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Hi potential readers,

This is our first joint submission. Based on some truth, just the names have been changed to protect us! Contains straight, oral, and anal sex so, if you like all that, enjoy.

All the usual caveats apply and it is copyrighted to us.

Do comment on here and by email for we value them.

"I'm going to change. You might just get hit on!" he whispered in her ear before leaving her alone in the hotel bar. He knew she would be in rare form and looked forward to what the night might hold.

Anna smiled her fulsome smile, "Might do," she said. "I'll change when you come back."

He slipped up to their room on the 27th floor, quickly showered, then changed into a formal white shirt with a button down collar and cuffs, short sleeved white undershirt, black trousers, and black jacket. He always dressed for Anna and this was what she liked. Not much of a problem as she always dressed for him and she knew what he liked -- in public and in private!

Anna was in the same place when he got back. There was a tall dark haired man sitting next to her so he waited for a couple minutes before joining her. The stranger didn't make any attempt at conversation, just looked her up and down. Steve was unsure if he was admiring her but, in any case, he moved up and sat next to her. "Well?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said. He could tell she was a bit disappointed. Then she laughed and pointed across the lounge, "but look at that guy in the hideous sweater."

Steve laughed as he followed her finger. "Hell that is some sweater!" Then turning back to her; "Any talent?" he asked. It was a game they played. Checking the men and women to see if there were any that either fancied. Just a game but tonight it was going to go a little further -- not that they knew it just then.

"Oh plenty, but none that are making eye contact with me! I'm going to get changed, be back in a few minutes. Maybe you will have better luck than I did," she smiled then gave him a peck on the cheek.

"I know that smile," he laughed, "knock 'em dead!" She laughed, slipped off her stool, and left the bar/lounge area. He watched her gorgeous body as she strode across the floor -- as did several other men!

After some time the bartender wandered up to Steve's end of the bar and fixed him a drink. They engaged in a light conversation about the difference between bars in the US and the UK. It was about this time the barkeep asked Steve if he was waiting for someone or if he would like to see a menu.

"Ah, yes, here she is now." Steve smiled as his eyes took in the vision of his love.

Anna had been gone about half an hour and when she returned she looked bloody gorgeous. Unusual for her she wore a low cut top and her wonderful cleavage was clearly on show. The tight black pencil skirt and 5 inch heels certainly showed off her almost perfect arse -- well he thought so anyway. This time several male eyes followed her to the bar and he could see a few rueful nods as, he suspected, they regretted not trying to hit on her earlier despite her being with him.

"You look fabulous! Is that for me?" Steve asked with an appraising look.

She laughed, "Yes, of course!" It was obvious she had noticed several pairs of eyes following her as she returned, as well as the surprise on the bartender's face. Was it the age difference?

Steve caught the barkeeps eye and watched as he took in Anna. To say he almost fell into her cleavage was an understatement! "Very nice . . .," he murmured somewhat distractedly with eyes fixed on her bosom, "errm . . . sparrow!" he ended lamely referring to the pendant that was sitting just above her cleavage.

"Pardon," Steve said.

"Errmmm. It's a nice pendant," the bartender finally managed as Steve fixed him with his eyes, a soft smile on his lips. Steve smiled, the bartender was struggling! "You look very nice madam," he eventually said looking her up and down and smiling.

Anna smiled back, "Thank you Tony," she said picking up his name from the name badge he was now wearing.

"What can I get you?" he asked.

"Nothing thanks. We are going to get some dinner." Anna told him and watched him walk away to tend to other patrons.

"Did you see him just about fall into your cleavage, madam?" Steve laughed, knowing she had and knowing how good it made her feel.

She laughed again, "Oh yes, I think I like him!"

He laughed back, "You are picking 'em younger," He measured a height with his hand, "and shorter!" As she stood over 6ft in her 5inch heels, height was always something of a joke between them.

"Mmm! Broadening my horizons!"

They laughed together and chatted for a while then left to get some dinner. There was an Italian restaurant in another part of the hotel that they wanted to try. The atmosphere wasn't the best, and it was rather crowded at the tiny table they were seated at, but the food was exceptional as well as the wine. However the dessert menu finished off the meal perfectly. At the end of the meal, check paid, Steve turned to her. "Back to the bar?"

She smiled and raised her eyebrows, "Mmm."

"I suppose you want to 'vamp'?"

Anna laughed, "Not vamp no," then she became serious, "just... attract."

"Like 'Claire'," he asked softly.

"Yes," she replied, "Like 'Claire'. Do you mind?"

"You know I don't," Steve smiled, they talked quietly as they made their way back to the hotel bar. "I like you looking good, being admired. After all, I know who is going to be in your bed tonight!"

"Mmm!" she bent her head and kissed him. "Time to get an after dinner drink. He's down there." Steve looked at her and raised his eyebrow. She smiled back.

"You really fancy him don't you?"

"Mmm, I do. Don't know why but," she laughed, "got the hots for him."

Steve waited until the bartender wandered down to their end of the bar. "What can I get you?" Tony asked with a smile.

"Two Ameretti with ice please?" Tony nodded and disappeared down the bar to get the drinks. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Do you want to go for it?" Steve asked, his mind already moving forward.

"Go for it?" she asked, quietly hoping he meant what she thought he meant. She was in town to attend a conference for her job. Steve had tagged along to keep her company - being retired did have its perks.

"Invite him back to our room? You really like him don't you and I can tell how horny you are -- even after last night!" Steve said laughing as he put his arm around her and hugged her tightly to his side.

Anna smiled, "You are a devil. Could we? Would you mind?" Now, for some reason, the anonymity of the situation bolstered her courage.

Steve followed her eyes. He supposed that the barkeep was in his late twenties. Shorter and younger than Anna normally preferred but he was slim with an athletic build: not tall, not short. Somewhat Italian in appearance, he had a small beard which, surprisingly, didn't actually look stupid on him.

"No. You know I wouldn't suggest it if I minded. You'd have two to play with." Steve leant forward and whispered, "You never know he might be up for a DP!"

Anna took a deep breath as he mentioned her fantasy. She closed her eyes as she often did trying to remember the feel of the first time. Her favourite entertainment with two men! "Are you sure?" she asked her eyes big and round, "I don't want you to feel . . ."

Steve smiled and stroked her cheek, "Certain," he said, "I wouldn't have suggested it otherwise."

"Oh yes Steve darling. It's so exciting!"

"Mmm, it is. Here he comes with our drinks." Tony put the drinks on the bar and Steve paid him. Coming back with the change he seemed to want to hang around, so the three of them engaged in light conversation. Tony seemed unable to keep his eyes off Anna but was very concerned when Steve caught him looking. Steve looked into her eyes and raised his eyebrows. She nodded.

Steve turned to the barkeep, "Tony," he said, "Anna was wondering what time you finish?"

Tony seemed confused. "About 1230. I assume you want to know what time the bar closes." he said looking at them both.

"No," Anna said with a smile that certainly showed how she felt about him, "I want to know what time YOU finish?"

He looked from one to the other and smiled. "I get off about 1245."

"Ok," Steve said.

"It was the comment about the sparrow, wasn't it?" Tony asked, with a knowing grin, and wandered away.

Steve turned to the woman he loved more than anything. "Well? Do you still want to go for it?"

"He is cute," Anna smiled, "as long as you don't mind."

"Give me a rest," Steve laughed.

"You don't need a rest. I'm perfectly satisfied with YOUR performance. It's just . . ." she hesitated, "you know!"

Steve smiled softly, "Yes, I know. Claire would do it wouldn't she? Right at the end of the story?"

"Mmm, she would. You ought to know." She dug him in the ribs, "You wrote the story!"

"Got a pen?" Anna fished in her purse for a pen and handed it to her lover. He folded a napkin and wrote their room number on it. A few minutes later, as Tony wandered to their end of the bar, Steve slid the folded napkin towards him. The barkeep surreptitiously eased it into his back pocket with a smile and a nod at Anna. Nothing more was said.

Slowly the two lovers enjoyed the Amaretto before Steve nodded to Tony and they left the bar. He showed no sign of noticing them leave. Steve hugged Anna in the elevator. "Well," he said, "the die is cast. Though we can always send him away."

"I don't think I'd want to do that Steve," she said softly then, taking a deep breath, "I am SO excited!"

"Will I get some rest before he arrives?" he asked with a laugh as they entered their room.

"Mmm, don't want you worn out."

"What are you going to wear?" Steve asked knowing that Anna would want to show off to the utmost. He didn't mind. Knowing that if the barkeep did show, tonight would be a fuck fest! Steve had popped a Cialis earlier in the evening to bolster the one taken the day before so he was pretty sure he could 'function' capably. Might not be able to keep up with a fit young 'un though, but Steve knew Anna wouldn't mind that.

"I know YOU like the red -- you spent enough time photographing it last night!" said Anna with a smile.

"Mmm," Steve laughed, "I think YOU liked it as well."

Anna laughed, "I did when you took it off! I think I'll wear it. It keeps my tummy in a bit."

"And a gorgeous tummy it is," he smiled then lay back on the bed to watch her undress and put on the red underwear. "Stockings?"

"Mmm, I think so. And the red shoes." They always came away with a full wardrobe for the bedroom. Both liked Anna dressed up -- and undressed! Lots of shoes as well, as Steve had a particular penchant for high heels in the bedroom.

As Anna finished undressing then dressing Steve slipped out of his clothes, his cock paying homage to the gorgeous woman whom he loved more than anything. "You look interested," she smiled as she sat on the bed and watched him pull on his, completely non-sexy, pajama shorts which were peaked by his rapidly hardening cock.

He smiled, "I'll save it for later," he said, "what are you going to do sexy goddess?"

"I think I'll read some Lit.," she replied,

"Oh no," Steve laughed, "you're horny already!"

"Mmm," she smiled, "just make me hotter!" So they settled on the wide bed, Steve reading from his iPAQ and Anna reading on the laptop. They had about an hour and a quarter to wait by the time they'd undressed and gotten comfortable. Steve watched Anna from the corner of his eye as she read. Her hand frequently wandered to rest on top of her panties or her chest just above her left breast. As the time approached they both became nervous.

"Do you really think he will come?" asked Anna at about 1230.

"Don't know," Steve said, "he seemed pretty interested. He's a bloody fool if he doesn't!" She smiled at his compliment.

"I'll have to make do with you!" she murmured so he could hear her. He knew she would go to sleep satisfied either way. The question was would she be exhausted?

"I will do my best amata, as I always do!"

"I know," she said softly, "thank you!" Steve raised his eyebrows. "Thank you for doing this for me."

He smiled, "I love you."

"I know," she smiled back, "and I love you."

They sat for a few nervous moments, then there was a soft knock at the door. Steve smiled, "Ready?"


Steve got up and opened the door. Tony stood there armed with an ice bucket and a bottle of white wine. "I thought I would bring something to drink," he smiled. There didn't seem to be any nerves on his part. Perhaps this was not an uncommon experience?

"Thanks," Steve smiled, "come on in."

Steve knew that Anna would be putting herself in the sexiest position so wasn't surprised when Tony stopped dead. "WOW!" he whispered. Steve took the ice bucket from him and stood to watch.

Anna was laying on her stomach on the bed, head propped on one arm, gazing up at him. Having taken many pictures of her in this position he knew that she could raise a corpse like that!

"Hi Tony," she smiled as she moved to a sitting position. Tony seemed transfixed but moved towards her as she beckoned him to stand before her. She reached up and began to undo his shirt. "Take it off," she whispered softly. Steve stood watching for he guessed where this was going. Her hands stroked Tony's hairless chest with her fingernails running along each side of his body. "Very nice," she smiled. Then she undid his slacks. Steve moved to one side so he could see both faces. Tony was looking hot and flustered -- not surprising Steve supposed -- Anna was staring at the bulge in his trousers.

She slid the loose slacks to the floor and eased off shoes, socks, and slacks. The brushing of her hair and face over the bulge in his underpants was not, Steve thought with a smile, entirely accidental. She was teasing this poor creature. He just hoped it didn't send him over the edge too soon. He knew what she had in mind and what her expectations were.

She glanced over at Steve and, smiling, said, "Come here too Steve." He moved to stand beside Tony. Now one hand covered each cock as if measuring. Steve knew that, if Tony was smaller than him, she would take him in her arse -- if he wanted to, that is. If he was bigger she wouldn't. Then there was a possible DP to consider. It hadn't been discussed but Steve knew it would be on her mind with two men available.

"Mmm," she murmured as her hands gently squeezed two hard cocks, "these are nice. Now," she smiled as she drew down Tony's pants, "Lets see what we have here?" Her smile widened as she looked at his cock. Tony was smaller than Steve, not by much, but definitely smaller. Mmm, thought Steve, she would take him there -- after himself of course! Anna began to gently masturbate Tony's erection. He was cut and clean so Steve wasn't surprised when she bent Tony's cock to her mouth and sucked the head inside. Anna loved sucking cock and was very, very proficient!

She didn't ignore Steve's cock however, stroking up and down through his trunks. He watched Tony's face as she sucked his cock inside her luscious lips, swirling her tongue around the head, then began to bob her head back and forth. Now both hands worked on Tony, one masturbating, the other cupping balls. Balls which seemed heavy with spunk. After a while of sucking Tony's cock back and forth Anna drew back and looked up at Steve.

"Take those off so I can have two to play with." Steve looked at Tony. He didn't seem bothered by the idea so Steve quickly slipped out of his trunks then gasped as Anna's hand gripped his cock and her mouth covered the head. She knew, of course, that she could suck Steve's cock for as long as she liked. He wouldn't cum yet. He would save his erection for her pussy and her arse. Steve watched and wondered if Tony would be able to hold out. If he couldn't it was hoped that he recovered pretty quickly.

Anna's head bobbed on Steve's cock. One hand continued to wank each cock. Then Anna began to alternate her mouth on the cocks, sucking first on one then the other. She grabbed both of them, pulled them even nearer and, holding cock heads close together, ran her tongue over and around both. Then her lips closed over both tips together and she sucked. Tony gasped. Anna looked up at him and let go of Steve's cock to concentrate on Tony's. Steve guessed she expected cum. Anna swallowed and enjoyed it so Steve knew she would be happy with a load of Tony's cum.

She sucked his cock deep inside. Anna couldn't deep throat but could take a cock pretty deep. She was doing that right now. Bobbing her head back and forth, Tony's cock sliding in and out of her mouth across her red lips. Steve was pretty stiff watching so god knows how Tony was feeling. She was wanking the base of his cock and cradling his balls as she sucked him in and out.

"Oh Fuck!" gasped Tony suddenly, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck." Steve could see his cock pulsing and guessed he was filling Anna's mouth with his cum. Anna wasn't likely to waste cum like porn stars, although she would take it on her face [NOT in her hair], she preferred not to lose any -- and Steve could see she wasn't going to let Tony go until he was spent.

Anna could feel the swelling and pulsing of Tony's cock in her mouth and enjoyed the feeling. Then the cum hitting the back of her mouth and the slightly salty taste of the man she was sucking. Two, three, four pulses this young man shot into her mouth. A small orgasm washed across her body as the cum settled on her tongue.

Finally pulling her mouth off his softening cock, Anna looked up at both men and opened her mouth to show her prize before swallowing it. She enjoyed doing this and she knew that most men enjoyed seeing cum on her tongue and lips. Tony crashed to the bed, legs unsteady after his orgasm. Steve smiled at them both on the bed. "Well?" he asked with a smile.

"Mmm," Anna laughed back, "that was nice -- wasn't it Tony," she added turning to him with a coquettish smile.

"Oh fuck yes! You are something else!"

"Mmm, I know, don't I Steve?"

Steve laughed, "Yes you do!" Then, laughing again, put on his little boy hurt face, "but what about me?" he whined.

She laughed, "You know what you can do?"

Steve smiled, "Lay back angel. Tony," Steve said turning to him, "you take the top!" Tony looked puzzled. "Tits!" Steve said with another smile. His mouth formed an 'oh' and he began to move. "Anna darling, feeding time!"

"MMM," she murmured, "Feed!" and lay back on the bed. Steve moved between her legs, easing them apart, and bent his head to her sex. He didn't go straight there, but quickly turned to Tony, "Bite those nipples Tony, she loves that!" He nodded. Now Steve turned to the task at hand.

He started by licking and kissing the inside of each thigh, running his tongue back and forth whilst his fingers gently stroked her mound playing with the soft hairs. Then to the top of her legs. Steve could hear her moaning so guessed that Tony was working on her tits, her very sensitive tits.

Steve's next stop was her pussy; wet from her cock sucking and from Tony's ministrations on her tits. He ran his tongue top to bottom, gently at first but then with more pressure as he opened her lips. As he did this his thumb teased her clit. Anna was becoming loud now -- not uncommon and, for Steve, that was always exciting. It let him know he was doing something right!

Anna breathed deeply as she felt Steves tongue wash her sex to lavish her with his full attention. The taste of her was ingrained into his memory. Something he would never forget as long as he lived, and right now he was eating as if it were his last meal.

Steve enjoyed tasting Anna's pussy, probing a little deeper each time until his tongue nearly hurt with the strain of the muscle, before moving to her clit. He teased the small bundle of nerves and felt Anna begin to quiver, the muscles in her thighs beginning to shake almost uncontrollably. He teased her clit harder and harder before finally sucking it into his mouth and teasing it further with his tongue.

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