tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDetention at Work Pt. 02

Detention at Work Pt. 02


Chapter 1.

Mandy had thought that her punishment was over. She and her mother had never discussed what had happened last week in Mr Jenkins' office and, to be honest, she really didn't want to. The fact that her mother had seen her spanked and then had had to lick Mr Jenkins' cum off her face was bad enough; to talk to her about it would only make the whole nightmare a thousand times worse.

Yet, here she was once again in her manager's office awaiting yet another spanking. Mr Jenkins had made it quite clear now that last week was only the beginning and that, if she wanted to keep her job, then she would have to submit herself to his whims throughout this summer. University couldn't come soon enough.

Once again there were four of them behind the locked door of the manager's office; once again her mother and Miss Atkins were there to observe her humiliation; once again, Miss Atkins was to record the whole episode and Mandy now knew that didn't involve taking notes but, instead, involved Mr Jenkins' secretary using her digital camera to ensure that Mandy's suffering was recorded for all posterity. What was happening to the recordings was something she didn't want to think about.

This time, however, was different. This time she was glad she had worn her jeans and her biggest knickers. She had been in such a hurry to get to work today that she hadn't bothered to change but now she was quite glad about that. She thought that maybe the blue denim would protect her poor bum. She should have known better.

This time was different most of all, however, because this time she was draped over Mr Jenkins' lap and could see nothing but the floor in front of her. He was holding her by her right arm, pulled tightly as far as it would go up her back, holding her in place.

"Miss Atkins, get a shot of her while she still has her jeans on," instructed her manager.

"While I STILL have my jeans on?" thought Mandy. "Oh God, no! I'm going to be stripped again and my naked bottom will be there for all to see." She knew better by now than to say any of this out loud but her mind was screaming inside her head as she awaited her fate.

She heard the fierce Miss Atkins get into position with her camera and was only glad that, in this position, none of them could see her face burning with embarrassment.

"Mrs Powers, kneel beside me."

Mandy had been taking some comfort from the fact that her mother was sitting on the other side of Mr Jenkins' large desk and that she wouldn't be able to have such a close view of her daughter's humiliation this time. Now she looked round to see her mother kneeling right behind her, her face blocked by the swell of Mandy's large backside.

"Take off your daughter's jeans and knickers."

Julie knew better than to hesitate so, from her kneeling position, she reached round her daughter's thick middle and opened the button on her waistband. Pulling down her daughter's tight, blue jeans, she revealed Mandy's large, white knickers to Mr Jenkins' lustful eyes, to Miss Atkins sneering gaze and to her camera's ever-ready stare. Tugging the jeans down Mandy's chubby legs, Julie pulled them over and off each foot, one after the other.

"Her knickers too, Mrs Powers," said the bank manager, enjoying the wonderful sight of the young girl's huge arse.

Julie knew the humiliation that her daughter would be feeling at that moment (her own face was bright red from what she was being forced to do) but there was nothing she could do; they were both trapped. She reached again towards her daughter, took the large knickers in both hands and peeled them off Mandy's upturned bottom.

"I'll take those," demanded Mr Jenkins as he snatched the knickers from Julie's outstretched hands. He lifted them to his face, luxuriating in the heady aroma of the young girl's cunt. Julie again shared in her daughter's shame as she knew Mandy hadn't had time to change before coming to work and that she had been wearing those knickers all day so the smell would have been strong.

Mr Jenkins caressed the young girl's fat arse and marvelled at the sight of her two perfect cheeks, each as round and as full as the other, both just waiting for his hand to strike. Mandy knew that the tenderness would quickly be followed by a brutal assault but, even so, it still shook her to her very core when the first smack landed on her right cheek; then the left, then back to the right.

Smack after smack rained down on her poor bum. Mandy didn't know if the pain was coming more from her bottom or from hearing her mother quietly count each of the blows as they landed on her smooth cheeks; she didn't know if she was more disturbed by the fact that she could feel Mr Jenkins growing hard beneath her or from the fact that she knew she was getting wet – down there.

Mr Jenkins also knew he was getting hard. He had felt his cock starting to stir as soon as the girl had lay down across his lap and now, what with all her wriggling about, he was as hard as a rock within the confines of his black trousers. He could also see the girl's cunt was leaking and he smiled to himself.

"Like mother, like daughter," he laughed to Miss Atkins. "Come and get a good shot of me feeding her juices to her mother."

Miss Atkins moved to his side, just behind Julie, as he stopped spanking Mandy and her mother whispered, "Twelve." At a nod from her manager, Julie reached out once again and held on to her daughter's legs, slowly pulling them wide. Mr Jenkins ran his hand down from the girl's sore arse and dipped his fingers in the juices running from her pussy and down her legs. Offering those same, sticky fingers to Julie, she opened her mouth and willingly tasted her daughter on them. She already knew what was to happen next and she felt her own cunt pouring as a result.

Keeping Mandy's legs open, while she was still restrained across Mr Jenkins' lap, her mother leaned forward and brought her soft tongue to Mandy's cunt for the first time. Mandy tried to struggle but it was no use; Mr Jenkins held her fast while her mother, HER MOTHER, was licking where only she had ever touched. Julie bent down between her daughter's legs which she was holding wide until she could reach as much of her daughter's pussy as possible. She started as near the top as she could, knowing that Mandy had a beautiful hairy bush but that would have to wait. Mandy's hair was thicker and darker than her own, even before she had been ordered to shave it all off by Mr Jenkins. Now she looked again at a pussy that she suddenly realised she had wanted to taste for some time – her own daughter's. Almost desperate to plunge her wet tongue, and her fingers, into the waiting cunt, she held back and instead slowly started to lick up and down Mandy's already wet slit, drinking in her sweet juices, sure in the knowledge that no-one had ever done this for her daughter before.

Up and down, up and down, Mandy could feel her mother's tongue tormenting her. She could feel herself getting even more wet and she knew it wasn't from her mother's tongue. She squirmed on Mr Jenkins' lap as she tried to push her pussy back against that soft, wet tongue as it probed deeper and deeper. Up and down, up and down, deeper, and deeper, her mother was doing things to her she had promised herself no-one would until she was married. Then again, she never thought it would be another woman who would cause her pussy to leak so much, never imagined it would be her own mother

"Don't stop. Please, mother, please don't stop!"

Julie had no intention of stopping. Even if Mr Jenkins wasn't there to hold her daughter down; even if Miss Atkins wasn't almost as close to Mandy's pussy as she was with her stupid camera. She knew Mandy was about to cum on her tongue, maybe for the first time ever. She was pushing back against her mother, faster and faster, covering her mother's face with her juices. Julie wasn't complaining; she loved the taste but she wanted to make this as special as possible for her daughter. Knowing what she liked having done to herself, she continued to tongue deep within her daughter's virginal pussy while, at the same time, she prised the young girl's clit from its hood and started to flick it with her left hand, her hands no longer required to keep her daughter's legs apart..

"Oh my God!" Mandy screamed.

"O my God! OH, MY GOD!"

But her mother wasn't finished yet. Just when Mandy thought she couldn't take any more, her mother slowly, inserted one, then two, then three fingers into her sopping cunt.


And by now this was as much for Julie's pleasure as it was for Mandy's. Mr Jenkins and Miss Atkins long forgotten, there was only Julie's tongue, Julie's fingers and Mandy's cunt. Julie could feel her daughter's pussy walls spasm around her fingers and knew that Mandy would never forget the time her mother first made her cum.

Chapter 2.

Julie and Mandy may have forgotten about Mr Jenkins but he was about to remind them exactly who was in control. As Julie reluctantly withdrew her sodden fingers from Mandy's pussy, she suddenly remembered where she was and looked up at her manager. His eyes were filled with lust as he looked down at her exhausted daughter and Julie suddenly realised that she was terrified that he would want to fuck her daughter and her own pussy would be neglected. She couldn't have that.

Julie knelt upright and took her daughter by the waist, sliding her off Mr Jenkins lap. Mandy seemed to come to as her mother swapped places with her so that the young girl was now kneeling at the side of her manager's chair while her mother now stood between him and his desk. She wasn't too sure what was expected of her now so she looked to her mother for guidance, although she wasn't sure either if she could ever think of this woman before her as her mother now – not since she had made her cum with her gorgeous tongue and talented fingers.

Julie smiled at her daughter, knowing only too well how Mandy would be feeling right at this moment, but when Mr Jenkins grabbed her hips he immediately demanded her attention. She was desperate to be fucked but she couldn't let him know that, he didn't like her to act like a slut, at least not until he told her she could.

The look in his eyes as he ripped open her silk blouse was all too familiar; the buttons flew about the room but he only had eyes for her breasts. Her lacy, white bra was torn apart and he fastened on to each breast in turn, one after the other, sucking them as far into his mouth as was humanly possible. Miss Atkins stood to their side recording this exquisite moment but Julie didn't even care about that. All she cared about was his mouth on her tits and his hand as it found its way up her tight skirt, slowly moving forward up her smooth thigh, slowly moving towards the very spot where Julie wanted it - in her cunt.

Mandy watched in amazement as her mother was taken in the bank manager's office and she wasn't really putting up much resistance either. She knew that Mr Jenkins had a hold over her, just like he did over her too, but how could mother do this in front of her daughter and in front of Miss Atkins. Mandy noticed that her mother's tight skirt was now being pushed further up her legs with each passing moment and gasped as the top of her mother's black stockings came into view. It was just one shock after another as the skirt was finally around her mother's waist and Mandy could see Mr Jenkins' hand rapidly moving in and out of her mother's pussy – because mother wasn't wearing any knickers. Who was this woman? Was she really just pretending all this time to be quiet and innocent? Was she really just a slut like her dad had always said?

Julie couldn't imagine what was going through her daughter's mind. All she knew that her pussy was finally getting some relief but she wanted more, so much more. She longed to beg for his cock but she knew that wasn't allowed. She had to wait until he was ready and it looked like he was just about there. But how would he take her?

She soon found out as he removed his mouth from her breast and his hand from her pussy, spinning her around to face the desk. Miss Atkins was standing there facing her across the large desk making sure that none of this was missed. Julie realised that what the camera was recording was her tits on full display, her bra in tatters and her skirt bunched around her waist. Miss Atkins zoomed in and down to see her bald pussy but Mr Jenkins had other ideas now.

"Miss Atkins, I think it's time for you to get more involved. Come and sit on the desk. I want Mrs Powers to eat your cunt while I fuck hers at the same time."

Mandy couldn't believe that her mother was going to do this. It was bad enough that she had licked her daughter's pussy but surely she wouldn't do this disgusting thing to the dragon of a secretary. Miss Atkins, however, seemed only too willing to join in. She handed the camera to Mandy and hopped on to the desk. Leaning back, she spread her legs and her long, wrap around skirt simply fell to either side and Mandy was faced with yet another bald pussy.

"Now, Miss Powers, make sure you don't miss any of this. I want close-ups of my cock in your mother's cunt and her tongue lapping at Miss Atkins."

Whether Julie was reluctant or not, when Mr Jenkins pushed her forward she immediately went to work on the other woman's pussy. She could see that Miss Atkins' pussy was just as wet and as hungry as her own. "She's dripping," thought Julie, as she steeled herself to eat the manager's secretary. "She's dripping," thought Mandy. "What was wrong with the women at this bank? Did Mr Jenkins have some sort of hold over them all?"

"I've got to taste her!" thought Julie, realising she wanted to make this woman cum too, just like she had her own daughter. She put her hands on Miss Atkins bare, smooth skin above her stocking tops and pushed them wide, going straight for her target between the other woman's legs, licking at the juices seeping from her cunt. Miss Atkins felt herself shuddering as Mrs Powers' tongue sent ripples of pleasure through her neglected pussy. She had enjoyed filming the action over the last few punishment days but it couldn't possibly compare with what she was enjoying now. Julie released the other woman's thighs and, instead, brought her fingers to the woman's cunt. She pulled her pussy lips wide, probing deeply with her tongue, and then licked along Miss Atkins' soaking slit, all the way up to her clit. Miss Atkins shuddered once more as she felt Mrs Powers' fingers invading her pussy and her velvet tongue moving round in a tiny circle with her clit at the centre.

Mandy understood that her mother was being forced to do this but did she really have to be doing it with such relish. She, herself, was being encouraged by Mr Jenkins to move as close to the action as possible and now, looking through the camera, she could see in minute detail how wet her mother was making this other woman. She didn't want to admit to herself how wet she was becoming down below once again but she could feel the moistness between her legs and couldn't believe that her body was betraying her again.

Miss Atkins felt Mrs Powers suddenly dislodged from her task and raised her head from the desk. Mr Jenkins had entered his bank teller from behind and was fucking her without mercy. At the forlorn look on his secretary's face, however, Mr Jenkins pushed Julie's head back between the other woman's legs and ordered her to complete her task. Still pounding away in and out of Julie's cunt, he pulled something from one of his desk drawers and handed it to Julie.

"Fuck her with this," he instructed and Miss Atkins felt something sliding easily into her wet pussy. "Oh, YES!" gasped the secretary. Whatever it was it was filling her cunt completely, and she almost went into overload when the hot tongue returned to her clit.

Miss Atkins raised her head once more and looked down the length of her body to see a double ended dildo protruding from her bald lips. Then Mr Jenkins inexplicably withdrew from Julie's cunt and reached down to a lower drawer. While Julie held the dildo and pumped it slowly back and forth, her manager handed her something else.

"This is so fucking hot," he grinned and Mandy couldn't help but agree. She didn't want to – and she wondered what was going to happen next – but she couldn't deny how flustered she was or how much she secretly wanted to put down the camera to join in.

The bank manager handed his new toy to Julie and instructed, "Now stick the beads in and get back to licking her cunt." Mandy was lost now because Miss Atkins already had the huge dildo sticking out of her pussy and her lips were stretched tight around it as her mother plunged it in and out. Mr Jenkins answered her question by walking round to the other side of the desk, right beside Miss Atkins' head and pulled his secretary's legs up so high that her ankles were next to her ears and her bum was raised off the desk. Still with the camera, Mandy followed his next instruction in total disbelief.

"Get a good shot of her arse hole."

Mandy could only comply obediently but when she saw her mother use the other woman's own pussy juice to lubricate her bum hole she suddenly realised what was about to happen. Her mother was about to stuff something up the woman's bum

"Wait, I'm not sure," tried the secretary. "No! Just – Oh!" Julie reamed Miss Atkins' arse hole and then pushed a finger inside. "Oh god!" the woman lying on the desk pleaded. "If you're going to do this lick my clit too." Mr Jenkins duly obliged.

Miss Atkins moaned as she felt Julie's finger probing her bum and then the first of the beads was introduced. It was a new sensation, not painful, it just gave her a feeling of being full. She didn't however have time to think about it as a second bead was pushed into her and then a third and a fourth and then more. Once all the beads were up the secretary's bum except one, Mr Jenkins had some new commands.

"Get on," he instructed Julie and she immediately climbed on to the other end of the dildo as expected. Mandy couldn't even control the camera anymore; she simply stood there dumbfounded, watching her mother reach new levels of depravity. But there was more to come.

Julie gave out a throaty grunt as she took the toy deeply into her cunt, joining herself with Miss Atkins. She started pumping her hips in a rocking motion while she felt Mr Jenkins start to pull her fat arse cheeks apart. Julie instinctively leant forward and suckled on Miss Atkins's breasts as she prepared herself for what she knew was coming next.

"Oh yes, yes. Suck my tits," demanded the secretary as she felt lips around her nipples, sucking and biting.

"Fuck me, bitch, fuck me," was her next command. Julie did as she was told but now she could feel Mr Jenkins' hard cock pressing against her arse hole. Lubricated only by his tongue, he still entered her in one thrust and pushed the dildo deeper into her cunt and deeper into the secretary's

"I'm going to cum!" Mandy wasn't sure who was talking any more as the three of them were rutting like animals on the manager's desk. Mr Jenkins fucking her mother's arse; her mother fucking his secretary's cunt and Miss Atkins writhing around like a bitch on heat.

"Mrs Powers, pull the beads out of her bum, one at a time."

"Aah!" Miss Atkins exclaimed as the anal sensation added to the heat that was burning in her tits and cunt. "Oh God, yes!" she cried.

Julie knew she was close too riding the double ender, pumping and thrusting her hips as Mr Jenkins thrust his at her. Miss Atkins lifted her head off the desk, straining up, muscles taught, yet stretching her legs as wide as possible. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

"Rip the beads out! Rip the fucking beads out!" yelled Mr Jenkins before reaching under Julie and doing it himself. Julie was lost in her own orgasm between the thrusts of her manager in her arse and the equally powerful thrusts of his secretary in her cunt. She was no more than a rag doll between them.

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