DHS 77


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The acronym DHS as used in this story stands for Deep Hypnotic Sleep.This is not a scientific term but it suggests a condition of the mind that would make it receptive to being controlled by others.

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At the height of the Cold War in the late 70s the Soviet Union was known to be experimenting with the use of Psychics in an effort to improve their intelligence gathering capabilities. During that same period the CIA in conjunction with the US Military was conducting experiments with drugs to improve our own capabilities. Most of these programs, like the one in the following story, were abandoned in the 80s as the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War ended. But how sure can we be that all of these programs ended? How certain can we be that all of these experimental drugs have been destroyed? How safe would you feel if you knew that the CIA or the NSA had access to a drug formula like DHS 77?

Chapter 1

That night John seemed to be a little distant as I led him to my bed. As we began kissing his mood seemed to improve but I could tell he had something weighing on him. As he kissed me, he unbuttoned my blouse, which he soon had off and my bra unhooked. When he sucked my nipple into his mouth, it felt wonderful. John wasn't my first lover but when we got together, everything he did to me, every sensation felt new to me so all I could do was give myself over to the experience. I did whatever John told me to do and moved whatever way he wanted me to move.

I was so horny that night that it felt like he was lighting little fires on my body anywhere he touched me. When he ran his tongue over my pussy lips, I started to orgasm. When his cock penetrated me, I grabbed hold of John and he pulled back momentarily then slowly began penetrating me again. Once he was fully inside me, John stopped moving and gave me a chance to get used to the feel of his hard cock inside me. As my vaginal muscles relaxed to accept his large shaft, I enjoyed the feeling of having a cock inside me. John began moving his hips causing his cock to slowly move in and out of my sensitive pussy. John began to increase the speed and power of his penetrations and I soon had an amazing orgasm. I loved the way it felt to have his cock moving inside of me. When my orgasm passed, John climaxed inside me triggering another orgasm for me.

John lay with me on the bed for a while then got up still naked and got two beers from my refrigerator. He came and sat next to me on the bed and, as we drank our beer, I stared at his limp penis. It always amazed me that it could be so big and hard when aroused and so small and soft afterward. I reached over and touched it. John didn't say anything, he just spread his legs a little to give me more access. I picked his penis up between my fingers and just kind of examined it. I turned it and bent it, pulled and twisted it so that I could see it from every possible angle. As I was doing this, it began to grow. Only slightly, but I noticed.

As I watched to see if it would grow some more, John said, "Why don't you suck my cock?"

I didn't answer him. He had never asked me to do that before and I had never before had a cock in my mouth but I wanted to try it. I just bent over and as I got close to his cock I could smell the scent of our sex, which was totally foreign to me. I stuck my tongue out and touched the tip of John's cock with it. There was a little drip of his cum there and I picked it up with my tongue. I found the taste to be slightly salty but otherwise inoffensive. I again ran my tongue over the head this time sliding part way down the shaft, and then I looked up at John. When we made eye contact, John said, "Take as much of my cock in your mouth as you can. Try to only touch it with your lips and tongue, no teeth."

Because of its somewhat relaxed state I was able to take his whole cock into my mouth. John said, "That's good. Now pull back so that my cock comes part way out of your mouth and run your tongue around my cock as you do this. Then slide your mouth back down the shaft."

I did as John instructed and his cock started getting bigger immediately. It only took me a couple of minutes to get him completely hard. Then John said, "Now just make love to my cock with your mouth being careful not to hurt it with your teeth."

I caught on to what he liked me to do very quickly and found myself enjoying the experience. As I continued to suck on his cock, John said, "Now I want to teach you how to really please a man. When I climax, I want you to try and swallow it. When you feel me starting to cum, keep your mouth closed tightly around my cock and try not to let anything leak out."

I opened my mouth just enough to say, "Ohtey (okay)."

A minute later John said, "Here it comes." Then he grunted just as I felt the first squirt of his cum hit the back of my throat. I almost choked on this but was able to control myself. I didn't swallow all of his cum but I did manage to swallow quite a bit. John told me to continue sucking and licking his cock until it was completely soft. As I did this, he told me that I had done very good for my first time.

After that John lay next to me on the bed and didn't speak for a long time. When I asked if something was wrong, he didn't respond; he just took me in his arms and started making love to me again. When it was over, John dressed, said goodnight and left.

I knew immediately that he and I would not be getting together again. We should never have gotten together in the first place. John was married and worse than that he was my commanding officer.

Chapter 2

My name is Pamela Johnson, I am 45 years old and I live in the Los Angeles area. The story I am telling you began 25 years ago while I was serving in the United States Army. Back then I was SP4 Martin.

It was 1981 and the Soviet Union was just beginning to show signs that it was weakening and the end of the cold war was near. At the time I was 20 years old and serving in the US Army as a security guard at the Pentagon. One morning in late March, my commanding officer called me into his office and after spending a few minutes discussing the beautiful early spring weather we were having Captain John Lewis got down to business.

"Pam, I wish things could be different," he said.

I knew this was not going to be good news. John had never broken protocol by addressing me by my first name while at work. In the office he had always addressed me as Specialist Lewis.

"My wife has become suspicious and I think she knows about us," he said. "I am sorry but we are going to have to stop seeing each other. I've decided that it would be best for both of us if I have you reassigned. I managed to find an assignment that I think might interest you. They need a security guard for a government lab in Virginia. The job is on second shift but it would mean a promotion for you. You would be bumped up to E5."

I guess I always knew that the day would come when we would have to end our relationship and maybe that was why I wasn't too upset or maybe I was just ready to move on. I knew I would miss the sex but I had to admit that I was never in love with John. I was young and inexperienced when I first was assigned to his command and John was handsome and he proved to be a good lover.

John was right, of course. Under the new circumstances, I didn't want to be working for him. The idea of getting a promotion helped ease the pain and I didn't mind working second shift. I was single and I suddenly found myself without a love life, so working evenings would not interfere with my newly inactive social life.

"What specifically would I be guarding sir?" I asked. I always maintained proper military discipline and avoided the temptation of calling Captain Lewis by his first name while at work.

"They didn't say. I only know that you would be working at a government lab. Apparently they deal with a lot of classified projects. Anyway, they didn't tell me anymore than that. You interested?"

"Yes, sir, I am," I said.

"Good. I already told them you would be there Monday. You are to report to Building 9746 at 1500 hours on Monday. When you get there ask for a Mr. Cameron at the front desk. Good luck, Pam," Captain Lewis said as he handed me the orders assigning me to the lab and directions to the facility.

I said, "Thank you, sir," and then saluted him and turned to leave his office.

I felt very cold when I left his office but in a way I was glad that our affair was over. It had lasted six months but I always knew it would go no farther than meeting for sex a couple of times a week.


Building 9746

The lab was about thirty miles west of Washington near Leesburg, Virginia close to the Maryland state line. Only a small sign that read, "Building 9746, US Government Facility, No Trespassing," identified the building.

The facility was built into the side of a hill so that only one wall was exposed. It was a two story concrete wall with no windows making it look cold and foreboding. I was beginning to feel uneasy as I approached the main entrance, which was comprised of a set of steel doors. The interior of the building wasn't quite as cold looking as the exterior but it wasn't exactly welcoming either. It was brightly lit but had more of an antiseptic feel, like a hospital than an office building.

Mr. Cameron came down and met me at the front desk. He was about forty years old and a little thick around the middle. He had a quick and easy smile, which kind of reminded me of my father. That made me feel a little more comfortable. Mr. Cameron ran me through the process of getting a security badge, an orange plastic card with my name and picture in the front and a magnetic strip on the back. Mr. Cameron also got me a parking permit. Then he showed me around the building. He showed me the cafeteria, the first aid station, where to go to get office supplies and where the rest rooms were located. Finally he took me to the lab where I would be working.

We had to badge in through two sets of doors to get inside the lab. To the immediate left, just inside the door there was a small desk with nothing on it except for a telephone and a desk lamp. There were two more desks at the left end of the large room and five lab tables positioned in the middle of the room. Each of the tables had a large fluorescent light fixture above it and a row of electrical outlets along the back edge of the tabletop. On the far wall, diagonally across the lab from the entrance, there was another door with its own badge reader. Along the wall to my left, there were five black metal cabinets. Each cabinet was about seven feet tall by four feet wide and eighteen inches deep.

The five people in the lab looked up as Mr. Cameron and I entered. Two men and a woman in white lab coats were working at the tables and there was an officer with the rank of major sitting at one of the desks. The other person in the room was an older man, also wearing a white lab coat and he had his face buried in one of the metal cabinets I mentioned earlier.

"I'll introduce you to the team," Mr. Cameron said.

He guided me around the room and introduced me to everyone, apparently in order of their importance. He started with Dr. Moore; he was the older man who had been engrossed in the content of one of the metal cabinets when we came into the room. He appeared to be in his late sixties. He was a tall, thin man with a full head of silver gray hair. His eyes were slightly red, which made him look tired. Dr. Moore had a friendly smile but he only gave me a perfunctory hello and then went back to studying the contents of the large black metal cabinet.

Next was Major Mitchell. He was a short man, maybe five feet five inches tall, making him three inches shorter than me. From his demeanor and the way he greeted me, I pegged him immediately as someone who wanted desperately to be a general but would probably never even make it to lieutenant colonel. I had seen so many like him at the Pentagon that they were easy for me to spot. It's not something I can describe, just a sense you get about someone. I think he expected me to be impressed by his rank, another trait I had seen many times. I knew a lot of majors at the Pentagon and frankly I was not impressed by any rank below general.

Jim Holtsclaw was one of the lab technicians. He was about 25 years old and quite handsome. He was tall with dark hair and blue eyes. I remember being disappointed when I saw his wedding ring.

Brian Carter, also a lab technician was older that Jim, maybe in his forties. Not bad looking but not very interesting. Everything about him was average.

The last lab technician and the only woman on the team was Brenda Powell. Brenda was an attractive woman about 30 years old, tall, brunette and in good physical condition. I noticed that she had a big diamond ring on her finger but no wedding band.

Everyone seemed to be very busy but they all tried to make me feel welcome if only for a moment. After the introductions Mr. Cameron guided me to the end of the room farthest from the team.

"Normally quitting time is 5:00 PM but Dr. Moore and the lab technicians will often work in the evenings. Major Mitchell doesn't usually spend much time in here and you will seldom see him after 5:00."

"What are my duties?" I asked.

"You are second shift security for the lab. You are not to allow access to this room to anyone unless they are brought in by Dr. Moore, Major Mitchell or the technicians assigned to this project from 3:00 PM until you are relieved at 11:00 PM."

"Is that all?"

"You are also responsible to make sure that classified trash gets put into the proper receptacle," he said. "On Thursdays you will take the classified trash receptacle to the furnace room and remain there until you witness the emptying of the receptacle into the furnace. Every night when the others leave you are to make sure that there are no classified documents left out. If you find any classified documents have been left out you are to lock them in that cabinet over there and report the incident to me the following day.

"Every Wednesday night around six o'clock, the cleaning people come in to sweep and mop the floor. You are to make sure that they do not bring anything into the room when they come in and that they don't take anything out of the room when they leave. Everything they need to do the job is in that cabinet over there." Mr. Cameron pointed to the big black cabinet farthest from us as he said that.

"The desk over there by the door is yours," he said. "Whenever you are not busy with other tasks, you should be at your desk."

I looked around the room and asked, "By what means do I keep people from entering if they managed to get through the security doors?"

Mr. Cameron said, "Oh, yes, I almost forgot."

He led me over to one of the desks and opened the drawer and removed a holstered 45-caliber pistol and handed it to me and said, "Use this tonight. When you come in tomorrow, we will go to the weapons room and you can draw your own weapon. While you are on duty you will wear a side arm at all times. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"When you are here by yourself, if you need to leave the room for any reason, for instance when you take the classified trash to the furnace room or need to use the rest room or to go to the cafeteria you must call the main desk. They will dispatch a security guard to this location. He is not to enter the room. He will stand guard outside the room until you return. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir. When my relief comes in at 11:00 PM, how will I identify her or is it him?"

"Your relief is Sergeant Lewis. He will be wearing the same orange ID badge all of us in this room are wearing right now. Anyone without an orange badge is not allowed in this room unless escorted by one of the team members. Do you have any more questions?"

"Yes, sir. One. What's in that other room?"

"They do testing in that room," Mr. Cameron said, "and under no circumstances are you to go into that room. Also, you are not to discuss what goes on in this lab with anyone."

I said, "I understand, sir."

And I did. There were lots of rooms in the Pentagon I wasn't allowed in. I always figured that it was probably better to not know what went on in those rooms and I certainly knew the regulations regarding working with classified materials.


I said, "One more question. Can I ask what project they are working on here?"

"It's called Controlled Intelligence Source or CIS for short," he said. "You will be given access only to the information you will need to perform your duties. You know the drill."

"Yes, sir, need to know basis."

Mr. Cameron smiled at me then looked around the room.

"Looks like you won't have much to do tonight. In the future you might want to bring a book to work with you so you won't be too bored."

"Yes, sir. I'll do that."

"If you have no more questions, I will be going now," Mr. Cameron said, "Good night."

"Good night, sir."

The CIS team began to leave shortly after five o'clock with Dr. Moore being the last to leave at 6:30. Once I was alone in the lab I began to wander around the room, more out of curiosity than looking for any classified documents I would have to put away. I knew I wouldn't find any. I walked over to investigate the five metal cabinets along the wall. Inside the first cabinet the shelves were lined with bottles labeled with the names of different chemicals. The second cabinet was locked and had a small sign that read 'Pharm,' which meant nothing to me at the time. The next cabinet contained test equipment, test tubes, beakers and other glass items you would expect to see in a lab. The fourth cabinet contained cleaning products and a box of powder for soaking up chemical spills. The fifth and last cabinet contained brooms, mops, buckets and floor cleaner.

After my little self guided tour of the lab I sat down at my desk and wondered about CIS. This was obviously a very secret and sensitive project; otherwise Mr. Cameron would not have given me the instructions he gave me. As a security guard assigned to the Pentagon I knew that being told, "You are not to allow access to this room to anyone, " means that I am authorized to use deadly force to prevent unauthorized access to the lab. The use of deadly force when necessary is part of a security guard's job but it is not generally mentioned when discussing a particular assignment, unless they feel that someone might actually risk death to get into the facility you are guarding.

I was very curious about what CIS might be but I wasn't sure that I wanted to know.

Chapter 2

It took me only a month to fall into a routine. I would perform my assigned tasks and then, if no one else was in the lab, I would spend the rest of the night sitting at my desk reading or writing letters home.

I was slowly getting to know the team members as I was around them for at least two hours everyday and many nights one or more of them would work over. I really liked it when Brenda worked late. It was nice to have a woman to talk to and she would go with me to the cafeteria for dinner. I felt that we were actually becoming friends.

During those early months, I also learned that the locked cabinet was full of drugs and that Pharm stood for pharmaceuticals. I assumed that was one reason I was not to allow anyone into the room after hours. There were some pretty heavy drugs in there including several narcotics.

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