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Devoted Husband Dominant Wife



He does whatever he likes with her, whenever he wants to. I remember one night she spent so much time getting ready to go out with him, spent at least and hour alone doing her makeup. She said he was taking her to a business dinner. My heart froze when she told me that. I knew about the dinner and I knew his secretary would be there. I said nothing. I also knew it was a dinner with three of his biggest clients.

When he arrived to pick her up I was at the door as usual. Naked and with locked cock harness, I looked at the floor as he walked past me into the hall. Before he could comment or say anything to me she came down the stairs. She was beautiful, more radiant than ever. Her hair was so sexy; she wore it up with large hoop earrings. She had on one of her cutest off the shoulder dresses. She allowed me to help her dress for her date with him and I knew she wore sheer white lace panties underneath. And she wore lace top thigh high nylon stockings too, with very sexy 3" spike heel ankle boots. Any man would want to be with her, instantly. He did too.

"Fuck, you look hot tonight, baby." He smiled at her, ignored me. She loved that.

"Thank you, do it just for you, Daddy." She came down the stairs, her short dress barely covering the tops of her stockings. She turned, "Think they'll like me?" She smiled at him.

He just walked to her at the bottom of the stairs and took her by the arm. He put his hand in her hair in the back, he was still wearing his coat.

"Ummmm, so cute!" He leans toward her and French kissed her. She pulled away.

"You're going to mess me up, baby. We have to go." She giggled like a teenage girl.

"Don't you worry about that, they'll wait." He ran his hand up under her dress from behind, exposed her stockings and panties as her dress moved up high over her butt, up to her back. He ran his hand over her rear end, pushed it down into her panties from behind. Heard her say, 'Oooo, you know that gives me goose bumps, baby.', saw her push up against him tightly. I heard her deep breathing.

He turned to me, felt his disdain. My face was red, felt jealousy, anger. The way she looked with him. The way he owned her, owned my wife. I looked away from him.

"Don't you have something to do, some place else in the house to be?" He glared at me.

"Yes sir." He didn't wait for me to leave the room, just turned her around and bent her over the back of the couch. Still holding her by the hair with one hand, reaching down to her rear with the other. He pulled her panties down to her knees over the tops of her stockings roughly. I could see him take his hand off the back of her head, put his thumbs in the waist band, pull her delicate lace under pants down. Ripping them down, could see them tear at the side. She was giggling. She loved what he was doing to her.. He slapped her rear so hard she cried out. He laughed.

"I love you like this, baby, love you like this. My own little bitch."

He ran his finger up between her legs from behind, pushed it into her, started to finger fuck her. "How did I know my little bitch would be already wet?"

She laughed, purred. "I'm always wet for you, Daddy." She pushed her butt back toward him. She spread her legs and pushed back against his hand. "Always."

I left the room but stayed in the shadows on the way to basement. I could see them from the end of the kitchen. I could see it all. I felt that helpless feeling, the sissy feeling of being unable to do that for her. I'm not allowed to touch her like that. Not even allowed to watch them.

I could see him take his cock out, hard and huge. He unzipped his pants and pulled it out through the fly, didn't even take his pants down. He ran it up and down the crack of her rear, made her ask for it! Slid his hard on up and down between her cheeks listening to her mounting excitement, listening to her beg him for it.

He put it up between her legs, pushed it in her, just shoved it in all the way.

He fucked her so hard she cried out with each stroke. Then he pushed it all the way in and kept it there. He fucked her for fifteen minutes like that, came in her with his cock deep inside of her. He pulled it out slightly at the end and came all over the backs of her legs. I could see it all. Could see him lean over the top of her, put his full weight on her from behind while he was fucking her, saw him hold her cheeks apart.

I could see her reach back and put her hand on his as he fucked her too, saw her wedding ring, her hand on top of his hand as she cried out for his cock. Moaning and crying out for him...saying his name, calling him 'Daddy'. Telling him to fuck her, whimpered like a little girl. 'Yessss' as he slapped against her so hard, lost to his cock. I saw his cum all over her. I saw it all. Felt faint, felt almost like I couldn't catch my breath. I felt panic.

He didn't even take his coat off. Fucked her with his over coat on. He just put her over the back of the couch and had her.

It hurts to see her do that with him, even to think about it. To see my wife taken by him makes so jealous. I always want to cry. But don't. She hates that. Tells me to be strong, I've been whipped for crying in front of her.

When he finished with her she stood and turned toward him. Her back was to me. I could see cum all over her, just up under her rear, panties down around her ankles. She threw herself into his arms, kissed him wildly.

I could see his red hand print on her rear end. I could see where he spanked my wife, saw it all.

"Oooooo, where did you come from?" She was his. "Daddy, you don't know what you do to me!" He was laughing as she kissed him repeatedly. I could see his hand reach back, run it down her back, over her skirt that was pulled up over her beautiful exposed rear end. He cupped her right rear cheek. Took the back of her neck, tight, with his other hand, patted her ass gently and then slapped it.

"We have to go. You'd better get cleaned up." She was holding his soft cock in her hand as she was kissing him. She knelt quickly and took him in her mouth, sucked him quickly clean. She laughed, cute like a school girl, and stood.

She kissed him again and then stepped out of her panties. She reached down and picked them up, let them dangle off of one finger.

"I want a lot more of that later, baby." She giggled as she walked to the stairs. "I can be presentable in about ten minutes."

She walked up the stairs, dress still over her rear. Her very slippery rear end over the lace top stockings looked beautiful as she climbed the stairs. Her high heel boots 'clicking' as she walked.

He came toward the kitchen and I hurried not to be seen. I went to the basement stairs quickly. I heard him take a paper towel from the kitchen sink and wipe himself clean. Heard him put himself back into his pants, heard him zip his pants and then heard him go back into the living room. He sat on the couch, waiting for her.

I heard her come back down the stairs and then heard them hurry to leave through the front door. She said nothing to me, didn't call out for me.

My cock harness was locked so tight, my penis ached as it strained to get hard. I thought about how much I wanted to masturbate thinking about her. Thinking about her doing what she'd just done, thinking about what she would do for him later tonight. Thinking about watching her dress for him earlier, watching her do her makeup. I ran my finger over the tip of my semi soft penis. I felt my little dick try to get erect in my chastity tube. Lost myself to the thought of her, the thought of my wife, I lost myself thinking about her being his, his to do with as he pleases.

Then I focused on what I am to her. I hurried to clean up after them, hurried to clean up the slight mess he'd left in the kitchen, cum on the paper towel he'd wiped his cock with and tossed onto the counter. I hurried to clean his cum left behind on the living room floor, and her still wet under things she'd left upstairs on the floor of her bedroom before she left. I wanted it to be perfect for her when she returned.

When she came back home it was just past 4am. I was waiting on my knees at the front door. I was waiting as she expects me to.

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