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Devil In The Details


Dave Brennan told anyone who would listen that he was the luckiest man alive to have married his wife, Kim. There was more then a little truth in his statement, but not for the reasons that you might imagine. Dave is a big teddy bear of a man who devotes himself to his wife. He never gets riled, and has been a wonderful provider all these years from the income from the small construction company that he started, and has nurtured to become the foremost in the Columbia, Missouri area.

The lucky part is about what Kim has become. Her maiden name was Kim Lupovich. She graduated from Hopkinsville High School in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. What attracted Dave to her was the fact that she was a naive, happy-go-lucky girl from the sticks that let him fuck her anytime he liked, starting from the first date. The fact that she weighed one hundred and seventy pounds did not dissuade Dave. They got married when they were both eighteen. Right away they had two children.

After the kids entered school, Kim got a job at the "Fashion Bug." She worked hard to change herself both personally and professionally. Within a year, she had her weight down to one hundred, and twenty-nine pounds, had become a clothes horse, and had been promoted to the manager of the local store. She still loved to fuck. She had become a smooth, savvy business woman that moved easily in the professional world. What a package?

Kim became the regional manager in charge of five States, after the kids entered high school. She traveled a lot. In the summer this did not bother Dave, because his construction work kept him busy all day during the warm building months. In the winter, they spent a month in Florida, traveled, and went on a cruise most years.

By last year, Kim, who spent a lot of time on her computer at work, on her home computer, and on her lap-top when on the road, was a full blown computer addict. Brennan Construction Company had been computerized for years, but Dave had not said much about it to Kim.

In speaking to an IBM representative that made a service call to his office, Dave learned that there was software that could track anything that was written to or from a computer. Dave wanted to know what the kids were doing all the time on their computers. He set it up so that all the computers at his home, as well as Kim's lap-top were a network, and his computer, at work, was the master administrator. When all the staff had left for the night, he would click up the program, and review the e-mail, and written work, as well as the on-line sites visited by his kids and Kim.

The record of what the kids were doing was mundane. What Kim was doing was mind boggling for Dave. When in High School, Kim and Kay Newhall had been the best of friends. Now, they e-mailed each other daily. Kay was a representative of Mary Kay Cosmetics and traveled the same territory as Kim. Divorced, she could arrange her schedule so that they were in the same cities at the same time. It amazed him to discover that each had seven screen names on AOL, plus several on Yahoo, and Hotmail.

They had located the twenty best looking guys that they went to high school with. Using the information provided by the men during the last class reunion, Kim and Kay were making contact with the men, one by one, and having affairs with them. In some cases, the two of them would meet with a guy at the same time, for a three-way sex romp.

They shared a list of men that they had meet in their travels; purchasing agents, attorneys, even service station attendants, that they had enjoyed having sex with. They shared every little detail, such as wgere they had been taken, where they ate, how good a lover the guy is, and last but not least, how big a cock a guy had.

Now, Dave may have been a "Good Old Boy," but you did not understand the man if you lost sight of the fact that he was a crafty, cunning, intelligent man. "Well, now, seems that the Mrs. has been up to a lot of mischief. I don't blame those guys for fucking either of those gals, if they were given a chance to. Pretty dumb, not to. What we need here is something to spice up the girl's lives. Yes, Sir, indeed. I'm going to have another chat with that IBM representative."

On the phone, Dave said, "Yo, Brother, can we modify that software so that all e-mail comes to me, and then I can choose to release it or modify its contents, as I see fit." Pause.

"You send that programmer over now, Ya hear. Thanks"

Dave contacted the leader of the swinger club called "Night Mist" in Saint Louis. They discussed ways of setting Kim and Kay up for a sexual adventure. After, Dave receiving a photo of a handsome naked guy. Dave sent it along to Kim under one of Kay's e-mail headers, along with a message. In Glowing terms, Kim was told of this most entertaining evening that Kay had experienced. Kim was told that the man, who Dave called Ray, was into light bondage, which turned out to be restraint, soft tickling with a feather, licking of your whole body, and finally soft gentle sex. A must do.

A similar e-mail went to Kay.

The next night, Dave opened an e-mail from Kim to "Night Mist's" Ray.

"Dear Ray, My friend Kay suggested that I meet with you. I will be in St. Louis next Friday, and would love to meet with you, my Master. Attached is a picture of me." Dave shook his head. In the picture, Kim was standing naked, hands on hips, with her pussy jutted out. Though those were his C cup tits to fondle at will. He still stopped to admire them.

Kay's response mirrored Kim, except it was for Saturday. Both were forwarded to Ray at "Night Mist" with the comment, "Seems that we have hooked two fish."

Kim was enthralled with Ray, who meet her at the "Cloud Nine Lounge." He had classy modern clothes, thick gold chains around his neck, and a diamond earring in his left ear. He was soft spoken, had a light touch, and was a flawless dancer. She could imagine the feathers on her nipples. No warning bells went off when he evaded her question, "Where are you taking me?"

"Kim, it is part of the mystique for you not to know." When they were seated in his car, he produced several pairs of handcuffs, and a blindfold.

Still in the parking lot the blindfold was put in place, her blouse and bra removed, and then her arms were spread and restrained. Had she not received the glowing account from Kay of her delightful experience, all this would have bothered Kim. As it was, she enjoyed the breeze blowing from the open window across her naked breasts. "What are you doing?" she said when he removed her pantyhose, shoes, and skirt. Kim was now totally naked. "Somebody will see me?"

Ray said nothing as he put the car in gear, and the BMW cruised quietly out onto the roadway. When the wind and engine noise indicted that they were at high speed, Ray said, "We are Northbound on Interstate 55." Ray pulled off into truck stop. Stopping in a dimly lit corner, yet still close enough to the trucks to hear the drone of the diesel engines, he pulled her out of the car, after putting a ball gag in her mouth. He lay her on a blanket. Her arms were now cuffed to something above her head. It was so erotic to lay there knowing that someone, anyone, could see you naked, if they happened to look.

Gently, feathers were passed over her skin. Ray's mouth ever so gently touched her nipples. Kim's hips begin to thrust in anticipation of her being taken. The e-mail from Kay had not mentioned Ray's cock. Kim hope that he would stretch and extend her pussy. It seemed forever, but finally his cock gently eased into her waiting twat. She was not disappointed in his cock, as it pushed and probed her womb. Her orgasm came suddenly, and her hips bucked as she twisted left and right trying to ease the tension. His hips kept thrusting, still thrusting, still thrusting, as her second orgasm, shook her again. It was all Kay had said that it would be.

Then, Ray was off her. She lay there listening to the drone of the truck engines. Two men picked her up. Two... She was carried to a truck, and placed in the crew cab. The truck was put into gear and started down the throughway. The ball gag was removed.

A deep man's voice, "We have got a good one here Buddy. She is milky white, with a small tight ass, trimmed tight little cunt with lips that are all of an inch long. Her clit is swolen and the way this babe is breathing, it is easy to tell that she has fucked a bunch of guys, Haven't you honey? Her tits just don't end. Normally I don't take sloppy seconds, but in your case, I'll..."

Kim moaned as he slammed his cock deep into her twat. There was no hurry. His cock was slowly run into and back out of her body. He had all the time in the world. When he shot his load, he tapped the other driver on the shoulder. A brief stop, and another cock was soon deep in Kim. Another deep voice, "Hey, hey, she is a sweet fuck."

At the huge "Speedway" truck stop at Springfield, they took a room for the night. The word spread that if you went to room 421, brought some chips and beer, and asked nice, that there was a broad there for the fucking.

The only demand that there was on the truckers was that they had to have Kim in Hopkinsville, Kentucky by 6:30 PM next Friday.

Their next stop was in their kind of town, Chicago. The truck stop at Joliet on Interstate 80 is the biggest, and busiest in the US. That night room 377 was mentioned in every CB conversation in the area. "Hey aaaahhh, Good Buddy, You got a Southbounder. It be a lookin good all the way back to that Chicago town."

"Yyyaaaa, We be a thanking you there aaaahhh Parking Lot. Hey Good Buddy what a be a happening in that there Chicago town."

"Well, Good Buddy, if you want to dip your pecker in a high class set of seat covers, drop in to see what is going on in room 337 at Joliet. Fancy, high class seat covers."

By Sunday Morning, a second room mentioned in the CB conversations. Kay was being jolly well fucked in Room 417.

Jerome Kesser, big time pimp, caught some of what was coming down, on his scanner. He came over for a look. "I'll give you a thousand to use these two for twelve hours."

The drivers looked at each other. "I could use some fucking sleep. Sure, they are yours. Be sure to have them back. We leave at this time tomorrow, and have to deliver them someplace."

"By tomorrow, they will need a rest," Jerome replied, as he handed them ten bills.

Cicero's "Wanton Woman" club was the headquarters for the "Black Hand" Contrary to what you might think from checking out the Interracial sites, the girls were fucked slow, careful, gently, almost in slow motion. These were two refined looking white gals. Each man wanted to enjoy his time with them for as long as possible. It was Kim's and Kay's first time with "Blacks, being Kentucky girls, and it was also the first time that they received cocks deep in their ass. Long, black, thick cocks driven by big strong men who had done a lot of fucking. "Yo, Brother, grab a handful of her tits, and hold her still while I puts the meat to her."

When a second cock was deep in her cunt, Kay moaned out, "You are sooooo big."

Kim heard Kay's voice. "Is that you Kay?"

"Yes, Oh Kim, your Ray guy was not what we thought he was."

The way it was said, neither woman caught on that the e-mail had misled them.

The following Saturday, and Sunday, the Hopkinsville class of 1981 was having it's twentieth class reunion. Dave had been a busy boy contacting all of the twenty men from that class that both Kim and Kay had been fucking for the last several years. What he wanted was for the men to all arive at the hunting club at the same time. They would soon discover that they all had been fucking Kim and Kay. They would also find the two women tied with their cunts invitingly exposed for them to all fuck.

The devil is in the details. Each man received an invitation which led him to believe that Kim and Kay would be putting on a charade for that man alone.

"Dear XXXX,

As a remembrance of our special relationship, Kay and I want you to arrive at the Woodsbury Hunting Lodge exactly at eight PM this Friday. Kay and I will be blindfolded, tied to two beds in the main room. After, you have had your way with us as often as you can, please untie us. But not until.

Love Kim"

True to his word, Jerome returned Kim and Kay on time. The Truckers cleaned them up, fed them, and let them rest until Thursday, when they were back on the road again.

At 7:15 PM Friday, Kim and Kay were tied on two beds at the hunting lodge with ball gags in their mouths. At five of Eight, a stream of car lights were seen coming up the winding dirt road. Twenty surprised, extremely horny men, each of whom had fucked these two woman several times before, discussed how all of them had been invited to be there for a sex fest.

Thinking that Kay and Kim had arranged for them to enjoy a gangbang, they pounced on them. Kim and Kay heard the voices, recognized who the men were, and both came to the realization that; "Someone, Some Son-of-a-Bitch Bastard had to have connived the Who, What, Where, and How of this whole thing? Who ever it was, had to have been a patient, clever, cunning person that somehow found out who all the Players were."

As cock after cock pounded into her cunt and ass, Kim's mind carefully sifted out the details. A few minutes after ten, both women were released. As their gags were removed, Kim looked at Kay. "Had to have been Dave? He must have found out about us and our little sex games? He must know everything?"

"The only way we can get back at him is to not let on that his plan worked," Kay said with a glower.

Kim had lived with Dave for twenty years, and knew how he thought. To herself she mused, "I know that Dink. He would not miss this." In a loud stage voice, she announced, "You know, this has been fun. Let's you and I open up the Best little Whore house West of the Ohio River?"

From the closet, came a booming voice, "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, ain't no way that you would make any money, you give your pussy away for free!"

"Come our here and fuck us both, you big Ham," Kim said laughing.

I'm Softly

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What a fucking waste of time this one was and is.

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is a moral for this tale but it is a good use of natural resources, TK U MLJ LV NV

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Mental much?

Why do these stories all read like they were written by a man?

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easy to know

The author is female
Better get checked

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