tagErotic HorrorDetective Murphy: The Lesson

Detective Murphy: The Lesson


"How did you find that?" The Devil boomed with laughter.

I was crouched down on the mists floor, shaking trying to get that sight out of my mind. That hatchet was enormous and it looked lethal. Just the thought of it and I was in dry tears.

"What's the matter Murphy, can't take a little pleasure and pain?" He said to me.

I turned my head to look up at him, sitting on his throne; "Pig." I thought to myself, "Prick, Scumbag."

"That's better. That's the Murphy I created." He laughed.

"What do you mean, that you created?" I asked, suspiciously.

"You see, I have" He started to say, "No, I will show you." He finished.

With that we were next in a room filled with all type of medieval contraptions. I recognized a few from my childhood in England.

"You see this is where I teach all of my subjects how to react and learn different lessons. Here they learn to maim, kill, rape, torture, incest; all manner of depravity, that I enjoy watching." He stated, as his eyes glowed from inner fire of hate and pure lust.

"Since you were so traumatized by my doctor, I'll let you have some fun here." He said like a kind and understanding father.

As we looked about the room, a person stepped forward. Dressed in a leather vest, laced up at the front, but still showing off an enormous pair of tits. Glancing down towards her crotch, where it was open, I nearly choked. Where she should have female organs, was an enormous 8" cock. I could hardly take my eyes of it.

"Yes, it's a beauty, isn't it?" The devil spoke with lust; "Meet Mistress Chilled Vodka. One of our lovely Trans-sexual BDSM teachers."

I had never seen a she-male before, but I felt my loins start to grow, as I looked at her form.

"Yes, that's better Murphy. Get hot. Get horny. For she will be your teacher, for this lesson." He laughed as he spoke and then disappeared in a cloud of mist.

I was left alone with this female of generous proportions. Sheer pleasure was written over my face as she approached.

"You are going to have to earn that pleasure Murphy." She said with a knowing smile. "You see I can read your thoughts, so if you disobey me, it will be worse for you."

"NOW! Come here." She shouted.

I went to walk over to her. As I neared her she kicked me in the balls; "On all fours when you walk, you pig!" She said.

"Fucking Bitch." I yelled at her.


The back of her hand hit my face; "You will not call me names here! You will address me as Mistress Vodka! You will do as I say! Or you will go back to see a certain doctor. It's your choice!" she smiled.

"Now put that on." She said, as she threw a studded collar down at me.

"What the?" I thought.


"Not very bright are you Murphy. Didn't I just get through telling you that I could read your mind?" She told me.

"Yes." I sneered up at her.


"Yes, who?" She said.

"Yes, Mistress Vodka." I answered.

"That's better." She told me, "The quicker you learn, and the more fun we can have."

I put the collar on around my neck and stayed on all fours.

"That's better Pig Dog. From now on that's your name." She said, as she reached down and attached a leash to my collar.

"Now lets go for a walk." She said as she pulled the collar hard.

I found it hard to keep up to her. Walking on all fours was not an easy task. As we walked around or that should be: - she walked around and pulled me along after her.

"There's something missing here." She said questioningly, while she looked at me, "I know. Turn around Pig Dog and spread those cheeks."

"Maybe she was going to fuck me." I thought to myself.

"In your dreams." Came the reply as I felt something shoved into my arse.

The pain hurt for a while but then it grew less. I turned to look to see what she had done and could just make out a.... bloody hell it was a plumbers plunger sticking out of me. I went to reach behind me to take it out.


"No you don't Pig Dog. You're an animal and as you know all animals have tails." She laughed.

"Bloody Cunt." I thought.


"I told you I read thoughts, didn't I!" She said yet again.

"Yes Mistress Vodka." I said with a trace of venom.

"That's better, lets go for a walk." She said as she pulled the leash sharply.

I scampered around after her. She lead me to different equipment and told me what it was used for and how much pain it could inflict. Some were just plain nasty; like the vagina extender, which looked like a vice but in reverse. Instead of bringing something together, you inserted it and it forced the lips apart, tearing the walls as it went.

"Here eat this." She said as she deposited a bowl on the floor in front of me.

"What is..."? I started to say.


Only this time she also yanked the chain, so that when my head was on the ground, she stood on my neck with her high heel stiletto.

"What have you been told."? She snarled at me, "Don't question my orders."

"Sorry Mistress Vodka." I tried to say as she crushed my windpipe.

I lowered my head and started to eat from the bowl. What ever it was tasted okay or was it that I got used to it. It was hard to tell.

When I was finished she said, "That's a good Pig Dog. You can have a reward now."

My "tail" waged at this.

Mistress vodka got done on the floor facing away from me, "You can fuck my arse." She said, "Just like a true dog."

I came up behind her and sniffed her rear. It may have been the way I acted like a dog, because she smelt beautiful. My erection was growing steadily bigger. I started to lick her crack and I felt her shiver.

"Hmmm." She cooed softly.

I increased the pressure of my tongue and forced her cheeks apart with my hands. I came to her anus and licked around it savoring the taste and smell. I slowly licked and inserted my tongue into her butt hole.

She really enjoyed this, as she pushed her butt back into my face.

I took that as a cue to move up over her back and position my cock at her forbidden door.

"Rut me like a true dog." She urgently said.

With that I pushed through her anus and went in deep. All 7" (I wasn't that big in normal life)went in and I was buried to the hilt. I increased my humping as I felt her squirm. She started to match my rhythm as I fucked her. I would push inwards and she would push her bum back, to take me in deep.

"Don't stop." She screamed with pleasure.

I don't know if it was the plunger up my arse, but my erection was huge and had never felt so good.

I started to cum, exploding deep within her arse, as she shuddered. Shooting deep within her bowels with live semen, oozing throughout her and then leaking out around my cock as it slowly decreased in size.

"Hmm, that was nice Pig Dog." Mistress Vodka said dreamily, "You can lick me clean now, because I came as well."

I looked around and saw the cum in front of her, on the ground.

As I withdrew from her arse the cum started to flow out. I lent forward and started to lick up the cum, with huge licks. Eventually her backside was cleaned and she turned around to face me. Her cock was still large, like it had never produced any cum. It looked like one of those that could go and go.

"Yes, It's one of the perks here, it never goes down. Now lick it clean." She said as she gripped her shaft and pulled my head down to it.

I opened my mouth and took the head in, slowly rotating my mouth so that it would give pleasure. My tongue moved up and down the shaft as I took more of her in. She filled my mouth and I was worried that she would not fit. As I deep throated her, I heard her moan with delight. She pressed her hands to the back of my head to force me to take her further in my mouth. I started to suck faster as I tasted some her cum.

"Don't Stop." I heard a females voice say, as I was eating out a hairy cunt. The hands were still on the back of my head, forcing me to use my tongue and lips and sometimes even my nose.

I continued to pleasure women as I felt the plunger still buried in my arse.

"That's it junior." Pleasure your dear old mother, the voice said.

I looked up aghast. It was my mother that I was eating out.

She smiled at me and pushed my head back to her cunt, "Oh well." I thought to myself, "She tastes good." As my tongue started its chore once again.

"Where's dad?" I managed to say around a mouthful of hair.

"Right behind you son." He said as he pounded into my arse with his cock. He had become the plunger that was stuck there previously.

"I can tell that your butt is not that much of a virgin these days." My dad stated as he fucked my behind.

"No dad, it's been a very strange time." I said as started to tell them about my life as we continued to fuck each other, just like we had done before I had left England to travel to the states.

All I knew was that I had better enjoy this before the Devil decided to play another trick on me.

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