Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 07

byThe Avenger©

At one point, Jay and Dianne grabbed a shrieking, giggling Hilary and dumped her in the pool. They jumped in to join her and swam around with her, splashing water at each other and giggling. Soon, the two women ganged up on Jay. He grabbed them one after the other dunked them. Finally, all three climbed out. Hilary's bikini might as well not have existed. Her shaved cunt was peeking lewdly thorough her tight, transparent gusset.

"Damn girl, that bikini is hot!" Dianne exclaimed, resting her palm on Hilary's ass.

"What bikini!" Jay laughed.

"Don't listen to the pervert. Make yourself useful and roll a joint whilst me and Hilary here greet each other properly," Dianne said and sat down on a deckchair, pulling Hilary onto her lap.

Hilary was feeling all woozy, from the alcohol, the weed and the wild excitement that was gripping her. She slid into Dianne's lap and felt the black girl's fingers flutter all over her skin, like soft, tantalizing, butterfly wings. Dianne cupped a breast and and an ass cheek, as she kissed the back of Hilary's neck.

Hilary turned to face her and Dianne's thick lips engulfed hers. Memories of their hot kisses from the previous night came alive. Then Dianne's tongue invaded her mouth as the black girl stroked her cheeks. Hilary kissed her back hungrily, grinding her cunt into the black girl#s belly. Hilary was so excited that her pussy was dripping like a river.

As they kissed, she felt Dianne's hand slide between her thighs and cup her pussy. Suddenly, Hilary baulked. She wanted it more than anything else, but she couldn't do it. She grabbed Dianne's hand and said, "No! Please stop it Dianne. I cant!"

Dianne snorted and dropped her on her back on the deckchair, sliding on top of her. She grabbed Hilary by the throat.

"Fuck that Hilary. You know you want me and my man, you horny white bitch! And we want you too. Ain't nothing going on here but fucking. Now act your age bitch!" Dianne told her, as she forced her body between Hilary's thighs.

"Stop it Dianne, please. Jay!!!...." Hilary begged frantically. "My husband..."

"Fuck that cracker bitch! We are serving lunch and black meat is on the menu..." Dianne told her, pressing her down firmly.

She felt the black woman's palm close over her pussy, cupping her womanhood through her soaked panties. Dianne rubbed the ball of her hand so tantalizingly over her sensitized, dripping pussy. Dianne saw Jay's big, dark hands ease the bra cups off her tits and engulf them. He rolled her pink nipples between his dark thumbs and fingers and pulled on them. Hilary shuddered mightily and moaned.

"Here baby, eat a white milk shaker." Jay offered Dianne a thick, pink nipple to feed on. Hilary's eyes were wide open as she gazed at Dianne descend on her tit. The thick, soft lips engulfed her nipple into hot wetness. Dianne snaked her pink tongue around the rock hard, excited nipple and Hilary felt sharp, tantalizing sensations. Then Jay's face joined his girlfriends and the two blacks feasted on her tits. Dianne's long, strong fingers slid in under her gusset and she stroked her wet cunt, making her hips jerk violently. Then the young black girl penetrated her white pussy. Hilary nearly leaped off the deck chair as if she had just received a sharp, electrical bolt to her loins. But the two held her down and feasted on her breasts.

Hilary gazed mesmerized at their dark mouths that were devouring her. As Dianne's fingers screwed their way deeper into her cunt, Hilary found herself spreading her thighs and pushing her hips up. Dianne pulled her digits out and held them up. They were wet, shining with the white wife's juices.

"Damn! The bitch is so wet!" Dianne licked her fingers and moaned with relish. "Mmmmm! She taste good too."

"Damn! Get more of them white pussy juices and lemme have a taste..." Jay said.

Dianne obliged. Hilary groaned as she was finger fucked a couple of times, then Dianne fed her boyfriend her pussy juice coated fingers. Jay licked the fingers clean.

"Shit! Lemme go straight to the source Nigga! I'm about to eat that white pussy!"

"Yeah, eat her out. You want that, don't you Hilary. Want my girlfriend to bury her pretty black face between them pale thighs, huh!"

"No! I don't!" Hilary gasped and they both laughed at her blatant lie. Jay grabbed her thighs and raised them, forcing them apart as Dianne kissed her way down Hilary's body. Dianne pulled her thongs off and gazed at Hilary's shaved cunt. Her pink lips were engorged and puffed up with arousal and she was so wet she was leaking onto the deck chair.

"Fuck, look how horny this bitch is. Mmmmm. I gotta taste this!"

Dianne slapped Hilary's pussy loudly. She repeated it, making her yelp several times. Then the pretty black face descended down on her cunt. Jay grabbed Hilary and raised her head so she had a splendid view of Dianne dipping down to her pussy.

The black girl winked up at Hilary and then her long, gleaming tongue was tracing the white woman's soaked gash. She felt it flutter gently, lightly all along her sensitive crease, making her hips twitch. She felt the hot breath on her genitals. Then Dianne opened her mouth and took the whole cunt in, engulfing Hilary in a hot, soft wetness. She moaned deeply around Hilary, and then her tongue was lapping up her juices hungrily.

Hilary's hips were hit by violently spasms as Dianne ate her greedily, moaning and groaning and slurping away loudly as she drilled her tongue deeper and deeper into the leaking pussy. . Dianne ate her out with such a voracious appetite that Hilary simply went mad.

"Ah yessss! Yesss!!!!" Hilary found herself moaning as her hips pumped of their own accord.

"you like that huh! You horny white wife..." Jay laughed and dipped his face to Hilary. He devoured her mouth ad invaded it with his tongue. She drowned in the sweet kiss of his thick, black lips. She slid her arms around his neck, pulling him tightly to her as she kissed him back whilst Dianne fed herself on her cunt.

Dianne buried three digits into her pussy and finger fucked her ferociously as she started sucking on her thick, engorged clit. The white woman went wild and her hips started bucking. She ground her clit against Dianne's tongue as the black girl sent her into a prolonged orgasm.

Jay knelt over Hilary and dropped his large cock onto her forehead. It felt so hot against her skin and so heavy. Hilary shuddered and automatically reached for it and wrapped her palm around it. She pulled her head back and gazed at the black cock in her palm in fascination. She couldn't believe she was at her pool, palming a big, black dick whilst a black woman ate her pussy.

"Oh fuck! This is crazy!" Hilary gasped and pulled the cock to her mouth. She pulled the foreskin back and the thick, shiny bulbous head filled her vision. The pungent smell of his maleness invaded her nostrils, hitting her like a kick ass potent drug. Her sense reeled and her mouth watered.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Hilary cooed. Jay rubbed his spongy cock head against her cheeks and all over her face. Hilary shivered and moaned softly. Hilary stuck her tongue out and started licking the big, black cock that was all in her face. She sucked on the dark stem, feeling it throb against her lips.

"Damn! That's good Hil," Jay groaned, loving the greed and hunger with which Hilary was going down on him. "Open up your mouth baby and take this big Nigga dick in your mouth!"

"Oh yes! Stuff that big nigger dick in my mouth!" Hilary moaned and pulled the head to her mouth and engulfed it greedily. She pushed her head at him, taking in as much of his pole as she could. As her mouth stretched to accommodate his girth, it suddenly hit Hilary that she had a mouth full of black dick, and she loved it.

All it took was one more flick of Dianne's tongue and she was cumming again. She moaned out around Jay's dick as her hips bucked violently. Her orgasm was violent. It was like a rapture that threatened to blow her brains out.

But Jay and Dianne did not give the white wife any kind of slack. Jay grabbed two handfuls of her long, dark hair and started fucking her mouth. He was in no rush, he fucked her nice and slow, letting her feel every single inch sliding in and out of her mouth. Dianne had four fingers

"Oh yes! That's it Jay. Fuck that pretty white face with that big black cock. Feed the white ho black cock straight like that!"

Dianne was now kneeling, with four fingers buried up Hilary's pussy and her thumb hooked over the clit. She finger fucked the white wife hard and fast as she tweaked on her nipples, whilst she encouraged her boyfriend to stuff the pretty, wide pink lips full of black cock.

Hilary felt incensed. She clamped her lips tightly around Jay's dick and damn near sucked the skin off his dick. She was so hungry for his throbbing black meat. She wanted to ingest his essence. Jay was glad to feed her carnal hunger. He fucked her mouth, his thrusts getting harder and deeper. He pushed his cock past the back of her throat and Hilary gurgled and sputtered suddenly. Jay and Dianne laughed.

"Fuck Jay, I said fuck the bitch, not fucking kill her." Dianne laughed, slapping Jay's rearing cock as Hilary blushed, gasping and stroking her sore throat. "Lemme teach you how to deep throat a big, black cock, you lil white slut!" Dianne kept her hand up Hilary's cunt as she pulled Jay by the cock to her face.

Hilary raised herself up on her elbows watching the black girl go down on her man whilst frigging her at the same time. The white wife rolled her hips as she gazed intently.

Dianne was well acquainted with Jay's cock, obviously. She engulfed him in her mouth, and held Hilary's eyes as she started bobbing her head. The thick lips rode up and down the black stem, making more and more of it disappear. Jay grabbed the back of Dianne's head and pulled her to his hips as he sank his pole into her mouth.

When he reached the back of her throat, Dianne swallowed, and then she deep throated him. Then she pushed him inside and started fucking him with her constricting throat. She grabbed Jay's balls, squeezed and rolled them as she pulled him deeper and deeper inside.

Hilary couldn't believe it as Dianne's lips reached jay's shaved crotch. The whole damn dick was out of sight now, but not out of mind. Dianne's gaping mouth grinned around Jay's cock. Then she pushed her tongue out and started licking Jay's balls.

"Oh fu-u-u-u-u-u-ck!!!" Jay groaned, his hips shaking. He started fucking her mouth in earnest. Dianne made loud gurgling sounds like a turkey as Jay used her mouth. She finally pulled back, pulling her lips off his cock with a loud smack. She gasped for breath.

"Fuck, ain't nothing like deep throating a big Nigga dick..."

"Show me how to do it..." Hilary gasped, feeling excited.

Jay was soon feeling like he was in heaven. His girl and the white wife were both kneeling on the deck chair, sharing his cock. At first, Dianne was teaching Hilary how to relax her throat muscles and take the thick cock in without sputtering. Hilary almost felt like she was at an academic seminar. She was fully concentrated, as she pulled the black dick into her mouth and felt it slowly enter her throat. She was sure she would be split by it. She couldn't believe it when it entered her throat and started sinking in deeper and deeper. She felt elated and so proud of herself. She almost wished her husband and her parents could see her doing her whole family, town and race proud, deep throating a big, fat Nigga dick. She was so sure they would or should have been so proud of her.

Dianne grabbed her by the back of the neck and pumped her head up and down.... "Yeah, that's it white girl, relax that throat and take that big dick down there where it belongs. You're doing good. Damn! Jay! Ain't she a natural born slut for black cock...."

"Oh fuck, this shit is good. Suck my balls baby..."

Dianne went down and sucked on his balls whilst Hilary proudly fucked his bursting cock with her throat. The white woman's face was beaming with pride and her stretched mouth was smiling.

"Don't be greedy bitch. Lemme have some of that big Nigga dick!" Dianne said, slapping Hilary's head like a tag team.

The two girls held up the long cock and licked and sucked on it, passing it back and forth. Their eye met and the girls giggled. Their faces drew together and their lips met. They kissed each other with carnal hunger. Then Dianne deep throated it whilst Hilary went down to the thick, dangling black balls. She felt so excited, knowing they were full of Jay's black cumm. She felt a carnal lust for thick, creamy, salty cumm.

Jay was always proud of the fact that he could fuck for ages without cumming. However, the horny, double stimulation was driving him mad. Dianne realized that her spouse was close to cumming. She loved drinking his babies. However, she was a considerate girl...

"Jay, why don't you reward our fine host. Stuff that black cock down her throat and shoot her full of your Nigga babies."

Jay did it too. Hilary felt four hands grab her head firmly and then Jay was fucking her stretched mouth frenziedly. He banged his cock into her. Hilary felt woozy. He fucked her face dizzy and his cock seemed to be growing larger, harder, impossibly. She thought her mouth would burst. Bubbles were forming at the corners of her mouth and his cock was making wet, loud squelches as it pummeled her. She held on to his dark hips and held her mouth open.

"Ah, fuck yeah...." Jay groaned and then his dick exploded in her mouth.

His cumm seemed to spurt into her mouth in thick, angry torrents that threatened to drown her. Hilary sucked all she could, but more cumm kept pouring in. She started coughing and sputtering. Jay pulled his cock out and shot more angry spurts at her forehead, cheeks, neck and tits. Hilary fell on her back, coughing and gasping.

Dianne grabbed the dick, giggling and milked it, letting the rest of the cumm drip all over Hilary's body.

"Yeah, Jay, anoint the white bitch!!! That's it! Welcome to the black cock league, white bitch! Now rub in that black man's cumm like lotion."

Chapter 4: Hilary's black treat

The three of them smoked a joint and had some drinks. Hilary's head was reeling. She could not believe what she had just done and how much she had just loved it. She never even lost one thought on her husband.

After catching their breath, Dianne kissed Hilary and said, "turn about is fair play... Lets get freaky whilst the Nigga gets his batteries recharged."

Dianne rolled on her back and pulled Hilary on top of her, wrapping her arms and legs around the white woman. She kissed her passionately. Then she pushed her face down to her tits, holding them up to feed her. Hilary sucked and licked the big, black creamy orbs eagerly. She couldn't get enough of them. She made them so wet with her saliva.

Dianne eased Hilary's face downwards and she licked the dark belly and tongued the navel eagerly. She left a blazing wet trail on the dark skin. However, she became hesitant as she reached the black woman's shaved mons.

"What's the matter. Scared of the black pussy?"

"I, I, I have never done it before. With a girl, I mean..." Hilary blushed.

"Don't worry, mama will teach you baby girl. Move to the side so my Nigga can see you go down on that black cunt..."

Dianne raised and parted her thighs, leaving the white woman staring straight at her bald, fat, black pussy. She reached between her legs and pulled her long, dark, gleaming lips apart. Hilary gazed at the alluring black cunt as her nostrils were hit by the intoxicating smell that made her mouth just dribble.

"Kiss it like a mouth. Smooch my pussy baby..."

Hilary felt scared but exhilarated as she dipped and met another woman's pussy with her lips for the first time in her life. She kissed Dianne's pussy tentatively. Hilary shivered as her tongue made contact. The taste hit her buds sharply, making her moan and salivate. She loved it. She opened her mouth and welcomed Dianne's cunt. She loved the taste. She smiled up at Dianne and tongue kissed her pussy lovingly.

Then she smeared her lips and tongue into the bald, dark vulva and licked and sucked and slurped away. She was so excited her face was beaming and he breath came in rasps. She dove into Dianne's honey pot and wriggled her tongue into her hot fuck hole. She bobbed her head up and down fucking her pussy with her tongue like it was a little cock.

Dianne loved it all, stroking her long blond hair and telling her to eat her black pussy good. She tried to follow Dianne's instructions, but her carnal hunger made it difficult.

"Watch the teeth baby. Yeah, ease that tongue in there... AH!!! Yes! Suck on my pussy. Suck the piss out of my pussy. Yeah. Dig in deep with that tongue... Ah fuck! You're a natural talent. Yes!!! Slide it in deeper. Lick around. Oh yes! Oh my fucking gosh!!! That's it!"

Dianne was aroused by now. She pushed her onto her back and straddled Hilary's face. She sat on her and fed her pussy, grinding it into her lips. Hilary ate her with an appetite and made Dianne cumm all over her tongue.

Her tongue slipped into Dianne's crack and Dianne gasped sharply. As Hilary tried to go back up to the pussy, Dianne grabbed her by the hair and said, "No you don't. Finish what you started. Lick my hole!"

Dianne started frigging her clit as she pressed her hole against the white wife's mouth. Hilary licked and tongued her hole. She grabbed on to her hip and pumped her ass against her tongue, slithering it all around her crack and the dark, puckered hole.

"Ah yes! Slide your tongue in there. That's it. Eat my ass!"

Hilary did it too, tongue fucking her hole till her tongue was aching. Dianne came even harder. Hilary was shocked as her face was squirted into by the heaving, gasping black girl.

"Fuck Jay, the bitch has earned your dick! You need to fuck this bitch real good, Nigga!"

So saying, Dianne dismounted and grabbed Hilary's thighs, pulling them up and pressing her knees into her chest.

"No! Get a condom please!" Hilary gasped....

"Fuck that. My Nigga is gonna bare back on you..."

"Yeah white bitch! You gonna get this dick raw!" Jay growled as he climbed between Hilary's thighs. His dick was hard, thick and long like a truncheon. He slapped Hilary's shaved cunt with it several times, making her yelp and shiver. Then he ran the thick head up and down her slit.

Hilary wanted to shout and scream for him not to enter her without protection. At the same time she wanted to scream at him to shove that big nigger cock all up in her twat and fuck the shit out of her.

Jay did not torture her long. He pushed his cock into her, burying it in to the hilt. Dianne cradled Hilary's head on her lap and held her up so she could see the dick that was filling her up so deliciously. Jay slowly pulled out halfway. His shaft was shiny with her juices.

"Look at my black dick up in your pussy, you white bitch! Look at me fucking you with my big Nigga cock!"

Jay started fucking her slowly, letting her relish every little bit.

Hilary could not believe that she was lying in a black woman's lap whilst her black boyfriend fucked her pussy with his large black cock. It felt so wonderful and she did not want it to stop. She fought to keep herself from screaming at him to fuck her senseless.

She stifled her moans as Jay hooked her feet over his shoulders and fucked her pussy with deep, slow deliberate strokes. She could feel him touching every little part of her tunnel and it was driving her crazy.

She loved it when he slid into her depths. She loved it when he filled her up. And she loved it when he pulled back. She simply loved every single part of his stroke. And when he started rolling his hips as if he was dancing in her pussy, she simply could not help cumming.

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