eat Jay's black ass, something he loved and did so slavishly.

Jay finally quit his job in the pub and quit fucking with the white couple. However, it had been fun whilst it lasted.

As Jay pulled up in front of his apartment, his dick was rock hard. He couldn't wait to do the same with David and Ramona. If David thought the black man would just play substitute stud for him and his wife, he was dead wrong. Jay had devious plans for that rich white boy and his wife. Both of them.

Chapter 3: The cock hungry wife

Jay visited David and Ramona at their fancy, spacious apartment for supper, the following Saturday. Since it was warm outside, and he was going to service a white woman, who craved black cock, Jay simply put on a tight, white wife beater, that hugged his bulging chest muscles, and a pair of long shorts that hung loosely around his hips.

The twenty four year old student was of mediums height, and had a very athletic body. His skin was dark, and he had very African features. He had big, mysterious brown eyes. His hair was cropped shortly. The thing about him that turned women on the most were his finely defined abs.

Ramona and David lived in an exclusive apartment block that his family owned. The place was like a small palace. The furniture alone could have fed a whole trailer park 5 course meals for a year. As they waited at the bar for the fiancée to come and join them, David proudly informed him that he had it every tiny bit removed and replaced once or twice a year, so as not to get bored. He was even proud of his decadence.

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