tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDetention at Work Pt. 03

Detention at Work Pt. 03


Chapter 1

Mandy had been humiliated at work all week. On Monday she had gone in wearing her shortest skirt and no knickers, as instructed by Mr Jenkins. He had followed her around with Miss Atkins' camera and ordered her to adopt all sorts of revealing poses while she did her cleaning. Almost all of these positions allowed him a clear shot of her bare bum as she bent over to clean something or other. In others he had commanded her to open her legs and show her pussy to his greedy lens. The worst thing of all was that by the end of her work she knew her pussy was dripping wet and it was all too obvious to Mr Jenkins and to his camera.

"Like mother like daughter," he reminded her.

Mandy and her mother had finally talked about the hold he had over both of them and she now knew the depths to which her poor mother had been forced to sink. She also knew that her mother would come home from work, and from Mr Jenkins' attentions, just as wet as her daughter did.

If Monday was bad, however, the next few days were even worse. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday she had been ordered to wear the same knickers, day and night. Each morning she had to come out of her shower feeling all nice and clean then pull on the same pair of big white cotton knickers which, by the time Thursday came around, were visibly stained. She herself could smell her own musky aroma wafting up from between her legs whenever she got hot and sweaty, whenever she got wet, whenever she wanted to make herself cum - which was a lot of the time because her pussy seemed to be constantly itching for attention as her humiliation increased by the day.

When Mr Jenkins had ordered her to hand over her soiled knickers last night he had taken further pictures as she bent over in front of him. He had shot her bent forward with her knickers rolled down to her knees. He had shot the obvious stains in her crotch. He had shot her as she shuffled around his office with her skirt around her waist and her knickers at her ankles. He had shot her pushing her fingers into her soaking pussy. Finally he had taken another shot of her very red bottom after he had spanked her. He had no need to bring his knickers to his face to smell them; he had simply wrapped them around his hard cock as he wanked himself into them, adding his spunk to the stains.

When she got home, after another bus ride with a bare pussy and bum, there was another surprise waiting for her. Miss Atkins, who had been off sick all week, was sitting talking to her mother. The last time Mandy had seen Mr Jenkins' hated secretary her mother had been fucking the other woman with a double ended dildo; now it seemed they were the best of friends but Mandy didn't wait to find out what was going on, hurrying straight to her bedroom to finally put on a fresh, clean pair of knickers. She heard someone leaving through the front door shortly after and peeked out of her bedroom window to see Miss Atkins walking down the garden path, her arrogant swagger filling Mandy with delight and terror. Hurrying to change into her pyjamas, Mandy climbed into bed and tried to pretend to be asleep before her mother came in and quizzed her on Mr Jenkins' latest demands.

Chapter 2

Julie knew her daughter wasn't asleep but she could understand her reluctance to discuss what had happened at the bank tonight. She knew how demanding their manager could be and she knew that Mandy would have had no alternative but to follow his instructions to the letter, no matter how humiliating they were. Tonight, though, she finally had some good news for her beloved daughter.

"Mandy? Mandy, open your eyes, I know you're only pretending."

Her daughter reluctantly opened her eyes and looked up at her mother. The woman standing before her was smiling, something she hadn't seen for such a long time. Julie sat down on the side of the bed and put her hand on her daughter's arm.

"What was Miss Atkins doing here? I thought she was off work."

"She is dear but she will be in tomorrow."

"Oh, great. I suppose she is coming in just so she can film Mr Jenkins as he... as he..."

Mandy couldn't finish her sentence. Mr Jenkins had promised that she would be the one to be fucked tomorrow night and she had been dreading it ever since he had told her.

"I don't want you to worry about that. Miss Atkins and I will take care of all that. Now why don't you give your old mother a hug and try to get some sleep?"

Mandy was mystified but was only too glad to think there might be a way out of this nightmare. She was still a virgin and she had promised herself that she would still be one when she got married. "Thank you, mother," said Mandy, kissing her mother on both cheeks. Julie met her daughter's grateful gaze and leaned in and kissed her. Mandy responded, offering her mouth and involuntarily parting her lips as she felt her mother's hand on the back of her head, drawing her into her. Their tongues wrapped around each other as Mandy felt a sense of disbelief but there was nothing she could do other than to give herself up and surrender to the moment. Her mother pulled back the duvet and caressed her daughter's full breasts. Mandy was shocked even more as her mother gently touched her nipples through her pyjama top. Mandy's heart was pounding and her mind was all over the place; she knew she should stop her mother but the excitement and the feeling that ran between her pussy and nipples, was too much to resist; she could feel a new wetness forming in the crotch of her clean knickers.

Mandy felt her mother's hand as she crept into under her pyjama top, pushing it up and brushing the palm of her hand over her daughter's nipples. The kissing didn't stop and then Mandy felt her pyjama trousers being drawn down over her smooth thighs until they were around her knees, exposing her soft white knickers. She slowly parted her legs as her mother pulled away from her, bending down to suck on Mandy's exposed breasts, first one and then the other, rolling her nipples between fingers and thumbs as she sucked on them. And then she went lower still, tracing a tongue down over her daughter's fat belly. Mandy felt an urgent aching in her clit as her mother hooked her fingers under the elastic of her daughter's knickers and pulled them to one side, exposing the young girl's hairy and very wet pussy.

"Oh, Mandy. You have the most beautiful cunt I've ever seen," sighed Julie as she dipped her tongue in the young girl's tasty juices. Mandy felt her mother's velvet, wet tongue slide in and probe between her inner lips. She licked from bottom to top, up and down, up and down, savouring the taste and then Mandy felt her mother's fingers opening her up, stretching her pussy wide open, as her wet tongue moved to her daughter's young clit, swirling round and round it until Mandy moaned and raised her hips to meet her mother's mouth.

"Please don't stop, mother, please don't stop!" she pleaded.

The older woman had no intention of stopping until she made her daughter cum and she proceeded to plunge her fingers in and out of Mandy's tight pussy. She returned to the young girl's swollen clit with her tongue while her fingers hooked up to massage her daughter's special spot. Mandy was lost in the feelings running through her body. She spread her legs wider and pushed up as far as she could to meet her mother's tongue, rocking her hips back and forth. In total abandon, she let out a low moan.

"Yes, Mandy, that's right, cum for me, cum for your mother," Julie encouraged.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" screamed Mandy, her whole being centred on the insistent tongue flicking her clit and the fingers plunging in and out of her cunt. She had forgotten all about Mr Jenkins and the trials that awaited her tomorrow; she felt nothing but pure lust as she ground her cunt into her mother's face, her whole body shaking and convulsing in orgasm.


Julie did exactly what the young girl commanded, plunging her fingers deeper and faster while lapping up the juices pouring from Mandy's young pussy, pouring out and soaking the bed. Finally, Mandy's body slowly relaxed on to the bed and ceased trembling.

"You must think I'm a real slut, mother."

"You're not a slut," replied Julie kindly, as she came back up the bed and lay beside her daughter. "You're simply a young woman finding out all the pleasures that your body can give you. Would you like to do the same for me?"

Mandy simply nodded in agreement, a nod that was met with a lust-filled smile from her mother as she undressed quickly and lay down on the bed beside her almost naked daughter. She kissed her mother, whose lips quickly parted, allowing her daughter to push her tongue deep into her mother's hungry mouth. Slowly Mandy made her way down her mother's body, kissing every inch as she went. While her mouth was savouring Julie's voluptuous body, her hands moved to Julie's large breasts, playing with her nipples and eliciting a small moan of pleasure from her. Mandy could feel her mother opening her stout legs to allow the young girl access to her dripping pussy. Julie's pussy was shaved perfectly smooth, as commanded by Mr Jenkins, and Mandy couldn't help but stare at it and gently touch its smoothness.

"Don't worry," her mother smiled, "He will never be able to force you to shave yourself. That decision will be up to you."

Mandy still didn't understand but she was too lost in her lust to think about it just now. She licked the length of her mother's slit, from bottom to top, and savoured the sharp tang of the older woman's juices. She continued to lick up and down until she heard her mother moan and moan and moan in pleasure; she guessed she was doing it right. Just as her mother had taught her a few minutes earlier, she moved to her mother's clit and, moving one hand down from Julie's gorgeous big tit, started to push two fingers into the older woman's dripping cunt.

"Oh, God! Yes! Stick your fingers in me, Mandy" she said, pulling her cunt lips wide open to give her daughter as much access as possible. Mandy simply did as she was asked, inserting first two, then three fingers.

"That's so good, Mandy. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" as Mandy continued the assault on her mother's slick, wet cunt, lapping at her clit with her tongue at the same time.

Julie's clit was throbbing under the gentle assault, her nipples were bigger and harder than ever before and she knew she couldn't stop herself from cumming very soon.

"Yes! Yes! YES!"

Julie came with a loud scream, bucking and writhing and crying out in ecstasy for a long time. Eventually she calmed down and her daughter slowly pulled her fingers from the older woman's cunt, feeding her mother her own juices on her fingers.

Julie licked them each, one by one, hugged her daughter to her chest and said, "Don't worry about tomorrow. I'll look after you."

Chapter 3

Mandy was still ready to quit her job. She knew that even letting Mr Jenkins fuck her would probably not be enough to satisfy his perverted mind and she would end up being as willing to succumb to the humiliation he handed out as her own mother appeared to be. No job was worth this. She would find something else – anything else.

She approached his office door and knocked tentatively. As her mother had promised, Miss Atkins was back and it was the secretary who opened the door to her. Mandy wasn't sure if the other woman's smile was friendly or not but her mother had been convinced that she could be trusted. Her mother was standing before the manager's big desk, her hands behind her back and Mandy and Miss Atkins took their places on either side of Julie.

"My three favourite ladies," leered Mr Jenkins. "Miss Atkins, would you get your camera ready?"

"I think you'd better take a look at these photos I've already had developed first, sir," she said, dropping a thick envelope onto his desk.

Mr Jenkins opened the package rather mystified as this wasn't in the plan he had discussed with his secretary earlier. On removing the photos he couldn't help but be impressed by Miss Atkins skill with her camera and he felt his already hard cock throb as he devoured shot after shot of both Mrs Powers and her daughter in various states of undress, of both their fat arses and of Mrs Powers being fucked by him in every position he could think of.

"Yes, yes, Miss Atkins, they are very good. But why are you showing them to me now? You know what the plan was for the photos once sweet Miss Powers here had given me her tight cunt."

"I've got one more to show you, sir."

He took the last photo from her. It was an extreme close-up of a woman's arse-hole, his secretary's own arse-hole he realised. It showed her dirtiest hole gaping wide open and obviously red and sore.

"This is what you did to me last week, you bastard, when you ripped those beads out of my arse. I don't think it has properly closed even now. You promised you would never hurt me but you did. Now you have to pay for that."

"Wh..What do you mean?" stammered Mr Jenkins, the first time that either Julie or her daughter had ever seen him appear to lose control.

"I mean," said his secretary, "that you are no longer in charge. If you do not do exactly what we say then these photos will not only land on the desk of each member of the board but they will also be sent to your wife, your church and the police."

"You can't do that! I'll say you were all willing accomplishes. That I only did what you wanted me to do."

"Don't even begin to think you're going to worm your way out of this one. We've got three voices against one and even if some people don't believe us, others will and your career, your marriage, your life in this town will be over."

Jenkins knew he was beaten and bowed his head. "How much do you want?"

"Oh we don't want money. We want you. We want your arse and we are going to take it, just as you took ours. Now stand up and strip."

Jenkins hesitated just for a moment, then saw Miss Atkins start filling a large pile of envelopes from her desk with the photos. As she filled each one she then tossed it on to his desk and he saw the names and addresses of his local priest, his wife and a few of the bank's board of director's before he suddenly stood up.

"All right! All right! I'll do what you want but then you have to give me all of those."

Miss Atkins simply smiled then, taking Julie and Mandy by the hands, they all sat down on the office couch to watch the show.

Jenkins came round the desk and stood in front of them. He slipped off his jacket and dropped it on the floor. Next came his tie which he loosened then dropped too. Finally, off came his shirt until he stood naked from the waist up. Miss Atkins instructed him to turn around, bend over and hold on to the edge of his desk.

Mandy couldn't believe the unexpected turn that this evening had taken but she was about to shocked further still. Miss Atkins, sitting between her and her mother, turned to the young girl and said, "Mandy, do you want to spank him with or without his trousers on?"

Jenkins started to turn around to protest but Julie quickly jumped to her feet, pushed him back down and whispered in his ear, "Remember the photos, MR Jenkins."

Mandy by now was also on her feet, standing just at her manager's side and suddenly decided, "Let's get them off."

Miss Atkins also stood up, nodded in agreement to Mandy, then reached around her boss's waist and undid his belt. The she unhooked the clasp on his waistband and started to pull his trousers down. Jenkins could feel his face burning in shame even before the laughter started as he was wearing a pair of his wife's pink, bikini-style briefs with a lace trim. They were stretched right across his hairy arse and stretched in the front too as his erection seemed in no hurry to go down.

When the women finally managed to pull themselves together, Miss Atkins looked at Mandy questioningly. Mandy simply said, "Oh, yes! Pull them down." Jenkins was now bent before his desk, his trousers at his ankles, his pretty pink knickers around his knees and his big arse bare for all three women to see. Mandy didn't have the patience or the finesse of her manager so she simply started to spank his cheeks one after the other. Her mother, almost instinctively counted the blows as they rained down on their tormentor's rapidly colouring arse cheeks but Mandy soon found her hand getting sore and stopped for a second to rest.

"Use this," encouraged Miss Atkins as she handed Mandy the thick leather belt she had removed from Jenkins' trousers. Mandy grabbed it with both hands but after only a few more swats at his arse it was obvious that he wouldn't be able to take any more.

"Get on your hands and knees, worm," ordered Miss Atkins who now seemed to be the one in control.

Jenkins did as he was ordered and knelt on the thick rug in front of his desk. Mandy watched her former tormentor, revelling in the sight of his spanked bottom. She suddenly became aware of her mother at her side, naked. She must have stripped while her daughter was concentration on spanking Jenkins but that wasn't what had shocked Mandy; her mother stood beside her wearing only her high heels and a long, thick strap on dildo between her legs. It seemed to be attached to some sort of leather harness that Mandy didn't even know existed. Where her mother had got it she couldn't begin to understand but, as the older woman proudly marched to Jenkins' head, she instantly knew what was going to happen next.

Miss Atkins got into place with her camera as Julie pulled Jenkins' head up and rubbed her plastic cock along his tightly closed lips.

"If you don't suck it, cunt, then it will go up your arse as dry as it is now and, believe me, you really don't want that to happen."

Jenkins knew what she said was true but the reality of sucking a cock, even a plastic one, filled him with disgust. Nevertheless, as Mrs Powers pushed her cock past his lips with greater urgency, he reluctantly opened his mouth and allowed her in. Miss Atkins took one shot after another as the long dildo filled his mouth and reached the back of his throat. Julie wasn't interested in having her cock sucked; she just wanted to fuck his mouth so that is what she did. As he struggled to cope with his mouth being invaded, his saliva ran free and coated Julie's thick cock. Just as he was starting to get used to the feeling, however, she pulled out of him and practically ran round until she was standing before her manager's upturned, spanked arse.

"I've been waiting a long time for this," snarled Julie as she lined up her strap on with his dirtiest hole and plunged her cock into his tight arse with one almighty thrust of her round hips. Jenkins screamed in pain but Julie was determined to make him pay for all the humiliation she had suffered over the last few months, not to mention what her manager had put her daughter through as well.

Miss Atkins took a few more shots of the plastic cock sliding in and out of his arse before handing the camera to Mandy with orders to keep shooting. Then she undressed in double quick time and lay in front of Jenkins with her legs open wide.

"Now you worm, lick me."

Jenkins was still being tortured by Julie's arse fucking and hesitated for just a second. She was having none of it and leaned over to push his head down to her colleague's waiting cunt. In total abdication of all control, his tongue reached out and lapped at his secretary's wet pussy. He moved up and down her outer lips while his arse burned, trying to think about the woman in front of him instead of the woman behind him.

Mandy was enjoying herself with the camera this time and took endless shots of his mother's cock plunging in and out of her manager's arse, his pretty pink knickers still at his knees, while he was being forced to eat Miss Atkins' pussy. When her mother reached down and grabbed his hard cock, Mandy made sure she had numerous shots of her mother wanking their boss until he very quickly shot his load all over his rug. Miss Atkins came almost at the same time and squirted her pussy juices all over his face.

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