tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 07

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 07

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: Hilary makes new close friends

Hilary took off early from work that Friday evening. Two maids had cleaned up the house but she wanted to inspect it. She had grown very fond of Jay and Dianne. And the fact that Rob was against them, because of their complexion somehow pleased her. She remembered all too well the stupid things that Rob had always told her about black men and she guessed he disliked Jay because he did not fit into his stereotypes. She did not care any more She was looking forward to a week end of fun. Hilary put on a simply dress and waited for their guests.

Jay and Dianne turned up guests around 8 o'clock. Jason looked even more handsome in his easy, leisure clothes. She gazed at him, a very handsome black man of about twenty five. He was slightly shorter than Rob. He had a dark, rugged face, with a trimmed beard. His nose and lips were thick, and he had dark, African features, which she found rather attractive, as much as his ready, charming smile and his deep, dark and friendly voice. He was wearing a tight t-shirt, which was glued to his lean, athletic torso. A pair of long shorts hung limply around his hips and he was wearing white trainers.

Dianne was simply looking hot. She had put her long, curly, dark hair into a bob at the back of her head. Her cocoa brown, pretty, heart shaped face was lightly powdered and she wore dark, glossy lipstick. Hilary liked her exotic face, those eyes that were like dark, sultry wells, framed by thick, lush eyebrows. And that cute, snub nose, with a glittering brooch in one nostril. And those thick, lush lips were alluring. Having thin lips, Hilary had always been jealous of women with full, pouting lips, and Dianne had those for sure.

Dianne was the same height as Hilary, but that was where the resemblance in their bodies ended. The black woman was wearing a cream colored, backless halter top which was stretched across a thick, awesome bust. Her tits were big and firm, jutting proudly like two rockets about to blast off. Dianne was sure she had had them enhanced. If they were real, she decided she would just lock herself up in her room and get a good, well deserved, stress relieving crying session.

Dianne was definitely not wearing a bra, and her thick nipples were poking lewdly out of the thin fabric. Her belly was flat, her waist small. The black woman was in a pair of tight hipster jeans that were glued to her wide and flaring hips. She had a thick, round, heart-shaped ass. It was so thick Hilary thought she could probably place a glass of water on it, and Dianne could walk around without so much as spilling a drop.

Hilary felt a tinge of jealous when she realized that Rob could hardly stop gazing at the young woman, smiling "stupidly". And she thought he was overdoing it with the questions. The white wife chuckled at herself as she realized that she was feeling jealous. She regretted having put on a drab, dreary dress. However, she feared that if she suddenly went and changed into something attractive, everyone would notice that she was competing with Dianne.

When Hilary heard her husband saying how glad he was to have the two over, she sneered silently. "Not only a racist but a hypocrite as well."

Hilary hadn't quite realized it yet, but ever since meeting Jay and Dianne, she was becoming less and less satisfied with her husband.

Hilary wanted to order supper but Dianne talked her into cooking. The two women made supper together whilst the men sat on the patio, chatting. They opened a bottle of wine and Dianne was all talkative, going blah blah blah, and laughing constantly. Her laughter was infectious, and Hilary found herself warming up to her even more. Hilary did not have many friends. Most women at work were into gossiping and shit talking, which bored her. And they seemed to find her boring for always talking about work. Dianne told her about her hood and her studies and this and that. When she asked Hilary to talk about herself, Hilary replied,

"Oh, I'm afraid I lead a boring life."

"Then bore me to death, come on."

As she talked, Dianne listened attentively, nodding and asking questions, and did not seem bored at all. Finally, she said,

"Damn, sounds like the same Nigga shit that Jay goes through."


"You talking about having to fight coz you are a woman, he's always talking about having to fight coz he is a Nigga in a white man's world. Same shit different day, yunno. Like different scenario but the same bullshit! Lets drink to that," she said with a smile and they clicked their smile.

"And? How does he cope with it?"

"Oh, I reckon he likes it, the fighting, I mean."

"Yeah, I reckon there is something in me that likes it too. Does he ever feel down though?"

"Sometimes, but then I just say come to mama baby, let him talk, "Blah, blah, blah," then I fuck him good and put him back on his feet," Dianne said and they both laughed. "Does your husband have to play motivator too? Though I reckon its harder for men huh? I mean, a man comes home depressed, you give him the pussy, tell him, "Yo, Nigga hit it, give it all you got!" he's all happy. But the last thing a depressed, frustrated woman wants is for the husband to start trying to get laid, right? I'd be like, "Fuck off, motherfucker! Put that dick away before I bite it off!"" Dianne laughed heartily.

"Gosh, you are so raw!" Hilary laughed. A note of sadness touched her as she thought of her situation with Rob. However, she was not about to hang her dirty linen in the open and start whining like, "Oh, he is not supportive, in fact, I think he feels threatened..." So, she lied and said,

"My husband and I are very supportive of each other. He is always there for me when I need him."

The four of them had several drinks after supper. Hilary and Rob rarely went out. However, Dianne wanted them to try out a new Latin American Salsa disco in town. Rob made a mean, nasty joke about Wetbacks which met with strained laughter. The blacks exchanged quick looks. Hilary found herself rushing to explain that Rob was really just joking, he wasn't really like that. Hilary made a note to chide Rob later.

Hilary said she was going to change and Dianne immediately said she would join her. The two of them went into Hilary's bedroom. When Dianne commented that the room looked 100% female, Hilary explained that she and Rob had separate bedrooms. They worked a lot, and both needed some privacy sometime.

"What! If I was a dude and I had a hot wife like you, pardon my French, but I'd be giving her dick every other night," Dianne said, with a dirty laugh.

"Come on, nobody has sex every night. I mean, do you and Jay?"

"Oh, he has to read and shit but when I see him, I make sure he makes it up to me. One time he was like, "Damn bitch, you trying to work a Nigga overtime or what the fuck?" But I was like, "Nigga, you don't wanna fuck, why the fuck you keep pushing that big, hard, black dick against my ass." That's like waving a red flag in front of a bull and then going, "Oh, he pierced me with his big horn!" she laughed.

"Gosh!!!" Hilary exclaimed and laughed. "You are so vulgar, young lady!"

"Then spank my big, black ass for being a bad girl," she wagged her ass in front of Hilary.


"I ave always wanted to be spanked by a white girl. Go on," she smiled naughtily. "put your hand down on my naughty, big, black ass. You scared. Alright, then I'll spank that white ass," Dianne suddenly pulled on Hilary's dress, making it tight around her buttocks and smacked them, hard, but not too hard.

"What!" Hilary exclaimed with disbelief and spanked her back.

"You go girl!" Dianne laughed. "Do it again! I didn't feel a thing."

"You asked for it," Hilary did it, and again, laughing. "Gosh, I haven't laughed so much in a while.

"You got a nice ass, why you hiding it inside that tent. Put on something short, tight and sexy, you hear. Lets make our mans proud to have the two hottest bitches tonight."

Showing any shyness at all, the young black woman dropped her clothes. Hilary stole looks at her, as she applied a dab of perfume to a shaved, bald black pussy and then pulled on a tiny, skimpy white thong. Then Dianne bent over her suitcase, and this made her cheeks expand sideways.

"Gosh! Now that is ass like an astronaut!" Hilary chuckled silently, though she found the silky, brown balloons definitely alluring, especially with the white thong sliding tantalizingly down the black woman's crack. Hilary's eyes strayed to the thick mound cupped in the white thongs and stayed there. She thought she detected a dark, damp spot in the middle. Hilary felt her cheeks grow warm, and her heart beat faster. When Dianne straightened up, Hilary hastily looked away.

Little did she know that Dianne had been observing her from the corners of her eyes. The black girl was pleased to see that the white woman found her alluring. She was planning on having fun with her.

Dianne and Jay liked Hilary, but Rob irritated them with his patronizing manner, and the way he was constantly saying they were different than other blacks, just because they were normal. They were also pissed by his constant bragging about Hilary's dad's firm as if it was his. Jay and Dianne were determined to reduce him to a cock sucking eunuch, and rescue Hilary from that fool whilst they had fun with Hilary.

Dianne was eager to set their devilish plans in motion. And as she saw Hilary ogling her thick, black ass and fat, moist pussy, Dianne felt the juices flowing into her pussy.

"Tell me, Hil, what do you think I should put on?" As Hilary looked at her, Dianne could see that her semi nudity was making the white woman blush sweetly. She took her time holding up different outfits.

They finally decided on a white, backless halter top with disco dots and a tight pair of white longs, with the zipper at the back.

"I don't know about this top though," Dianne pouted. "It makes my tits look so big."

"So? That's what men want, isn't it?" Hilary responded wittily and they both laughed. Then her curiosity got the better of her. "I hope you don't mind my asking, but, are they real?"

"You tell me," Dianne responded. "Come and feel them."

"What?" Hilary exclaimed.

"Go on, we're both girls. And they ain't nothing but tits. Go on."

"No!" Hilary rasped.

"Of course girl..." Dianne dropped the top on the bed and moved closer to the white wife. She took her pale hands in her dark ones and deliberately led them to her breasts. She placed both palms over her thick, dark tits. Hilary could not believe she was holding another woman's breasts. They were firm, soft and very warm, and they were over spilling her hands.

"Girl why you looking like you just seen a ghost. These ain't nothing but a pair of Nigga tits. Squeeze the motherfuckers."

Diane pressed her hands into Hilary's, making her squeeze. "Does that feel like silicon to you?"

"No!" Hilary rasped and shook her head.

"Alright, now do me a favor."

"What?" Hilary asked, her ears ringing with excitement as her palms continued to squeeze and fondle the big, black breasts.

"Run you thumbs over my nipples and get them real hard. I like them poking through my top. Gets Jay all excited."

"What! No. I couldn't!" Hilary blushed.

"Coz you can. Go on, before I spank that white ass for real." Dianne said it light heartedly, but there was something commanding in her voice.

And Hilary realized that she really wanted to do it. Her hands trembling, she gently ran her pale thumbs over the black woman's dark, crinkled nipples.

"Do it firmly baby girl," Dianne said. "I ain't fragile."

Hilary stroked them firmly. They started to harden. She stroked them more.

"lemme hold them up for you," Diane picked up her tits and pushed them at her. "Go on pull on them and roll the motherfuckers. You are a woman, you should fucking know what to do with nipples. Come on..." Dianne chuckled.

Hilary chuckled too and picked each nipple between a thumb and an index finger. She rolled and tweaked them, and they grew very hard. Hilary was so excited and Dianne was looking right in her beaming face. When she noticed the black woman's dark, sultry eyes fixed on her, Hilary blushed and dropped the nipples.

"Did I tell you to let them go?" Diane suddenly growled, her face turning into a sneer. Hilary shook her head, feeling fear, towards a woman ten years younger than her, in her own house.

"I guess I am gonna have to make you suck them now, for being stupid."

Dianne snaked her arm around Hilary's neck and pulled her face to her tits, holding one up and pushing the nipple at her mouth. "Suck it into your mouth. Do it now." Her voice was so firm and commanding. Hilary opened her mouth and sucked it in. "Yeah, roll your tongue around it."

Hilary's heart beat hard as she pressed the nipple against the roof of her mouth and rolled her tongue around, round and round. "o-o-o-o-oh! That's good, you naughty white girl. Suck the mother fucker. Let Mama feed you.." Dianne pushed the tit into her mouth. He palm dropped around Hilary's waist and she pulled her closer.

"Do what you like baby, lick, chew, suck. Show me what a white girl can do to these big, black tits..."

Hilary felt exhilarated as she sucked on it and chewed on it. She craned her neck and stuffed her mouth full of the soft, dark flesh. She snaked her tongue around the nipple and Dianne gave a deep moan, lusty moan.

"Oh yes, get that nipple hard baby!"

Hilary worked on it. Then she sucked hard on the nipple, and pulled back, stretching the big dark tit. Then she let it go and it sprang back and jiggled. Dianne's face broke into a big grin as they both looked at her jiggling breast.

"Gosh. You naughty white girl!"

"Its your fault. You made me do it!" Hilary rasped, wiping her mouth, a grin across her face. Her eyes were twinkling.

"Well, one down, one more to go."

"Gosh, I cant believe the audacity. You are coming into my house and making me eat your tits! Gosh!" Hilary rasped, licking her lips.

"Don't be mean, Hilary. My other tit is crying for attention too. Don't you see you are creating sibling rivalry. Come on," Dianne held her other tit up."

"Damn, I hope my husband doesn't walk in on us," Hilary rasped and reached for both of Dianne's dark, prominent tits. She dipped her face to the second and snaked her tongue around the nipple. She was more confident now, and really into it. She worked it with her lips and tongue and got the nipple all stiff. Then she turned to the first one and ate it again. Then she ate them both, pulling her lips off them with loud pops. Dianne was gasping and moaning away.

"Oh damn! Lick my tits. Lemme feel that tongue all over them."

"how the hell am I supposed to lick all those two big mountains," Hilary teased and dove into them. She licked the tits and the valley between them, her hot, roving tongue leaving a wet trail.

"Get the undersides too. They're itching for that precious lil tongue," Dianne held them up and Hilary craned her neck to get at them. She licked and sucked away. She was really beginning to like popping her lips off them and Dianne liked it too. She had to stifle her squeals.

Finally, Hilary pulled back, and gazed at Dianne's wet, stiff nipples.

"Damn! Thanks Hil. Want me to return the favor!"

"No!" Hilary squealed, backing off. "tell me, are you a lesbian?"

"What the fuck would I be doing with a Nigga then?"

"But, I mean, I have never done this kind of thing before."

"You are such a prude, Hilary But I will take care of that. I like to have fun with girls sometimes."

"And, how far have you gone?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out," Dianne winked naughtily at her.

Dianne pulled on the disco top and her nipples were poking prominently through the material. Hilary pinched them again. When Dianne asked her to close the zipper at the back of her tight longs, Hilary's hands came in contact with her her thick, soft ass cheeks. The white woman felt thrills coursing through her body. Dianne wriggled her ass naughtily against her hands. Hilary smacked both her cheeks.

Dianne went through Hilary's wardrobe and picked out an elegant, short, tight, backless black evening dress and a tiny black thong. Hilary felt very self conscious, as she gazed at herself in the mirror. She looked hot in the dress. It was glued to her like a second skin, showing off her medium sized tits to their best advantage.

"I think I look fat in it," Hilary pouted critically. "Look at my big ass!"

"Big ass! Then what do you call mine!"


"My boyfriend calls it Lethal Weapon 2," Dianne laughed and patted Hilary#s ass softly and said,

"Oh don't give me that dumb white girl "My ass is too big shit!!!! Girl, you got a hot booty. I hate those flat booty white chicks. Lets do the flat booty test."

"What's that?"

"Hold up," Dianne picked up a stereo remote control. "Pull up your skirt."


"Don't be shy, I saw everything already, remember?" The black girl pulled up Hilary's hem and pulled a cheek to the side, revealing the thong that was lodged in the crack. She then slid the remote into the crack, placing the long, narrow edge against the thong and let the cheek go. The remote was clamped between the cheeks.

"Look, its stuck in there. Now walk."

"Gosh! You are unbelievable" Hilary giggled and walked. She took five steps before the remote fell.

"Now, do it to me," Dianne pulled her cheeks apart and Hilary placed the remote in her crack. It was held firmly in place. Dianne walked around with it, rolling her ass. Then she hopped up and down five times before it finally fell down.

The girls rolled with laughter.

"Lets get ready to rumble baby!"

Chapter 2: Salsa Nights

When they came out, the guys were both impressed. Both women kept an eye on their respective men, and saw the lustful eyes they both received. Hilary was excited to see that Jay was definitely impressed with her, even though he had such a hot, younger girl.

The four of them hit the Salsa place. Rob couldn't dance much, and he decided to hang out at the bar. Hilary was also like, "I don't know how to dance to salsa," but Dianne said,

"So what? Neither do I. But we are hot, so we'll just shake our hot asses and get all the dicks hard."

She pulled Hilary onto the dance floor and the girls danced together.

Jay was kind of bored with Rob. He was constantly talking about work and his pending promotion like he already had it in the bag. Jay was good at his work and he liked it, but at the end of the day, all he wanted was to earn money. However, Rob's whole life seemed to evolve around work. He was glad when the girls returned and rescued him.

Hilary felt jealous as she noticed the physical intimacy between the black couple Jay seemed to always have a hand on Dianne's ass. He just loved those big balloons and could not stop fondling and stroking them. They were always chatting and giggling and kissing whilst she and Rob stood passively and stiffly next to each other. Public display of affection had never been their thing. She didn't want it at the office, they never did it elsewhere.

Dianne dragged jay onto the floor and she started hitting raunchy moves, bumping and grinding to the salsa. Like a true blue cock tease, she was gyrating her hips and making her ass shake, rattle and pop, all over his dick. Jay's dick got hard in his pants and she ground her ass harder on it.

When they returned to the bar, Jay had a stiff time walking, because of his long, hard stiffie.

Dianne took Hilary's hand and put it Jay's. She whispered to Hilary,

"I got his dick hard and I want it kept that way. Tease him, rub it on him baby..."

She winked and pushed them on the floor. Hilary felt very self conscious at first and she was blushing at the handsome black man. Jay slid an arm around her waist, pulled her close and led the way. As their hips rubbed together, Hilary felt Jay's hard cock and stiffened.

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